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My True Story 1

this was my last Thursday night. names have been changed though.

This is a true story, of us fucking last week, our names are changed, but everything else, really happened.

It had been a long and exhausting day for Adam and me, but we are where we want to be. A newly wed couple, moved to a new state and fresh start for both of us. Adam had been hinting to me all day about being horny. Every time he would, I would get a slight tingling in my pussy from just thinking about him inside me, and it getting really hard not to take him where ever we were.

Finally the day was over, dinner was eaten, dishes done, and all I wanted to do, was go to our bedroom, so I grabbed Adams hand, pulled him into our room. Not wasting any time, I pulled Adam's shirt over his head and wrapping my arms around his neck, pulling him into a deep kiss. Adam rested him hands on my waste, keeping me closely pressed to his body.

“You're horny, aren't you?” Adam whispered into my ear. His baritone voice always gives me goosebumps when he whispers to me.

“I am! You've been making me think about fucking you all day long.” I purred back to him, unbuttoning his pants all the while. Sticking my hand into his boxers, I smiled to myself as I heard his breath catch and his eyes close while I massage his thick dick in my hand. “How does that feel?”

“Don't stop,” One of his hands moves to my shoulder to help either keep his balance or to keep me from moving away, I wasn't sure, but it turned me on even more. His other hand had run down the front of my pants, and started to run his finger around my clit, eliciting a hard gasp of breath and a moan from me. I moved my hips in time with his fingers, running around my clit and slipping in and out of my wet pussy. I continued to stroke Adam's cock, trying to keep in time with his motion, but it just felt too good to be able to focus enough.

Before I knew it, Adam was moving me over to our bed and threw my small frame on top, quickly kicking off his pants and getting on top of me. Our mouths met again, kissing with the need that has been building all day. His hands moved all over my body, massaging my breasts, squeezing my nipples, running through my hair, down my stomach to my waiting pussy.

My hips were almost bucking him off me, I needed to feel him inside me and I couldn't wait any longer.

“Adam, I want you inside me, I need you. Fuck me baby!” I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and brought my legs around his waste, bring him close to me. Adam positioned himself and thrust inside of me. I moaned and bit my lip to keep from screaming out in ecstasy. As Adam thrust into me, I met his hips with my own, trying to get every bit of him into me. Raking my nails down his back, breathing hard and moaning his name, I felt close to the edge. “I'm going to cum baby, don't stop. Fuck, ugh, deeper.” Adam drove deeper into me.

“I want you to cum now. Cum Sara.” His works were punctuated with the effort of his thrusts. I screamed and moaned, only able to hold his shoulders as it felt like my pussy exploded with fire, both hot and cold. Adam moaned from the sensation of feeling my muscles pulsate around him. “Oh my god!” He pumped faster and harder into me, reveling in the wake of my orgasm.

As my orgasm subsided, I pushed Adam off of me, and climbed on top. I wanted to be in control now, make him feel just as good as he did to me. I grabbed his cock, and positioned it at me entrance, but did not thrust down onto it. Teasing his slightly, I only allowed the tip to slip inside. I leaned down to him, kissing his neck, biting his lower lip after a passionate kiss.

“Sara, please, I need you!” He whispered to me, clearly full of carnal need. I quickly lowered my pussy onto his cock. The feeling of his big dick filling my pussy up made me groan in pleasure. I sat up and put my hands on his chest to help keep my balance as I started thrusting against him.

“Tell me how you want me to fuck you.” I love to hear him tell me how he wants it.

“Any way you want baby, I just want to to cum on my dick again. Make yourself cum baby.” He reached up to grab my tit, but I stopped him. Putting his hands above his head, I tell him to just watch me. I start rocking my hips again, reaching up and caressing my tit, and with the other hand, reach down between us and start to finger my clit. I moan and thrust on his cock faster and harder, getting closer.

“I'm going to cum again!” My hips start going wild against him, my fingers rubbing that perfect spot. As my orgasm washes over my body, Adam grabs my hips and starts thrusting up into me, trying to get my orgasm to hit harder. “Fuck me Adam, god, fuck me harder!” I use his shoulders to help steady me after my orgasm, all I can do is moan and cry out in pleasure as Adam fucks me.

“ I want you to cum with me!” Adam pulls me down closer to him and we kiss passionately. I can feel his thrusts becoming more erratic as he gets closer to cumming. Feeling his need and him wanting us to cum together spark another orgasm to build up in me. I post a hand on the wall at the head of our bed, and use it for leverage. I rock my hips hard against his thrusts up, trying to get every bit of him inside me. As we both grasp each other, breathing hard, we were thrusting in time to each other.

“I'm going to cum Sara, cum with me.” I could feel myself almost there, just needed a second more, I could feel Adam keep the thrusts deep and hard, just what I needed. I can only scream his name as I'm pushed over the edge just in time to feel Adam give one last thrust. I feel him spill inside me, hot and suddenly super wet, and I fall against him.

“I love you.” He whispers breathlessly in my ear, caressing my back with his fingertips.

“I love you too, baby.” I roll off of him, and snuggle into the perfect nook of his shoulder and neck, trying to slow my heart and breathing back down.

“Ready for round two?” Adam chuckles, and I slap his chest softly.

“I need a minute to recoup!”

I'll post another story of our sex soon!

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