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My Next Desire (Our Next MMF)

We ready our next mmf
It will again start with an arrangement made with another guy through the internet. My wife and I have done this once before and now it's time to do a bit more. It must be someone that we'll rarely or never see again, and the guy has to be twenty-five miles away or more. After all we don't want to bump into him at the supermarket or in a school function.

We have to have rules. On the long awaited day, I will have to remove the two middle seats in the van, and put in place some comfortable pillows and blankets. Oh, and some towels, we will have to have towels.

We will meet in the late evening, 9 maybe 10 o'clock, in some relatively secluded spot, where I can conveniently park the van. I kind of have the evening choreographed.

I want her to wear a nice short, thin sundress with a built in bra. I want her to have on white cotton panties so I can see if she is wet. She may or may not have a blindfold on. I leave this to her. She should sit in the back seat center position. Prior to him arriving I will have her tits pulled out of her dress and fully exposed. The dress will highlight her pink perky nipples. The panties however must stay on all night, and I will explain in a bit.

When he arrives I will open the side door and let him in, the lights in the van will all remain dark, but the radio will be playing softly. I want him to immediately start feeling her tits, and rubbing her pussy over her panties. He can suck those tits hard, and I want him to leave sucker bites all over them. She loves her tits played roughly with, so I will encourage him to do so.

I want him to kiss her as I watch this mystery guy make love to my wife. I want him to pull her panties apart to the side and start eating her out. She gets so wet, and if pleasured enough she will let loose with a squirting orgasm, so he needs to be prepared for this. Remember the towels?

I want her to get down on the floor and go back and forth sucking both of our cocks. One minute for him, one minute for me, then back to him. Lick his balls and put that finger way underneath his balls as she deep throats his cock.

I may move behind her and fuck her pussy for a bit as she works on his cock. After a good bit of play I want her to move back into the center back seat position again with the tits out and the panties pushed to the side. She should spread her legs way apart, and I may even grab one leg and pull her apart for him. He can play with her clean-shaven, bare pussy for a while.

I will sit beside her and start deeply kissing her. He can pull her panties to the side and slide in his cock. I want him to fuck her pussy as I kiss her lips. I want her to tell me how his cock is in her, and how another’s cock is fucking her.

A couple of times I want him to move up to the other side of the seat and shove his cock in her face. She will have to stop kissing me and turn her head, then suck in his cock covered with her pussy juice all over it. Then he will go back down and fuck her some more, but he will do this same act again in a couple more minutes. Once again interrupting my kissing her to suck his cock.

After he is back in her pussy, she just turns her head back to me and keeps French kissing me after she just sucked on another man's cock. I taste her pussy on from his cock on her lips. I want to watch his cock go deep in her pussy stroke after stroke. As his balls slamming against her clit, he can keep sucking on her tits and leaving marks.

I want him to cum inside her, she still has on those cotton panties pulled to the side.

I want her to whisper to me, "He's cumming in my pussy."

I want her to tell him, "Fill my pussy up, my husband wants my pussy used, fill me up he wants sloppy seconds."

Just before he is about to cum in her pussy, I want to whisper to her.

“I love you."

Then kiss her deeply again as his cum starts filling her cunt. After he cums I want him to pull his cock out of her pussy and let her clean it off with her tongue. She has to lick off all the left over stuck on cum and lick his balls off. I want to see his fresh cum cleaned off the tip of his dick with her tongue.

He may then excuse himself, and slide those panties right back over her cum-filled pussy. Trapping all his cum inside her little pussy hole for later.

I expect the drive home will leave those panties even more wet, and much of his cum will still be inside her that will further soak those panties. The wet spot will be obvious, and I want her to show me as I drive home, her soaking wet used pussy.

I will bring her home and lay her on the bed. Then I will fuck her used pussy once again. I want to fuck her real slow, and feel the insides of her fucked pussy with my cock. I want her to tell me how his cock felt inside her, and tell me how she tasted his cum.

I think after this adventure we will have lots to talk about to one another, for quite some time. I can't help but love the thought of her used by another. Now her pussy is ready for another load.

Hopefully I would have had the insight to video some of this adventure. No faces, just lots of close-up video of everything to view at another time to remember this night.

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