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My Wife and My Secretary

My Wife and My Secretary

This story originally takes place some fifteen years ago and has been shared by myself and with my wife on many occasions. I have shared this secret fantasy with my wife especially when making love to her. The story has become part of our love making fantasies and each time I tell the story I either change or add some little part of it to excite my wife. I must admit that writing this also excites me which leads to some good loving with my better half. Even now I can feel the trickle of blood rushing to my penis as I begin to tell this story, hopefully to people and persons who will appreciate our private fantasy.

As I mentioned above the story began some fifteen years ago and only as a dream, although this dream was very close to a wet one, a wet one especially at my age, kept me excited until I could explain in detail, this dream to my wife. I had been separated from my wife by job requirements and this separation was only ten days but seemed like a lifetime. Why is it when you can’t have something, say like sex, that’s when you want sex the most? This separation was demanding since it involved physical training and the first three days were long and exhaustive.

It was the fourth night, and of course it was in the middle of the night, that I was dreaming about this huge hard-on. Suddenly awakened, I reached down and grabbed my prick and low and behold, this dick wasn’t this huge hard-on I was dreaming about. It was just my dick, the usual scrawny eight inch nothing to get excited over dick. But I must admit it was hard as fuck, though. I debated with myself as whether to beat this prick into submission or just go back to sleep since tomorrow’s physical training wouldn’t be any easy then today’s physical program. Well, common sense prevailed and I rolled over and went back to sleep.

The next morning I tried to remember as to why I had this huge hard-on, okay, okay the huge hard-on was just in the dream, but I just couldn’t remember exactly what I was dreaming about. There wasn’t much time to ponder on this matter since drills began early. Again it was a hard, long, tiresome day with no end in sight until about twenty hundred hours that evening. I grabbed a quick bite to eat with my co-workers, sucked down a cold beer and headed back to my motel room for a well-deserved night of rest.

Well the next night wasn’t any different than the night before except I did remember why I was awakened in the middle of the night by another stiff hard-on and as to why I did beat this dick into submission that night. That night, I remembered, I had fantasized about my secretary. Fifteen years ago my secretary was only twenty five years old, five foot-two inches tall, 115 pounds, reddish blonde hair, excellent legs since she was a runner, a tight ass and two small but firm breasts with large nipples. Now, I only assumed the nips were large since there are times when the A.C. would be cranked down in our office and those bad boys were protruding through any clothing she might have been covering them up with.

As I recalled the dream that night I can understand why I massaged my dick into dropping a load, even though a tough day loomed ahead for me. The vision in my head was so clear; the feeling in my body was so sensuous, it was a dream that could have been for real had not it been a “dream”. I was present in this dream but as strange as dreams are I was somewhere in the background. I could see my secretary talking to my wife but couldn’t hear a word.

As I moved forward towards both of them, it was similar to one of those dreams were you are running from someone or something but you can’t get away. I could move forward but I couldn’t get close enough to hear anything. I kept struggling to get there, then as uncanny as dreams are; there I was next to both of them, not knowing how I got there. Now, I could now hear every word of their conversation. My secretary was relating to my wife about the way I looked at her throughout the years. She said to my wife that on many occasions “He looked at me with those piercing brown eyes, it was as though he were undressing me garment by garment and then somehow he always managed to reveal his bulge to me”. She told my wife “If this had happened anywhere but work, I don’t know if I could have resisted your husband’s sexual advances, even though he may not have known what those penetrating stares did to me. Honestly, my pussy used to get so damp from his piercing eyes and his mental undressing of me that I used to touch myself under the cover of my cubicle. I was so ashamed of touching myself over the years but I continued this secret masturbation even as recent as last week.”

I couldn’t believe what my secretary said to my wife but even more shocking is what my wife said to her. My wife said “I know I’m a little wet myself just from you telling me how you felt”. What she did next startled me even more. She grabbed my secretary’s hand and shoved it up and under her skirt. My wife said “Feel, it’s wet, can you believe that”? I’m not sure what my secretary was thinking at that moment but I know what I had been thinking, thinking about every man’s fantasy. “Oh my god, my wife is going to make love, do it; she is going to have sex with my secretary.". Those raging thoughts were just part of the reason self-gratification took place that night.

Exciting as it was to watch my wife stick my secretary’s hand up and under her dress that wouldn’t be my fantasy that night. They both approached me and my wife calmly said to me “Why do you look at her the way you do. Do you know that excites her to no end? Do you know that her pussy gets damp, and then she fingers herself to an orgasm under the cover of her cubicle? Do you know she wants to fuck you? Do you know that? Why the fuck, do you do that?”

Before I could answer, my wife pointed her finger at me and informed me quite sternly that it was all my fault that my secretary had to masturbate in her cubicle and secretly want to fuck me all these years. As she pointed and waved her finger at me she also said that I would have to pay the price for being so forward with my sexual advances towards my unsuspecting and faithful secretary. I tried to explain to my wife that I not so sure what she and my secretary were talking about. There would be no time for questions or explanations that night.

She said “quiet," turned her back to me and looked directly at my secretary. My wife said to her in a stern and commanding voice “now it’s your turn to undress him with your eyes."Since I had been sleeping in just my boxers and wife beater t-shirt there wasn’t much clothing for her to undress me with. I felt the t-shirt coming up and over my head and I had absolutely no control over it. She was staring at me, undressing me with her eyes, as I have done to her in the past. Although I struggled and tried to resist by trying to hold on to the t-shirt, the effort was wasted, the t-shirt laid next to my feet on the floor.

I just knew my wife would stop this charade at any moment because there was no way she would let my secretary pull my boxers down exposing my scrawny, not much to look at eight inch dick, to her. Just as my t-shirt came off so did my boxers, I had no control over the boxers even though I tried and struggled with my cramped fingers to keep the boxers up. The boxers ended up next to the t-shirt on the floor. Now I was standing there, in front of my wife and secretary, naked with half a hard on, speechless and a look of W.T.F. just happened. My wife snapped “that’s what you get for making her feel so uneasy and so not fulfilled all these years." I felt completely drained and knew I was at both their mercy.

Next a series of commands came from my wife, like a drill instructor and these commands were directed towards my secretary. The first command was for my secretary to take off her shoes which she complied. The following command from my wife was for her to take off her shorts. I certainly thought that command would slow things down but she slid those short shorts down those firm legs without hesitation. Now I’m at full erection and staring directly at her bush that’s pushing through her white skimpy underpants. I told my wife I can’t believe you are doing this to us. She replied “Not us, you," 

Her next command was again directed at my secretary, “take off your top,” and again without hesitation my secretary reached down to the sides of her top and pulled it up and over her head exposing a sports bra that pinned her breasts against her chest. The fourth command came from my wife and that command was for her to remove her bra. Since it was a sports bra my secretary just reached under the front of the bra and pulled it up and over her head, dropping it to the floor. Her tits were now staring at me or should I say I was staring at them. Her tits were what I’ve imagined all these years. I certainly wasn’t disappointed, her breasts were small and firm and her nipples were just as I envision. They were perfectly centered in her areolas and were at least a half inch in diameter. Her nipples were as hard as my dick.

Now I couldn’t wait for the next command which surely would be for her to remove her undies. Those white skimpy underpants would be on the floor and she would be totally exposed to me. I was correct and didn’t have to wait long; the next command from my wife was for my secretary to take off her undies. As my secretary slid her undies to the floor, the reveal was so exciting. She stood there with a neatly trimmed patch of reddish blonde pubic hair just above her clit. Everything to the left and right of her labia’s were shaven clean exposing her clit and the entrance to her now moist pussy.

My wife said to me “it’s all your fault, look at you dick, it’s at full erection." I did look at my dick and it was at full erection and a quick squeeze from my scrotum, to my circumcised cockhead produced some pre-cum juices of my own. My wife was still giving commands and the next command was “Get your lanky, skinny eight inch dick, Italian looking ass over to her. You have been taunting her for years and now it’s time for her to fulfill her needs without any concern for your feelings." 

Somehow my wife got behind me and being a dream I not sure how she did this, but she pushed me towards my secretary and I lost my balance. As I stumbled towards my secretary, I end up smacking into her and she grabbed me around my waste to keep both of us from falling to the floor. I’m 6’3” and she is 5’2” tall so this made for a very uneven match, body to body. What I did notice is that my dick was snug against her tight abs just touching the bottom of her breasts. My hands were engaged on her firm ass and the rest of her tits with those perfect nipples were pressing against my lower pecks. The next thing I feel is her squeezing my ass and pulling me forward and tighter against her warm body. I thought what a forward little bitch!

The next command my wife barked at us, was for both of us to get on the ground. I couldn’t tell if we were indoors, outdoors or in some sort of room. We tried to obey this command but it seemed to take forever, for us to get to the floor. We were tangled and it was awkward moving from an upright position to a position on the ground, since neither of us were able to release that strange strangle hold grip that we had on each other. I started down, she pushed up, I went right, she went left, I stopped, she didn’t, and when I continued down, she pulled backwards. The dream wasn’t letting us get prone.

Or was it my subconscious holding me back, whispering in my ear “what the fuck are you doing, your wife is here." The funny part is I couldn’t see my wife and it felt as though I were cheating on her. The awkwardness and silence I felt was broken by my wife putting her hands on my shoulders. Her hands were cold but strong. She pushed me to the ground and that broke the firm the grip between me and my secretary. Get on your back, she shouted. I was now on my back, somewhat embarrassed with my prick leaking juices right below my belly button.

She grabbed my secretary by the hand, pulled her towards me and made her straddle me in an upright position, one leg left and one leg right. There I was on my back, my wife kneeing at my midsection, my secretary standing over me with her now completely exposed wet and partially opened pussy. Not letting go of her hand she pulled my secretary down and made her hover that wet and gleaming pussy just over my cock in a Vietnamese position. My wife grabbed my dick with one hand and pushed it towards my secretary’s waiting pussy. With her other hand she pushed down on my secretary’s back right above her tight ass and brought her pussy just millimeters from my leaking, throbbing dick. I could actually feel the warmth of her pussy.

My wife told my secretary to slide her love machine down on to my cock but to do it slowly, very slowly for all the times that I brought her to excitement by starring through her, but not taking her to that orgasmic satisfaction. My wife said softly to both of us, that this was time for a secretary’s revenge. My wife maintained a strong grip on my dick as that damp, wet pussy slid its way onto my cock.

My secretary lowered herself onto my already leaking dick, just barely parting her vagina lips, and suddenly my wife yanked my dick backwards to avoid any further penetration. She yelled at my secretary “I told you slowly, he doesn’t deserve to have you just yet. Punish him for all those years of taunting you”. My wife again pulled my dick off my stomach and towards that waiting pussy again. I saw my secretary taking aim, wiggling her body left and right, aiming as if she were zooming in on a target from afar. Very slowly, she lowed herself onto my cock and I could feel the warmth of her puss as my dick passed her damp outer lips. My dick finally made entrance into her tight canal. Without any urging or commands from my wife, she stopped and slowly pulled herself off my dick.

Again she moved her body like a joy stick, she took aim and this time she plunged her cunt right onto the head of my dick and this time my cock broke into that forbidden barrier. My cock was smothered by dampness, warmth and an unusual tightness. I felt the head of my cock slam against the furthest part of her vagina. Before I could respond or react with a second thrust, she again pulled off my dick, and my cock slammed against my belly for the second time.

I’m not sure were my wife was at this time but I could feel her presence. My secretary squatted in front of me, pulling, tugging and spreading her vagina lips with her fingers. She coldly asked “Is this what you wanted and wished for all these years? Is the pussy you want? Say it. Say it. Say it or you won’t have this tight, wet and throbbing pussy." I started to say “yes,” but before I could utter a word, she slammed that pussy back down onto my cock and began a rhythm that left my dick hitting the back of her pussy over and over again. I never felt a pussy this tight or so short on depth. She was out of control with her thrusting. I knew I couldn’t hold out much longer. That constant pounding on the head of my dick was more than I could take. I felt the cum moving up my shaft, getting ready to spurt. I felt that indescribable feeling in the head of my dick. I was ready to spray a load of cum into the tightest, hottest, littlest pussy this cock had ever felt.

Without the slightest warning the dream was over. My wife wasn’t holding my dick; I was holding my own cock. That tight little pussy I felt was my hand squeezing and rubbing my scrawny, eight inch nothing to brag about dick. There was no wife, there was no secretary, and there was no wet dream. The only place this dick was going to spurt and spray was on my own body. The only way it was going to spurt and spray was if I did myself. I tugged, I pulled and I rubbed and got my wish. Hot cum hit my stomach, my pleasure was at its’ height and my god, there was so much cum.

Afterwards I almost, and I stressed almost, felt guilty about wasting a load as large and hot as this on my own stomach. Certainly it would have pleased my secretary’s pussy and certainly there would have been more than enough cum for both my wife and secretary. They both could have shared it. I laid on the bed for what seemed like hours wondering what my next dream would be about. What type of ending would be waiting for me? There would be no answer for me this night; the alarm rang signaling the start of another gruesome day of training!!

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