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My Hotwife Lana

My sexy hotwife Lana...
When I first saw Lana I was blown away! She was a hot looking blue eyed blond with a killer body that just oozes sex appeal. We were at a family reunion and I just had to meet this girl. I said hello and we started talking and was smitten right away. Her flirty long lashes and red lipstick drove me nuts but what really got me was that she was so shy and sweet. It turns out she was 20, recently divorced and the girl friend of my cousin Cindy. The more we talked the more my infatuation grew and she knew it and I felt a spark between us even though I was 14 years older than her. I was thrilled when we exchanged cell phone numbers and even more so when, as we parted she said to call her.

I tried to be cool and not call right away but couldn’t help myself and called the very next morning and asked her to lunch. She accepted right away and we made plans to pick her up at the mall where she worked. As I pulled up to the mall entrance there she was waiting for me, smoking a cigarette and looking sexy as hell in a short denim skirt, and high heels. She jumped in the car and as we drove off I told her she looked amazing. She thanked me like she never heard that before, and she said she was so glad I called.

“So where are we going to eat? She asked.

“Hmm, I can decide if I want food or if I want you for lunch.” I said without thinking.

“Well if it’s up to me, I’d pick option number two.” She purred.


“Sure, why not?”

I spun the car around and headed to my place asnd Lana scooted over to me and put her hand on my thigh!

I drove like a wild man and she held my hand as we walked into my house and I hoped she didn’t notice the bulge in my crotch. I poured us both a glass of wine and Lana pulled a joint from her purse and in no time we were naked and having the most amazing sex on the floor…on the couch…on the patio, and finally on the bed that lasted almost three hours. Despite Lana’s high libido and sexy appearance she had only had two lovers her own age was sexually inexperienced but a very willing and eager student. She was open to anything and everything and excited to explore new possibilities with me. Over the next few weeks we had sex once or twice a day as I introduced my willing and able lover to some wild sex.

Lana lived with her folks but spent a few nights a week and some weekends at my place. We had an understanding that we able to date others if we wanted to at this stage of our relationship because we both just ended long relationships and didn’t want to jump into another right now. She often said she wanted to be with a lot of guys and try different things that she never had the chance to do. Even though neither of us was really interested in dating others, we kept that open as an option. I wasn’t crazy about that plan because I was getting pretty attached to her but I didn’t want to be too possessive and realized this was something she wanted and needed to do for herself.

Lana worked in the cosmetics department at a department store and about four months into our relationship Lana she said she was going to the employee’s only Christmas party. She dressed at my place and she looked pretty sexy when she left but didn’t want to say anything. I watched TV and had a few beers as thought about her looking so sexy and with all those guys at the party that were no doubt hitting on her. She said she would be back by 11 or 12 but about 1:30 I heard her car pull in the driveway then the back door open and Lana walked in. Her hair was messed up, clothes all askew, lipstick smeared, and tipsy with a silly grin on her face. She hugged me and I asked if she had a good time.

“Mmmm, I had a good time all right but I was such a naughty girl.” She slurred.

I felt a curious rush run through me and I asked what she did that was so naughty.

“Well…I danced with some guys.” She said.

“That’s not so naughty.”

“Well I flirted and teased and dirty danced with them.”She replied and hugged me. I led Lanna over to the couch and we sat down.

“Well that’s pretty naughty.” I said, looking for more detail.

“That’s not the naughty part.”

"Well, what was the naughty part?" I said, my heart beating.

"The naughty part was when they took turns fucking me in the back seat.”

At first I felt a little hurt and maybe even a little mad but enormously turned on and my head was spinning with lust! It took some further coaxing but Lana knew it was turning me on so she continued…

“These two guys kept giving me drinks and I was dirty dancing with them and they had their hands all over me. I thought they left and when I went to get my coat I saw the store manager and he asked for a Christmas kiss."

“Did you kiss him? I asked breathlessly.

“I sure did, and a big wet French kiss, and he fingered my pussy too!”

“And you fucked him?"

“No, I think he chickened out because I think he is married or something.”

I put my hand on Lana’s thigh and rubbed it. “Go on baby, this is so fuckin hot.” I pleaded.

“I’m so glad you like it….I thought you might be mad…Well…as I was walking to my car the two guys I was dancing with were standing there smoking a cigarette.”

“Tell me more baby.” I said.

“Well I had a cigarette with them and… well the next thing I knew they were taking turns fucking me in the back seat of their car.”

“Oh gawd baby, that’s so hot! Did you like it?” I asked stupidly.

“Gawd I loved it and I felt so fucking naughty!”

I slid my finger into Lana’s pussy and it was hot, wet and sticky. “Oh yes baby I like naughty girls.”

“Well I am a naughty girl.”

I pulled up her dress and saw dried cum on her bush and around her pussy. cum was leaking around my finger and I was crazy with lust. As I gyrated my finger in her Lana bucked up into to meet my thrusts.

“Oh shit baby, I want you to lick my clitty baby.” She hissed.

I hesitated… but only a second and slid down between her legs. I felt the heat from her freshly fucked pussy on my face and I inhaled the unmistakable smell of raw sex. Her pussy red and swollen and a some cum was dripping out… and she looked so damn sexy! Lana’s clitty was poking out of its hood and I licked with my tongue.

“Eat me baby, eat my pussy and make me cum!”

I circled her swollen clitty with my tongue and Lana moaned loudly.

“Yes baby, eat my hot pussy!”

I slid my tongue between her swollen lips and tasted their salty cum in my girlfriend’s pussy. My lips and chin were covered in sex juices and in a few minutes I brought Lana to orgasm.

She was still cumming when I straightened up and slid my cock in her wet and sticky hole and fucked her. I was so excited and it took only a few strokes before I added my own cum to her filled pussy.

I got up and sat next to her on the couch as we caught our breath. She held my hand and we laid there in silence for a few minutes.

“Damn, what a night!” She said. “And thank you honey.”

“No baby, thank you.” I replied.

That night we had sex about every two hours until we just couldn’t anymore.

I got up about 10 and Lana got up about 11 and we talked at the kitchen table over coffee. She said she was worried I would be mad at her but pleasantly surprised that not only was I not mad but liked it! I assured her that not only did I like it but I was more turned on than ever by her fucking other guys. She just looked at me and shook her head.

“I am one lucky girl…a hot, good looking boyfriend…that likes when I fuck other guys! Holy shit, my cake and eat it too!” She said.

After that, fantasies of Lana with other guys and threesomes became a regular part of our lovemaking. We often went out to clubs to show her off and look for potential fuck buddies but we always came home, just the two of us and had some crazy sex.

As we were driving to a club one evening I asked if she ever masturbated with dildos or vibrators. She said she masturbated every day (no surprise) but only with her fingers and wanted to know more. I drove over to an adult book store and parked and told her to go in herself and buy a vibrator and dildo. She resisted at first mostly because she was dressed like in a mini skirt and high heels and looked like a slut for me, but with a little encouragement she got out and confidently walked right in.

She was in there a long time, maybe 15 or 20 minutes and I was getting a little worried. The parking lot was pretty full so I knew the place was loaded with horny guys but the door opened and out she came with a bag in her hand and a big smile on her face.

She got in and almost out of breath said she caused quite a commotion in there. Guys were circling around her and walking by brushing against her and she felt like a piece of meat in a lion cage… but it really turned her on and it was a big rush for me!

A small group of guys followed her outside looking a bit bewildered when she got in the car with me, and she waved to them and blew them a kiss as we pulled out of the lot. We decided to head back to my place and play with our new toys that night!

Lana loved her new toys and they enhanced our threesome fantasies during sex as well as her enjoyment when she played with herself. We soon a large collection of toys after more trips to the adult bookstore. Sometimes I went in with her, sometimes not. Ever wishing to expand our horizons I went in with her and led her to the back rooms. The guys back there were a bit surprised by a hot babe penetrating their secret jack-off area but thrilled I am sure.

We went into a booth and put some tokens in the machine the porn move came on and Lana asked what that hole in the wall was. I said you’ll see and sure enough right after I said that that, a hard cock popped thru the hole. Lana jumped and moved away from it but I whispered for her to touch it and with little hesitation she began stroking it.

We heard the guy on the other side say, “Yes baby suck me.”

Lana glanced at me and I nodded my head and I put my hand on her inner thigh. She looked at me with a silly grin.

“Really? She asked.

“Sure baby, do it, suck his cock” I replied.

Lana turned towards the mystery cock and slid her red lips down the shaft. We heard a soft moan from next door and Lana got into sucking him as she spread her legs and I slipped my finger in her pussy. I was only a few minutes until he came into Lana’s mouth. After that first spurt in her mouth Lana used her hand to finish him off, resulting in his cum landing on her neck and blouse. After he withdrew his cock and said whispered thanks, we hurriedly got up and left despite the pleas of several guys waiting their turn outside the booth. We walked down the dark hall and through the store, all the guys staring at the sexy babe with smeared lipstick and cum on her blouse.

Once in the car and leaving the parking lot Lana was breathless and excited and she said she couldn’t believe she just gave a blowjob to a complete stranger in an adult book store! When I asked if she would do it again she said looked over at me.

“Maybe, sure.” She said as she winked and smiled at me.

One night we went out and were sitting at the bar doing shots of tequila and the guy sitting next to her on the other side was hitting on her something fierce. He seemed cool and Lana thought he was cute so with my encouragement she flirted back. We were getting pretty wasted on martinis when I whispered to Lana to go out to his car with him and fuck him silly. She just smiled at me; turned to him they whispered something to each other.

Lana turned back to me. “He asked if you were my brother or something and I told him you are my boyfriend.”

”What did he say then?” I asked.

“He said and he’s cool with that? And I said sure, he loves it.” She said.

Lana stood up and grabbed her purse and looked at him.

“Ready?” She said holding out her hand to him.

“Um, I… yeah sure.” He replied looking at me.

“Have fun.” I said.

Lana kissed my cheek. “I will hon, and thank you. I’ll be back soon.” She said with a great big smile on her face.

I watched as they walked away holding hands, Lana in a skin tight black dress, no bra or panties and stiletto high heels, ass wiggling …gawd she is so hot!

I turned back to the bar and sipped my drink and noticed my hand shaking. I had butterflies in my stomach and I was tingling all over and couldn’t think straight and a big boner in my pants. I thought of my girlfriend sucking his cock, his finger in her pussy, and all sorts of nasty things he was doing with her. My adrenaline was pumping and I felt that curious mixture of some pain but waves of pleasure.

Time slowed down and what felt like a long time was only minutes. I tried force it out of my mind but I liked thinking about him fucking her and the sounds she makes during sex….They were gone about half an hour now and I kept looking towards the door to see Lana come back in but I was facing the bar when I felt her hand on my back and kiss on my cheek.

“Miss me?” she asked.

I turned at her and her hair was a little disheveled and lipstick freshly applied and she had that sly smile on her face.

“I sure did baby, did you have fun?” I asked breathlessly.

“Well, let me tell you that boy can fuck!” She said with a laugh.

I felt a rush run through me when she said that.

“Where is he?”

“Bathroom, I think.”

“Let’s go home have sex.” I said.

“You are reading my mind,” Lana purred.

In the car we kissed and I felt her pussy and it was on fire and dripping with cum. As I drove Lana propped up her high heels on the dash, spread her legs wide and fingered her pussy as she told me what happened...

”He lifted my dress up and felt my ass as we walked through the parking lot. My ass was bare in public and I didn’t even care. He opened the door of the back seat and I sat down and unzipped his pants and sucked his cock. His cock was enormous! I don’t even remember how but next thing I knew I my dress was off and I was lying across the back seat with my legs spread and he was holding my ankles and fucking the crap out of me with this huge cock!”

“Did you cum?” I asked.

Yeah, three times I think.” She said, “He came a boatload. I never saw so much cum; here have a taste.” she said as she wiped her sloppy fingers across my lips.

I was trying to drive as I watched Lana finger her pussy and tell me the nasty details. I have no idea how I was able to do so. Lucky there wasn’t much traffic, mind racing, heart pounding…

“I liked how he called me his hot fucking whore, too” She cooed.

Just then I pulled in the driveway and Lana continued fingering herself until I opened her door and pulled her out. I opened the back door, pulled off her dress and pushed her down in the back seat, pulled down my pants. She pretended to resist but I held her down and fucked her hard. I felt his cum dripping out of her and running down her ass and my balls. Her pussy was wide open and sloppy.

“I love it when you fuck other guys.”

“I love it too baby and I will fuck anybody you want me too.”

“Are you a naughty girl?”

“Oh fuck baby I am such a naughty whore.”

As I started to cum, I felt Lana’s pussy ripple and clamp down on my cock and we came together…..

To be continued.

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