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My friend's friend comes calling

My friend's friend wants to fuck my wife.
My friend of many years had been fucking my wife for quite a while now. It was almost a regular thing for him to stop by our place a couple times a week for a piece of ass, or a blow job. Sometimes I would join in, as I loved to watch her get fucked. Generally, Iwould clean her pussy out with my tongue when he had finished fucking her.

One day, Ken said that his friend, Don, told him he would like to fuck my wife, as he knew Ken had been fucking her for years. He was aware that I knew my wife was fucking Ken, and I enjoyed watching them, and joining in. Ken had told him all about the three of us fucking together when Don had asked him if he was fucking my wife.

I had said I wouldn't mind, but we would have to see if Maggie would like to.

So one day, when they were making love, Ken asked her if she'd like to fuck Don. She said that she had known for a long time that he wanted to fuck her from the looks she had gotten from him. One time when we had been house guests of Ken's, Don had grabbed one of her tits, and she had slapped him. She knew he was interested for some time, and yes, she said she would like to fuck him.

So Ken told me that he'd come by with Don a couple days later. As I was working out of town at the time I would not be home to watch the fun. I told him to go ahead and bring Don up. I knew Maggie liked strange cock, and this was someone we all knew pretty well.

A few days later Ken and Don showed up at our place. Maggie invited them in and asked if they would like to join her in a little drink or a beer, as she was having a little vodka and seven. They each had a beer, and when they all sat down Ken was next to Maggie on the couch. He reached over and rubbed her leg. He put his arm around her and pulled her close while giving her a big kiss. They kissed for awhile and he started rubbing her tits. She had her arms around him and her tongue in his mouth, sucking his mouth for all it was worth.

Ken motioned Don to move in on the other side, and when he did he started rubbing her tits, too.

By then Maggie was moaning, and wiggling all over while kissing Ken. They both worked at getting her blouse and bra off, so they could play and pinch her nice big tits . Her nipples were hard. She was rubbing Ken's cock through his pants. Ken stood up and dropped his pants and shorts. Maggie immediately started sucking his cock.

Meanwhile Don pulled her pants and panties off and dropped his pants and shorts. He then spread her legs and stuck his hard cock into her hot wet cunt from the back side. She pushed back onto his cock without missing any sucking action on Ken's cock. Don was giving her a hard fuck at one end, and at the other Ken was pushing his cock into her mouth, as fast as she could suck. Both of the guys came at about the same time.

Maggie got up and took them by the hand and led both of them into the shower. They had fun soaping each other from head to toe, and in between. When they finished drying off she took them both into our bedroom to our king sized bed. There she started sucking Don's cock, and told Ken to fuck her ass. He was ready to do this, as a ass fuck was one of his favorite fucks.

They enjoyed the rest of the afternoon fucking, and sucking before the two guys left all worn out. My wife really gave them a good work out. She was one of the best fucks I ever had. Both these guys had to agree with me on this.

A couple days later my wife's doing house work and there's a knock on the door and when she answers it. She finds Don there with a box of candy and some flowers for her. He told her that she deserved something for the wonderful afternoon him and Ken had. She was pleased that he thought about doing something like that, so she invited him in for a beer. As they were walking toward the kitchen he put his hands on her shoulders, and pulled her around. Putting his arms around her, and kissed her. He then rubbed her tit with his other hand. His tongue was in her mouth, and then her tongue was in his, as they sucked each others mouths,

By the time they had made it to the bedroom they both was naked, and her pussy was wet from his fingers. He laid her down and spread her legs and mounted her. Sliding his cock into her wet hot pussy. They fucked for awhile then he pulled out and rolled her over, and put his hot wet cock into her ass sliding all the way in. 

"Oh My God!" Maggie told him "Don't stop!"

Both of them was soon soaking wet when he finally blew his load in her ass. So it was back to the shower.

After the shower it was back to the bedroom. Maggie laid down on the bed and spread her legs, so Don climbed on and inserted his hard cock into her hot pussy pushing it all the way in as Maggie's pussy was wetter by the minute and was eager for Don's cock. Kissing and rubbing each other they were sucking each others mouth while their tongues working together. They had a nice long fuck. After they had rested for awhile she gave him a blow job, and sent him on his way.

Both of these guys were married, but they loved to come up, and fuck my wife because she was the best piece of ass, and the best cock sucker in the county. They should know as they had fucked, and been sucked by almost all of them. Made me proud of what a great piece of ass I was married to, and she gives the best blow jobs of all.

And best of all she told me of all my friends, I had the biggest cock of them all!

I had to set up a camera in my bedroom, so I could watch all the action that happened when I'm wasn't there.

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