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My Poor Little Wife Was Manhandled

My lovely wife wanted a passionate lover, instead she got manhandled.
My wife and I are in our late 30s. I'm black and have a stocky athletic build. I stand a little over 6'0" tall. My wife Maria is Hispanic, very petite and stands 5'2". She is fairly light skinned and has long jet black hair.

We have been in an open relationship for almost a year now. We'd been married for over 10 years when we decided to live out our sexual fantasies. Our sex life was good, but lately had been getting a little monotonous, so why not live out our fantasies?

Maria fantasy was to have a young, fit, handsome 20 something white guy. She had never been with a white guy, so she was a little curious about them. My fantasy was to see my wife having sex with another man. Maria had told me about making out with her past boyfriends and it really got me wondering how she would look with another man.

She's very vocal and multi-orgasmic. Her legs tremble and her whole body spasms. I would say she reminds me of porn star Cytherea but without the squirting. It's so over the top that it's almost comical. Our big problem was she didn't want to have sex in front of me. We compromised by having her videotape her little escapades for both of our pleasure.

Maria had found herself a studly boy toy after a few dates with some awful duds. She would hook up with him once or twice a month. He was a young guy from Brazil and had a thick Spanish accent. He wasn't the young white guy she dreamed of being with but he would do.

Maria liked him because he was so sensual. He was passionate, slow and very easy going. She didn't always have an orgasm with him, but she loved how he made her feel. I thought the sex between them was boring. When she was with him, she was very quiet. I could barely hear her moaning. She never had one of her patented full body orgasms. He was slow with her even when they were doing it doggy style. I wanted to see her get fucked real good.

Maria had once hooked up with a white guy name Brad. He was a bartender and not the ideal type of guy Maria was looking to be with. Her boy toy was handsome, tall, educated and kept himself in good shape. Brad was short, average looking and not muscular at all. He had a great sense of humor that Maria really liked, but that was about it.

She saw him more as a friend than a lover. They went out on a real impromptu date one night and somehow he got her to have sex with him. Maria thought she had too much to drink that night. I thought he really fucked her good. He had her screaming, moaning and climbing the walls. I'd never seen my wife like that. It deflated my ego a little bit, but it was what I wanted to see. I wouldn't mind her getting with him again.

Maria felt he was too rough with her and kind of disrespectful. Maria liked to be in control in the bedroom. She had few rules in bed you must abide:

No hitting
Absolutely No anal
No calling her out of her name. (bitch, slut...etc)
No hair pulling
Always wear a condom (No Oral sex after you put on a condom)
No Facial
Absolutely No rough stuff

The night she was with Brad he broke a few of her rules. Maria said she didn't want to be with Brad again. All I know was Maria had countless orgasms when she was with him. She might or might not cum when she was with her boy toy. Brad had her screaming so much she was hoarse the next day. She barely made a sound when she was with her boy toy. Brad had a large and very wide cock. Her boy toy's cock was average at best. I guess being very sensual, passionate lovemaking was what she wanted, because she never talked to Brad after that night.

One night when I was at work Maria called me to tell me that she was going to hangout with some of her girlfriends. A friend of hers had opened a new sports bar and invited her and some friends to its opening night. It was a small upscale bar on the other side of town.

Maria called me later that night to tell me that Brad was a bartender at her friends bar. She did not know that he worked there. Maria assured me that she was not going to hook up with him again. She was going to avoid him as much as possible. I told her I wouldn't mind if she did, but she assured me again that it was not happening. She made it sound like the thought of being with him again disgusted her.

I went back to work and didn't think anything else about it. When I got home in the morning I noticed that Maria's car had no dew on it and the car hood was still warm. She must have stayed out all night with her friends. When I walked into the bedroom Maria was just coming out of the shower. I asked her how her night went. Maria lowered her head and told me she just came back from Brad's apartment. She quickly apologized for not telling me. We had a heated argument for a few minutes. She said she had no intention of being with him. She said at the end of the night when she was walking to her car her friend, who owned the sports bar, didn't think she should be driving. Her friend said she could call her a taxi or Maria could wait till she'd finish closing so she could drive her home.

Brad overheard their conversation and offered to take her home. Maria said "No" but her friend insisted she go with Brad. The friend didn't know about my wife and Brad's history. She told my wife that she would vouch for Brad, that he was a great guy and a real gentlemen. She said she trusted him more than she trusted some of her relatives. She took my wife keys and gave them to Brad and instructed Brad to take her straight home.

Maria didn't think she was drunk, but figured it was better to be safe than sorry. She also didn't want to call to tell me Brad was taking her home because of the promise she'd made with me earlier.

I told Maria I was very mad at her. She knew she was supposed to call me to let me know where she was at and what she was doing. Maria apologized over and over. She said she truly had no intention of ending up with Brad again. I asked her how I knew she wasn't lying to me. Maria grabbed her smart phone and pulled up a video and said, "Here watch these videos and tell me if I'm lying."

Maria said, "Let me tell you what happened before you watch the videos."

She told me once they were in Brad's car they were having a very friendly conversation. Brad kept asking her why didn't she ever return any of his calls. Maria tried to make up some lame excuse about working a lot lately. She said Brad's demeanor changed once they got on the highway. Brad unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. She asked why he was doing that.

He said, "So you can suck my dick while I'm driving."

Maria told him, "Hell no," and that she was going to call me.

Brad told her to go ahead and call me so I would know she was with him. He told her, "I bet your husband wants to see me fuck you again." He grabbed Maria's phone from her hand. Maria asked him what he was doing and Brad said, "I'm going to call your husband."

Maria told him not to call. Brad said, "Well I got something your husband wants to see." Brad started combing through her phone until he found the video camera.

Maria had finished her little story, but I was still mad. Maria started the video and handed me the phone.When the video started Brad obviously had the phone in his hand while he was driving. He had the camera aimed on his cock hanging out his pants.

He was laughing and asking my wife to suck his dick. Maria kept trying to grab her phone out his hand. Brad finally trained the camera on his cock and mockingly told Maria to suck it. He told her that he would take her home if she gave him a blow job.

At first I was getting mad watching this little punk talk to my wife like that, but after a few minutes I saw Maria's hand slowly start stroking Brads thick cock. After 2-3 minutes she stopped stroking his cock and said, "Now take me home."

Brad said, "I will as soon as you suck my dick."

Brad knew that Maria had a black belt in karate and she carried a pistol in her purse. So if Maria really felt threatened she definitely could protect herself. She even joked with Brad about "popping a cap in his ass if he don't take her home". Brad aimed the camera at her lips and said, "I want them on my cock now." You could tell by the wry smile on their faces that it was more playful banter than being serious. Maria was in no danger.

Maria tried to make him promise her that, if she did suck his dick, he would take her home. She said I would be mad at her if he didn't. Brad just looked at her and said, "Maybe." Brad again told her to suck his cock. Maria leaned over and started giving him head.

Wow! I thought If I ever talked to my wife like that she would curse me out. While she was sucking his cock, Brad asked her if she wanted him to fuck her. Maria didn't answer him. Brad moved the camera a few inches from her face as she was sucking his dick and told her to say, "I want you to fuck me Brad".

Maria didn't answer him. Brad said, "Since you want to be a big tease, I'm going to take you home and fuck your brains out."

Maria said, "I have to go home."

Brad said she would when he was finished with her. A second later the video abruptly ended.

I scrolled to the next video on my wife's phone. The video started with Brad trying to prop the camera on his dresser facing the bed. I could see Maria was totally naked on the bed behind him. Brad walked over to the bed and laid down next to Maria.

Maria immediately started sucking his dick. Maria's ass was facing the camera as she sucked Brad's dick. One of Brad's fingers found her pussy. Brad played with her clit for a little while and then he inserted two fingers into her pussy.

Maria started moaning and moving her hips up and down on Brad's hand as he stroked the inside of her pussy. Brad could tell she was going to cum soon the way she was humping his fingers. He told her not to stop sucking his dick as his fingers started probing in and out of her faster and faster.

I could tell that Maria was going to have a big orgasm pretty soon. Brad inserted a third finger into her now soaking wet pussy. Maria stopped sucking his dick as she started to cum but again but Brad commanded her keep sucking his dick.

Maria yelled out as she collapsed onto Brad's chest. She continued rolling her hips in concert with Brad's fingers. She was having an orgasm as he continued pumping his fingers in her. Brad, acting as if he was disappointed in Maria, rolled Maria onto her back. He re-inserted his finger in her. While laying on her back Brad vigorously finger-fucked her as fast as he could. The whole time he was doing that he berated her because she stopped sucking his dick before he told her to stop.

"You're nothing but a big tease, aren't you?...C'mon suck my dick...Tell me you want me, to fuck you."

On and on he kept yelling at her. Maria, to my surprise, was apologizing and begging him to stop. Maria was having one of her over-the-top, body-convulsing, leg-twitching orgasms now. Brad took his fingers out of her and showed her how wet his fingers had gotten.

He walked over to the dresser and grabbed the phone. He pointed the camera phone to her face and said, "Tell your husband you want me to fuck you."

Maria said, "No, I'm not going to say that."

Brad then inserted his three fingers back into her and finger-fucked her into another orgasm. Brad trained the camera directly over pussy as he was thrusting his fingers into her, giving me a bird's eye view of Maria's pussy. Maria was almost screaming at the top of her lungs, begging Brad to stop.

Brad stopped fingering her pussy as Maria climaxed. He kept the camera in his hand as he walked over to chair on the other side of the bed. He got Maria's clothes and threw them on top of her and told her to get dressed so he could take her home. Maria was still trying to catch her breath when she asked Brad what was wrong.

Brad aimed the camera at her face again and said, "Say it!"

Maria looked into the camera and said, "I want you to fuck me, Brad."

Brad said, "Good." He put the camera on the night stand next to the bed. Brad went to the end of the bed and grabbed Maria's ankle and forcefully pulled her toward him. He flipped her onto her stomach and pulled her hips toward him. Maria was on all fours when Brad rammed his dick into her. I don't think Maria was ready because she let out a big gasp.

Brad immediately started fucking my wife very hard. Maria was growling with every thrust of his cock. The sound of him slamming into her was echoing off the walls. Brad grabbed a handful of Maria's long black hair and pulled it as he fucked her from behind. I always thought she didn't like for her hair to be pulled when we were having sex but here was Brad yanking her hair every time he thrust his dick into her.

Brad then grabbed both of her wrists and pulled them backwards as he continued to fuck her doggy style. Maria was looking very uncomfortable in that position, but yet she wasn't complaining. She was coming close to having another orgasm. Maria was about to cum when Brad suddenly stopped fucking her and pushed her onto the bed.

Maria landed on her stomach and looked back at Brad with a puzzled look on her face. Brad said, "Come here, you tease, and suck my dick if you want me to keep fucking you."

To my astonishment Maria crawled over to him and started sucking his dick like never before. I wondered what happen to her rule of never sucking a dick once it's been in her. She said she didn't like the taste of her juices so she wouldn't suck my dick after I'd fuck her.

Brad grabbed the camera and trained it on Maria as she struggled to suck his dick. Brad then pushed her away so he could lay down on the bed. He told Maria to get on top of him. He said, "I want you to ride me."

Brad lay down and had the camera aimed at his waiting dick. Maria started to straddle him when Brad told her to turn around and ride him reverse cowgirl style. He said he wanted to show her husband how her pussy slides up and down another man's dick. Maria said, "No, I don't like that position."

Brad said, "Who cares what you want, turn your ass around."

Maria started to say something and I guess she moved too slow for him. Brad abruptly pushed her off of him, stood at the end of the bed and grabbed Maria by the waist again. He immediately started pounding Maria as hard as humanly possible. The camera view was blurry and all over the place. Through all of the commotion I could hear Maria screaming, grunting and pleading with Brad.

Brad slowed down a bit and the camera came back into view. He still had Maria bent over as he aimed the camera on her back. He told Maria to push back against him while he stood still. He smacked her on her ass and said. "C'mon baby fuck me". Maria don't like to be hit so I wasn't surprise when she gave him a mean look. Brad didn't get the message. He smacked her on her ass harder and said "You heard me, move that ass".

Maria did what he said. She started pushing herself back onto his dick. Brad trained the camera on his dick as Maria worked herself back and forth. He smacked her again and again. He kept spurring my wife to make herself cum. He gave me a great camera angle of Maria having spasm after spasm when she came.

Brad pulled out of my wife and grabbed her by the arm. He started walking with her to his master bathroom. Maria, almost out of breath, asked Brad what was he doing. Brad just said, "Shut up, tease."

When they got into the bathroom he turned on the lights and set the camera on a stand facing the big bathroom mirror. He then got behind Maria, bent her over the bathroom sink and started fucking her as both of them were standing up.

I could clearly see Maria's face. Her tits swung back and forth as he fucked her. Brad was behind her telling her to say she loved his white dick. It only took a few seconds and Maria was yelling out how much she loved his dick. He again grabbed a handful of hair and told her to say it again. She said it again and again and again.

Brad grabbed a handful of hair and pushed her face into the mirror as he continued to pump away. Maria beautiful face was smushed into the mirror. I was amazed to see this drop dead gorgeous Latina woman being controlled by this slovenly, cocky white guy.

Brad stopped when it looked like Maria was about to fall to the ground while she was having one of her outlandish orgasms. He turned her around and had her sit on the edge of the sink. He then shoved his dick into her again. Maria again let out a little shriek.

Brad put Maria's legs on his shoulders. He then reached down and picked my wife up. He had forearms underneath Maria's legs as he pinned her against the wall. Maria's full weight rested on his dick. Maria was in orgasm overload than.

She later told me that his dick is so wide that she immediately started cumming when he picked her up. Brad didn't move as he had my wife pinned, but Maria was grinding her pussy on his dick. Brad wasn't much taller than my wife, so I knew he wouldn't be able to hold her up for long. I was right because in less than a minute he sat Maria back down on the sink edge. Brad grabbed the phone and gave me a POV of his dick ramming into my wife. He told Maria to tell me she loved his dick. Before he could finish saying it Maria had said it over and over.

Brad picked Maria up in a firemen carry and grabbed the camera. He put the camera back onto the dresser facing the bed. He carried Maria back to the bed and threw her onto her back. He grabbed Maria's legs and put them on his shoulders. Maria always told me she wasn't very limber, but it seemed like she didn't have a problem with Brad suddenly pushing her ankles next to her ear holes.

Brad had my wife completely folded when he start slamming his dick into her. Maria legs were trembling as if she was trying to get them out of Brad's grip. Brad only pushed them further down into the mattress. Maria was now screaming as Brad started grunting. They both came when Brad collapsed onto my wife.

He still had Maria's legs pinned to the mattress as she kept grinding and convulsing into him. Brad finally got off of her. Maria just lay there trying to get her composure. Brad lay down beside her and gently started kissing her. He softly said she could take a shower if she wanted. He told her that he needed to get her home before I did so she wouldn't get in trouble.

Maria said, "Forget it, once he sees this video he'll forgive me."

She winked at the camera, reached over and turned it off.

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