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My Wicked Ways 1

One wasn't enough, I had to try more.
It was great fucking Ken almost every night while we were staying with him in Washington state. The boys were working pretty steady, but still had plenty of time to take care of me.

After awhile they took a job up on Stevens Pass, and they were gone for quite awhile each day, as it was about a two and a half hour drive each way, so they weren't able to take care of my sexual needs like they had been doing, so I was pretty horny most of the time.

That's when I noticed the neigbor guy, who was Ken's friend. He used to come over to drink beer, and sit around our bonfires with his girlfriend. I hadn't paid to much attention to him, as Ken and Ed were taking care of most of my sexual need, but now was a different story.

Ken had told me that Don had thought I was a good looking gal, and that he wouldn't mind fucking me. I hadn't paid to much attention at the time, though he had patted me on the ass a few times. Ken told me that he knew I was fucking him, but didn't tell him that Ed knew.

Don had been working out of town on a job, and had finished it, and so was home now without his girl friend who lived in the town where he had been working. 

One afternoon he stopped over kind of early, and wanted to know if I'd like a little company, I told him sure and asked if he would like a beer. He said he'd like one, if I would join him, which I agreed to.

We had a pretty fun time laughing about things that happened to both of us, and all the fun times we had had. I got up to get us another beer and Don got up to and grabbed my hand and turned me around and gave me a big kiss, which caught me off guard. But can't say I didn't mind kissing him, so I returned his kiss, putting my tongue into his mouth and sucking. His hands went to my tits and pushing his way into my blouse and under my bra, pinching my nipples which by then were hard as a rock. We continued to kiss as he layed me down on the couch and one of his hands were fingering my crotch, and then into my pants and rubbing my slit, which was becoming very wet by then.

I had both my arms around him and my tongue was down his throat, as he unbuttoned my blouse and took my bra off, so he could fondle my tities. My pussy was so hot by then, I could feel the wetness spreading onto my ass.

Next thing I knew, he had my pants, and panties off and his pants and shorts off, and was spreading my legs. I raised my crotch up, so his cock met my pussy, and he slid it all the way in, as I was so wet, it was dripping down my ass. He crammed his cock in and out of my cunt as fast as he could, I must have came twice before he blew his load.

When he pulled out and rolled over I took his limp cock into my mouth and sucked all of his cum off it and slowly it became hard again. I continued to suck it while squeezing his balls and he blew another big load into my mouth, It was almost too much to swallow, but I am the best cock sucker in town, so didn't miss a drop of it going down my throat.

As we lay there resting up, he told me that he knew Ken had been fucking me, that he had told him what a good piece of ass I was, and how he had wanted to fuck me for some time now, as I made him so hot just looking at me. I told him he was a good fuck too,

He fucked me again before it was time for the guys to show up, they would come home all beered up, and ready for some pussy. I was happy to give them both a good fuck, and sucked them both off before we ate dinner and called it a night.

I never told Ed that I was fucking Don. After awhile I let him know that I had fucked him, but we were so busy with partying and drinking that summer, who cared who got fucked or sucked.

On afternoon Don came over with a girlfriend and we had several drinks, and he asked me if I had ever had made love to a woman? I told him no, that I hadn't even thought of it, as I loved to fuck men so much.

Well he told me that his girlfriend Norma like to eat pussy, as well as cock, and would I like to have us all have sex together. Well why not, I'm up for everything.

Don started kissing me and playing with my tits, and Norma started playing with my legs and rubbing her hands up until she was on my cunt. Oh I was getting so wet, she pulled my pants down and started kissing and licking my crotch. Oh how good that felt.

Don continued to take my blouse and bra off, so he could play with my tits better, I reached down and pulled his cock from his pants and started sucking it.

Norma had her mouth on my cunt, and her tongue was giving my clit a wonderful going over.

Don was humping my mouth with his big cock as fast as he could, and Norma was sucking my cunt with every thing and had her finger up my ass hole and boy did it feel good, I came so good I wanted to scream but at that time Don blew his load down my throat so all I could do was swallow.

What a afternoon that turned out to be.

I couldn't not return the favor to Norma, so ended up eating her hot wet pussy, while Don poured his hot cock into my ass. Boy, her pussy was really good to eat, and I sacked her wonderful juices, as she came yelling, and screaming, almost loud enough to wake anyone with in miles of us.

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