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My Wife And An Older Gentlemen

An older gentlemen seduces both my wife and me into letting him fuck my wife
It was a nice sunny day and both of us had the day off from work. I asked my wife, ”What do you want to do today?”

 “How about we go shopping at the mall?”

How did I know that was what she wanted to do. I said, Sure!”

We headed down to one of the major department stores in the mall. My wife wanted to check out a few different sales they had going that day. I stood in the women’s department for a few minutes already bored out of my mind when I said, “I am going over to the men’s department. I will back in about 15 minutes.”

I went over to the men’s department and looked around for several minutes. It had been almost 15 minutes when I headed back to the women’s department. As I looked around I found my wife in the lingerie section of the store. As I started to walked up to her I noticed an older very distinguishing gentlemen in his early fifties was talking to my wife. I thought it was somebody she worked with so I thought nothing of it.

As I walked over to them I heard the older gentlemen say, "Please think about it!

As he walked away he handed my wife his business card. I said, What the hell was that all about?”

 “That was very weird. I had been looking at different lingerie pieces when he walked up to me from behind. He told me how sexy I was and that the outfit I had in my hand was perfect for me. He wanted to buy it for me so he could see it on me.”

“What!!! Did he say anything else?”

“Yah, he did! I had mentioned I was married and he wanted to know if you would be interested in sharing me for one night.”

My wife’s eyes had a very radiant glow to them as I said, “What did you tell him?”

I didn’t answer him and then you walked up on us. He handed me his business card if we are interested."

My wife then asked me, What do you think of this teddy I had picked out? Do you think I look sexy in this outfit?”

“I definitely think you look sexy in that outfit. I can see why he was so interested in you,”

I think I am going to buy this anyway!”

The rest of the day my 46 year old wife felt like a million dollars. Her confidence was sky high and I hadn’t seen her try on so many sexy outfits that day.

We went out to dinner that night. She had the look of lust in her eyes as we sat down and ate. She was beaming with confidence that I hadn’t seen from her in many years.

I asked her, What do you think of this gentlemen’s offer today? Are you interested?”

No I am not interested. Well, he was very good looking, but I couldn’t do something like that. Why? Do you want to share me with him?”

I now had opened up a can of worms. My wife had thrown all of this back into my court and I had to answer her question. As I looked right at her I said, “Do you really want to go through with this?”

She had a confused look on her face. “I don’t know!”

I watched as she began to deflate. I knew she really felt great today about herself and that gentlemen had defiantly had her curiosity going. We didn’t speak about it at all the rest of dinner.

That night at home I knew what I had to do. This was a big confidence booster for her and the thought of her being with another man had made me very aroused and also very jealous. I picked up the phone and dial the number on the business card that he given my wife. He answered and we chatted for about 10 minutes.

When the call was done with I had either made one of the biggest mistakes of my life or it may work out to be the best thing I had ever done. My wife had no idea that I had set up an evening with him. It was now time for me to talked to her about it.

“Honey, I need to talked to you for a minute,” I said.

“What is it?”

“I thought a lot about what had happened today and I decided you should sleep with this gentlemen,” I said to her.

“You do! Are you sure about this?”

“Yes I am sure! The confidence on your face today was priceless. I had already called him and we are suppose to meet him at his place tomorrow night,” I told her.

My wife seem very confused. “Wow! I don’t even know what to say right now. Are you going to be ok with this?”

You don’t need to say anything! Lets just do it and see what happens,” I said.

The next day my wife and I acted like it was any other day. It really wasn’t until late in the day when it all started to hit me. She looked so sexy to me as I watched her shower and change into her tight black slacks to go along with her white buttoned up top. She left on purpose a few of the buttons undone to show off her beautiful cleavage. After being married twenty years you become very complacent in your views of each other. This was the first time in many years that I just stared at her lovely body. It might a few pounds heavier than when we first met but it was still very sexy and now I knew why he wanted her so badly.

The address he gave us led us to a very nice quiet neighborhood in the upscale side of town. The house had to be worth over a million dollars as we headed up to the front door. He immediately opened up the door to see us in. He was in his early fifties and was in very fit condition. He could easily pass his body off for a thirty old. We sat down and chatted for while as we each had a glass of very expensive wine.

He then led us a grand stairwell towards his bedroom. His bedroom was the size of our whole upstairs as he had a huge bed in the middle of it. The bed had been covered in very expensive silk. The room also had a couch and some chairs were you could sit down and relax. The lighting in the room was soft and perfect. He had soft music on in the back round as my wife felt like a celebrity.

He said to my wife, “Why don’t you go into the bathroom and freshen up.” My wife brought a small bag with her that had the sexy lingerie he wanted to see on her.

A few minutes later my wife walked out in front of us with the sexy lingerie on. It was solid black and her nice size breasts were barely covered. The bottom section was small and it barely covered anything outside her butt crack. We were both in awe on how she looked. Tonight was about him and my wife. I was just their as a spectator. He walked over to my wife and gave her small kiss as they embraced. My wife’s eyes had lust in them as he led her onto the bed. He removed his shirt as he laid on top of her on the bed. They kissed and embraced each other for a good 10 minutes as I watched from the couch.

He moved his head down to her lovely breasts. He reached inside her top and removed her breast from the top. He licked and sucked every inch of them as my wife let out several soft moans. Her top was now removed as he moved his head down to her waist. He slowly began to licked all around the small lingerie bottoms she had on. My wife’s body trembled as he teased her with his tongue. He had teased her for several minutes as he then reached up with both hands and began to removed her bottoms. He slid his hands slowly down her soft legs as he removed her lingerie bottoms.

Her body was so sensual now as he gently flicked his tongue across her very swollen clit. With every flick of his tongue her body tremble as she moan softly out. He continued to tease her as his mouth sucked her inner thighs. Her body shook all over as a huge orgasm began to build inside her. His tongue danced in and out of her lovely pussy. He wouldn’t let her cum as he would stop each time she was close to cumming.

She wanted to cum so badly now as he kept teasing her pussy over and over. “Oh god! Oh! god! Don’t stop! Please don’t stop!” she cried out.

Her orgasm had been building since the minute she had met him. She was ready to explode at any minute. He gently pushed his finger into her very wet pussy. She cried out louder as he licked on her swollen clit at the same time. A few seconds later it happened. She cried out loudly, “Please make me cum!” She said nothing for the next twenty seconds and then she screamed out, “OMG ! OMG!” The orgasm that had been building inside her had exploded. Her body shook like never before as he continued to licked her pussy for a few more minutes after she orgasm.

She looked him right in the eye and said, “Please fuck me! I need your cock inside me!”

He pulled his pants down as his cock appeared. It was very big and hard. He climb quickly back on top of my wife. Her body still trembled as she grabbed a hold of his cock and gently inserted it into her wet pussy. He slowly fucked her as she moan out with every thrust of his cock he made into her. It wasn’t even five minutes later when she moan out, “O’ man! I am going to cum again!”

Her hands ran up and down his back as she squeezed his ass tightly. She cried out as she started to cum very hard again. Her fingernails dug into his firm ass. A few minutes later he reversed her as he rolled her on top of him. She rode on top of his cock as his hands grasped her ass tightly. His mouth poured onto her lovely breasts as he sucked on her hard nipples. I watched as his big cock slid back and forth in and out of her wet pussy. She wanted to cum again as she began to moan out. He held her ass tightly and started to push his cock very fast and deep into her. A few seconds later she let out a loud squeal as she began to orgasm again.

He whispered into her ear that he wanted to do her doggie style. She moved onto all fours as he moved in behind her. He grabbed her nice round ass with his hands and slid his big cock into her from behind. My wife cried out immediately as his cock was hitting very deep inside her pussy. Her moans got louder as he picked up the pace. It was about a few minutes later and he had her cumming very hard. My wife screamed out extremely loud as her orgasm over powered her.

He moved a couple of pillows under her hips as he pounded his cock into my wife for a good 10 to 15 minutes from behind. Her body was slowly weakening as her face now was buried into the silk sheets. She kept mumbling, “Oh god! Oh god!”

She couldn’t take it anymore as her orgasm went on and on. He then pulled his cock out of her and shot several hard streams of cum all over her beautiful ass. She was totally worn out as his cum dribble down her ass.

We all headed out to his beautiful pool he had. My wife and him jump in the pool naked as I sat and dangled my legs in the water. As my wife swam around the pool he followed her like a shark. It was about an hour later when they began to make out in the pool. My wife stroked on his big cock as his hand had found her pussy. They kissed and felt each other up for several minutes.

They moved down to the shallow end of the pool. It was about three feet deep. My wife was bent over as she held on to the side of the pool. He was behind her and he now had his big cock inside her. I heard the sounds of the water along with my wife moaning out. He fucked her on the side of the pool for a good ten minutes as she cried out.

They then moved quickly to a lounge chair that sat by the side of the pool. He laid my wife down on the chair as be began to fucked her again. I sat on the opposite side they were on and even though it was a big pool I still heard my wife moaning out loudly. At one point she screamed out as she came very hard again on his cock. They went at for several more minutes as all I could see from my advantage point was his ass moving in and out as he fucked her.

A few minutes later he pulled his cock out of her pussy and I watched as he straddled his body over the lounge chair. He had moved his cock into a position where my wife could sucked on it. Her hands clutched around his ass. She had sucked on his big cock for about ten minutes when he told her was ready to cum. My wife gave it all she had as he began to cum very hard into her lovely mouth. She started to gag on his cum as he shot stream after stream of cum down her throat.

We all headed back into his big house. My wife walked up to me and asked me, ”He wants to know if we want to spend the night?”

“Well, I guess it's alright if you want to."

“Are you sure it is ok? He wants me to sleep in his bed?”

What else could I say at that point. I said softly, “Yes, I am ok with it,”

It was very late and we all headed to our bedrooms. The room I stay in was right next to his bedroom. It was very weird at first to know my beautiful wife was in the room next to me with another man. I had fallen asleep very quickly as I crashed onto the bed.

It was about 2 am when I suddenly woke up. I heard noises coming out the bedroom they were in. At first I had thought it was the television or music that was on but I quickly heard my wife scream out. He was fucking the hell out of her again. I heard my wife scream out on several different occasions, “Fuck me! Fuck me!” He must had been really fucking her hard because I had never heard her say those words when we fucked. They went at for almost an hour as I heard my wife moan out, “Cum inside me! Please cum inside me!”

A few seconds later she screamed out in orgasm as he unloaded his cum deep into her pussy. I had never seen my wife cum this many times before in my life. I heard nothing else the rest of the night.

The next morning we left his place. He gave my wife a long embracing kiss before we left. My wife’s eyes were beaming. Her confidence was even greater than before. The next few weeks she began to lose a few pounds. Her clothes were more seductive than anytime before. She wore tops that showed off her wonderful breasts. She began to wear thong underwear. She was horny all the time and I couldn’t keep up with her in bed. The men at work notice her even more than before. She felt like a sex idol.

Did I make the right choice? Or wake up a need to share her with other men?

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