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My True Story 2

sorry it took so long to write!
I will admit, I drank too much. So some parts are a little foggy. But I will try to get Adam's input on the parts I don't remember very well. Again, our names are changed. Also, trying a narration-only style story this time. It's easier cause I don't remember a lot. Make sure to tell me what you think.

The night started out like any other night. Adam and I were hanging out with my sister and her husband, drinking margaritas. All night I was sending texts to Adam about how horny I was, and how I couldn't wait for him to be inside me, driving him silently crazy.

Adam had to cut me off from drinking anymore, lest I be too drunk for what he had planned for me. It was late, and every one was getting ready to call it a night. So we said our good nights to my sister and her husband, and went home.

Adam led the way to our room, and asked if I wanted to take a bath with him, (I LOVE to do that) of course I said yes. So he ran hot water, got out the bubble bath soap, dimmed the lights, set our towels aside, and helped me undress. First, I got in, then he climbed in next to me. I love the way his skin feels when it's wet. Being in that close proximity to him while being naked sent tingling waves of anticipation to my pussy. I leaned back, laying against his chest. I'm not one for hairy men, but my husband makes that shit work. He ran his fingertips down my arms, then back up the sides of my stomach, then back down the middle of my chest, giving my intense goosebumps.

I moaned a little at the sensation, and leaned my head back to rest against his shoulder, and kissed his neck. Finally his hand dipped below the water, searching out what we both wanted. I raised my hips a bit, eagerly trying to find his hand. Our lips met and I let a moan escape as his fingers teased my clit.

I turned around to face Adam and pressed my chest against his. I could feel his desire building, and I grabbed his cock. I could hear his breath catch a little as I started to stroke him. I know he likes it when I focus more on the head of his cock then anywhere else, so I keep the strokes shallow. Adam tells me he cant take it any more, and turns me around. I kneel half in and half out of the tub, he positions himself behind me and I can feel his cock pushing at my pussy and enter with one swift movement.

Adam grabbed my hips, keeping me where he could get the best angle, and kept thrusting into me. I moaned and called out his name, feeling an orgasm building. I tell him how close I was, he responded by thrusting deeper and harder. I screamed out his name as my pussy tightened around his dick inside me. Adam tells me that he wants to take me to our bed and finish there, so we got out and dried off as best we could in the frenzy state we were in.

Half way through drying the water off, I knelt down and took Adam's cock into my mouth. Licking and sucking on it, trying to drive him crazy. Teasing always gets him harder then ever, so I barely lick from the base to the tip, sending shivers through him. He tells me he wants me on the bed now, his voice deep and gruff from the desire. I pull him through the bathroom, only to stop at our sink, I turn around and again, place his dick at my pussy. I tell him to fuck me in front of the mirror. I love watching him fuck me. He thrusts into me again. I moan and grab the sink to steady me, still feeling the effects of the alcohol. Adam places one hand on my shoulder, and the other on my tit, squeezing and kneading, pinching my nipples as he pounds into me.

I scream out again in ecstasy as another orgasm wracks my body. Adam pulls out and turns me around, kissing me passionately. We head over to our bed, and he gets on top of me. Adam gently kisses my stomach, then in between my breasts, my collar bone, neck, and jaw. I move my hips, trying to get him to enter me again. I moan his name, anything to get him inside me! Adam grabs my legs, throwing my feel over his shoulders, and thrusts quickly into my wet pussy. He holds onto my hips as he pounds into me, moaning my name. I reach up and grab my breasts, I know he loves it when I play with myself, so I reach down with my other hand and play with my clit. I quickly feel myself reaching another orgasm so I move my legs down and wrap them around Adam's waist, pulling him closer to me. I bury me face into the nook of his neck, screaming and moaning through my orgasm.

I tell Adam that I want to be on top when he comes, and we roll over. I start rocking my hips on top of his cock, moving him inside me. Adam thrusts upwards to meet my movements, trying to get as deep inside me as he can. I sit up on him, moving as fast as I can, knowing he's almost at his climax. Adam grabs my hips, helping me keep up with him to get him to come with me.

I can feel him come inside me, hear him groan my name, sending me over the edge. I grind my hips down, sqeazing him yet again. I fall against his chest, spent and tired, breathing heavy and still a little drunk. Adam kisses my temple, and tells me he loves me. I roll off next to him, cuddle into my favorite spot, and fall immediately asleep.

What a Friday night.

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