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My New Life as a Hotwife

A potential hotwife tests her husband's fantasies by writing a fantasy of what he wants...
I want you to experience what it might be like if I ever was to embrace your fantasies and become a true hotwife. Before we begin I want you to take out your cock for me. Lie back with it in your hand while I read this to you. The more turned on you get the harder I want you to stroke your cock until you can’t hold any more and give me your cum. I know you love to give me your hot cum so I want to be able to see it when it happens. I want to see if I can turn you on so much that it explodes from your cock and covers your stomach.

I want you to imagine that I have become the ‘hotwife’ you fantasise about. That I now serve your perverted needs. That I’ve discovered how much fun satisfying your insatiable sexual needs can be. I want you to imagine that I now love the thought of enjoying new cocks that you bring me. That I relish the times you allow me to indulge my most secret of desires. Desires I didn’t know I had. Desires that used to scare me before I realised how good it feels to make them real. I want you to imagine that our naughty, delicious sex life is our little secret. A secret between a loving husband and a loving, yet capable of the sexiest acts, wife. I want you to believe that I love it.

I love that you’ve made me fantasise about huge phalluses filling and ravaging me. Do you love how I sigh as I feel a new cock for the first time? Feeling it between my fingers. Feeling it between my lips and with my tongue?

Can I tell you a secret? I think I do love it. I love the way I feel when I have a huge penis in my hand, in my mouth or deep in my pussy. I love how powerful it makes me feel to have two men squirming under my control. Of course still love the intimacy of our love making which has only gotten more passionate and more loving since we started my ‘hotwife’ life. I still crave your touch and your love. But, God how I love how you make me feel as you watch me accepting other men into my body. The love and lust shows in your eyes in equal measure and I love it! I am yours… completely.

Right now you are sitting on the chair beside the bed. You’re looking straight at me, at us. You like to watch don’t you? Do you like that I’m naked and kneeling in front of the guy you brought home for me? He’s standing in front of me, my hands resting on his thighs. His cock is flaccid and still hidden behind his boxers. I can see its thickness outlined in the thin fabric. Mmmm. I reach up and stroke along its length before placing a delicate kiss on it. It doesn’t move and I can see you’re disappointed. But then it begins to swell. In a matter of seconds it’s doubled in thickness. You’re smiling now, you naughty boy. You’re smiling because you can’t wait to see this huge cock pushing into me. Do you want me to take it out? I bet you're gagging to watch me wrap my hands around this huge tool aren’t you? You naughty boy…

I reach my fingers up and peel back his boxers. His cock has swollen but it’s far from hard. It falls heavily against his thighs and hangs there. His balls are huge. Shaved like yours but much, much bigger. I can see by your face how much you love seeing this cock just a few inches from my mouth. My moist lips glistening as I lick my lips. Do you like that his stiff cock is so close to my lips? I can smell his cock you know. I can smell the manly aroma and it’s making me sooo wet. Can you see how wet my pussy is? Let me open my legs for you and bend down. Can you see me from behind? Can you see my pussy lips glistening with anticipation? You naughty boy…. you love knowing his huge cock will be in there soon. You love knowing that soon I will be dripping with his seed. Mmmm... but before you see that my love you’re going to watch me suck this huge tool.

I take it in my hand and lift it. Fuck… it’s sooo fucking heavy. I look up at my new friend. Shall I tell him how much I love his cock? Shall I tell him how heavy it is and how having my fingers wrapped around it is making my pussy gush? I lean up and whisper it in his ear but it’s not his cock that grows, it’s yours. Mmmm... you are a naughty husband!

I lift it in my hand as I lower my head and open my mouth. I look you straight in the eye as I tease my tongue up the length of it and then slide my lips over the huge helmet. Oh god, it’s sooo big. Did you know this guy was this big? You bad husband, you knew you were giving me an exceptional cock didn’t you.

You naughty boy! You’ve taken your cock in hand as you watch this huge cock swelling. Fuck! His throbbing cock is rising as I roll my tongue over its spongy head. This is big. The helmet is filling my mouth. I love it. I bet you want to see me fondling his huge, low hanging balls don’t you? They are so big. Like eggs. I can feel how heavy they are. Do you like watching me suck them into my mouth? I bet your loving his cock laying across my face aren’t you? Do I look slutty enough for you, husband? Am I a good hot wife?

Now I’m going to show you exactly what I can do. Are you watching, naughty husband? Are you watching as I open my mouth and take as much of this huge cock as I can. Mmmm… I can taste his pre-cum. It’s warm and thick. Do you want to see me trail my tongue through the drop running down his huge shaft? You do, don’t you! Good boy, you stroke your cock while I stroke this powerful member. I’d like to feel him explode in my mouth but I know you want to see him fill my pussy first. You do, don’t you? You’re a bad, naughty man.

Come closer, husband. I’m going to remove his slippery, massive manhood from my mouth now. I want you to see how hard I’ve made him. And I want you to see as he pushes it against my pussy entrance. Do you want to lick me first? Let me bend over for you. Slide your tongue right here. Do you think I’m wet enough to take him now? Mmmm your tongue feels good. I’m looking forward to feeling your cock in me later. But then of course I’d have already received a big load. Will you still fuck me? Even if I have another man’s sperm dripping out of me? I bet that turns you on doesn’t it? Mmmm… I love the thought. 

Now move over, husband, and let this gigantic penis fill my desperate pussy. Ohhh… it feels so good. It’s pushing into my pussy, stretching me. Can you see how much is in me? Shall I push back on him husband? Do you want to see me filled to the brim? Mmmm… You do, don’t you! Ohhh… it makes me feel so full! Does it look good? Does my pussy look good with his big cock slipping in? I wish I could see it, too.

I’m going to ask him to fuck me faster now. Do you want to see him fucking me doggy style? Come closer, naughty husband. Stroke my body while I’m being fucked. Could you do something for me before I take you in my mouth? Can you massage my breasts while I piston on this big phallus? My nipples are dying to be touched. Will you lick them for me? Will you massage them while we kiss each other? I bet you love the fact that our lips keep being pushed together harder in time with his thrusts. I can’t believe your tongue is where his big fat cock head was a few moments before.

Now kneel on the bed with us, husband. Mmmm… your cock is super hard. I’m going to suck you now. Going to suck your cock while I can feel my new friend’s huge balls push up against my bum. He’s sooo deep in me. I think he’s going to cum soon. Look me in the eyes, husband. I want you to see my face as I feel his sperm squirting into me. His rhythm is getting fast. He’s going to explode! Mmmm… I can feel it. He’s cumming so hard. With every pulse of his giant cock I can feel his spunk spraying deep inside me. Are you cumming, too? Does watching this man cum inside of your loving wife make you feel this horny? Mmmm… I love it!

I love that you like to see my naked body and watch me doing these naughty, naughty things. You like to watch me enjoying myself with well hung guys don’t you? You love to watch me lick and suck their hard cocks and ease their huge dicks into my willing pussy. You want to see me act the slut don’t you? You want to see me with my eyes closed enjoying raw, passionate pleasures don’t you? You are a naughty husband!

This is our little secret. Now come here, husband, and push your cock into me. By the end of the evening I want to feel both your cum dripping down my thighs. Mmmm… Maybe I am a naughty wife after all.

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