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My Shrink Hears My Sordid Story, Part II

Man tells his shrink his story of his cuckold adventures with his wife.
This is a continuation of "My Shrink Hears My Sordid Story". It is recommended that you read that chapter before reading this chapter.

After my appointment with Dr. Samantha Johns, I wrestled with my emotional ups and down. I felt I had become jaded by my past sexual activities and could no longer have a sexual relationship unless it was taboo or kinky. Actually, I had no control over my sexual desires. My wife controlled me. It did not seem normal but I was addicted to it.

I showed up at Dr. Jones' office for my second appointment after a week. She had a small pleasant office with flowers and pictures. It made me feel comfortable. I noticed that she was dressed in clothes more appropriate for a night on the town than an office. Her skirt was very short, emphasizing her long legs and her blouse was low cut emphasizing her large breasts. She may be forty but she had the body of a twenty year old and she was kinda cute.

She stood up and shook my hand. "Mr. Patten, how are you feeling today?" I replied that not much had changed over the past week. "Last week when we ran out of time, you said you had not finished your story. You related an incident about you and your wife at the art museum. Sit down and continue your story. Remember the rule that our language must be explicit.”

I made myself comfortable and stated my story. "The incident at the art museum happened several years ago. After that my wife became bolder. We went out quite often and every time she would end up giving a blow job to a strange man in a dark corner. She told me she had developed a sixth sense of which guy would respond positively if she whispered in his ear 'I want to suck your cock'."

"Explicit language is a real turn-on for many men," said Dr. Jones. 

I added: "She also said that she would made sure that he ended up coming on her face and her breasts. She said she really enjoyed men that would cum in great volume. She told me that when she got the man aside she would lower her dress to bear her tits. I know she never wore a bra when we went out." 

"Not wearing a bra can sometimes be quite stimulating to a woman," Dr. Jones added. "What does she do after the man cums on her tits and face?"

"After sucking off a stranger, she always made me clean her up by licking up the cum on her. Usually by the time this happened, the cum had dried on her breasts and face. But in time, she wanted me to lick it off before it dried, so she would take me aside almost immediately and make me lick her when it was fresh."

“ Has she ever told you the sexual pleasures she gets out of sucking on a men and helping him cum on her face and tits," Dr. Jones asked me?

"She once told me the process of licking and sucking the dick and having it spray over her was like an orchestra building up to a crescendo. It starts when she pulls the man's cock out of his pants. She said she gets this overwhelming feeling of sexual power and that she has total control of the man." 

Dr. Jones said: "Some women get off solely on the feeling of sexual control, particularly when they have a man's cock in their hands."

I continued. "As she sucks his cock and lick his balls, she get more and more excited, more and more wet, and has larger and larger organisms. When he reaches his climax she pulls the dick out of her mouth and points the cock at his face and tits, spraying the cum all over them. When the hot sperm hits her flesh, she has a huge climax; the more the cum sprayed on her, the bigger the climax."

Dr. Jones leaned forward. The view of her breasts was outstanding. The dress was so low, it almost exposed her nipples. She asked, "So what you are saying is she gets off on the entire process?"

I responded, not taking my eyes off her breasts: "The entire scene turns her on; the filthy talk in the man's ear, leading him to a dark corner knowing he is getting hard, unzipping his pants, pulling out his dick, sucking him until he is about the cum, directing his spunk on her tits, rubbing it in, tasting it with her finger, sucking the last drop out of his cock, going back in public knowing that there are probably tale-tale signs of cum on her face, taking me to a hidden spot, pulling down her dress to make me lick her tits....all of that is a real turn on to her."

"Does she masturbate while you lick the cum off of her?"

"While I lick her tits, she pulls up her dress exposing her wet pussy and fingers herself vigorously until she sprays cum over my pants and the floor. She is a quite a squirter but I had never known her to squirt until she started having sex with other men. She is also vocal and she get carried away when she cums. I sometimes have to put my hand over her mouth."

Dr. Jones was beginning to look flushed and very uncomfortable. I asked her if she wanted to continue the session. She said she was okay and then asked me to continue my story.

"Over time she has become very demanding and expects me to follow her every command. This is exciting to me but I don't know why. She also uses explicit and filthy language when she commands me. For instance, she will say things like: 'Get your ass over here, you slut, and lap up this fresh cum, you whore. Lick it dry. Lick it or I'll spank your ass.' She looks so much like a lady, prim and proper. You would never believe she is such a sexual whore by looking at her."

Dr. Johns leaned back in her seat, a professorial expression on her face. "The way people look and the way they are really are often two different things entirely. There are lots of women out there that look conservative but that are highly sexual. 'You can't judge a book by its cover' is the old saying. How do you relieve yourself? Does she suck you off or let you cum in her?"

Dr. Jones was really getting into the story. She was flustered and flush. She squeezed her legs together and wiggled in her chair. Her language had become hot and nasty.

"She would not let me fuck her anymore. She made me masturbate on her face and breasts. Then she made me lick it up. Afterwards, she would masturbate herself into a giant climax. She made me watch her play with herself while she told me how much bigger and harder her men were than I am. She liked to go into great detailed descriptions of their thick dicks and huge balls. The more she described them, the hotter she got and the more she would squirt."

Dr. Jones asked me: "How does that make you feel."

"I feel degraded and ashamed but totally sexually aroused. The more degrading it is, the more I am turned on. But the story does not end there. She began to treat me worse and began going further down the sexual scale, dragging me with her. After about 6 months, giving head to strangers wasn't enough for her. She told me one day that she wanted a strange dick in her cunt. When we went out after that she would never wear panties under her evening dress."

"Did she actually start fucking strangers?"

"Yes. The first time she fucked another man, we were at a reception of some kind or another on the fourth floor of a hotel. She was talking to this rather handsome man when she leaned forward and whispered something in his ear. He was startled momentarily but quickly smiled. I lost them in the crowd. A few minutes later, she came back with the man in tow and my overcoat. She handed me my overcoat and said ‘we are going.' The three of us walked to an outside elevator that happened to be all glass."

"People could see them inside of the elevator from outside?," asked the doctor.

"Yes, anyone outside the building could see what was going on but not inside. So my wife and the stranger did not get the chance to put on a show for the lobby. Once we were inside the elevator, she threw her arms around the man and kissed him passionately. He responded passionately. They were like two animals in heat. I could then tell she was groping for his dick as she leaned back on of the glass walls. He leaned into her continuing to kiss. She began rubbing his dick. I could see when she pulled up her dress. The man began to position his dick to fuck her cunt. She squealed when he thrust into her."

"Did she ignore you once she started fucking him?" 

"No. She commended me between groans: 'Push the down button.’ I pushed the button to go to the bottom floor. 'Oh my God,’ she screamed when he started to fuck her hard. Her legs were around his hips and her arms around his neck. She vigorously bounced up and down on his cock. When we arrived at the bottom floor she commanded me to push the button to go to the top floor. The elevator changed directions and headed for the top floor. Every time we got to the top or bottom she would command me to go the opposite direction. Only one couple got on the elevator. My wife stopped fucking the stranger but the elevator smelled of sex. She might have well have continued."

Dr. Jones was beside herself, no longer trying to maintain her professional image. She spread her legs a bit. I noticed pink panties with a wet spot. "Did they fuck for long time? Did she let him cum in her? Tell me."

"It was probably lasted about 20 minutes, and I wondered if he was ever going to cum. He went on and on. Jan started her climaxes almost from the beginning and continued throughout. I lost track of the number of times. Finally, both of them stared grunting and squealing and making all kinds of noise. The elevator was actually shaking. They reached a climax together. The stood there holding each other quietly for awhile and broke apart. Cum splattered out of her cunt on to the elevator floor. She straightened her dress and he buttoned his coat, telling her good night when the doors opened on the bottom floor. He never acknowledged my existence even as he told her goodnight."

'"How did that make you feel?' the doctor asked me. ’I felt less than a man,' I responded. She paused for a moment. 'So, you feel ashamed about something you enjoy?' I stared at the floor. 'Yeah, I guess I do." She leaned forward again. "Don't you think that you should enjoy what pleases you? Does it really matter what other people think?' I again started at the floor and did not answer. 'Give that some thought,' she said. 'Don't stop your story. What happened next?'"

"She made me switch sides with her on the elevator so she could use the elevator controls. ‘Go down on me’, she ordered. ‘Do it now.’ I got on my knees as the elevator headed toward the top floor, pulled up her dress and started licking her cunt. My face soon became slick with their mingled juices in her cunt. She had never tasted so good. I couldn't stop. I was totally possessed. She was obviously enjoying herself as we rode up and down from the top floor to the bottom and back. She pulled my head into her cunt very hard and had many climaxes. Finally she said ‘That is enough.’ We straightened up and headed for home."

Dr. Jones looked flushed again; the story was obviously getting her excited. "Excuse me while I use the ladies room," she said. It seemed like quite a while before she returned but she looked refreshed. "I think you said that the first time she fucked a stranger was at the hotel with the glass elevator. I would assume that there were more incidents."

"Yes. There were many. She could always find a guy. I asked her once what she would say to them to get them to fuck her. She said that she would lower her eyelids a little, smile a slightly wicked smile and ask them 'Would you like to fuck?' or 'Would you like to fuck my pussy?' or 'I want you to fuck me.' As I told you before she has a way of emphasizing the word 'fuck" to make it sound particularly dirty."

"Did she make you eat her cunt after every fuck?"

"After she fucked a stranger, I was required to eat the stranger's cum out of out her cunt. This happened in alleys, parking garages, offices, men's rooms, adult stores and many other places, I became truly addicted. I could hardly wait for her to fuck someone new. I would get so hard I could hardly stand it. But it was frustrating. I wanted to fuck her or anyone else for that matter but I had to settle for jacking off on her face and tits."

Dr. Jones squirmed sideways in her seat. "Has your wife ever entertained thoughts of being with another woman or do you know?

"Actually I don't know. But she has become such a sexual animal; it would not surprise me that she would be interested. Actually, she would probably be interest in any sexual deviance."

The doctor looked at me for awhile before speaking. "You use the terms 'sordid' and 'deviance'. You need to stop referring to your sex life as 'sordid' and start feeling better about yourself. And, I don't think that any of us are in a position to judge what sexual deviance is and what is not. Actually there is no such thing as 'deviance' because each person is different from every other person."

I told her that I had never thought of it quite like that.

"What turns a person on is different for everyone. Although some may have sexual activities they both like, there is always something different even among those who share the same likes. The more we accept this, the better we can feel about ourselves and others. That being said, I assume you were getting around to telling me that your wife has involved you in even more 'deviant activities'."

"Yes, a lot more."

"Well, we are already ten minutes over the hour. I really wish we could continue. Be here next week and tell me all those things you think are sexually dirty, filthy and depraved. I really want to hear them."

As I left her office, I became convinced that Dr. Jones' sex life was vicarious through her patients; just I was convinced that she had used the lady's room to get off. And, I thought she was a bit of an exhibitionist. I wondered if she would wear panties under that short skirt next week.

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