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My New Coffee Maker: Part 3

I loved how you gasped and cooed in the same breath.

"Refresh your memory? I'll refresh your memory alright." you said as you slowly lowered yourself on my cock. "Is it all starting to cum back to you baby? Hmmmm?" you moaned as you started your sexual assault on me. "Nobody fucks you, like Lexi fucks you baby! Just remember that Fucker!"

As always, our eyes locked as our hands crawled all over each other. Too much of you never seemed to be enough. It was fun to watch your expressions when I drove deep in you, how you moaned as I stretched you wider and deeper. I loved how you gasped and cooed in the same breath. Your pussy was so delightfully tight. It always amazed me that a tight little pussy could accommodate such a large thick cock to begin with.

Our love making was wild and loud as usual, ending with bravado and you collapsing in my arms after your third or forth wave of orgasms. You smothered me with kisses as our bodies created waves that rippled across the pool.

"Oh my gawwwwd, what am I going to do when you leave?" you asked, as if suddenly realizing my stay would soon end.

"I don't know Lexi? Hmm, what are we going to do about that?" I answered softly with a kiss.

We stood there in the pool, your legs still wrapped around my waist, searching each others eyes for answers. There were so many questions and so few answers and so little time. I took you by the hand and led you to the big chaise lounge where we had had our first fuckfest. We laid down and of course, we kissed and caressed as we talked.

"I have to leave tomorrow after you close shop Lexi. There are a couple of other new shops where I'm scheduled to train owners." I said smiling. "Of course, none of them will get the special hands on training you got." I laughed.

"How can I be so sure?" you asked, playfully punching my chest with a half clinched fist. "I can't get enough of you. It's too early for you to leave me!" you pouted.

"I promise I will make a special trip back here to see you after I'm through with them." I assured you.

"You better Fucker, or else!" you said, pushing me onto my back.

Then you straddled me, holding my wrists above my head and titty slapped my face. "Go ahead Fucker. Tell me how much you love my titties. Tell me how delicious my nipples taste."

Then you began your sensual body dance on me, writhing and grinding yourself against me as you watched my eyes. You knew I couldn't resist you. I watched as you slithered down my body, rubbing everything you had against me. I took a handful of your hair, guiding you towards my semi-erect cock. But you stopped short, holding my cock between your tits as yo gave me a short titty fuck. You held the head with one hand and rubbed it across your hard nipples before resuming down my body. All I could see was the top of your head as the sweetest sensation filled my crotch. Your lips circled the head of my cock and sucked hard before engulfing me. You bobbed up and down on me, taking the entire length of my cock with each downward thrust.

Grabbing my shaft in stroking motions, you released your lip lock long enough to ask, "So Fucker, are you sure you have to leave tomorrow?"

With my hand full of your hair, I slowly began to pull you back towards me. You rubbed your pussy in circles around my half hard cock, working me into an even harder erection. Your slow rocking motion worked the length of my shaft. I fell under your spell once again as you took my cock in hand and rubbed it between the swollen soft folds of your lips, then forced it inside your love tunnel.

You sat up, leaning back on me, as you slowly ground yourself on me. You seemed to take the gentler, more sensuous route to your orgasm this time around. You caressed me tenderly as you rode back and forth on me, as if reliving and memorizing every detail of our experience. Instinctively, our pace quickened, and I knew it wouldn't be long before you delivered another round of your hot juices across my stomach and chest. Not one to disappoint, you threw your head back, fucking me for all you were worth, then dug your nails into my thighs as you neared your climax. Being your normal vocal self, you moaned loudly as you came violently in hard jerking spasms. Your juices splashed across my stomach and flowed down both sides of me, soaking into the cushion below.

You fucked me the hardest I had ever been fucked. I was afraid we would break the chair and send our writhing bodies spilling across the deck.

"I'm gunna cum in you Lexi!" I grunted loudly as my pace quickened.

"Fill my pussy up Fucker! Cum in me baby. That's it, fuck this tight pussy hard! CUM in me Fucker!" you said, your voice more shrill.

My orgasm must have started in my feet. I came harder and longer than I had ever cum before. My cum dripped from you as you continued to thrash about on me. Your pussy muscles squeezed my cock, draining every last drop from me. My stomach was a puddle of hair matting goo.

Once convinced that you had extracted every last drop of my hot sticky seed, you leaned down with tears in your eyes, pecking at my lips and cheeks and said, "You can't go! I'm not going to let you leave me. Besides, we are just now getting our fucking down to a science."

"This isn't forever Lexi." I said, brushing the damp hair from your face with my fingers. "You know I have other clients to see. I'll be back in a couple of weeks...I promise."

We fell asleep on the chaise lounge, under starlit skies. It seemed so right, you snuggled up under my arm as we laid there so peacefully. Where had you been all my life? Our naked flesh seemed to become one as we melded together. I kissed your forehead and joined you in slumber. Big travel day tomorrow, need sleep I said to myself.

KAAA -POW! and a flash of light followed by a searing pain from my chest to my back, shattered the silence and sent me tumbling backwards off the lounge chair to the deck. A second flash of light struck my opposite shoulder as I spun, introducing a fresh dose of pain. I laid there stunned. Your brief shriek was silenced by seven more rapid explosions that rocked the night. With each new explosion, fresh mist rained down on my naked body. The distinctive odors of gun powder and blood filled my nostrils. Pain overwhelmed me, rendering me motionless. I strained to hear your voice, but it never came.

I slipped in and out of consciousness. The sounds of dogs barking in the distance, footsteps growing faint, a car door slamming and the sound of gravel ricocheting off of the cars blurred together as a vehicle raced away. A few moments later I heard a crash, and almost instantly, the blaring of a distant car horn bellowed into the darkness. A few seconds after that, a muffled kaaa -pow... punctuated the cacophony .

The sound of the car horn drew distant, replaced with the deafening silence that engulfed me as I drifted away. 'This pain, this silence is more than I can bear.' my mind cried. Where are you Lexi? Why don't I hear you talking, crying, screaming? Lexi?

Lexi....Leeeexxi.....Leeeeex... Why aren't you coming to me?' I feared what I didn't want to be true.

The speed of my fall through cold empty space was terrifying. When will it end I ask myself repeatedly. When will I hit bottom? Every memory I had ever had came racing at me all at once, but each thought, dream, word and experience clearly defined. Each was distinct, full of sounds and smells and presented in colors I had never seen before. As my fall picked up speed, I knew sooner or later would come the sudden stop which accompanies every fall. As the images of my life flashed before my eyes, they slowed to a crawl as they neared the present. Every second of time I had spent with you over the last two days moved is glorious slow motion. To my great delight, every sound, every touch, every pleasurable moment we had shared, took a lifetime to play out. You seemed so real, so life like, so close to me again.

"Sir! Sir!! SIR!!!, you've been shot. We're here to help you. You are going to be okay. Sir, what is your name? Do you know who did this to you, sir? Try not to move!" the calm steady female voice said. "We are going to get you out of here and to the hospital where you will get all the help you need. SIR!! SIR!!! Stay with me now! me?"

I distinctly remember chaos, lots of chaos. There were people yelling at each other, hurrying around. When they lifted me onto the gurney, I lost consciousness again from the excruciating pain in my chest.

But the pain in my chest paled in comparison to the pang in my heart, thinking I had somehow caused your death. Overwhelming sadness and grief began to sweep over me. In total despair, I began to fall again, deeper, faster and more violently. The realization that I was completely alone was as unbearable as the pain.

Two weeks later, to the day, I walked out of the hospital. They said it was a miracle I had survived the large caliber bullet passing so closely to my heart. They were in disbelief that it did so without causing a fatal injury. They had kept me in a medically induced coma until yesterday morning. Without warning, and despite all odds, I sat up with eyes wide open. Indeed, it was a fresh day and it felt good to be alive. 'If only Lexi were here with me, it would make me whole again.' I lamented.

As I stood outside the hospital door, the Sheriff drove up and told me to hop in. We talked briefly as he drove me through town.

"You know buddy, you are a bit of a hero around here now." he started.

"What? What do you mean? I haven't done anything special around here." I said with a puzzled tone.

"Just wait, you will see. I'm taking you by Lexi's Coffee Shop." he said smiling broadly at me.

I sat there a bit stunned and unclear as to why we were going to Lexi's, she's dead now thanks to me. It was a complete mystery to me why we would even go near the place. Maybe my car had been towed there after the horrific night two weeks ago I thought. My eyes filled with tears as I remembered my dear Lexi. We turned the corner and pulled into Lexi's Coffee Shop. Slowly I exited the car, and walked towards the front door.

As I opened the door, I heard, "Welcome to Lexi's, where the coffee is hot, and the staff is hotter."

"W H A A A A T? I mumbled in startled disbelief. "What the heck? What is going on?" I could not believe my eyes. There stood Lexi, all bubbly and happy and just as gorgeous as the day we first met. How could this be? I felt your blood splattering on me as you died. Yet, there you stood...smiling...tears streaming down your face.

In front of a small group of regulars and your staff, you walked around the counter and gingerly kissed my cheek as tears welled up in your eyes. "I don't know how to thank you for saving my life. No words can ever express my feelings. If you hadn't stepped in front of the bullet, I wouldn't be here. If you had been even five minutes leter..." you stopped, too choked up to continue.

"What do you mean Lexi? I asked, puzzled by your words.

"You don't remember? You... you don't remember anything do you?" you said, searching my eyes through the tears in your own.

"I don't guess I do Lexi. Please, tell me what happened."

"You had just walked into my shop and introduced yourself to me. As we made small talk about why you had come to see me, my estranged husband charged into the shop brandishing a pistol, screaming out of his mind. As he raised the gun towards my head, you stepped between us. He fired, hitting you twice before spraying a hail of bullets around the room as patrons and staff ducked for cover." you explained.

"Really? Are you serious?" I asked.

"Really! You did that. I think the fact that he actually shot you startled him too. He immediately ran for his car. In his haste to get away, he hit the Sheriffs car and then a tree. Seeing the Sheriff exit his car with gun drawn was too much for him. He ended his own life as he sat in his car.

"I need a stiff drink and a place to sit for a few minutes to digest what you are telling me Lexi." I said, somewhat stunned.

One by one, the patrons thanked me and left, and the staff returned to their duties. You and I sat and talked about business, about you becoming one of our product partners.

"Are you absolutely sure we haven't discussed this before?" I kept asking. "Except for the getting shot part, this seems like deja vu to me."

"I'm quite sure I would remember talking to you if we had." you said smiling, squeezing my hands. "Now that things have quieted down, let's go back to my office and go over things over in more detail."

I walked a few steps behind you as we walked down the narrow hallway towards your office. You pulled off your apron and tossed it in the laundry basket as we passed by. My God I thought to myself. This woman is a fucking knockout! Hot body, beautiful, shoulder length dark hair, pouty full lips, perfectly matched dimples, and hazel eyes with eyelashes that flutter on demand. Mmmm, I continued my assessment, I would love to get some of this." I said to myself as I eyed your beautiful legs and ass.

As you closed the office door behind us, I noticed your clear plexiglass desk top. This sure does seem familiar I thought. I sat across from you and was treated to a very hot glimpse of your muscular thighs through the glass.

You looked at me with a long deep gaze, winked and asked, "Did I hear you say something about hands on training?"
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