My New Coffee Maker Part 2

By seemywowzza

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Feel how hot and wet you make me? You set my pussy on fire.

As we raced towards town, you seemed lost in thought. You ran your fingertips across the back of my hand and forearm as I drove.

"It doesn't seem like we just met yesterday, does it?" you asked, breaking the silence.

I smiled broadly and answered, "No, not at all Lexi. I feel like I have known you for a long time. It's almost like we both knew the other existed long before we were destined to meet. We were just waiting to find each other."

You lifted my hand to your face, rubbing the back of it across your cheek before kissing it. Then you moved my hand across each breast, brushing at your hard nipples, and ultimately slid it between your legs as you spread them wide.

"Feel how hot and wet you make me? You set my pussy on fire! I dreamed of us all night and was so happy to wake up and find that it wasn't just a naughty dream."

You pushed my fingers between your swollen lips and let out a loud moan. "Gawwwwd baby, what am I going to do with you at work all day? Does this moment count towards my hands on training?" you giggled.

We arrived at the store a few minutes before it opened to find customers waiting. With profuse apologies flying, you unlocked the doors and turned lights on.

"Free coffee for all of you who had to wait for lil ole me." you cheerfully announced to the delight of the group.

Without missing a beat, you had machines turned on and coffee brewing in just minutes. I stood off to the side and marveled at your interaction with your customers. It was obvious you loved what you did, and your customers loved how you did it.

My moment of brief observation was shattered when you beckoned, "Hey! Don't just stand there. Feel free to jump in here any minute now."

Even though the tone was firm, you maintained your playful smile as our eyes locked. I did as told and did what I could to help get everyone served.

"Go do this...Go do that... Fill this up... Clean this out for me... Hand me that thing...Hurry, customers are waiting." you demanded as you playfully barked orders to me. I felt like a long tailed cat in a room full of tap dancers.

Finally, a couple of your employees showed up and the flurry of morning activity settled down to it's normal pace. You looked at me and winked, "Ready to get started with that training?"

In a New York second, we shifted from customer service mode to trainee mode. You took a long deep breath and thanked your employees for really stepping up. Heather, one of your female employees looked at you inquisitively and said with a sly smile, 'Lexi, for being late this morning, you sure seem to be in a good mood.' As her eyes darted back and forth between me to you, she added, 'Everything must be looking up I guess?'

You took advantage of the moment to introduce me to your staff, telling them about our new products and such before you excused us to go finish our managers training.

You no more had the office door closed behind you, than you flung yourself into my arms, grinding your body against me. You smothered me in kisses as your hand groped at my sudden erection. I pressed you against the door, slipping my hand between your legs, cupping your wet pussy tightly.

"Ohhhh gawwwwwwwd baby. I'm so hot I want to fuck you right now!" you moaned.

" Shhhhhhh Baby." I whispered. "E a s y, slow down a bit." I continued as two of my fingers explored your love hole. "We have all day." I said, forcing them deeper in you as you gasped.

As your tits heaved against my chest and your hips pushed against my hand, you smiled, "And night too!" Hubby called and said he will be in Pittsburgh at least one, if not two more days. "Fuck him.... NO, I'd rather fuck YOU. Besides, I have a really big surprise in mind for you tonight."

You looked at me and moaned, "Kiss me baby. One very long deep kiss and I promise you we will get back to work."

How could I refuse such an offer? I slowly pulled my fingers from your pussy, drawing circles around your hard clit , and then rubbed them across your lips. Obediently, you stuck out your tongue and I slipped my juice covered fingers in your mouth. You kept your eyes fixed on mine as you sucked the sweet nectar from my fingers. With one hand holding my fingers in your mouth, you rubbed the length of my shaft through my pants with the other, as if to remind me of what could have happened next. Convinced you had sucked all of your sweet juices from my fingers, I replaced my fingers with my lips and kissed you deeply and passionately, probing your mouth with my tongue as we kissed.

The taste of your pussy on your lips was almost more than I could resist. I was tempted to take you right then and there, but I know how noisy you are, plus, we had work to do.

As we went over the last of the paperwork, even though you acted like you were interested in the 'office' training, the way you constantly shifted around in your chair, scratched at imaginary itches on the inside of your thighs, and the casual manner in which you rested your tits on your crossed arms as you 'listened', I knew good fucking well, you were punishing me for not satisfying your earlier carnal cravings. I nonchalantly answered your teases by rubbing my hand up and down my semi erect shaft.

As we finished training, I removed my glasses, sticking the end of one arm in my mouth and sat back, rocking slowly as I watched you watching me. Somewhat squinting my eyes at you, I asked, "So Lexi, what did you take away from the end of training?"

You cocked your head slightly, then looked at me with a blank stare, smiled and answered, "What? Were you saying something? Hmmm ?" Then with your smile turning more serious, you leaned forward and continued, "It seems that the deafening throbbing of my pussy drowned out every word you said. I totally apologize. What did you say again?"

The smile drained from my face as I stood up. Your eyes gravitated towards the huge bulge in my pants. I walked around your desk to stand behind you. You tilted your head slightly to keep an eye on me, then I brushed your hair behind you ear with my fingers. I ran both hands over your shoulders and slowly over the tops of your tits, then brought them up to your neck. I felt you swallow hard as both hands circled your throat. I squeezed lightly a few times as my hands moved up and down your slender fragile throat, before releasing you. Then I ran my hands down the sides of both tits, rubbing my thumbs across your hard nipples.

I leaned down and kissed your bare shoulder, then neck and ear lobe. You sighed deeply as your hand reached up and behind you to caress my two day old stubble. Then you lovingly patted my cheek and said, "Not now, we have work to do. Remember?" and stood up, shaking the wrinkles from your dress.

"Ah, the punishment phase of my sentence is being strictly enforced I see." I mumbled as I straightened up.

You turned to face me, then deliberately and slowly rubbed your whole fucking body on me as you slipped between me and your desk to walk the few steps to the door. You knew my eyes were glued to your ass as you walked. Then you turned to face me again. One look in your eyes told me that you knew, you had just taken control of me again. The power struggle continues I mused to myself. Oh how I'm enjoying this tug of war I thought.

You looked me up and down again and said, "If we are going to start the hands on training on the sales floor, it shouldn't look like you have been playing with yourself in the bosses office. You really should... fix that... before you come out." pointing at my crotch.

Just like that, you walked out of the office, leaving me standing there with a semi-erect cock. 'What the fuck just happened?' I asked myself as the door closed behind you. I laughed out loud as it dawned on me that you had just completely owned me big time. I had to admit, you were really on top of your game!

I tucked my shirt into my pants and walked down the narrow corridor to join you on the sales floor. You acted very calm, cool and collected for most of the rest of the day. Each time I reached for you as I went by, or tried to make small talk, you pouted and moved away from me. As I began to reassess my earlier denial of your advances, I wondered if I had inadvertently turned off your desire for me.

We went about the hands on training, without much hands on training honestly. You refused my advances and cutsie attempts to renew your interest. You swatted my hands every time I attempted a casual touch. I resolved myself to keep it professional the rest of the day and head back home after dropping you off at your home.

'Bummer', I said to myself. 'Total fucking bummer.'

The employees all thanked me for the training as they left and you went about closing the shop. You avoided my touch at all cost. As we went to the back to the office to get my things, I thanked you for joining our group of stores.

You wheeled around and slapped at me with both hands. "You mother fucker!" you yelled at me as tears formed in your eyes. "I have craved your touches and cock all fucking day. Damn you fucker! I can't resist you any longer."

"You want touched slut? You want to feel my cock pounding you you fucking cunt? Is that what you want? I sneered.

I yanked at your dress, pulling it over your head so swiftly you stood there startled. I pulled your bra over your titties and slapped them. Then I pinched each nipple hard as you resisted me. I forced you into the wall, my cock throbbing against your stomach. You feigned an escape attempt, but bit at my chest instead. You squirmed to get free as I pinned both hands of yours to the wall.

" OHHHHHH fuck me!!! Please fuck me and fuck me hard baby!" you moaned as you writhed on the wall.

I released my grip on your forearms and you reached between your legs and shoved your fingers in deep, covering them with your sticky goo, then smeared it across my lips and forced it in my mouth.

"FUCK ME and FUCK ME NOW!, you demanded. "My pussy has been craving your cock all day and now you are going to pay dearly for not giving it to me this morning. I'm going to fuck you to a stub."

I cleared your desk with one swipe as you unzipped and dropped my pants and boxers to the floor. I sat in your chair as you bent over the desk in front of me and spread your legs wide as I swatted your ass hard. You wiggled your approval as I vented my frustration at you for messing with my head all day. I spanked your ass cheeks until both were hot pink.

Then I leaned over behind you and spread your cheeks wide, shoving my face between your legs. You groaned loudly as I sucked the juices from your pussy. I smeared your juices around your tight little starfish, and slipped my finger in as I continued to eat your pussy.

You bucked wildly as I bought you to your first orgasm. Juices flowed freely down both thighs. "Oh my fucking......." you said as your voice trailed off.

I stood up next to your trembling body and forced three fingers in your pussy as my thumb twisted in your ass. With a handful of your hair, I lifted your head high, arching your back. My hand pounded your ass and pussy. It didn't take long to send another strong wave of orgasms coursing through your body. You cursed at me as you squirted another long hard stream of your sweetness onto the floor.

I rubbed the head of my raging hard cock up and down your hot pink lips and thrust it in hard and deep, making you gasp as I stretched you out.

" OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH gawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd , fucker, that hurts!" you cried as you slipped your hand under you, grabbing me by the balls.

You rubbed my balls as I pounded your hot little pussy as hard as I could. Your juices streamed out of you as we bounced against each other.

"I'm going to make you pay for the fucking mind games Lexi.", I moaned as I rammed you hard from behind.

"CUM IN MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE " you yelled as you thrashed against me. " AAAHH AHH AHH AHHHHH ... CUM IN MY PUSSY... DAMN YOU FUCKER!", you cried, losing all control of your body as you came so hard you collapsed on your desk.

I let you lay there for a couple of minutes breathing heavily as I slowly pushed my hard cock in and out of you. "Oh my gawwwwd fucker, I can't believe you made me cum so hard."

Then I pulled you to sit on top of me as I leaned back in the chair. The weight of your body felt good against mine. I drank in the mix of your perfume and the muskiness of your orgasms. My arms wrapped around you as I kissed your neck and shoulders. You purred as my hands continued to search your body. You lifted you feet to rest on my knees and my cock popped out of you. Then you reached between your legs and grabbed it by the head.

"You didn't cum yet baby. I want you to cum in me." you purred as you turned to nibble on my ear.

You slowly stroked me as you smeared your juices on your starfish. Then you adjusted yourself so that my cock pressed against your bunghole and you slid down on top of it as you gasped loudly.

"Baby, I'm new at this, so be gentle...and rough...if you know what I mean." you moaned as you began to slowly piston up and down.

Then you started to move up and down on me, becoming more aggressive as you ground hard on me. I held your hips tightly as you impaled your ass on my cock as hard as you could. You thrashed about enjoying your first real ass fucking.

"Keep this up Lexi, and I'm going to cum in you." I groaned.

This excited you even more and you bucked me wildly.

"Can you feel my cock pulsing Lexi? Hmmm ? "I'm about to fill your ass with a lot of hot cum baby." I panted, nearly out of breath. "FUCK me you cunt." I moaned.

I met each of your hard thrusts with a thrust of my own. Then we both let out loud moans and I shot my long hard stream of cum in your ass, triggering your spontaneous orgasm. We squirmed against each other as we both poured the last drops of our passion onto each other. Then we half laid there in your chair listening to each other breath.

You finally pulled yourself off of me and made a naked mad dash for the bathroom, cum dripping from you with each step. We both belted out a few good laughs as you ran. ' Ahhh fuck, that was good. I said to myself.'

You returned, still naked, and as gorgeous and hot as when you left. 'What the fuck is it about you that makes me want more and more of you?' I asked myself.

"That was the hottest fucking I have ever had." you said, wrapping your arms around my neck and kissing me on the lips. "I don't know about you fucker, but I worked up an appetite ." you laughed.

"So Lexi, 'Fucker' is my new name?" I asked smiling broadly at you.

"Put your pants on Fucker, I'm hungry... and the night is very young!" you threatened.

"OK Lexi, but tonight is my treat." I insisted. "Pick a place you love to go, and it's on me."

We dressed, locked up and jumped into the car for the short drive back up the hill to your farmhouse. You hurried inside, turning lights on as you briskly walked from room to room. I watched you intently before I headed inside the guest house to shower. It didn't take me but a minute to shower and dress, and to step outside to hopefully watch your show. I walked over and stood next to your window as I had done the night before, this time not caring if you saw me or not. I got hard all over again watching you wash yourself.

As you exited the shower, I tapped on the glass, startling you. You pretended to be shy and threw a towel at the window, laughing. As you stared at me, you put on quiet the sexy show, sensuously patting yourself dry. Then you sprinkled powder across the tops of your breasts, and it cascaded like snow to the floor. Then you gently spread the powder over your tits and tummy, and slid your hands between your thighs as you opened your legs for me to get a good view. Then you pranced around, teasing your one man audience as you primped and took your sweet time. You stole glances at me as you sat down on your stool, and turned to face the window. You took your time carefully putting on one thigh high, then the other. You stared at the window as if it were a mirror, and your fingers moved slowly over your large tits, taking each nipple between thumbs and fingertips and squeezing each one, before putting on a lacy red bra. I stood there like a statue, hard and unable to move.

Convinced you had powdered every sensitive spot, you slowly pranced towards your walk-in closet. You emerged wearing a very slinky sexy short dress and high heels. You peeked towards the window to make sure you still had a captive audience, then smiled and brushed your hair and carefully put on lipstick to match your dress. Then you turned to face the window and pulled your dress up navel high, showing me you neglected to wear panties. You ran your fingers down to top of your slit and gave your clit a couple of twirls, then sucked your fingers. As if that taunting wasn't enough, you extended your fingers my direction as if offering me some of your sweetness. Then you pointed towards the door and mouthed, "Let's go eat."

'How the fuck could I be so aroused by you all over again?' I asked myself. It was like seeing you naked for the first time, again. I was beginning you think you really did own me... lock, stock and barrel.

"You naughty boy." you whispered as you leaned to kiss my cheek. "What ever am I going to do with you?"

I reached down and grabbed my swollen cock through the pants and brandished it your direction. "Any fucking thing you want to do Lexi."

"Do you see the lights on top of that hill over there? That is where you are taking me to eat." you said as you began giving me directions.

I held the door for you as you stepped into the car. Of course, not wanting to miss a prime opportunity to tease me, you spread you legs wide as you got in.

"Beautiful view tonight huh Lexi?" I smiled as my eyes trailed down between your legs.

I leaned over and kissed you on the lips. "You look gorgeous tonight Lexi."

You feigned a blush and thanked me as I closed the door behind you.

We turned off of the highway and onto another small road that would take up hilltop. We pulled into the parking lot as the sun was setting over a dam filled lake. "Wow, what a view." I said.

"I know. I love this place, but hubby won't bring me here. He says it's too pricey." you frowned.

"Well, I'm not your hubby now am I?' I smiled as I got out of the car.

I opened your door and once again you gave me a great view between your legs. You extended you hand for me to assist you exiting the car. As you stepped out, you leaned towards me and whispered, "Just be glad you aren't hubby. He's never been fucked like I have fucked you. By the way", you instructed as you glanced around the parking lot, "be on your best behavior here. These are friends."

We took a table on the uncrowded veranda. "So Lexi," I asked, "if they bring us silverware, am I to refuse it?" I asked, busting out laughing. Dinner was special, but being with you had no comparison. As instructed, I kept my hands to myself and maintained a professional distance as we stood at the rail looking out over the lights past the lake. Occasionally glancing over my shoulder to make sure the coast was clear, I would faintly utter some sexual innuendo , making you squirm.

"You are such a bad boy Fucker. You know you are going to pay the price don't you? Nod your head 'Yes' Fucker. Ohhhh , You are in deep shit." you said as you smiled.

"It's time to jet Lexi." I said in my professional trainer's voice.

You were nearly naked as we hit your driveway. On the way home, you felt it necessary to reward my bad behavior with a nice blow job . My fingers found your honey hole and I returned the favor, making you cum on the drive home. Clothes flew off as we made a mad dash for the pool. The warm water welcomed our arrival.

We embraced as you wrapped your legs around my waist. "Do you want to know what my surprise is for you?" you purred.

" Mmm , of course I do."

"Part of the reason I was such a bitch today, had to do with the fact my husband had divorce papers served on me the day you arrived. At first I was hurt, then angry, then really pissed. Then you walked in and turned my world upside down. Honestly, the only times I have thought of him, was the two times he called to say he wouldn't be coming home."

I held you close and kissed at your eyelids and cheeks.

"Get this," you said, pecking at my lips between words "he claimed I'm a lousy lover. He said I lacked passion and emotion when he fucked me. What do you think?" as you placed the head of my hard cock between your pussy lips.

I reached under both arms, grabbing you on top of both shoulders, forcing you down on my cock that you had been rubbing between your pussy lips. "I dunno Lexi." I said as my cock stretched your lips. "Refresh my memory."