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My Ex visits

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Ex wife wants to work things out after separating
My first wife and I were separated in the late 1980’s. After a few months she decided that she wanted to try to see if we could reconcile and started calling me. After a couple of weeks of negotiations we arranged for her to visit for a long weekend. The idea was to have a date weekend without the children.

The weekend arrived and she came in on Friday. She still had a key to the house and met me at the door with a big hug and kiss. We opened a glass of wine and chatted about the children and then discussed where to go that evening. I suggested a country and western place called the County Line (gone now). We needed to start getting ready and headed off to change in the bedroom.

I enjoyed watching her change clothes. As she dressed I saw that she had new lingerie. A very sexy sheer bra and panty set with matching garters and stockings. I had an instant boner. I had wanted her to dress like this for years. She also had new dress that showed off her figure. Did I mention that she had lost about 20 pounds?

We went to dinner at a restaurant that we both enjoyed. We had wine with dinner. After dinner we headed over to the County Line. Just a note about the County Line. This is where I had been hanging out since the separation. It was a fun place and I had made some new friends there. We were having a great time. Dancing close, grinding, my hands were roaming and she was not protesting. In fact she was really working it. She was also getting pretty drunk. She also took note that several ladies spoke to me during the evening.

We headed home around 11pm and she was really loose. Once in the house it was like a high school date. She pressed me against the wall kissing and grinding. We were both groping and grabbing. Then we were on the couch and clothes started coming off. I got her dress down exposing her breasts and started sucking her nipples. I also shoved my hand under her dress and into her panties rubbing her pussy.

We were both really wound up and she was really wet. After about ten minutes of this we got up and moved to the bedroom dropping clothes as we went. During the evening I had asked her a few times if she had been with anybody. She had been evasive.

Now I had her on her back and started eating her pussy. As she got more and more excited I asked her again if she had been with anyone else. At first she wouldn’t answer me. As she got close to climaxing I would stop or pause until she came clean. After a few attempts she finally admitted that she had been with a couple of guys. One of which is an old boyfriend that is now married.

I was so excited to hear this that I immediately climbed between her legs and entered her hard and fast. I wasn’t gentle and started pounding her hard. I was talking dirty and calling her names. At first she was startled by my language but soon got into it. Then we were fucking like mad. We climaxed together in just a few minutes to a huge orgasm.

After resting a few minutes my erection had not subsided. I was still hard as iron. I moved off of her and grabbed a pillow. I rolled her over and shoved the pillow under her. This way she was very accessible from behind. In the past she never really liked this position. I slipped two fingers in and started to finger fuck her. She started out complaining. But she was soon pushing back against my fingers and started breathing faster. She was getting soaking wet all over again.

I pulled my fingers out and moved behind her. I grabbed her hips and entered her easily. I slipped in up to my balls. She groaned and put her head down on the bed. She was nice and snug in this position. It felt wonderful. She wasn’t able to move a great deal and I proceeded to fuck her for about ten minutes until I came deep inside of her. She was moaning, groaning and pushing back hard the entire time.

After we recovered I got her to tell me how she ended up with Jim. As she described what happened I got excited and moved between her legs. I entered her and started to slowly move in and out. As she described what happened she felt my cock get bigger.

She had gone over to visit Jim’s wife. They were going to talk about the separation. Jim was home alone and told her that his wife had run an errand would be back soon. He offered her a beer. They sat and started talking. She started crying.

The typical thing happened; he comforted her. The next thing she knew they were kissing. Then he was playing with her breasts. Before long he had his cock out guiding her hand to stroke it. She said she was really surprised at his size. One thing led to another and he removed her shorts and panties. Then he was on top of her entering her.

She said she was upset and just let him do what he wanted. He was bigger than me and she asked him to go slow. He grabbed her legs holding them open wide and told her to take deep breaths and relax. Then he just pushed into her.

It took him a few tries as she was not completely wet but he was able to enter. She suddenly remembered his wife was coming home. He told her not to worry she was spending the night with her sister. He never missed a beat. He had suckered her from the beginning. She was pissed he had lied but it was kind of too late to stop him. He fucked her silly. He did get every inch inside of her.

I had climaxed once while she was describing this. The second time we both climaxed together. The second time was mind shattering. She told me that he would drop by when he wanted and just take her. He would grab her and take her to the bedroom or just the couch if he was in a hurry. He would fuck her until she could hardly walk. She also told me about several other guys she had been fucking.

The rest of the weekend got a bit more exciting and I will share that later.

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