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My girlfriend dances with another

My girlfriend dances at a strip club and unleashes her inner slut
My girlfriend Cristy had enjoyed becoming a tease to other men and I allowed her to because I found it extremely erotic. I encouraged her to show off and work up other men to an erection. She got off on this and it usually lead to a kinky sex session.

Cristy is 5'2" with cherry blonde hair and brown eyes. She may be short but she has a sexy body with 34Ds and a bubbly perky butt. We are both 22 years old and very horny all the time.

This particular night, Cristy and I were drinking at a local bar with a few friends. The more Cristy drinks the more "playful" she gets. As luck would have it, there was a strip club a few blocks away and Cristy was in the mood to go that night. So, we ditched our friends and headed over.

In Miami, all the strip clubs are completely nude and the girls can be very touchy. They also love to be touched as long as you're tipping. Cristy and I are both young and attractive so the girls always give us lots of attention.

Cristy received a lot of attention from the horny men in the club. I don't think it helped that she was wearing such a low cut blouse and a tiny black skirt.

A few beers later, we had gotten friendly with one of the dancers who was almost done with her shift so she sat there and talked to us in her thong and nothing else. Her name was Lush.

Cristy kept telling her how she thought she would make a killing at these clubs if she danced. Lush kept encouraging Cristy to go up with her on the next dance but Cristy was hesitant. She kept showing me more attention and used me to show Cristy her favorite lap dance move.

She was grinding her hips in circles on my already hard cock as she rested her head back on my shoulders. I grabbed her tits as I looked at my girlfriend.

Cristy was slightly upset and agreed to go up with our friendly dancer for her next set. I think this was a move to get her off of me as I was enjoying myself too much.

I was surprised to hear that she was going to dance on stage. I told her, "Don't hold anything back babe. Entertain the audience and show off that hot body of yours. You know I love it when you act like a slut," and gave her a kiss.

The dancer was really excited and took her back to get creamed up so her skin would be smooth. (If you have ever been to a strip club, you know what I'm talking about.)

Cristy came out with the dancer to the next song. Cristy was introduced by the DJ as an amateur and he added that it was her first time. I could tell she was excited as the liquor had loosened her up.

Cristy began swaying to the music and grinding with Lush. The guys were loving it and most of them kept glancing my way.

The dancer proceeded to take her top and bra off while she rubbed her tits up on Cristy.

Lush then grabbed the back of my girlfriend's shirt and pulled it over her head. The guys at the club went crazy and this encouraged Cristy who then took her bra off and came to my chair by the stage.

She sat at the edge and swung the bra over my head as she pulled me into her tits. I slipped a dollar bill in to the band of her skirt.

It was quite a funny feeling tipping your own girlfriend for rubbing her tits in your face. As she left I told her, "You look so fucking hot. I love seeing you like this."

She then went to the guy sitting two seats to my left and sat with her legs spread open on the edge of the stage. Cristy then did the same thing with her bra as she pulled him in. Only he sucked her right nipple into his mouth causing her head to tilt back. She loves that move and during sex it always gets her to cum.

As she moved her head back he tugged the band of her skirt with a dollar in hand, exposing her shaved pubic area to him and a few of the watching men around. I could tell he had extended his fingers and rubbed the length of her pussy as he let go of her skirt. I then saw him smell his fingers, with a smile on his face.

As Cristy stood up I could see her shake off some of the horniness that was building up inside. She then moved to the dancer who was now naked and proceeded to grind her pussy on her thigh as they danced. The dancer then moved down Cristy's body, licking her all the way down. She bit the band of her skirt and pulled it off with her teeth.

My girlfriend was now standing at the stage dressed just in her sheer pink thong. All the men cheered even louder.

She then moved over to a table by the stage occupied by two older men in business suits and placed her legs spread open with her feet resting on their table. She lifted her butt and said, "Now each of you grab one side and pull this thong off."

The men, who were sitting at opposite sides of her spread open legs, slowly pulled off her thong and threw a few singles over her body. Cristy took her thong back and slid over to the next guy who was flashing her a twenty dollar bill.

Cristy signaled him to stand up and she reached into his pants, grabbing his cock with her thong wrapped around her hand. She tugged him towards her spread legs. She stroked his cock twice and took out her thong. The guy then put the twenty folded in his mouth and Cristy grabbed it with her tits as she had seen the dancers do plenty of times.

At this time the song ended and the girls walked off the stage to a mix of "awws" and cheers as they headed to the back with their discarded clothes in hand.

When she got out she came right to me and asked, "So, how do you think I did? Are you mad I actually touched some people?"

 I replied, "Not at all. I love seeing you get so hot you can't control yourself. You have nothing to worry about. Are you going up again later or do you want to go home and fuck?"

She said, "Well I really enjoyed myself and Lush wants me to walk around collecting tips from the guys. What do you think?"

As horny and worked up as I was, I told her, "Go ahead and get that money, babe. I'll sit here and watch you tease these guys."

Cristy started her rounds with the table of guys right next to me and said, "Did you guys see my dance?" She sat on the first guys lap and teased him while he slid the bill into her bra and pinched a nipple.

She then moved to the next guy and straddled him. He slid a five dollar bill up her skirt. He actually stayed with a hand in her panties and asked, "How much for a private dance in the back?"

"Its my first time but I think fifty dollars will be well worth it," she replied. He agreed as she moved in to the next table.

All her rounds were the same. Men sliding the tip into her skirt or down her shirt. One guy even managed to slide her panties to the side and fingered her for a while as he pulled her top down and sucked her nipple. I did not see that but she told me about it later that night.

When she was done, she told me of the lap dance, to which I agreed, since it was fifty dollars. I told her, "Its only a lap dance so don't be taking it to far. Now have fun."

She gave me a kiss and went over to the guy, grabbed him from his pants, and led him to the back.

Lush immediately came to me and said, "Let's go see how she does. I'll give you a dance right in front of them and she won't even notice us."

When we got to the room and sat down, Cristy was already straddling him and grinding her pussy on his bulge. Lush was just sitting on me dancing slowly as she watched on.

Cristy then stood up as she took her blouse and bra off at the same time. She was dancing seductively in front of him and running her hands over the bulge in his pants. He was in heaven.

She hopped on him and forced her nipple into his mouth. He was grabbing her under her skirt as he squeezed her ass towards him, pushing her pussy harder against his bulge.

Lush had now reached into my pants and grabbed my rock hard cock.

She turned her head around and said, "Someone is really enjoying the show aren't they?" She then unbuttoned my pants and pulled my cock free. She turned back at the action while she continued stroking my cock behind her back.

The guy had lifted Cristy's skirt over her head and thrown it to the side. I could now see his fingers dug deep into her ass cheeks as he pushed her into him. Cristy was grabbing the back of his head as he licked and sucked all over her tits.

Cristy then reached under and undid his pants, which he then wiggled down to the floor. I could see the wet spot on his boxers and was now aware why Cristy was grinding so hard.

This guy was hung and thick. It was impressive how much one can notice, only through his boxers. I'm not into guys but I loved seeing my girlfriends reaction when she saw it.

I was getting really close to cumming as I saw Cristy stroke his huge cock through his boxers. He was fingering her under her thong.

When Cristy couldn't take the heat anymore, she pulled his cock out and got to her knees. She took a second to look at it and admire it before she licked his shaft from balls to tip, sucking the precum that was dripping.

All I could see was her head bobbing up and down as the guy leaned back with his eyes closed. I was in shock to see my girlfriend like this and how much it turned me on.

Lush was grabbing my cock even tighter as I felt myself get close to cumming, but I stopped her and recuperated. Lush rubbed the precum off my cock and licked it off her fingers.

When I looked over at Cristy, I saw her in the cowboy position rubbing the guy's dick over her opening and clit. Her face was flushed red at this point and I knew she was at the point of no return. Still, I couldn't believe my eyes when I looked back down and she was popping his bare head in and out of her pussy. I have never seen her do anything past tease, and now, she was practically fucking a stranger she just met.

I saw Cristy's legs shaking from the thrill and eventually give way. She couldn't hold herself up anymore and fell down on his cock, balls deep. She must have been so wet that it slipped in with no resistance.

She didn't skip a beat, as she was jumping up and down his cock rapidly. He must have been filling her pussy in ways she had never received because she was so loud I could hear her moaning over the loud music.

Her sounds, and the hand-job Lush was giving me sent me over as I came on Lush's back and ass. She didn't move as we just stayed there staring at my girlfriend.

Cristy suddenly stopped hopping and started grinding his cock deeper and deeper into her, stimulating her clit. She was clearly having an earth shattering orgasm as I could see her body shaking till she collapsed on him.

Cristy hoped off and took his cock in her mouth, sucking up all the juices. This sent him over the edge and he started cumming all over her face. She cleaned his cock up and sucked out what remained.

I took the opportunity to leave with Lush and wait outside.

When Cristy came she asked if we could head home, and so we did.

I never brought up the cum that she seemed to miss on her cheek. I told her tonight was very hot and that I never thought she would have touched anyone. I told her it turned me on.

We fucked vigorously that night and she came again but I could feel how stretched out she had gotten.

During sex she asked me, "What would you do if one of the guys forced his dick into me and I let him? "

I told her, "If you enjoy yourself and want his cock, I wouldn't mind it."

Knowing she had done it and was thinking about it turned me on and made me cum for the second time that night.

The next day I asked her how much he paid her.

She said she didn't charge him because she, "felt bad since it was my first time and I know the dance was terrible. I hope you're not mad."

She then told me that we could go to the club whenever I wanted, as long as she could dance for the guys and act slutty.

Since then it has been her escape from reality and her chance to be the slut she is. She had admitted to sucking a few guys off and had invited me to see but won't admit that she sometimes fucks them if they are big.
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