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My Ex-Wife Part Two

Our story continues and the rules are set

A few days after that first re-encounter, I called Jan on my mobile. I knew she didn’t live with her new partner, that she got in from work around 17.00 and I thought she would be alone.

“Hi,” I said, “do you have time for a chat?”

She said she did and that she didn’t go out on a Monday so she did have time. I asked if she was due to see her partner and she told me that it was actually quite a casual arrangement and she wouldn’t actually call him her partner, more a friend.

“With benefits?” I asked.

She told me that yes, basically, he was a friend with benefits.

I can’t explain it but the idea that she was casually fucking us both really aroused me.

I told her that she really excited me and that our fuck a few days earlier was amazing. She agreed that it was great for her too.

I told her that I wanted us to be completely open with each about our sexual desires and that I wanted to take her places she had never been.

I told her that basically although I knew she wasn’t a slut, a slut was what I wanted and I wanted to use her like one, to completely abuse her sexually and to push the envelope.

She told me she was up for some fun but that she would be more like a toy that I could take down and play with when I wanted.

I asked her if the idea of that excited her, the idea of being used and abused like a cheap plaything and she responded breathlessly that it did.

I asked her if her chest and neck were red like they used to be when she got excited and she told me that they were burning.

I told her that I had a small test of her desire and that she should strip naked for me right now.

She agreed without any hesitation and, whilst she did so, I plugged in some headphones and left my flat.

She told me she was naked and lying on her bed and I asked her to send me a picture to prove it.

Whilst she did this I started up my car and drove off.

Recklessly, I checked my phone when the message arrived and there was a picture of her, a naked selfie.

“Jesus, you look like to need a real fucking,” I said. “I can almost feel your skin against mine right now. The softness and of it and the wetness of you. Lie back and touch yourself for me Jan.”

She told me she was already back on the bed and that she was touching herself lightly, imagining that my fingers were hers.

I told her that she was the best fuck I ever had and that the anticipation of fucking her was incredible but that the act itself was mind-blowing.

Jan was a true sexual being. When she made love or fucked for that matter, she was all encompassing. She was always right there in the moment.

The first time I ever fucked her she came. She came in buckets. She came like a steam train. I honestly had never seen anything like it.

It was the first time I’d ever experienced a woman ejaculating and it blew me away. To experience a woman allowing herself to release so fully was a real turn on and it is still such a powerful feeling for me.

As I drove, I described in detail how she felt and how she made me feel. I described how I wanted to use her and how I wanted her to allow me to control our fucking. I wanted to instruct her what to do and when to do it.

On the phone, I could hear her breathing catch. I could hear her approaching her orgasm. Had I not been driving then I would have been close too.

I told her not to come yet, to hold it, to refrain. She gasped that she wanted to come and to come now.

I parked the car and got out.

“Okay, you can come now,” I said

I heard her explode. I heard her fingers invade her wetness as she came for me.

“Now,” I said, “open the door, you dirty whore.”

“What?” she exclaimed.

“Open the door, plaything. I want to fuck.”

A couple of seconds later the intercom buzzed and the door opened and I went up to the first floor. The door was ajar and when I pushed it open, she was stood in the lounge doorway, naked of course.

I walked up to her and placed my fingers on her pussy lips. She was, indeed, soaking and there was a tell-tale drip or two on the laminate floor.

“Sit on the sofa,” I told her and she backed away until her calves hit the edge of the leather and she sat down.

“Sit on the edge, lay back and spread your legs,” I told her.

She did so and her wetness was exposed to me. She opened for me. Her eyes were pleading with me to fuck her.

I knelt in front of her and pushed her legs back until she was fully spread. I licked her from clit to ass hole and she bucked like I’d given her an electric shock.

She tasted sweet and salty and very, very hot. I continued licking gently, letting my tongue run along her opening whilst my tongue was flat and wide.

She gasped, “Oh yes, fuck me please.”

I continued licking, eliciting small gasps as I tasted her. She was wet, hot, desperate, wanting and completely exquisite.

I knelt up and positioned myself between her legs and rested my cock on her lips.

“Do you want my cock, Jan?” I asked her.

“Yes,” she cried, “god yes.” I flicked my cock with my hand, banging it on her sodden opening.

“You really want it, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she replied. “Please fuck me.”

“Are you my slut Jan?” I asked her, “and will you do anything I ask?”

“Yes, yes I am,” she said.

“Then say it Jan, what are you?”

“I’m your toy, I’m your toy, to do with as you see fit. Now please fuck me.”

I flicked my cock harder and she sounded damp and moist.

“Jan, I can buy a toy but I don’t want one, do I? I want a slut. I want you. Now, what are you?”

I flicked my cock again and just nudged her opening.

“I… I…. I’m your slut. Now please fuck me.”

I slid my cock inside her and she went wild as I drove in and out of her.

“You are my slut Jan aren’t you? And you will do what I ask won’t you?”

“Oh, Christ yes,” she cried.

“You are my slut. You have a mouth, an ass and a cunt Jan. They are all mine and I will have then whenever I want, okay?”

I drove into her harder which she really liked and she was almost coming.

“What are you?” I asked as my cock buried itself deep inside her and then slid right back out.

“I am your whore, your fuck toy, your slut.”

“No,” I said as I continued to fuck her and slipped a fingertip inside her ass. “You are A whore, A fuck toy and A slut, yes?”

“Yes I am,” she said, “I am a slut and I love cock, now fuck me.”

With a few more thrusts she and I came, our fluids melding into one torrid, slutty, immoral, clandestine flood of emotion, sexual release and complete abandon.

Recovered, we lay together for a short while.

She asked me about her “fuck buddy” and what she should do. I said that it excited me and that she should do as she pleases and that it just proved what a slut she was.

I did, however, tell her that I wanted to know when she fucked him. I told her I wanted to know what they did and how it felt and that I even wanted to know in advance so that I would know exactly when she was being fucked.

I wanted to use it for my own pleasure and even use it when we fucked.

I told her that when I fucked her I would always use words like slut and whore and ass and cunt because they aroused me. But I said that she could not tell anyone about us, to which she readily agreed.

She said she wasn’t sure about telling me when he fucked her but I was left with the distinct impression that she too was aroused by the thought of telling her carnal stories.

I told her that I had sexual adventures and stories I wanted to share with her. I wanted her to get as much pleasure as I did but that I would pretty much control everything.

The only thing I asked her was for discretion. Pretty unreasonable on my part but one that she agreed to quickly and with great understanding.

This was about fucking. It was about sex and sexual gratification and not about emotional involvement.

I couldn’t believe it.

I had the perfect fuck buddy. She was a fuck buddy who was a slut, a whore and a plaything.

“Hey whore,” I said, “my cock is hard again and covered in your messy cunt juices you dirty slut.”

She repositioned herself and took me inside her mouth, rolling her tongue around my head, tasting and sucking me.

“I love having a slut of my own,” I said. “I love the fact I can call on you whenever I want to fuck you. I love your eagerness and I hope it never wanes. Your willingness to open your legs for me or to suck my cock excites me. But you do have to prove how slutty you are soon, Jan. All sluts and whores take it in the ass, Jan and you will be no exception.”

At this, she sucked harder, desperate to taste me. It was amazing, she, was amazing. She sucked me to a finish and swallowed all I gave her.

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