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My Wicked Life

My husbands friends made me a slut.
When we got up to Anchorage, Alaska, it was still summer time, and it was beatiful, with the mountains and trees, or forests as what they were. We had came up here as my husband Ed was going to work with a friend of his doing remodeling jobs, They were carpenters so there was lots of work around as most were working on the pipeline, and there wasn't many good carpenters available for local work.

We were to live with his friend Joe, as he had a three bedroom place and was separated from his wife, so had lots of room. I knew as soon as I seen Joe that it might be trouble, as he was a really sexy looking guy. And was so big, a well built fellow.

He and Ed were doing several jobs at the same time, so they would leave for work early and maybe Joe would come home around 10 to do paper work in his office. He always said something to me about how nice I looked and what a good looking woman I was. He always rubbed my shoulders or patted me on the back, while making these remarks.

One day he put his arms around me and gave me a big kiss, I was so surprised when he did that, but he went into his room, before I could say anything. When he came out he put his arms around me and kissed me again, I kissed him back. He slowly rubbed my tits and ass, I was so hot that I helped him take my clothes off, as we went into his bedroom, and by the time I was naked on his water bed, he was naked too, and spreading my legs he thrush his cock into my pussy and we fucked like there was no tomorrow, When we were finished we lay there as he played with my tits, and it wasn't long before I was hotter then anything, and was begging Joe to fuck me again. We spent the rest of the day fucking and sucking in his water bed until it was time for him to go and pick up Ed.

The next day I was ready when Joe showed up around 10 again, we went quickly into his bedroom where we got undressed and I sucked his cock while he ate my pussy, After a short rest we fucked again, and then once more, before He had to go and pick up my husband. Oh how horny he made me.

For about three months we had sex, almost every day. Ed was getting kind of thinking something was wrong because he and I weren't having much sex as Joe kept me pretty worn out, and Ed liked to fuck alot so when I quit having sex with him, he started asking me why?

One night I told him I was fucking Joe, boy that was the wrong thing to say, as he and Joe got into a terrible fight, and the next day Ed put me on the plane for my folks in Los Angeles, and Alaska was history for me.

Ed loaded up all our stuff into our pickup and drove down to Los Angeles. When he got there he went to work on a job and after awhile we bought a travel trailer, so we could move out of my folks place, Then after abit we left, and moved up to Washington state, where we lived in a trailer court for awhile.

A friend of Ed's told us we could park our trailer in his back yard, as he had a full hook-up for a trailer there, and said it wouldn't cost us anything to stay there.

Well as Ken and Ed were working together on a job it worked out pretty good for them, Did I mention that Ken was a carpenter to. We had a lot of fun with Ken as his wife had left him a while before and so he was pretty lonely, and it was fun having bonfires and drinking beer at night in his back yard.

Ken had a large three bedroom home, so as he had lots of room he said we could move into one of the bedrooms, which made it a lot nicer, as we had a nice bathroom and a real kitchen. We were doing lots of drinking and having a good time partying with Ken and several of his neighbors who also liked to drink alot.

Ed got pretty drunk on several nights, and Ken helped me get him into bed a few times. In the course of helping me with Ed, Kens hand would rub my tits, or ass a couple times, It was like a hot knife on my ass, or tits when he did that. It made my pussy so wet, it almost dripped.

One night I told Ed I wanted to fuck Ken. He asked me why, so I told him that he enjoyed me telling him about fucking Joe, and the other guys who had fucked me, that maybe he's like to watch me fuck Ken. He thought about that for awhile, then told me ok that he would let me fuck Ken.

That night he told Ken that I wanted to fuck him, and would he like to fuck me. Of course Ken wanted to fuck me, so he took a shower and then came into out bedroom where we were waiting for him. Ed had taken my panties off, so Ken wouldn't have any trouble finding my pussy.

As soon as Ken saw my bare pussy, He went right down on it with his tongue, Oh that was so good. I quickly stuck his cock into my mouth and sucked him off.

Oh, he came quick as he was so horny. Ed quickly crawled on top of me and gave me a good fuck, while Ken sat there and watched us fucking. As soon as Ed finished fucking me, Ken was hard again and he got on top and gave me a really good fuck. Afterwards we had a beer and then they took turns again fucking me, I don't know how many times I got fucked that night, but the bed was soaking wet with sweat and cum, boy what a good night that was.

To be continued....

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