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My older cousins wife

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Lusting over my cousins hot wife
When I went away to school, I stayed with an older cousin and his wife and new born daughter. They had a spacious house, so there was plenty of room for the young family. The baby was about 6 months old at the time when I lived with them. My cousin worked hard and was always out of the house, making money to support his growing family. His wife is a beautiful, curvy, perfect titted woman with full juicy lips and a very friendly personality. I often had her in my mind when I beat my cock into a frenzy. Even with a spacious house, for some reason I was put up in a room across the hall from the young couples, my cousin's wife's arrangement.

Now I was a young, rebellious and horny young man(very horny). If I wasn't out fucking some girl, I would be in my room or washroom releasing my pressure. I would often come home late and drunk...but never caught them having sex or even heard them going at it. After a few months, I realized that my cousin's wife was not getting enough cock. My cousin would be gone early morning and come home late, often too tired to sit around with us. The more I realized my opportunity to fuck this woman, the more daring I became. While the baby slept and my cousin's wife was in the shower, I would get naked and walk around the house with a full hard on. Often jimmying open the bathroom door to get a glimpse of this hot ass. This became a ritual, she'd be showering, I'd be masturbating at the door watching her. I would hold the door open until the very last second, the shower turning off and my cousin's wife opening the shower
door to reach for the towel, then I would close the door and go to my room. Within seconds the bath door opens and
she walks past my room to her own.

I must've come home drunk one night, because in the morning I was awaken by the phone ringing, my cousin's wife called for me to take the phone off of her. She walked to my door, opened it and reached forward with the phone.
I got up, out of bed and slowly took the phone from her and answered the call. Still facing her, half asleep, I didn't notice my half hard cock hanging out of my boxers, still dripping cum from the night before jerk session. She froze staring at my cock. I didn't take notice for about 10 seconds, then followed her eyes down to my crotch and realized her view. As I looked at my cock, it twitched and she jumped. She slowly turned away and walked down the hall. I was fully hard now, realizing how close she was to my cock. I hung up the phone and stroked my cock until it exploded.

From that moment on, we looked at each other differently. I would purposely leave my door open while I masturbated
or changed my clothes when we were home alone. I would even dart between the bath and my room fully naked, hoping she
was watching. She started to leave her bra and panties laying around for me to find, not always fresh out of the laundry! I even started pulling my cock out of my jeans and walked around behind her with a raging hard on, fully exposed. If she was washing the dishes, I would come up behind her with my cock hanging out of my trousers and slightly brush up against her, making her feel my cock. On the sofa, I would pretend to be asleep with a full hard on hanging out of my bottoms, for her to get a close up of my cock. She would sit in front of me, leaning back on the sofa and I would position myself perfectly so when I turned around. my cock would brush her shoulder, making her turn and look face to face with my cock.

I must've drove her crazy, showing her my cock all the time. One morning I was in full swing of jerking my cock,
when I noticed her at my door watching. I just continued until I came all over myself. I then wiped the cum off my chest and stomach and into my mouth. She gasped and moaned loud enough for me to hear her. When I turned, our eyes met for about 2 seconds, then she darted down the hall again. I knew the baby was asleep, so I got up with my dripping cock and followed her quietly. She stopped in the kitchen, leaned against the counter and started rubbing her pussy through her clothes. She closed her eyes and started moaning, I started getting hard watching my cousin's wife play with herself. I got myself fully hard and the horniness took over. Without batting an eye, I just walked into the kitchen with full cock in hand and walked straight for her. Her eyes opened with shock realizing that I was watching her but when she saw me naked her jaw dropped, the whole time her hand still worked her pussy.

As I got closer, I pulled my foreskin back revealing a shiny hard cock head, her eyes were glued to my raging cock......what happens next is the best thing any young man can experience......
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