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My Engineer Mistress

My Engineer Mistress

Every guy wanted to lay the first female engineer at our company. Nine years later, I did it.
Catherine was the first female engineer to be hired by our company. It was the late 1960's, and female engineers were rare. It was an era in America when women were only secretaries, file clerks, nurses, and housewives.

So Catherine received a lot of attention by the guys, from me included. Not only was she a rare and welcome change to our work environment, she was a stunning young girl with gorgeous, long brown hair, sensuous gray eyes, lovely kissable lips, an almost child-like face, and a great body! Of course, we could only assume that last detail.

Catherine was also a good engineer. Her degree was actually in physics, and that made her so much more interesting.

One day I asked her, “What made you pursue a degree in physics?”

“Well, I have three older brothers. Two have degrees in physics and the other in math, so I guess it somehow rubbed off on me. My Dad is also an astrophysicist with NASA, so we all grew up in an environment of science, and watching NOVA and Carl Sagan on TV.”

“Wow! I guess that would be quite an influence on anybody.”

Maybe because she was a female or because she was a very good engineer, Catherine moved up in the organization quickly. She was in a different division than me, so we often worked together, but not very closely, and not for very long.

* * * *

It’s been nine years since that day in 1968 when Catherine first appeared at work. She is now a Section Chief in her division as I am in mine. We attend weekly status meetings together held by the Division Chiefs. I've caught her looking at me from time to time and she has caught me looking at her. To be honest, she is still so gorgeous that I can't keep my eyes off of her when she's around, and I suspect the same could be said by most of the guys who work with her.

One day I was working late when the phone rang.


“Hi Craig. This is Catherine.”

“Hi there! What are you doing around here so late?”

“Paperwork. What's your excuse?”

“Paperwork! What else?”

“I'm through for the day and was on my way out when I saw your light on. Are you about finished?”

“Oh, I could be talked into quitting if I could find a beautiful girl to have dinner with.”

“Hmm. Do you know one?”

“As a matter of fact I'm talking to one right now.”

“Really? Is she there now?”

“No silly. I'm talking to her on the phone.” Catherine was really playing this flirtation to the hilt.

“Aren't you sweet? I'm in the mood for pizza.”

“Pizza sounds great! Meet you in the lobby in ten minutes.”


We had a great time over pizza, talking about work mostly. But I did manage to get some personal information out of her. She laughed at my jokes, which not only flattered me, but also revealed her charming personality, something not many of her colleagues got to see.

After dinner I walked Catherine to her car and unlocked and opened the door for her. As she moved past me to enter the car, she stopped and looked up at me, those big gray eyes looked into mine, her lips just inches away from mine.

“I really enjoyed dinner.” She didn't take her eyes off of mine.

“Me too. We'll have to do this again soon.” My heart was in my throat. I thougt, “God, I would love to kiss her right now!”

No sooner had that thought run through my mind than she put her hands on my shoulders and went up on her toes to kiss me softly. She held the kiss for about five seconds; much too long to be a “thank you for dinner” kiss. She ended the kiss and just continued to look into my eyes, waiting for me to react.

And I did react. I reached out my hand and slid it through her soft hair to the back of her neck, pulled her face to mine and we kissed again. But this was not a soft kiss. This was a passionate, hungry kiss that anyone would interpret as being a prelude to sex.

She put her hands on my hips and leaned back against her car and pulled me with her, pulling my body against hers. As our bodies met, she pushed her pelvis against mine and I responded in kind.

“Craig, I've wanted you for so long.”

“And I've wanted you since the first day you came to work.”

We kissed again as we pressed our bodies together and our breathing became heavier.

“We'll have to be so careful.”

“I know. But I've already thought about that.”

“I should go home. Brian will be worried about me.”

“Okay. I'll call you tomorrow.”

We kissed again and as she turned to get in the car, I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her nice ass against the bulge in my pants. She pushed back against me and allowed me to hump her a few times.

Then she said, “Can you be quick?”

“I’m so turned on right now that I can be very quick.”

With that she pulled her skirt up, pushed her panties down, and leaned into the car, presenting her ass to me.

I didn’t wait for her to get into position before I pushed my hard cock into her. She was so ready and lubricated that it slipped all the way into her as she pushed back against me.

“Oh my God, you’re big!”

“I thrust into her for less than a minute before I said, “I’m going to cum.”

“I want you in my mouth,” and she turned around, sat down on the car seat, and sucked me into her mouth. “Mmm. Mmm. Mmm,” she moaned as I began to spurt in her mouth. I held her head tight and pumped her mouth until my cum was oozing out and running down her chin.

Catherine pulled my cock out of her mouth when she felt that I was finished, swallowed big, and said, “I wish I could do that in my office. That would be exciting.”

“We’ll have to do that sometime.”

She pulled up her panties, straightened her dress and said, “That was wonderful Craig, but I need to go,” and she drove away. She never did wipe my cum from her chin.

* * * *

“Hi. I was waiting for your call.” It was Catherine.

“It's only nine o'clock!”

“I know, but I can't wait to hear your plans for us.”

“Well, you know those science expos that our engineers attend down in Houston four times a year?”


“Well, we should plan to go to the next one. That will give us three days together.”

“Wow! That’s a fantastic idea!”

“And the next expo is just three weeks away.”

“I know. I'll make plans right now to go.”

“I will, too.”

* * * *

We didn't sit together on the plane and didn't have dinner together that night, although we were in the hotel's restaurant at the same time. Catherine had dinner with a co-worker and I had dinner with several of my colleagues. However, I had booked us adjoining rooms.

After dinner we both made a beeline for our rooms. Catherine's co-worker accompanied her to her door. I'm sure he had personal hopes for an intimate night with her.

Catherine knocked on our adjoining door at nine thirty dressed in a short see-through negligee. God, she was so gorgeous! Her long brown hair was cascading down over her shoulders and covering her breasts. She made me weak-kneed just looking at her! And tonight we would make love! I almost passed out.

“Hey handsome. Remember me?”

“Hmm. I think so, but not looking like that! Are you that gorgeous brunette that works in my building?”

“Could be.”

She came in, leaving the door open in case her husband called. We grabbed each other, obviously having waited so long for this moment that all subtlety went out the window.

I held her close as we kissed; her hips pressing against mine. I slipped the straps of her negligee off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She untied the sash of my robe, slid her hands inside and up my stomach to my chest, then took my robe and pulled it off my shoulder so it, too, fell to the floor.

We were both now nude, pressing together for the first time. My hard cock was pressing against her flat stomach and her nice breasts were pressing against my chest with her beautiful hair stimulating her nipples and mine.

I picked her up and took her to my king size bed and laid her down. She threw her hair above her head on the pillow.

“God Catherine, you are SO beautiful! I can't believe you're here with me.”

“I’m here and I'm all yours for the next two days.”

That aroused me even more, so I slipped in bed next to her and laid only half way on her body so that it would be available for me to explore. I slid my right hand up into the hair to the top of her head, rolled partly onto her and we kissed passionately. With my left hand I rubbed her neck and moved down her shoulders to her breasts. I sucked her nipples until they were hard and she was moaning. Then I slid my hand slowly down her stomach to her thigh. She parted her legs to allow my hand to move up the inside of her thigh to her waiting pussy. I was surprised at how wet and lubricated it already was.

I explored the whole area of her pussy for several minutes as she moaned and her breathing became heavy.

“I want you so much,” she said as she found my cock with her hand and stroked it lightly.

I rolled on top of her as she guided my cock toward her waiting pussy. But I wanted something else first. I kissed my way down her body until I reached her pubic area. She pushed her pelvis up and I hadn't even touched her pussy yet. She was so aroused and wanting me to fuck her that I thought maybe I should do that instead of giving her oral sex.

But, I felt committed to what I had started, so I lightly kissed her prominent clit and she moaned and pushed up against my lips.

“Oh God! I'm going to cum! Don't stop! Please!”

I thought, “Wow! She is really ready!”

I continued by pressing my tongue against her clit…lightly at first, then harder as she moaned and began to climax.

“Oh God! You're so good! God!” She started to ejaculate slightly. Just a few trickles ran down to my tongue and I eagerly lapped them up. She tasted wonderful; my first female cum!

Just as she finished her climax, I quickly moved up between her legs as she raised them up, arched her hips, and reached down to find my cock so she could guide it into her.

When she had it in position, I rammed my hard ten-inch cock all the way into her, making her gasp and cry out with pleasure.

“Oh God! God! You're so BIG! Fuck me!”

I fucked Catherine hard for as long as I could hold out. I wanted to climax immediately, but also wanted to enjoy her for as long as I could, and wanted to please her as well.

Then she whispered in my ear, “Cum inside me. I want to feel you cum inside me.”

I didn't hold back any longer as I thrust my cock deep inside this gorgeous girl. She wrapped her legs around me and held on for dear life as I pounded into her so hard that I my heart was about to jump out of my chest.

She whispered desperately in my ear, “Fuck me Craig! I'm cumming again!”

I started to shoot my load deep inside her as she moaned and thrashed under me.

“Oh, you're so good! You're so good!”

We both climaxed for two or three minutes until we were totally spent and our breathing was so hard that we couldn't go on.

I collapsed on top of Catherine, but tried my best to keep my weight off of her. She let her legs fall to the bed, but still held me in her arms.

“Craig, that was so wonderful! You are so wonderful! I've never had sex like that in my life.”

“Maybe that's just because you're fulfilling a desire you've had for a long time.”

“Maybe. I just know that I haven't had enough of you yet.”

“Really? What would you like to do next?”

“Well, I have this fantasy that I'm working late one night and someone turns off the lights in my office, quickly comes in and closes the door, and forces me to have sex with him. I happen to be really horny at the time, so he doesn’t have to force mme much. And it's not until he's through with me that I can see that it's you.”


“And I say something like, “I wish I'd known it was you. You wouldn't have had to force yourself on me.'”

“Maybe we should do that sometime.”

“Oh, that would be so much fun!”

She gave me a big, long kiss and pushed me onto my back and rolled on top of me.

“But right now, I want you in my mouth.”

She immediately kissed me, indicating that she didn't want me to say a word. She then kissed her way down my body, all the way down until she reached my cock, which was now erect again.

As I lay there looking down at the top of her head, Catherine took my cock in her hand and began to give me a very expert blowjob. She licked it around the head as she slowly stroked it up and down. Then she sucked the head of my cock so expertly I thought that she must have had lessons from a porn star.

I was beginning to thrust my hips as she took my balls in her hand and pushed her head slowly down on my cock until she had my full ten inches in her throat. She held her head there for a fifteen to twenty seconds while I thrust my hips up and down to fuck her throat. Then she slowly pulled her head up, took a deep breath, and pushed her head down on my cock again.

Catherine continued her expert blowjob for at least ten minutes. She would give me her deep throat for a minute or two, then suck my head as she expertly stroked me for a while. Then she would deep throat me again. My God, she was good at sucking a man's cock! “Where did she learn to do that?”

I finally climaxed deep in her throat while I was pumping my cock in her. My cum shot in long hard spurts down her throat until I was drained.

She let me thrust and cum in her mouth until I was finished and my cock was almost totally limp. Then she slowly pulled her head up and lay down on my stomach, holding my cock in her hand as it continued to jerk lightly. I stroked her gorgeous hair, trying to catch my breath as I relived the last ten minutes.

At some point we went to sleep and slept all night. When I woke up around seven thirty the next morning, Catherine was cuddled in my arms and had put a blanket over us. Her head was on my shoulder and pressing lightly against my face; her soft, beautiful hair spread out on my chest and shoulder. I was in heaven! I lay there running my fingers through her hair as I remembered all the meetings I had been in with her, wishing I could do just that.

All of the remembering and all the stroking of Catherine's hair got me aroused. She was still asleep, so I just lay there and enjoyed the moment.

In a few minutes she stirred and said, “That feels nice. You like my hair, don't you?”

“God only knows how much.”

“It was so nice sleeping with you last night.”

“I know. I was just laying here thinking about you and our lovemaking.”

She ran her hand down to my hard cock and said, “I guess you were! Do you want to make love again?”

“What do you think?”

“I think you do.”

She raised her head and looked at me with her sleepy eyes and said, “Would you like to have me from the back?”

“That would be nice.”

She turned over on her stomach and pushed her ass was in the air. I moved behind her and ran my finger around her pussy. It needed a bit of lubrication first, so I lay down and ran my wet tongue around it and in it, then down to her clit.

“Mmm. That is so good.”

I continued to use my tongue on her until she was moaning and her pussy was wet and ready for me. I then positioned myself behind her and slowly pushed my hard ten inches into her. She moaned loudly and gripped the sheets in each hand.

“Oh my God! You're so hard!”

I had her raise up on her hands and I put my hands on her shoulders and began to pump her, slowly at first, then faster as she became more aroused.

She threw her head back and cried out, “Oh fuck!” and pushed back against my thrusts.

I couldn't last long in this position. I'd had so many fantasies about fucking Catherine from the back like this that I was going to cum any second just thinking about it. But now, here she was and it was all a reality.

I began to shoot off inside her just as she yelled out, “Oh fuck me! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!”

I grabbed a handful of hair on the back of her head and pulled as I continued to hump her until our climaxes were over. She wiggled her ass slowly around on my cock and moaned, indicating how much she liked what we'd just done.

I pulled out and collapsed on the bed and Catherine cuddled up to me again.

“That was nice. I love that position.”

* * * *

Two days after we got back to work, Catherine called me around six and said, “Would you like to work late tonight and have some fun?”

“I need to go out and buy something first, but I'll be back by dark.”

“Okay. I'll be working late, too. Bye.”

At ten o'clock, I ventured around the offices in our building to determine that everyone was gone except me and Catherine. So I turned off the lights in my office and made my way in the dark over to her side of the floor. As I approached her office, I quietly removed my shoes and pants and put on the Lone Ranger mask that I had purchased earlier.

I peeked quickly through Catherine's door to see her sitting at her desk drawing pictures on a piece of paper. “Poor thing. She’s doodling while she waits for me to come take her.”

I slowly reached around the open door and turned off the lights and the room went totally black.

“Hey! What's going on? Is someone there?”

As my eyes adjusted to the light, I could see Catherine get up from her desk and slowly make her way toward the door. I quickly jumped into the room, closed the door, grabbed her, spun her around, clamped one hand over her mouth and my other hand around her waist to pin her hands to her body. I lifted her off the floor and carried her toward to her desk. She was kicking and wiggling and trying to scream. Her nice ass was against my cock as she wiggled and struggled, making me even harder.

“Shh. Be quiet and I won't hurt you.”

She stopped trying to scream and stopped struggling against me as I pushed her forward on her desk and held her down briefly with my hand on her upper back so that she knew she was supposed to stay put.

Catherine was wearing a short dress, which I easily pulled up around her waist. I then pulled her panties down and ordered her to kick them off and spread her legs.

I then pulled a small tube of K-Y Jelly out of my shirt pocket from which I had already removed the cap, and squeezed a dab on top of my erect cock. I rubbed that on her exposed pussy until it was well lubricated.

“Now I want you to hold still and cooperate. Okay?”

She nodded her head that she would.

I guided my cock to her pussy, placed my hands on her hips, and pushed my cock all the way in her with one quick, hard thrust. She let out a cry that sounded like pain or surprise.

I put my hand over her mouth again and pulled her head back against my neck and started to hump her hard. She was struggling under me and crying out in long moans under my hand, but her heavy breathing told me that she was loving it.

She soon stopped struggling and simply pushed her ass up to make her pussy more available. Her cries turned to moans of pleasure coinciding with my thrusts, “Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” as her climax approached.

My climax was fast approaching also. I was living out my favorite fantasy: fucking beautiful Catherine from the back on her office desk.

I released her mouth, placed both hands on her shoulders, and continued to pump her, closing my eyes to try to extend the experience. I knew that if I looked down at Catherine as she looked back at my thrusting hips, moaning with pleasure, I would cum immediately.

But the mental image of humping Catherine was as vivid as the reality. I looked down at her with her gorgeous long brown hair flowing down her back and over the dress I'd seen her wear many times, and simply could not hold on any longer.

Catherine was climaxing, “Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!” as my thrusts became slower and deeper. I was climaxing, too, and it was glorious! I kept spurting deep inside this beautiful fantasy of a girl; spurting so much cum that it was dripping out of her and onto the carpet.

As we came down from our climaxes, our heavy breathing became labored breathing. Catherine lay down on her desk, turned her head to one side and just panted like a small deer that had just outrun a hunter. She looked so beautiful lying there, so well fucked and so totally satisfied. All I could do was look down at her and appreciate the wonderful moment and the wonderful last thirty minutes.

I had forgotten that I was still wearing the mask, and I suddenly felt the sweat on my face it was causing. So I quickly ripped it off and took a breath of fresh air.

“God, that was SO good! I've dreamed of you taking me like that so many times, but your doing it for real was so much better."

“I know. I've wanted you like this in your office for years.”

“Why did we wait so long?”

“Well, it's kind of up to the girl to make the first move. The guy has to worry about sexual harassment charges.”

“Yeah, I guess you're right.”

I leaned down over her body, pulled her hair to the side, and kissed her neck and shoulders.

“Mmm, that's so nice. You know I could fall in love with you so easily.”

“I've already fallen in love with you. I've been fighting it without success.”

“Really? What are we going to do?”

I stood up and Catherine rolled over on the desk, reached out to me, and I bent over her and we held each other for a long time.

I said, “I'll never get over you and I never want to lose you.”

“Do you love your wife?”

“I care for her, but love her the way I love you? No.”

“That's how I feel about Brian. I would hate to hurt him, but I can't imagine sleeping with him anymore either. I want to cuddle up to you and go to sleep with you every night, the way we did in Houston.”

We kissed tenderly for a long time, and then I said, “We have to do the right thing if we want to be together.”

“I know. I'll end it with Brian tomorrow night.”

“I'll do the same.”
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