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My Hotwife Lana.... Chapter Two

Lana's loverboy returns...
Lana and I played off on that naught adventure for several weeks after that with some great sex! She gave Dennis, her mystery lover, her cell number that night and she told me he called a few times, but for one reason or another we didn’t hook-up. When Lana turned 21 and we ran off to the JP and got married and now that our relationship was official, we both agreed that she was free to be with other guys as long as I either knew about it before hand, she told me about it afterward, (and all the juicy details!), or if I was there to watch or join in.

A few weeks after we married I called Lana from work on a Friday afternoon and said she should call Dennis and invite him over for round two. Lana loved the idea right away and called me back an hour later and said he was thrilled she called and would be over our place at 7:00!

I could tell Lana was real excited and I was a wreck the rest of the afternoon! My mind was reeling, I couldn’t think straight and my cock was creating a bulge in my pants! I got home around 5 and Lana had taken a shower and met me at the door in a sexy robe, high heels and a glass of champagne and a joint. She was really revved up and excited, even more than was I. Lana asked if there were any rules or anything she shouldn’t do now that we are married and all and I assured her that anything goes and to just relax and enjoy herself.

“I am the luckiest girl in the whole wide world!” she said, and kissed me as she rubbed my cock through my pants.

“I am the lucky one,” I replied….

Lana went back to do her make-up and get dressed and I took a shower and dressed, all the while feeling all tingly and excited. I don’t totally understand my excitement in encouraging my wife having sex with other guys, but I can only say it is an extreme sensory overload for me and I love it. I feel a little tinge of jealously but not in a bad way and I love showing her off and this is an extreme form of that. It’s kind of like you can look and you can taste, but you can’t have it, it’s mine, kind of thing. Plus as an added bonus, Lana loves the attention and it gets her horny as hell, not to mention satisfying her nymphomania. If I didn’t feel so close to her, trust her completely and feel secure, I don’t think this would work. But since I do, it’s an amazing and incredible high. Plus, Lana has a very high libido (as do I) and I think she needs to be with other guys on occasion. If we do this together she won’t be tempted to cheat behind my back, in theory that is.

It was almost 7 when I heard Lana’s high heels clicking on the kitchen tile floor. I turned around to the most magnificent sight! Lana had on a red and black chemise that just barely covered her pussy, black stockings, and red stripper looking high heels. Her eyes were lined in black pencil with lots of mascara on her long lashes and a perfect red lipstick on her full and pouty lips….and a great big smile on her face. I just stood there and stared at her…

“Looks like you approve?” She asked, spinning around so I can get a good look.

“I think you look absolutely fantastic!”

“Think I will scare my loverboy away”, she said.

“I think he will love it, I know I sure do!”

“I sure hope so.”

As I poured Lana and me a glass of champagne, I said “You’re really excited aren’t you?

“Honey I am so horny right now my pussy is throbbing and I a little dizzy.”

“Great baby, me too.”

Just then the doorbell rang. “We smiled at each other and she winked at me and said she loved me and I said the same and I went to the door to let in my wife’s lover.

I opened the door Dennis and I shook hands and I welcomed him in. He looked a little nervous and said, “It’s all good man, Lana is excited to see you so let’s just have some fun.”

“You two are so damn cool, thanks,” he said, and he followed me to the kitchen.

When Lana and Dennis saw each other they hugged like old friends.

“Oh-my-gawd, you are even sexier than I remembered!”, said Dennis.

“So you remember me? Lana said joking.

“How could I ever forget you Lana?”

“Thanks for coming.” She said, planting a kiss on his lips…and leaving a sexy lipstick print on his lips that she wiped off with her fingers.

“My pleasure, guys. I’ve been hoping to see you again since our last…ummmm.”

“Fuck, since our last fuck, you mean? Lana said.

Dennis laughed and pulled out a pint bottle of tequila from the bag he was carrying.

“Hey, I hope you guys like tequila.” He asked.

“Tequila makes me do nasty things.”, Lana said taking the bottle from his hand. .

Lana twisted off the cap and took two swallows straight from the bottle. Dennis and I just looked at her with amazement, not saying a word.

Lana then looked at us then crossed her sexy eyes and made a funny face.

“Whoa!” She said.

“Quite a woman you have there.” Dennis said.

“Yeah, I know.” I replied.

Lana passed the bottle to Dennis and he took a swig and handed it to me and I did the same. Then it was passed around again. Lana lit up a joint and we passed that around. Dennis was the not ten minutes and we were already pretty loaded.

“That is some hot lingerie you have on Lana.” Dennis said.

“Thank you Dennis.” Lana said and did a little model pose.

“Are there panties under there?” he asked.

Lana gave Dennis a what-do-you-think look and Lana lifted up her chemise showing us her shaved pussy.

Dennis shook his head and let out his breath. “Whew, damn baby!”

“Want some of that?” Lana purred.

“You bet I do!” Dennis said enthusiastically.

Lana smiled, then lifted one leg onto the kitchen chair and pulled up her chemise exposing her pussy.

“Well come ‘n get it, big boy”, Lana whispered.

Dennis looked at her then me.

“Go for it man”, I said.

Dennis moved in front of her and put his hand on her pussy and slowly rubbed it and I massaged her naked ass.

“Man I really love a shaved beaver”, he said, as he slipped his finger inside my wife’s pussy.

Lana bit her lower lip, “Mmmmm,” She said breathlessly, “I love two hot guys feeling me up.”

“Dennis knows his way around a pussy honey. I bet you like watching him finger fuck me.”

“I love it baby.”

Lana was swiveling her hips on his finger with her eyes closed for a few seconds than gently pushed his hand away.

“That’s all you get…for now” ,She smiled and said.

Lana picked up the tequila bottle and said, “Follow me boys.”

We followed her to the living room where she sat on the middle of the couch and Dennis and I sat on either side of her and passed the tequila around again. We talked a while, mostly about how sexy Lana is and the sexual tension was palpable and all three of us were getting pretty loaded on the tequila. Dennis had his hand on Lana’s leg and I noticed it inching to her inner thigh and Lana was rubbing both of our thighs.

“Honey, why don’t you get us our champagne?” Lana asked.

“Sure.” I said and asked Dennis what he wanted to drink and he asked for a beer.

I took my good ole time getting our drinks in the kitchen and wondering what Lana and Dennis were up to, my head reeling with nasty thought. I went to the bathroom, washed my hands, straightened the kitchen a while then got our drinks.

As I hoped, when I walked back in the living room the fun had begun. Lana was kneeling between Dennis’s legs and his pants were down around his ankles and his shirt was open and Lana was sucking his cock. When she saw me she stopped sucking him and looked at me, then at him…

“I think I hear my husband coming we better stop or he will catch us” she said with a mock fear and Dennis and I laughed.

Lana sat down between us and I handed her champagne to her and gave Dennis his beer. She sipped her champagne as she wrapped her hand around Dennis cock. Lana leaned over and kissed me when I sat down and she continued to stroke Dennis. I’m no slouch in that department and my cock is an easy 7+ inches but Lana was right, Dennis did have a big cock. I only glanced (really I did) at it but it was at least 9” and maybe 10, and thick. “Take you cock out honey.” She asked, and I unzipped and pulled down my pants and Lana took my cock in her hand and stroked me too.

Lana put her head back and closed her eyes…”Gawd I love this”, she said.

I reached over and cupped her breast and massaged it and Dennis did the same to her other one and Lana closed her eyes and moaned softly.

“Mmm, now if I only had a cock in each hand and one in my mouth and one in my pussy, mmmmm.”

“I can arrange that” ,Dennis said.

Lana lifted her head and looked at him, “Really?”

“Yeah, sure, no problem”

“Mmmm, I would love that, wouldn’t you? “, She purred, looking at me.

“Hell yes.”

“So, boys…anyone here want to go have sex with me?

“I do!” we both said at the same time.

“Give me just a minute to pee and freshen up”, she said as she got up and wobbled to the bathroom using the wall for support in her tipsy condition. We both watched her sexy butt and sexy legs as she walked away from us

“Oh and get all naked and hard for me while I’m gone, boys”

As Dennis and I removed our clothes he said again that we were so cool and thanks for letting him join in. I told him no problem and said that Lana was having fun and thanked him for coming over. It was a bit weird sitting there naked with another guy, especially with our cocks hard.

After what felt like a long time Lana came out of the bathroom and she too was naked except for her stripper heels.

“Holy shit!”, Dennis said and Lana smiled and put her hand on her hips and posed for us.

“So, you boys ready to fuck me?” she said, batting her long lashes.

With a resounding yes we both got up and followed her to our bedroom where I had dimmed the lights down low and had some soft music playing. Lana put her arm around my neck and kissed me, and whispered she loved me and she turned to Dennis and led him to the bed and I took a seat in the chair.

“You two go ahead and I will join in later” I said.

Lana looked at me, then at Dennis with a sexy shy smile. She patted the bed and Dennis lay down on his back and Lana lay down next to him and they kissed. Soon his finger was inside her and she was stroking his big tool.

“Told you he had a big cock, didn’t I honey?”

“Yes I believe you might have mentioned that a time or two.” I replied.

“Do you like watching your nasty little whore in bed with another man honey?”

“Oh fuck yes!” I replied, my head about to explode with passion.

“Well, feel free to join in at any time.”

“I will baby, just have fun and don’t worry about me.”

Lana looked at Dennis, “So are you gonna fuck me or what?”

Dennis laughed and got on top of Lana and slid his cock into her steamy pussy. He gently kissed her neck and slowly slid his cock in her until it was all the way in, and then he slowly pulled it back until it was almost out, then slowly back inside again several times.

“What a tease you are!” Lana said breathlessly.

“You love it, don’t you?” Dennis whispered.

“Oh yes I love how you fuck me!” Lana sighed back.

This time when he went deep inside Lana wrapped her legs around him and held him tight.

“That great big cock of yours feels sooo fuck-ing good inside me!” Lana purred.

Dennis rotated his groin, grinding into hers and Lana giggled.

I walked closer to the bed for a better view and Lana broke off their kiss and looked at right at me with a dazed look in her eyes.

“You like watching you wife get fucked, don’t you.”

“Yes.”I whispered.

“I love it too baby.” She whispered and closed her eyes.

“Stay right here and watch us honey.” She asked as she pulled Dennis’s lips to hers.

As they passionately kissed Lana unclamped her legs around Dennis and spread them as wide as she could, allowing him to penetrate her even deeper. Dennis picked up the pace, ramming his cock into her and Lana pushed up her hips to meet his every thrust.

They were fucking like crazy with Lana encouraging him on.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder…that’s it, yess,…oh gawd, oh yess, fuck my hot pussy, yes, yes…”

I felt light headed and like I was in a dream, hearing the sounds of sex fill the room and Lana’s legs spread wide apart in her sexy high heels. Dennis put his hands on her wrists and pinned her down as he fucked her and she shook her head side to side in pleasure. I looked down at my own cock and it was hard as a rock and twitching.

“I’m cumming, oh gawd I’m cumming….don’t stop, yes, yes” Lana cried as Dennis pounded his cock into her even harder.

Lana arched her back and held her breath….A guttural sound came from her lips as she stiffened and froze her body in orgasm. Dennis didn’t even slow down but kept fucking her through her orgasm. After a real long orgasm Lana began to relax her body and resumed continued bucking into Dennis thrusts.

Lana looked over at me a glazed over and distant look in her eyes…

“Having fun, honey?” She whispered.

“Yes baby, are you?” I whispered back.

Lana closed her eyes as Dennis fucked her and she moaned a long slow “Ohhhhh yeaaaaaah.”

Lana opened her eyes and looked straight at me but I don’t she saw me. Her eyes rolled back like they do involuntarily when she comes than back at me again, like an orgasm was boiling inside her and about to blow. Again her eyes rolled back and she let out a deep breath and arched her back, and stared to cum. Dennis grabbed her by the hips and leaned back on his legs and pulled her into him and Lana let out a long slow guttural moan. Dennis than also started to cum and at first stiffened up his body and didn’t move than started fuck Lana hard, shooting his cum into my hot wife with each stroke. Dennis pulled his cock out and squeezed several more streams of cum all over Lana’s shaved pussy.... Lana was right about another thing, Dennis ‘cums a boatload’, I think she said.

“Honey?” Lana whispered, looking at me, “I need your tongue in me now.”

I got between Lana’s legs and devoured her pussy. It was red and swollen and soaking wet with her juices and Dennis’s cum. This was my second ‘cream pie’ and any reluctance I had the first time was gone now as I lapped it all up and loved it as much as Lana did! Lana was in ecstasy and moaning loudly as she came again and again. When I was ready to shoot, I moved up and as Lana licked the juices from my chin and lips I came in her sloppy wet pussy!

I rolled off of Lana and as I was trying to catch my breath she said…

“Where’s that tequila?”

To be continued…..
and Lana really loves reading you comments, so don’t be shy!

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