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My Wife And I Had A MMF In A Van.

True story and planning our next adventure.
We met the other guy and communicated with him using an internet website. I had set it all up ahead of time and had told him that he could not fuck her or eat her out. She could, however, suck his cock and he could suck her tits and finger her. I told him where to cum too, but we'll get to that in the end of this story.

We physically met in a rather dark parking lot. We have a minivan and I prepared it ahead of time. It was a bit cold out, so I removed the two middle seats and put in a futon, several pillows and a couple of blankets. We arrived first and of all things she had worn blue jeans. I told her that those were just too hard to deal with so she had to take them off as we climbed into the rear seat of the van to await his arrival. She complied, and then I placed a pillow over her lap.

He showed up a couple of minutes later. I placed a blindfold over her eyes per her request and let him in the side sliding door and then shut it behind him. I quietly said a hello to him and then immediately removed the pillow from her lap. She had on black panties. I pulled up her shirt to show him her big tits. I started sucking on her left tit and he then started sucking on her right one. He started rubbing her pussy over her panties at first and then put his fingers just inside and underneath pressing on her clit.

Both of us kept sucking hard on her nipples, and I had told him online that she likes that allot. I kissed her deeply while he sucked and fingered her pussy hole. She was really turned on and wet as she started cumming about two minutes in as we were both working on her nipples. He made her cum and she squirted all over his fingers. I didn't find that out until later, so I actually missed watching it happen. I suppose I was just too focused on kissing and sucking on her tit.

She was still positioned in between us when I pushed her down onto the floor and pulled out my cock from my pants. I pulled her face into my lap and she started sucking my cock and balls. I looked over at him and motioned for him to pull his cock out too. He did and then I pushed her right onto his lap where his cock was. She quickly found his cock and started sucking it too. We both went back and forth with her rubbing my cock with one hand as she sucked his cock and after about a minute she would suck my cock and rub his. We passed her back and forth a little forcefully for four cycles of this, each for about a minute for each. I was so turned on watching her with his cock in her mouth.

She would put her fingers behind his balls just like I had told her to do to mine. I left her sucking his cock and I got down on the floor with her, lied down and she sat on my face while she continued working on his cock. I ate her pussy for five minutes or so. Then got up and started fucking her from behind, all the while she still sucked his cock. He was holding her dangling tits, squeezing and pinching her nipples. I was doing her from behind and watching a great show. After a bit more of this I placed her back in the rear seat and we both fingered her. Four hands penetrating her and rubbing all over her pussy.

I asked him, “Would you like to fuck her?”

His reply was, “God yes!”

I didn't let him, but it was such a turn on to her. Another guy wanted to fuck my wife. We did a few more positions where she sucked us both as we were on top of her, and then I laid her on her back on the floor of the van. She turned her head to the side and he slid his cock back in her mouth. I spread her open and started fucking her freshly fingered, smooth pussy.

I started telling her, "Suck that cock! Make that cock cum! Do it just like I told you too.”

We continued for about ten minutes until he was getting ready to cum. She said she could taste cum start to come from the end of his cock as he pulled it out of her mouth and came all over her tits and chin. I had discussed the ending with the guy online. He put his clothes back on and excused himself. Leaving us both on the floor of the van. He drove away and I pulled her up onto the rear seat once again. I laid her down with her legs spread apart. I fucked her pussy hard and was so turned on that I ran my hands through all his cum. All over her tits and then smeared it all over her mouth and face. I then shot my load deep inside her pussy.

We went home and for days afterwards we fucked like newlyweds again. All I had to do was think about what we had done, and we would both cum. She loved it too, and we still talk about it to this day. I hope to get another chance someday and do a repeat. I would probably do it pretty much the same way. Except this time I want him to eat her and fuck her too. I want us to go back and forth fucking her and her sucking the other. When he cums, I want him to cum in her pussy, right in front of me and then excuse himself just as he had done before. I want to fuck her used pussy, all creamed in, and squishy with his sperm. I want her used and fucked this time. I want those sloppy seconds… someday and maybe soon.

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