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My Husband Flies High And I Fly Low

An old flame rekindled and shared.
I am married to a fly guy in the Air Force. I won’t say which one but we move around a lot into different bases and different married quarters.

We have lived in about six different bases in the last five or six years. It is a lonely life as you are generally not there long enough to meet and create real friends that you can confide in and discuss the intimate problems that women have from time to time. That is especially when your husband is often away on manoeuvres for a couple of weeks at a time. Some of the women are a bit catty for me as well and, if they have been on base for a while, form cliques which exclude the short term postings like we have.

At this base, I found many of the women far friendlier, and they made an effort to make me feel at home and comfortable with them. I had a feeling it was because the base did not have a heavy maintenance facility where the guys were posted for years rather than weeks and months. There was a frequent turnover of air crew, as it was basically a training and familiarisation base. Air crew came here to learn about new aircraft and fly them. After a period of time, everybody moved back to their own base or squadron.

I had only been here a couple of weeks and a couple of the women befriended me. It was a pleasant change, and we often met at each other homes for a drink or dinner. Our husbands were here as well most of the time, as the training was done basically on base and only occasionally they were away on training missions.

On this occasion, we were invited to a party, and we were both able to go. It was fascinating meeting many of the different people who were not necessarily all from the same base or squadron. Meeting some of the husbands was quite a change, as most of the parties we had were basically hen parties. The hen parties could be very risqué, and they often had male strippers and some of the women really gave them value for money; or was it the other way around? I avoided them, as the women were a little too adventurous for me. They would often strip off and publicly have sex with some of the guys they had hired to perform. They were not quite my type. I often wondered what their husbands were like, probably not much different. The incidence of STI was quite high at some bases, as the men often bought something foreign back with them if they had been overseas. There is never a shortage of women that are there for one purpose around most bases.

On this occasion, I noticed my husband was chatting to one woman for some time, and it was obvious they knew each other. I was enjoying the party and chatting to others there, so I left him to enjoy himself.

Later on, one of the women said, "I believe you know Suzie and Tony. Where did you meet them?"

I said, "Not to my knowledge." Jan, one of my closest friends, was with me, and seemed a bit taken back.

Jan said to me, after the other woman left, "I saw Harry talking to Suzie and I assumed you had met at another base. It was obvious they knew each other."

Later on, when I got Harry alone, I asked him, "Who are Suzie and Tony?"

He seemed a bit embarrassed and said, "I will fill you in later; I have invited them over one night. I know Tony from the training centre. Suzie is his wife, and I wasn't aware that they were married."

“Is there a history?” I asked him.

“Let’s talk about it when we get home, there is somebody I want you to meet.”

He took me off to meet another couple. I had seen Joy around the base and had been introduced to her, but had never really had a conversation with her. Bill her husband was flying with Harry.

The conversation was a bit technical and eventually Joy and I started to chat on the side and left the two guys to talk aircraft between them.

Joy mentioned, “I saw Harry chatting to Suzie earlier, have you ever met her?”

“No, but I gather Harry has, they were in conversation for some time.”

“Oh,” said Joy. “I thought you would have heard of her or met her by now.”

“Is there a history here?” I asked.

“I think you had better ask Harry about that, and I think you can tell from that there is something I know that you don’t, and I would rather it come from him.”

I was now very curious and had a feeling there was something I should know or should have known. Obviously, Joy knew something I didn't. I would now be making sure Harry filled me in when we got home. I know we both had a history before we were married, but nothing serious, just the usual affairs at college and a few casual acquaintanceships after. Since getting married, I believe we had both remained faithful. Maybe there is more to this than I imagined.

We got home and we were getting into bed, and I asked Harry, “What is this I have heard about you and Suzie? Is there a history there I should be aware of?”

“Look," he said, "to be honest, there is, and it is a long story. Can we talk about it in the morning?”

“No, I won’t be able to sleep. Give me the short version.”

“Before I even met you, Suzie and I had an affair. Some time afterwards she became pregnant and it wasn't mine. It was all over between us but we remained friends as she went through a rough time. I will be very honest; if she hadn't got pregnant, I would possibly have got a lot more serious with her. Tonight is the first time I have met her and her husband since we broke up all those years ago. I am cool about her; I have no further interest in her, its over.”

“Okay, then I will accept that, but I want to know the full story before we have them over for dinner, seeing you have invited them.”

“Come here and I will show you how much I love you and not her any longer.”

We sleep naked, and I am never one to refuse sex, particularly with Harry, as he really knows how to turn me on. We cuddled, kissed and he entered me, and I was on cloud nine with the feeling of him deep inside me. I don’t care what he did with Suzie so long as he keeps doing it with me. I came and he came shortly afterwards. We kissed and he rolled off me, and we both curled up and went to sleep. The sleep of a happy and contented woman with a vagina full of my man's cum. It was me Harry fucked, not Suzie.

The next day, Harry was flying again. We had breakfast together and he said, "I will fill you in on Suzie tonight. Have no fear... it is over."

I didn't worry too much. I know Harry had many affairs before we met, as did I. I was a flight attendant and I am a multi-member of the mile high club with the Captain, First Officer and a few others besides them. If none of the guys were available, there were more than few of the other girls who enjoyed a bit of female sex on overnight flights. I have shared many a bed with another girl. Lesbians or bi-sexual, it didn't bother me unless she had been with a guy before me and had a cunt full of cum. That turned me off. Licking a load of cum out of another girl was not on for me back then. Harry was well aware of my indiscretions before we married as well. He was not the first one to fuck me on our first date, but he was the first one to take me away for a weekend of sex, and it was amazing; that is why I married him.

A day or so later, Harry said, "What are you preparing for Tony and Suzie? I hope it doesn’t have too much garlic in it and no Asparagus."

Now that started to ring bells in my head. I know why Asparagus and Garlic are not the preferred menu items when we are preparing for a weekend away. I don’t like the taste when it appears in his semen. Why would he enquire about it for a dinner party?

“No, I hadn't given it much thought yet. I was thinking of an avocado entrée and a BBQ beef for mains and lemon tart for sweet. How does that sound? Am I to read something into the asparagus comment? I know why we don’t eat it at times but what do you have on your mind?”

“It’s a Friday night and we won’t be flying on Saturday, and you know what happens when I don’t fly. I want your undivided attention, and I know you don’t like asparagus-flavoured cum.”

Enough said.

Friday night arrived and Harry was home early and got everything prepared that was his responsibility. He set the table and made sure the beer was cold, opened and decanted a good bottle of wine to breath etc. and prepared the BBQ. He was a great help when he was at home.

Tony and Suzie arrived and we had a drink and a canapé. Harry and Tony went to the BBQ and cooked the meat.

Suzie joined me in the kitchen as I prepared the entrée; Suzie was very nice and we had a good conversation. I learned she had been a WAAF on one of the bases Harry had been posted to. I could see why Harry had liked her. We compared a few of the bases they had served on and we had lived, but it seems we were never there at the same time. She told me that she and Harry had an affair before he met me. We both knew about the things that happened there, both strategically and socially. It seems there were some rather interesting affairs that took place but I was never aware of them. As I said earlier I was not there long enough to be invited into the inner circle.

Dinner was great we all chatted and it seems the boys had a lot more in common than flying and Suzie and I raised few eyebrows as we swapped a few references about our previous life before marriage.

After dinner we sat around and had a few more drinks, more than a few it seems. The conversations were becoming more revealing. Tony didn't pull any punches when he brought up the subject of Suzie and Harry’s previous affair. I played dumb. I had no knowledge of their affair and Tony was surprised that Harry had not filled me in. Suzie was getting a little embarrassed. I sat in silence as they discussed it between the three of them. It seems neither Harry nor Tony were really aware of who had impregnated Suzie. That was a secret Suzie had said she would never reveal at the time. It was the main reason Suzie and Harry ended their romance back then. He wanted to know who she had slept with and she would never reveal it.

Suzie was amazing and held it together as we discussed first the affair that she had with Harry, and then after they had broken up, and how quickly Tony had replaced him in her bed.

It was then she made the statement they both wanted to know, and I was becoming curious myself as to who she had slept with while having the affair with Harry.

Suzie had enough wine on board and all the interest in her pregnancy got a bit too much for her.

The she blurted out; “It was Commander Jones,” she said. Both Harry and Tony were dumbstruck. Neither had any idea of who had impregnated her or why she had slept with whoever it was. Everybody believed Suzie and Harry would marry.

"We were at a party, Harry was away on another tour of duty for a six months and I was worried about him. I had a drink or two too many and I got a bit emotional about him being away for so long and told him how much I was missing Harry. He comforted me and before I knew it we were in a bedroom having sex. It had been months since I had been to bed with Harry. Because Harry was going to be away for so long I took a break from the pill and I forgot. I became pregnant. It should never have happened. I was so upset, drunk and emotional, I wasn't thinking straight. He mentioned you were up for promotion and I didn't want to do anything to jeopardise that."

“That fucking bastard,” Harry said. “It was that fucked up son of a bitch that did it."

“I loved you and would never have stood in the way of your promotion which was due. I really didn't know what I was doing. After he did it and left me there half naked, I went to sleep. When I woke up I realised what I had done and I hated myself and every moment of what I let him do.”

“That son of a bitch,” Tony said. "I could never understand why you and Harry broke up. Everybody believed that it would be a match made in heaven. We all knew you were shagging each other, just like we were all shagging anybody in a skirt. Everybody realised why Harry and you were not in the circle of shagging and being shagged. It was just you and Harry,” as he looked at Suzie.

“I know now why I love you, you are an amazing woman.” Tony uttered.

Suzie stood up and went to Harry and sat next to him.

“I have wanted to tell you that ever since and never had the guts. That bastard died shortly afterwards. Evidently, he knew he had cancer and he didn't care, and I am sure there are other women that he has slept with under similar circumstances. Some may have approved, others perhaps not; and like me didn't say anything in view of his power and that he had something on their husband. I didn't mourn him for one second, I was pleased. I had to go through an abortion because of him and loose you. I loved you then, but I could not love you after that. I was so ashamed."

"I am sorry, Sally, I should never have left him, but I could not bear to love him knowing I had conceived another man’s child. I did not want to lose Harry, but I could not contain it any longer and decided that it would be better for us both if we separated. The first time we made love after that, I felt disgusted and decided then and there to end it.

"Then you were on assignment and Tony appeared, and we went to bed, more to try and prove that I could do without Harry. Tony was wonderful, every bit as nice and kind as Harry, and I could not contain myself and I let him make love to me as often as we could. I soon learned to love the lovemaking with him, and later to love him almost as much as I had loved Harry. When he asked me to marry him, I agreed, because that would end the insatiable desire I had had to be with Harry. I am so sorry.”

We all sat there in silence. Suzie began to whimper and I went to her. I held her as she sobbed. I really felt sorry for her, I knew then why she and Harry had talked for as long as they had at the party. They were reliving or catching up on their lives since that day. After a few minutes she recovered a little and then as I held her she whispered in my ear, “I still love him, I am sorry”.

As she recovered it gave me a few minutes to think.

I turned to Harry and said, “If Suzie agrees, take her to our bedroom and make love to her. She needs you, and I know how much she loved you, and probably still does. See how the two of you can handle it together.”

Then I turned to Tony, who was about to say something, and I cut him off in his stride and said, “You are going to agree. Then you are going to take me to bed, and you and I are going to do what they are doing Maybe it won’t be revisiting past lives, but it may be the beginning a new life for us all. God knows how it will all work out. You know, and I know, we have all been promiscuous before we married and now we are going to be promiscuous again. I am doing this for them both; they need to come to terms with what has happened. It may be the end of everything between us, but then again, it may be the beginning of a new but different life for us all.”

Tony looked at me in amazement. “You want me to have sex with you, while my wife and your husband do the same thing? I can’t believe this.”

“Well, it all depends upon you. I am sure Suzie is willing and I don’t think Harry will hesitate. I have lived with this ghost for a couple of years and now I know the background it makes me far happier. I believe that this will make a difference to all four of us not just them. It will put this story to bed and I hope we will all live happily ever after.”

I looked at Harry. “Are you prepared to go through with this? Believe me I am more than happy for it to happen, and I will never ask what happens between the two of you. I don’t have to be Einstein to work out the past, and I want the future to be free of guilt and regret. I have to live with it if you don’t.”

Harry looked at Suzie. “It’s up to you; I am willing, as Sally says it could be the end of a past that haunts me. Now I know why, I have already forgiven you for what has happened. I nearly cried when you told us what happened. If he wasn't dead he would be tomorrow and I would be happy. Please say yes.”

“Yes, Yes Yes,” Suzie said as she looked at Tony. ”I hope as Sally said, it will put the ghost to bed. I know how Harry feels because I feel the same way. This could be the end of everything and the beginning of something lovely. After we spoke the other night, I wanted more than anything for Harry to take me to bed and for us to make love as we has so often before. This will be it, the very last time. Please, Tony, try and understand, you know as I know there is a past. Let’s put it to bed forever. I have no objection to you and Sally doing it together. It would ease my consciousness to no end.”

Then Harry turned to Tony and said, “Mate, this is an amazing story. You know what has happened between Suzie, your wife, and I before you appeared. Yes, we were in love, and that bastard found a way to kill it. It’s not that we haven’t done this before; we have done it dozens of times. Like you, we have had many women in our time, Suzie is different, but this will prove that it is over once and for all. I would really appreciate it to make the ending a happy ending."

Tony sat there. “Shit, it seems it’s all cut and dried, you have all made up your minds, its three against one. I have no choice except one. Sally it would be wonderful if you and I share the same bed. It won’t be making love to you, as I am sure it will be for Suzie and Harry. It will be one of the best fucks I have ever had. I won’t say I haven’t envied Harry before. Now I will know what he has and what he gets.”

I stood there and said to Tony, “Let’s go before we have any more speeches, I want only one thing now and that’s to break two beds.” I took his hand and led him to the second bedroom.

As we left, Suzie went to Harry and they kissed right then and there. It was something both of them had wanted to do for a couple of years. Harry has fucked me and has made love to me. They are two different things. Now Harry and Suzie were going to make love like they had made love before many times, and I don’t regret the decision I have made, or the fact that the next person Harry makes love to after Suzie will be me.

Something happened that night. Harry and Suzie never ventured from the bedroom. After two good fucks, Tony said, "To me, it looks like they are going to spend the night together. I hope I made the grade, because it looks like the two of us have a lot more time on our hands than we though."

I took his cock into my mouth and said, “Well we can start like this and end it whenever we have had enough. After two experiences with you already I don’t think I will ever have enough of you and what you are doing. I think that somehow there may be a new partnership in front of us. I don’t know about you, but I think the four of us would make one big happy family.”

The story should end here, it doesn't. Suzie and Harry had spent the night together.

It wasn't a flying day the next day, and Harry and Suzie arrived at our door the next morning very sheepish looking and apologised for their prolonged absence. Tony and I laughed, and he said, “We will have to compare notes later. We didn't waste any time either. I know why you married her now, she is a great fuck; believe me.”

We all had breakfast together, and it wasn't long before the four of us made a big foursome. We decided to make the most of our time together.

Tony talked about many of his previous affairs with other girls, some of who I had met and never realised they had their pants around their ankles more often than around their waists. He wanted to hear all about my mile high experiences and said it couldn't happen in the planes they flew, unfortunately. Suzie found out her husband had used his hidden talents more than she had realised.

The four of us spent the morning sitting around naked or half dressed. We compared notes about the previous evening, and then it started all over again. I got together with Harry on the lounge, and Tony and Suzie were spectators and cheer squad. Then Suzie and Tony resumed their relationship as we watched. There were bare asses in every direction. After that, there was never a moments hesitation when the guys decided to swap us around, and we took turns with one or the other having their cocks in either end. The laughs and giggles that came out of the two of us as the boys took turns to show their prowess was fantastic. Then we did our thing and we rode them both hard... cowgirl. We had our tits bouncing in all directions as we rode them hard.

Harry came as I rode him, and we kissed the kiss of love and passion so hard. He said, "I know now I made the right decision. I love you more than anything else in this world."

After an hour or so of heavy sex, we took a rest and a bathroom break. There are now four in this relationship. Suzie and I had a chat in the bathroom as we washed ourselves. Suzie said, "What we had both done was amazing. I had loved Harry with all the passion I could muster before I married Tony. Now I know Harry loves you and what we had before is not over thanks to you. We can now share our men and enjoy the fun and pleasure together without fear or favour. I know now Tony loves me as much as I love him and is prepared to let Harry share me with him as he shares you. Our evenings from now on will be just one big swingers party, and we all love it."

I had made a friend in Suzie that I could never have imagined. In suggesting Harry and Suzie renew their sexual experiences I had forever solved the dilemma of which of the two of us he loved most. I won. We had also found passion had allowed us to share our sexual appetite with somebody other than our husbands. We had proved this was real and we could handle the fact they could engage sexually with either of us, and that we had no feeling of jealousy or fear that we had made the wrong decision.

A few weeks later, the guys were away for a week on exercises. Suzie and I had been meeting regularly for morning tea or dinner following our evenings of debauchery. We had no secrets from each other any more. One evening, the both of us had consumed a bottle of wine between us and we were wishing the boys were there to service us. Then we did something even I had never contemplated with Suzie, I enticed her to have sex together as two women have sex. That was truly amazing. We both wonder what the guys will think when they find out. I had to resurrect the times I spent with those other women when I was flying. I was back to my old ways and days.

When the guys get back, we will be interested to see what they think about our handy work with a razor. We look delicious now and taste like honey. Far tastier than what the boys give us.

I guess the neighbours will be talking when they see Suzie’s car parked outside our place all night. We hope they enjoy thinking about what we are doing, because we don’t care and we love it.

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