My friends wife

By Theone

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My best friend Joe had invited me over to watch some football, his wife was in the kitchen making us up some snacks, a beautiful women named April. I had many a fantasy about her since he had first introduced her to our circle of friends.  They also had a huge freaking dog that was the nicest animal you had ever seen.  I made my way to the kitchen to see if April needed any help Shera the dog jumped on me and got dog hair all over my new pants which April had commented on earlier.  April then come over and started rubbing the dog hair off of my pants getting very close to my dick of course at the time I didn't think she even noticed.  I began to get about half way hard and it was obvious in these pants,  she looked over at it while rubbing off the dog hair and put her hand on the head of it and said put that away till later, and walked off.  I didn't know what she meant of course my mind was racing in a thousand directions getting harder seating on my friends couch.  Did she mean what I thought she meant? As the night ended I was leaving to go back home saying our goodbyes she leaned over to hug me as she always has done  and whispered one word "call" in my ear.  I was a little wierded out on my way home as I undid my pants and began to rub up and down the length of my limp dick, thinking about what had happended and if I was understaning her,  what might happen. 

The next day I finally got up a nerve to call and see if what I thought was happening was really going to take place.  I dialed the number and on the other end April picked up I was already fully hard thinking about the way this phone conversation would go.  I said hello having to clear my throat from the nervous state I was in, she did not even start conversation she just told me to come over Joe would not be home for five or six hours.  I arrived at April and Joe's home as quick as I could I walked the beautiful manicured lawn to their front door rang the door bell and waited I heard April yell it is open.  I gentle opened the door wondering what was going on.  I walk thru the house and heard the shower running, I opened the bathroom door and said April its me, April replied I know.  Then she said I want you take your clothes off! The bathroom was steamy and I could only make out her beautiful siloutte beautiful titties with a perfect figure.  She poked her head out and said Ive always seen the way you look at me, it has always got me hot.  Now I want to see you when you are hot I want you to look at me while I watch you jerk off and come all over my feet.  Then we will see where it goes from here.  I quickly undid my pants began to stroke my dick with one hand and my balls in the other I had to just beat the hell out of it jerking so fast and so hard that I was worried I was going to burn my self with no lotion, as I am looking at her I see her begin to play with her beautiful long nipples which where awesome since her breast where not extremely large, this even made her nipples look bigger.  My balls began to tighten and I told her I was about to cum, she squated down knees bent, chin over her knees looking at her feet and said put it all over my toes and face,  I began to blow like I had never experienced from my own hand.  All I could think about was how I wanted to be inside her,  I new that it was going to be awesome and tight, you see me and Joe had played alot of sports together growing up so therefore I had seen him naked in the showers plenty of times and new he had a extremely small dick.  She reached down to her feet and took some of my cum with her index finger and put in her mouth and then leaned over and began to clean the rest of my dick completly clean.  I was in heaven.  As she massaged me with her mouth and hands I began to become hard again she let go of my dick and bent over putting both hands on the bathtub, knees touching the floor and looked back over her should and said before you get that big dick totally hard again put in my ass so doesn't hurt so much.  I could not believe my ears I was so horny I walked over to her and reached down and started to rub her pussy to get her own juices to rub around her ass hole then I didn't even think about I just drove it into her hard and deep of course by this time I had already became fully erect again.  She looked back over shoulder and fuck me in the ass like a real man not some in love school boy, so I pulled back until I was almost out and rammed it fully into her over and over until I could no longer hold it and once again blew the most amazing nut. 

She then stood up and and walked out of the bathroom and said well what are you all this time you have wanted me and I have to ask you to follow me to the bedroom.