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My Husband Made Me Have Sex with Others

I was a piece of ass to my husband's friends
Almost from the first day of our marriage, my husband Ed used me to entertain his friends. Ed was several years older than me when we got married, but was really a fun person to be with and was great in bed, so I didn't hesitate when he asked me to marry him. Little did I know at the time what he had in mind for me.

The night we were married, as we were getting ready for bed a friend of his showed up for a few drinks with us. I had more than I should have is what I liked to tell myself regarding why it happened. Somehow or other we started playing strip poker. It wasn't long before we were all just about naked.

It was fun, I thought, and when I lost and had to take my bra off, my husband asked his friend John if he had seen better tits than mine. Of course John said he hadn't. Next my husband reached over and started playing with my nipples, which got hard, and he encouraged John to help him.

I was getting hot as I loved to have my tits played with. I was sitting on the couch and then the next thing I knew Ed had pushed me onto my back and slipped my panties off. They must have planned this beforehand because as soon as I was on my back, John pulled his shorts off, and climbed on top of me.

I said, "Ed, what's John doing?"

He said, "He's going to fuck you, so spread your legs."

Without any more being said John slipped his big hot cock into my cunt, and started fucking me.

When he had finished fucking me, Ed climbed on and fucked me too.

After I had gone into the bathroom and taken a shower Ed came in and told me to go and get in bed with John so he could fuck me again. Then when I finished fucking him, he would fuck me again. Then I was to give John a blow job before he left.

I couldn't say I didn't enjoy this, as I just loved to be fucked, and had ever since I was a teenager. I was always the one in the back seat at the drive-in with my panties down.

After John had left, Ed put his head down between my legs and started licking and sucking all of the cum and juices that were still in my cunt. Oh, how I loved it when he cleaned me all up with his tongue.

After he was done I moved down and took his hard cock into my mouth and sucked him until he blew a big load down my throat. Oh, how I loved the taste of cum. I began to realize that Ed liked the idea of me fucking his friend, and this was not going to be the first and only time.

Now we have been married for ten years, and Ed has brought several of his friends home to have sex with me. He loves to watch me fuck and suck his friends, as he jacks off while I am fucking or sucking. Then he will climb on, and give me a good fucking, or he will eat my cunt while I suck him off. I think he enjoys watching more than he does fucking me.

I had slept in this day, as Ed was up early and went to play golf with his buddies. I had the whole day to myself, so did all the household chores that needed to be done. After finishing all the work, I was relaxing with a tall water and bourbon. Our outdoor patio was very secluded so I was able on a nice day to just be myself out there. I was wearing shorts and a top that just covered my 34D breasts, with nothing but flesh underneath. 

When Ed arrived back from the gold course with his friend Jack in tow, I was still relaxing and had enjoyed several of my favorite drinks; I also had a cooler with cold beer handy for when Ed showed up. I was in the mood for just about anything.

Jack and his wife Edith were good friends of ours and we had entertained them several times. We had been over to their house on numerous occasions, so Jack was an old friend.

From the looks and actions of the two of them they had stopped at the 19th hole before leaving the country club.

"Why don't you fix us a couple sandwiches to go with our beer, sweetie?" Ed asked me.

So I went out to the kitchen, and whipped up a couple tuna fish sandwiches along with a couple of beers for them. I took them out to the patio where they were sitting.

When they had finished eating and were just having a good time bull shitting about nothing in general, Ed said to me, "You know, honey, all that exercise this morning has me and Jack horny as all get out, so why don't you give us each a blow-job?" With that he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out.

I could feel the wetness in my pussy as soon as he did that. I quickly moved over, went down on my knees, took his cock into my mouth, and started sucking him off.

As I continued to suck on his hard cock, I felt Jack slipping my shorts down and, as I never had any panties on, felt his hard cock sliding into my wet and swollen cunt.

Oh, how I loved it when I was getting fucked while sucking cock.

"Okay," Ed said, "now we need to switch." With that he stood up, dropping his pants and shorts. He moved around and replaced Jack, who already had his pants and shorts off, and settled down in Ed's chair. I immediately begin to suck his cock. Ed in the meantime inserted his cock into my wet and hungry pussy, where he proceeded to fuck me.

I could feel myself cumming, as Ed blew a big load into my eager cunt. At the same time Jack almost blew my head off with another big load down my throat.

Talk about a couple happy guys. They lay there in their chairs completely exhausted from their work out. So I left them, went into the house and headed for the shower, so I would be all fresh for when these two horny guys had rested up and wanted more.

When I finished my shower and had put on some 'smell pretty', I put on a robe with nothing on underneath it and went into the kitchen to fix myself another drink. I asked the two worn out fellows if they were ready for a beer.

They replied they were ready for beer and more pussy too. Well, a gal's work is never done, so I quickly slipped my robe off and slowly walked over to where the two horny cocks were waiting for me to service them.

Oh, what a fun afternoon, and summer was just getting started.

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