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My Secret Fantasies

Finally, all my sexual fantasies come true.
I have had two secret fantasies for a long time. They are to watch my wife get fucked by a cock much bigger than my modest five and a half inches and then me suck her lovers cock and taste the mixture of both of their cum.

I thought they would never happen as I had tried to get her to fuck my best friend when we were both fairly young in our thirties. However, she steadfastly refused.

Back then, I had another motive for wanting her to fuck my friend, as I secretly wanted to fuck his gorgeous girlfriend. However, like I said, it was a no go.

Over the years, I have masturbated many times thinking of men fucking her.

Once I reached the age of sixty, a decided change occurred; I began to get interested in men’s cocks. I think this came about due to my watching porn and seeing big gorgeous cocks fucking women. I especially loved watching young big cocks fucking older mature women.

Big gorgeous cocks were having a mesmerizing affect one me. I started reading bisexual and gay stories of older men sucking young hard cocks. Some of the best orgasms I ever had, came while masturbating to these stories.

While chatting on a gay chat site, a guy recommended a website for bisexual and gay men. I admitted to him that I might be up for sucking the cocks of young men. He said, “The website has members all over the world and it would be a great way for me to find men in my area.” And wished me luck.

It blew my mind (no pun intended) that there were so many married men, like me, in my state and local area, who were interested in cock. I immediately joined the site.

I began getting involved with the site joining chats, getting naked on cam and masturbating with other guys, and exploring potential hook ups.

I especially like getting naked with young guys with big cocks and masturbating until we both came.

On the downside, I was in my mid-sixties and started having ED issues. I was not always able to successfully fuck my wife. I even tried Viagra and it did not work for me. As my ED issues worsen, I purchased a six and a half inch dildo to use on my wife.

One day while fucking my wife with the dildo, my wife quietly said, “I enjoy your toy, but damn I wish it was a real cock.”

I responded, “Oh you would?”

She quickly said, “I meant yours of course.”

Her response got me to thinking, if I can’t successfully fuck her, perhaps it is time to try and open her up to the idea of another cock.

Each time I would use the dildo on my wife, I would slip in the idea of how good a real cock would feel. At first, she would protest that the only real cock she wanted was mine, but slowly her protests began to wane. As her protests slowed, I picked up the pace of discussing a real cock for her. I would always bring it up when I had her on the brink of orgasm and was slamming the dildo hard and deep in her pussy.

In the meantime, I kept up my activities on my bi and gay website. One day while chatting with a handsome young man with an awesome eight inch cut cock, he casually mentioned that he had always wanted to have a three-way with an older married couple. Bam bells went off. It was the very scenario that was the making of my secret fantasies.

I told him that my secret fantasies were to watch a guy with a big cock fuck my wife, and then me suck him off. He quickly said, ”Do you think it could happen?”

I responded, “I don’t know, but I would really try hard to make it happen.”

Via e-mail I sent him pictures of my sixty five year old wife and asked him to return pictures of him, and to make sure they included pictures of his big hard cock.

He was impressed by my wife’s obvious big tits and ass and indicated he would love to fuck her in front of me. I made sure he understood that if I could make it happen, he had to let me suck his cock after he had fucked her.

The next day I got an email with about ten pictures and I admit that I jacked off while viewing them. They included erotic semi dressed and nude photos of a handsome stud with a big hard cock. There were several close up pictures of his big hard cock, with small amounts of precum, and one showing a big load of cum spewing out of his cock.

I knew I wanted to see that big cock pounding my wife’s pussy and that I wanted to suck that awesome big cock. However, how to make it happen was the question.

The next time I used the dildo on my wife, I called the dildo Charlie and asked, “Honey how do you like Charlie fucking you?”

She protested and said, “I pretend it is you fucking me.”

“But it is not. It is my friend Charlie, and Charlie fucks you so good.” I slammed Charlie deep in her cunt bringing her to a very hard orgasm.

As she started coming down from her orgasm, I began slowly fucking Charlie in and out of her wet pussy. Slowly building up momentum until Charlie was once again slamming her pussy deep and hard.

As she moaned, I started saying, “You do like my friend Charlie fucking you, don’t you?”

At first, she said nothing and only moaned as Charlie was bringing her to another mind-blowing orgasm. And I repeated, “You do like Charlie fucking you, don’t you?”

As the orgasm hit her, she screamed, “Yes!”

After a short time for her to recover, I broached the subject of a real cock for her. I told her that since she enjoyed Charlie so much that a real cock would only enhance her enjoyment. I also told her that I had a secret fantasy to watch her get fucked.

At first, she was insistent it was not going to happen. I started rubbing Charlie across her pussy lips and she began moaning again. Then I totally shocked her. I went down on her pussy eating her better than I had ever done. First using my tongue to probe, and then placing her clit between my lips and sucking it like a small cock. She came almost immediately flooding my mouth and lips with her pussy juices.

“Tell me you want a real cock,” I said.

“Oh damn you yes,” she shouted. “I want a real cock!”

I jumped from the bed, went to the computer room, and printed out the pictures my young friend had sent me.

Returning to our bedroom, I asked, “Will this cock do?”

After first showing a bit of shock on her face, she slowly began to smile and said, “Where did you get these?”

“From an online friend,” I replied.

“Must be a very good friend,” she said.

“You know I have never seen a cock as big as this before. I have only seen four cocks in my life. But nothing like this.”

“I can arrange for him to visit and fuck you fulfilling my long held secret fantasy, and giving you a real cock for your enjoyment,” I said.

“I don’t know,” she said, but unconvincingly.

I pressed and said, “Come on you know you want it,” as I pushed the pictures toward her. “You know you want it.”

As she stared at the pictures, she said, “He is very handsome and oh my that cock.”

“Then you do want me to contact him?” I asked.

Slowly and less reluctantly, she softly said, “Yes.”

Later that night I sent my friend an e-mail saying, “The pictures did the trick she wants you to fuck her. When can you come?”

When I returned to our bedroom, I got a very big shock. My wife was lying on the bed with her legs spread. One hand held a cock picture and the other hand was between her legs as she furiously masturbated, something I had never seen her do before.

Later that night I woke up with a hard on, something that rarely happens these days. I went into the computer room thinking I would watch some porn and jack off.

But on my screen was an email with the message from my young friend saying he could be here this weekend. Also, a close up cock picture was attached with the message saying, show her this.

Instead of going to some porn site, I expanded the cock picture to full screen and began masturbating thinking of that big awesome cock plowing my wife’s sixty five year old, but still tight pussy, and me sucking that beauty.

After a very satisfying orgasm, I went back to bed only to dream of watching my wife get fucked.

The next morning I told my wife my young friend would be here this weekend. At first, she started having second thoughts and then I showed her the new picture. When she looked at it, I swear she went weak in the knees and she retreated to the bedroom.

When she did not return, I went to check on her and found her once again on the bed spread eagled looking at cock pictures and masturbating. I got the dildo and started sinking Charlie in her cunt pounding her furiously until she screamed as she came.

My very conservative and proper wife had suddenly turned into a wanton cock whore and I loved it. I couldn’t wait for the weekend.

With great anticipation on my part and some trepidation on my wife’s we waited for the weekend. Time passed slowly, but the weekend finally arrived.

I went to the airport to pick up my young friend up and nervously awaited his arrival. Once I saw him walking toward the waiting area, my nervousness only increased. When he saw me, he had a big grin on his face and I relaxed.

After introductions and greetings, we collected his baggage and proceeded to the parking lot. It would take almost forty-five minutes to get home and enough time for us to get better acquainted. Once in the car and on the road, I looked over and saw him removing his cock from his pants. It was hard as a rock and standing straight up.

I gulped and said, “Oh my god, it is even bigger than it looked in the pictures.”

He responded, “You like it don’t you? It is a full eight inches when hard”

Without hesitation I said, “I don’t know if I can wait to get home to suck that beauty.”

“Oh you will wait,” he said. “I’m going to fuck your wife before I fuck your mouth.”

I was amazed my cock was rock hard and I was more turned on than I have ever been as I drove and watched him slowly stroke his big cock. I was literally salivating wanting to taste his cock.

When we arrived home, I announced like Ricky Ricardo, “Honey were home.”

At first, I got no response from my wife, but after calling her several times, she entered the living room with her eyes pointing down. It was obvious that she was extremely nervous. Our new friend walked directly to her and lifted her chin up where she looked directly into his eyes. And he said, “I’ve come a long way to fuck you sweetie, and I’m sure neither of us will be disappointed.”

With that, my wife’s knees began to sag, and he caught her, picked her up, and said, “Which way to the bedroom.”

I pointed the way and followed them to the bedroom. He placed her gently on the bed and began removing his clothes. She watched with partially opened eyes and it was obvious that she was mesmerized, as was I.

Once totally nude with his big cock pointing up, he bent over and began undressing her, as she lay rigid on the bed. He removed her nightgown, and began kissing her body. He Started with her shoulders and worked his way to her big tits.

As he suckled on her nipples, she began a low moaning. Once he had her totally nude, he moved down her body leaving small kisses along the way until he reached her pussy. While inserting his tongue in her pussy, she jerked and began to shake. He went to work on her pussy and in no time had her moaning loud and saying, “Oh my god, I’m going to cum.”

He responded, “Let it go momma there will be plenty more.” And he returned to eating her pussy.

In the meantime, I had my cock out and was jacking for all I was worth.

With a loud scream my wife came. I had never heard her scream like that before.

The young stud moved up her body, placed his cock at the entrance to her pussy, and started slowly inserting it. My wife’s moans grew louder as he gained entry. She was taking more cock than she had ever had. She had not been stretched like this since giving birth to our two sons. But she took the cock like a trooper.

Once balls to the wall, our young friend waited momentarily before beginning to slowly thrust in and out. He then picked up the pace until her was thoroughly fucking her like she had never been fucked.

Her moans turned to screams of pleasure as he pounded her pussy.

I was shocked to hear her scream, “Fuck me, oh yes fuck me!”

And fuck her he did.

I was jacking my cock fast and furious watching my wife get the fucking of her life and getting part one of my fantasies fulfilled. I could help myself I was going to cum.

Without thinking, I rush to the bed and spewed my cum on my wife’s face. Something I had never done before.

She was in the throes of having another orgasm and I don’t think she even realized I had cum on her face.

The young stud continued to pound her and she had several more orgasms before, he announced, “I’m going to cum and fill your tight cunt with my love juices.”

“Oh yes, please do,” she responded.

He rammed her one final time and held it deep as he coated the insides of her pussy with his sperm, as he did, she screamed, I’m cumming again!”

As they were coming down from their orgasms, I began anticipating sucking the young stud’s cock. I couldn’t wait.

After a while, his cock began sliding from her pussy with his cum dribbling out. “It is my turn,” I said. “Now I get to suck your cock.”

The look on my wife’s face changed from pleasure to horror, as she had no idea that I had ever intended to suck our young friend’s cock. Something I had neglected to tell her.

“There is something you must do before you get to suck my cock,” he said. “First you must eat my cum from your wife’s pussy.”

“No, no,” she said.

“Don’t you want my cock again?” he asked her.

“Oh yes, yes,” she replied.

“Then spread your legs, and let your pitiful husband eat my cum, from your pussy,” he said.

She spread her legs and I went down on her pussy in a flash, licking and sucking out his cum. The only cum I had ever tasted was my own and I found his cum very pleasant. Simply put, I liked it. I knew I was going to enjoy sucking his cock.

As I was sucking her pussy, my wife began to squirm. It became obvious that she was enjoying me going down on her with her pussy full of cum.

After removing as much cum, as I could. I raised up to find a semi hard cock at the entrance to my mouth. I immediately opened my mouth and his cock entered. I was sucking my first cock.

As I was working the cock like I thought a good cocksucker should, he took hold of my head and began fucking my mouth. I could tell his cock was getting harder as he shoved it further in my mouth and into my throat. I began to gag and he slowed and said, “You have to let your throat relax so you won’t gag.

As I relaxed my throat, as best I could, his cock entered my throat and I felt him bottom out as I felt his pubic hair on my nose and face.

Then a steady thrusting in and out began as he was fucking my mouth and throat. I could not believe I was deep throating my first cock. Too soon, he rammed deep and held as he unloaded his cum directly down my throat to my belly. I was now an official cocksucker and both of my fantasies had come true.

Later as we all relaxed on the bed, my wife shocked me by saying, “I no longer need you or Charlie, “Adios cocksucker.”

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