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My Surprise

My boyfriend Dan brings home a surprise for me one night and oh, what a surprise it was!
My boyfriend Dan and I always cook dinner together, bumping into each other and rubbing against each other “accidentally” in the kitchen as we prepare dinner. It’s like the preview to the main attraction of bedtime activities to come later. Tonight, Dan is rubbing against me more than usual and he can't seem to keep his hands from copping a feel each and every time he comes near. Each time he gets close enough to me, his lips graze my neck, my cheek, my lips, he presses his already hard, swollen cock against my ass, through our clothes as I lean down to take something out of the oven.

Standing behind me, he grasps my hips and grinds himself against my ass a few times, and as I stand up, he wraps his arms around me and whispers in my ear, “I’m sending the kids to their mother’s house to spend the weekend after dinner tonight, and then I have a special surprise for you!”

Dinner is just that much harder to focus on as I contemplate the surprise Dan has in store for me tonight. I wonder what it could possibly be...perhaps some new, sexy lingerie or a new toy, maybe a hot new video, the possibilities were certainly working on their magic as they ran through my mind. After dinner, Dan takes the kids to drop them off at their mother’s and I take a quick shower. Wanting to be fresh and clean shaven for my lover. As I try to think of what kind of surprise Dan has for me, my hands find their way down to my pussy which is wet with anticipation. Lathering up, I make sure that my pussy is nice and smooth. When I’m done, I can’t help but to stroke the freshly shaved lips and slip a finger inside my tight hole. Mmmmmm that feels so good!

After I finish in the shower, I get dressed in a kimono robe and sit with a drink in hand and smoke a cigarette as I wait for Dan to return home with my surprise. I barely have time to consume half of my drink when Dan walks in with another man.

“Baby,” he says to me, “this is Tony. He’s your surprise! He’s going to fuck the fuck out of you tonight while I watch!” I put my hand out for Tony to shake, but he grabs me and kisses me hard on the mouth, his tongue invading, pressing deep into my mouth to explore my tongue, and throat.

My mind races as I contemplate this man, a stranger, fucking me, while my boyfriend watches. I’m excited and afraid at the same time. Tony is a well built guy, about 6’2” and perfectly proportioned, his broad chest and muscular legs cause my heart to beat a little faster and moisture begin to collect among the folds of my pussy. I can feel the heat from his groin as he presses my hips against himself, grinding into me.

As Tony is kissing me, Dan begins to remove my robe and lacy panties. Tony strips quickly and resumes, his tongue tracing my lips, plunging between them as I part them slightly. His hands knead and massage my breasts and ass before sliding down between legs to find my pussy dripping with anticipation. He slips a finger between the lips and presses it firmly against my clit, rubbing circles around it before pushing his finger into my hot, wet pussy.

“Oh God!” I moan against his mouth, trembling as the first wave of my orgasm hits. Tony presses his palm against my clit as his finger finds my g-spot, curling against it, pressing, stroking, he continues until my pussy clenches his finger so hard and I cum, crying out and squirting my juices all over his hand. Then he pulls his fingers from my dripping pussy and slides them into our mouths, between our dueling tongues as we lick my juices from them.

From the corner of my eye, I see Dan, now naked, sitting on a near by chair, stroking himself. I have never seen his cock so engorged or so much lust in his eyes as he watches the action between Tony and me. I know this was one of his fantasies, and I was determined to give him the best show he could hope for. Did I mention how hot Tony was?

As Tony picks me up and lays me on the bed, I mouth to Dan “I love you!” His eyes grow bigger as he notices the size of Tony’s cock. Tony is really hung! A good 7 inches in length, covered in thick veins and as thick as my wrist! I think about how much bigger he is than Dan and began to salivate at the thought of getting my lips wrapped around that monster! I don't’t have long to wait, Tony kneels straddling my face and proceeds to fuck my mouth deep into my throat.

It is all I could do to keep from choking on him, but I do my best, sucking and tonguing the head and shaft as I rub and gently squeezed his balls, allowing my fingers to stroke the strip of flesh between his balls and his asshole. My cheeks hollow as he pulls back before pushing deep into my throat again and again. Finally, with an audible “POP” he pulls his cock from my mouth and moves down my body, squeezing and stroking my tits, my belly and my ass as he spreads my legs wide.

The juices from my pussy have drenched the sheets under me, but I am far from done! Tony kneels between my legs and gives my pussy a firm lick from ass to clit and back again before firmly latching on to my clit and sucking hard, rubbing his tongue over the sensitive nub, over and over. My hands tangle in his hair as I pull his mouth hard against me. Grinding up into his lips, my legs squeeze his head and I cum, drenching his face in my juices, screaming for him to hurry and fuck me. I hear a groan next to me and I open my eyes to see Dan beginning to shoot his load; I quickly open my mouth to accept it, swallowing his hot cream and licking the remainder from my lips.

Tony moves up my body, I can smell my juices on his face as he kisses me hard and full on the mouth, pressing his tongue deep between my lips as his thick, heavy cock fills my pussy. Groaning as his cock almost splits me in half, opening me up, and pressing against my cervix. He pauses a moment to allow me to adjust to his girth before he begins to slowly pump himself in and out of my tight, hot hole. The burn of his cock stretching my pussy wider than it has been stretched before becomes less intense as the walls of my pussy begin to adjust, accepting his cock. The head striking my cervix, making me moan even more than before!

I hear the creak of the chair as Dan leans forward to watch his friend’s cock stretching me, his hand stroking and squeezing his cock as he sees how deep Tony is driving into me. Suddenly, Tony begins to speed up his movements; the slow easy rhythm is replaced by an urgent pounding. The sound of hips slapping against hips, moans and groans from all three of us fill the air. Tony presses his face against my neck as he growls deep within his chest and gives one final hard thrust, holding himself deep inside me, I can feel the heat as he shoots thick ropes of hot cum deep against the back wall of my pussy. I hear the groan as Dan cums again, shooting another load, this time up and over his belly. I cum too, shuddering, crying out, squirting, my nails raking across Tony’s back leaving red welts in their wake.

We lay there, Tony and I, for a few minutes, catching out breath, kissing, caressing and touching with less urgency this time. Dan leaves the room for a washcloth to clean himself with. When he returns, he sees that Tony has turned me over to my stomach and is kissing my shoulders as he presses his still hard cock against my ass. Rubbing himself between the cheeks of my ass, he whispers in my ear, “Baby, would you like me to fuck your ass? Hmmm?”

“Oh Baby!” is all I get out before I begin to push back against him, feeling the head of his cock pressing against the tight ring of my ass hole. I know it's going to be an even tighter fit than the fucking my pussy has just received, as I pressed back even more. Feeling the rubbery head of his cock pressing firmly, pushing through, stretching me open, ever so slowly…I hear the snap from the cap on the bottle of lube we keep in the night stand. I look up to see Dan watching intently as he squirts some lube over Tony’s cock as it pushes it into me.

Oh God is it tight! The lube helps a little, but a fair amount of friction is being created as he begins to thrust in and out of me. I am pushing back against him, rutting against him. Harder, faster, the tempo increases. The sound of flesh slapping against flesh along with groans of pure pleasure are all that can be heard in the room. I see from the corner of my eye, Dan furiously stroking his cock as he watches his friend taking my ass, filling me hearing my moans of ecstasy and Tony’s grunts as he uses my most intimate of openings, hard!

My hand is stroking my clit, fingers occasionally slipping into my pussy to feel the intrusion of Tony’s cock in my ass through the thin wall of tissue separating them. A few more thrusts and Tony groans as he shoves hard against me, pulling my hips back to meet him, I feel his cock spurting once again, this time filling my ass with cum. That’s all the encouragement I need as I cum hard once again, filling my hand with my juices, and Dan, is just beside himself needing to cum again, his balls drawing up against his body as the remainder of cum empties from his balls…

Tony withdraws his softening cock from my ass and kisses my shoulder as he gets up to head to the shower. Dan gently turns me over and begins kissing my and thanking me for letting him have his fantasy. His hands caress my body as he whispers in my ear, “It’s not finished just yet, is it? Now, to clean you up!”

Dan moves down my body and begins to lap at my swampy pussy, slurping at the cum trickling from my pussy and my ass. My body reveling in the soft caresses of his gentle tongue after the abuse it had just taken from Tony. I hear Tony finish in the shower and come to stand and watch as Dan cleans up after him.

“Fuck! That’s hot! Dan, your girlfriend is the best fuck I have had in a long time. If you ever want my help again, you know how to reach me, I’m just a phone call away.” With that, he turned and left, letting himself out quietly, leaving Dan and me to finish our evening, alone. Talking about how turned on it got him to watch Tony fuck me was all Dan could talk about for months to come!

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