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My wife and our new neighbor part seven

The next chapter and Steve gets intimate with Christy

I woke at 7 o’clock the following morning and found that I had another erection, so I quickly worked myself off before getting up and making the coffee.

I could hear talking coming from our bedroom and knew that they were all awake, I text my wife to ask if they were ready for coffee and she confirmed that they were.

I knocked and was summoned in, Christy was sitting up in bed with Jason to her right and Chris on her left. It was very erotic, seeing her in bed with two black men and unlike the previous times that I had seen her in bed, this time, the covers were not pulled up to her chest to hide it from me; her beautiful, pierced nipples were on display and she looked amazing.

I could see red marks on her breasts from the spanking the night before, she looked very happy and contented.

I placed their coffee on the night stand and leaned over Jason to kiss her and Chris asked me if I had enjoyed last night. I confirmed that I enjoyed it immensely and he smiled.

“Just remember though, “Jason reminded me, “Your white cock doesn’t go in her pussy.”

I smiled and gave him a thumbs up. 

“And you still only get Tuesdays and Thursdays with her, the rest of the week, she is mine,” Jason told me.

“Agreed,” I quickly replied, with a smile.

I left them alone and about twenty minutes later; Jason came and joined me in the living room.

“I have left them to fuck,” Jason smiled, “seeing as Chris is leaving today, I wanted to give them some alone time.”

“Thanks for understanding my needs,” I smiled to Jason.

“Hey dude, we are thankful that you share her with us; she told me that it was you who wanted the denial thing, otherwise I would have included you sooner.”

“It was, but the other night, I started missing her body.”

Jason told me that we were all going to have a lot of fun with the new plans and we continued to chat for a further hour before Christy and Chris joined us.

My wife, cooked breakfast and Jason left with Chris to get ready for their airport drive. This left Christy and me alone for a while; we talked about the new plans and I reassured her that I was delighted that she understood my fears.

“I was only trying to enforce the rules that you wanted baby, I hated that I couldn’t let you see or touch me.”

“I know baby, and I am sorry.”

“Are you sure that you are okay with us not having intercourse?”

“Absolutely baby, my small dick couldn’t satisfy you now anyway.”

“No, it probably wouldn’t,” Christy joked as she kissed me.

I asked her if she wanted to drive to the airport and say goodbye to Chris and she told me that she would like that. They left around noon and I knew that she would be feeling sad on her return. I text her and asked if she wanted Jason to spend the afternoon with us and this cheered her up a little.

They arrived back around two thirty and as soon as they entered our house, Jason ordered her to strip naked.

Our house has a front door and a clear glass storm door; we leave the front door open most of the time because this lets more natural light into the house, the storm door is always closed but it does give an unobstructed view into the living room and walkway to the kitchen.

Christy went to close the front door before she stripped naked.

“I didn’t tell you that you could close the door, did I?” Jason smiled.

“No, but people can look in and see that I am naked.”

“I don’t care, leave it open,” Jason replied, “Now strip naked in front of the storm door.”

I watched with delight as she removed her tee shirt and jeans, followed by her bra and thong in front of the storm door. I was secretly praying that people would walk past and see her naked but I didn’t see anyone.

“Get used to people seeing you naked,” Jason smiled, “You are going to be naked a lot!”

Christy smiled, “Okay sir.”

Our backyard has a four feet tall fence that goes around the perimeter and at the back of our yard there is an open space with a lot of trees, but to the left of our yard is Kevin’s house and we both have a good view into each others yards. The house to our right has been empty for about a year now.

It was a beautiful and warm sunny day and Jason suggested that we grill outside and enjoy the sunshine.

Christy went to the bedroom and put on a short, printed, cotton dress and rejoined us.

“Why are you wearing that dress?” Jason asked.

“I thought that we were going out to the back yard to grill,” Christy replied.

“We are, but you were not told to dress.”

“If Kevin looks out or goes out to his yard, he will see me naked.”

“I don’t care, now get naked!”

Christy looked at me and I smiled, “Apparently, he already saw you naked last week.”

Christy smiled as she removed her dress, she was naked underneath it and we went outside.

Jason moved the grill to a position that, if Kevin looked out of his window, he would have a clear view of us cooking.

“I told you to get used to being seen naked,” Jason smiled before kissing her and slapping her ass.

We continued to cook some chicken and hot dogs on the grill and I noticed that my wife kept her back to Kevin’s house. Kevin is in his late sixties, retired and has lived alone since his wife passed away about five years ago. 

He has a grown up son who lives in Florida and visits at Thanksgiving. He is a great neighbor and has not complained once with our house renovation noise. His garden is his pride and joy; he spends a lot of time on keeping it looking beautiful.

Jason came over and kissed my wife and said that someone was looking out from his window. Christy froze!

“Is it Kevin?” 

I looked and smiled, “Yes it is, he can see that you are naked.”

“Oh my God,” Christy replied, “is he looking?”

“Yes he is,” Jason smiled.

I waved to Kevin to let him know that I could see him looking and he waved back. I could tell that Christy was excited at the thought of our elderly neighbor looking at her naked body.

Suddenly, Kevin came out and shouted, “It’s a beautiful day, isn’t it.”

“Oh my God, is he outside?” Christy whispered.

“Yes, and he is looking at you,” Jason smiled.

“Hi Kev,’ I replied, “It is a perfect day.”

Christy turned her head and waved to him, she could see that he was admiring her naked ass.

“I’m trying to catch some sun,” Christy shouted, “Hope I am not embarrassing you?”

“Not at all, I’m going to trim my grass, hope I don’t disturb you all,” Kevin smiled.

“Would you like some chicken, its ready now,” Jason asked.

“Oh that would be great,” Kevin replied.

Jason took a piece of chicken from the grill and put it on a plate with some bread and salad.

“Go and take this to your neighbor,” Jason smiled as he handed my naked wife the plate.

My erection was huge as Christy murmured, “Oh my gosh.”

She took the plate and turned to face Kevin. I watched as his eyes feasted on the sight that was now on view. Christy, calmly, walked over to the fence and handed him the plate and to my surprise, she stood there naked, talking to him for a couple of minutes before she returned to us.

“He has an erection,” Christy said softly, “I could see the bulge in his shorts.”

Jason smiled, “Invite him over to join us.”

Christy smiled and shouted to Kevin, “Would you like to come and join us?”

“I would love that,” Kevin replied.

“Come round,” Jason shouted.

Kevin went in to his house and Jason told my naked wife to go and let him in the front door.

Kevin and Christy joined us a couple of minutes later and I handed Kevin a beer.

“It has been a long time since I have had a drink,” Kevin said as he ogled my naked wife, “Or seen a beautiful body.”

Christy blushed and thanked him for coming over.

Over the next couple of hours, the alcohol flowed and we ate the grilled chicken and hot dogs. It was clear that the alcohol was having an effect on Kevin as he started to let himself go. He started talking about Christy’s tattoos and piercings and kept saying that she was beautiful.

“I don’t understand the writing on that tattoo,” Kevin said as he pointed to my wife’s naked, shaved pussy.

“It means that I only have black cock,” Christy smiled; she was totally at ease now.

“Only black cock?” Kevin asked.

“Yes, Jason is my lover and I only have black cock.”


The sun and the alcohol were having an effect on both Kevin and my wife as they sat and chatted. Kevin was feeling more at ease now and Christy was also unconcerned that she was naked in front of him.

Kevin started reminiscing about his sex life with his deceased wife Beryl.

“She was very conservative,” Kevin said, “She would only have sex with me on a Saturday and only in bed.”

“Wow,” Christy said, “Only one day a week?”

“Yes, and she only had her ears pierced; she would never have dreamed of getting a tattoo,” Kevin said, “Tattoo’s were for men in our day and having your boobs pierced was never dreamed of.”

“Do you like my piercing?” Christy asked, “My nipple and pussy ones.”

“They look lovely,” Kevin smiled.

“How often did she give you a blowjob?” Jason asked.

Kevin looked shocked, “She would never do that.”

“You have never had a blowjob?” Jason asked.

“No, never, I told you, Beryl was very prudish.”

I saw Jason’s eyes roll and I could see his mind working; he looked at Christy and smiled as he walked over to her. She was laying back on a sun lounger and Kevin was sitting opposite her on a deck chair. Jason stood to her left and pulled her legs open a little, to fully expose her pussy and he rubbed his fingers over her open pussy lips.

Kevin looked on as Jason eased a finger inside her before pulling it out and making Christy lick it clean.

“Come with us,” Jason said as he took Christy’s hand and helped her off of the sun lounger.

“Who, me?” Kevin asked.

“Yes, come with us,” Jason replied.

Kevin stood up and followed Jason and my wife into the house; Jason was slapping her naked ass as they walked. I had an idea that Jason was going to make my wife suck Kevin off but I wasn’t sure, so I followed them into the house.

I stayed in the hallway but I had a good view of our living room and I saw Jason, sit my wife on the edge of the couch and he whispered in her ear. Christy looked stunned and said softly, “Really?”

Jason nodded to confirm his instructions before he positioned Kevin in front of her.

“Enjoy,” Jason smiled as he walked to the hallway and stood next to me. 

We were out of sight to my wife and Kevin but, if we moved our head a little, we could see them both in the living room.

“Watch your wife suck that old man off,” Jason whispered.

“I don’t believe that you are making her do that,” I whispered back.

We watched as my wife, eased Kevin’s navy blue shorts down and revealed his grey, cotton boxer shorts. Christy rubbed his bulge before pulling his boxer shorts down and exposing his tool. I looked in amazement; his dick was actually about two inches bigger than mine and quite a bit thicker.

She took it in her hands and she massaged his balls as she leaned forward and kissed the end of his uncircumcised dick. He let out a groan as his dick grew even bigger; within a minute, she had his dick in her mouth and she was sucking feverishly.

“Oh my Lord,” Kevin said, “Oh my God.”

My wife continued to suck on his tool for a few minutes while we watched on.

“May I touch your boobs?” Kevin asked.

Christy eased his tool from her mouth and stood up.

“You can touch me anywhere,” Christy said softly and she pulled his hands to her naked breasts.

He fondled them for a minute, while Christy, worked his tool with her hand. She then pulled his hands to her ass and kissed him gently on his lips.

We could hear his breathing getting very heavy and we knew that he was close to shooting. Christy took his right hand and moved it to her pussy.

“Oh my God,” Kevin shouted, “You are beautiful.

“You can push a finger in, if you like,” Christy said softly.

He must have entered her with his finger as she screamed, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming; leave it in while I cum.”

Moments later, she pulled his hand from her pussy and moved his finger to his lips and he sucked his cum drenched finger.

“You have now tasted me,” Christy said softly, “Now it’s my turn.”

She sat back down and started sucking his dick again; it was less than two minutes before we heard him shout.

“I am close; you had better stop.”

Christy ignored him and sucked like crazy. Moments later, we saw his body jerk and he screamed.

“Oh my, oh my, I can’t hold it.”

We watched in amazement as she took his load in her mouth; he had his hands around her head, pulling her to his dick as he filled her mouth. A minute later, she eased his limp dick from her mouth and kissed the end of it again.

“Now, we have both tasted each other,” Christy smiled as she licked her lips.

Jason and I crept back to the yard and waited for them to join us, and a minute later they came out, Kevin was blushing, but he had his hand on my wife’s naked ass.

“Was that good?” Jason asked.

“Oh my Lord, it was,” Kevin smiled.

“So now, you have had a blowjob,” Jason smiled back, “Your first blowjob ever.”

“I had no idea that it was so good,” Kevin replied.

Christy came over and kissed me and asked me if I was okay, I told her that I was fine.

The sun was setting and it was getting a little chilly and I could see that my naked wife was feeling the evening chill.

“It’s getting chilly, “Christy said to Jason, “Can I put something on please.”

“No, you stay naked,” Jason smiled.

“But, I’m getting cold.”

“Why? The sun is only just setting,” Jason smiled.

“I happen to be naked, in case you haven’t noticed.”

“I know you are, and you stay like that,” Jason replied, “I like you being naked and I’m sure that they do as well.”

“I do,” Kevin shouted.”

“Let’s go inside,” Jason said, “she is getting cold.”


We went inside the house and continued to chat and drink beer for another two hours, and then our erotic day was ending. Jason told Kevin that he could get a blowjob from my wife any time that he wanted it; this made Kevin smile.

“Every day if you want one,” Jason smiled.

“Oh my Lord, I would love that,” Kevin replied as he got to the front door.

“Why don’t you walk Kevin home babe,” Jason smiled, “I’m sure that he would love to give you a good night kiss.”

Christy looked at Jason and went to walk to the hallway.

“Where are you going?” Jason asked.

“To put a dress on, you want me to walk Kevin home.”

“Walk him home like that, you don’t need to put a dress on,” Jason ordered.

“You want me to walk him home naked?”

“Yes, it’s only a few yards,” Jason replied, “its dark out, no one will see you.”

“Oh my God, I can’t do that,” Christy replied, “I can’t walk out there naked.”

“Are you refusing my order?”

Christy thought for a second, “No, I’m not, I will do it.”

“Good, you almost had a punishment.”

“I will do it.”

Kevin went to the bathroom and Jason ordered her to walk to the back of his house and kiss him deeply at his back door.

“I will be looking at you from outside,” Jason smiled.

“Kiss him deeply? You mean with my tongue?”

“Yes, I will be looking from over the fence; I want to see you kiss him deeply and for at least two minutes,” Jason smiled.

“But, he is an old man,” Christy pleaded.

Jason, thought for a second, “You have just lost your privilege of sleeping with your husband on Tuesday night,” he went on, “Do you want to risk, Thursday night as well?”

“No, no, I will kiss him.”

Kevin returned and bid us a good-night and thanked us for the afternoon. Christy had been naked now for over eight hours and now she has to walk Kevin home in the nude as well.

My erection was huge, even though I had just lost the first time to sleep with her naked in over eight months.

Jason opened the door and my naked wife walked out in the street with Kevin; although it was only abut twenty yards, she was still naked in the street!

Jason and I ran to my back yard and up to the fence that separates our yards, we ducked down so that Kevin couldn’t see us and watched as my wife walked to his back door, naked!

We watched as they approached his back door; he had his hand on Christy’s naked ass. 

He opened the door and turned to face Christy and she moved her head forward to kiss him. His hands caressed her naked ass as they kissed. About a minute later, we heard Kevin ask if she could touch him while they kissed; she agreed and he pulled his shorts down to reveal his second erection of the day.

Christy took hold of his dick and kissed him again and although it was difficult to see her tongue in his mouth, the way that they were kissing, it was obvious that she was obeying Jason’s order.

She was working his dick with her hands and he was squeezing her breasts as their mouths were locked together. They actually had five deep kisses and were on their sixth when Kevin shouted that he was close to shooting. Christy went to stop working his dick and he asked her to continue, which she did.

Suddenly, he shouted and his body jerked.

“Oh, I have made a mess over you.”

“It’s okay,” Christy replied, loud enough so that we could hear, “You have cum over my clit ring and pussy.”

“I’ll get you a tissue,” Kevin said and pulled his shorts up before running into his kitchen.

“Good girl,” Jason said across the fence and Christy smiled.

Kevin returned a moment later with some tissues and she wiped his cum from her pussy.

“My God, you are beautiful,” Kevin said.

“Thank you.”

“Can we do this again, sometime?” Kevin asked.

“If Jason wants us to, sure.”

“I love you darling,” Kevin smiled, “I would love to make love to you.”

“Love you too,” Christy replied, “Now, I had better get home, I am cold and it’s chilly standing here in the nude.”

She kissed Kevin gently and bid him a good-night.”

“I will dream of you darling,” Kevin said as she left the doorstep, “You have made me very happy today.”

Christy walked home in the nude and I was waiting at our front door for her; she kissed me deeply as she came in and she looked cold.

“It’s cold out there in the nude,” Christy said as I hugged her, “Can I put something on now?”

“No,” Jason replied, “It’s warmer in here, stay naked.”

“He wants to fuck me!” Christy said, “He cum over me!”

“I saw, “Jason smiled, “Maybe he will fuck you one day; his dick is big enough.”

Christy looked shocked, “You would let him fuck me?”

“Maybe,” Jason smiled, “His dick is big enough to.”

“Have I really lost Tuesday night with Steve?” Christy asked.

“Yes, I’m afraid you have, I told you that you earned a punishment.”

“But, that would be the first time that I have slept with him naked in over eight months.”

“You shouldn’t have questioned me,” Jason smiled, “Instead of sleeping with your husband on Tuesday I may have you spend the night with Kevin!”

“What!” Christy shouted.

“I may have you spend the night naked in bed with Kevin.”

“Are you serious?” Christy asked.

“I haven’t decided yet, but I may have you do that; that would be a good punishment, don’t you agree?”

Christy replied, “Would he fuck me?”

“If you spent the night with him, yes he would fuck you.”

“Oh my gosh,” Christy exclaimed, “But he has a white cock.”

“If you spend the night with him on Tuesday,” Jason smiled, “I will make an exception on your, black cock only, rule.

Her phone beeped, it was text from Kevin, he was thanking her for a wonderful day.

“Invite him over for dinner tomorrow night,” Jason told her.

“I won’t be naked, will I?”

“No, you will be clothed.”

She replied to Kevin and he accepted her invitation.

“Does he kiss nice?” Jason asked.

“Actually, it was much better than I imagined it to be,” Christy replied, “and he does have a very tender touch; but he’s still an old man!”

“You’ll soon get used to it,” Jason smiled.

“I will?”

“Yes, especially if you spend the night with him on Tuesday.”

“Is that going to happen?” I asked.

“It might,” Jason smiled, “I haven’t decided yet.”

They went to bed shortly after and I worked myself off again to the sounds of two people locked together in perfect harmony. The following day, I got home from work and Christy had prepared a delicious pot roast meal.

She was already dressed in a sleeveless cotton printed summer dress that plunged at the front to reveal a beautiful cleavage; it was flared from the waist and she finished off her outfit with a pair of one inch heels, she looked amazing.


We kissed deeply and I caressed her ass through her dress, I could feel the tiny thong that she had on under her dress and it felt amazing.

Jason arrived around six thirty and Kevin was prompt at seven o’clock. We ate and drank wine until almost nine thirty; Christy was sitting on the couch between Jason and I and Kevin was on the love seat.

“What color lingerie are you wearing?” Jason asked my wife.

Christy thought for a second, “White.”

“Stand up and slip your dress off for a second and show us,” Jason smiled.

Christy stood up and pushed her hands behind her back to unzip her dress; she pulled it down to her ankles to show her sexy white lingerie.

“Spin around,” Jason ordered.

Christy turned around very slowly to show us her sexy lingerie from all angles.

“Very nice,” Kevin smiled.

“Can I put my dress back on now?”

“Yes,” Jason replied as Christy got dressed again.

“You are just as beautiful with clothes on darling,” Kevin said.

“Thank you.”

It was almost ten o’clock when I said that I needed to get to bed and Kevin went to the bathroom.

“You can walk Kevin home,” Jason smiled at my wife.

Christy looked at Jason and whispered, “Naked?”

“No, you may wear clothes tonight,” Jason replied, “But kiss him deeply, good-night.”

“Do I work him off?” Christy asked.

“No, if he asks, tell him that he needs to save himself for tomorrow night.”

“Okay, tomorrow night?” Christy asked.

”Yes, tomorrow night, when you spend the night with him.”

“Oh my God, do I have to do that?”

“I’m afraid so, all night!” Jason continued, “Unless you want to lose Thursday night with Steve.”

“I’ll spend the night with him; I don’t want to lose Thursday with my husband.”

Kevin returned and bid us a good-night.

“I will walk you home,” Christy said.

They walked the twenty or so yards to Kevin’s house and Jason and I went to my back fence to watch. They got to his back door and kissed deeply; his hands were caressing her ass and we could hear the sounds of their kisses.

They kissed for about three minutes as we watched and Kevin asked my wife if she would touch him.

“Not tonight,” Christy said softly.

“I’m sorry darling,” Kevin said, “I didn’t mean to upset you by asking that; I had no right to ask you to touch an old man.”

Christy kissed him gently and said, “I hadn’t finished my sentence; I was going to say that, you need to save it, ready for tomorrow night.”

“Tomorrow night?”

“Yes, how would you like me to spend the whole night with you tomorrow night?”

“What, oh my good Lord,” Kevin shouted, “You will spend the whole night with me?”

“Yes, I will.”

“What, naked, in bed together?”

“Yes, naked, would you like that?”

“Holy cow, yes I would.”

“Then we will.”

“Naked, the whole night, just you and me?”

“Yes, naked, in bed, just you and me.”

“I love you darling,” Kevin shouted as he kissed her deeply again.

She returned about ten minutes later, “I told him,” Christy smiled, “I told him that I will spend the whole night with him tomorrow!”

“Good girl,” Jason smiled, “You will have fun.”

“But, he is still an old man,” Christy said softly.

“He can still hold an erection,” Jason quickly replied, “He can still get it in you.”

“He has to fuck me?”

“That’s the plan,” Jason smiled.

“What about the, black cock only rule?” Christy asked.

“For Kevin, I will make an exception.”

“Do we sleep here?”

“No, at his house, in his bed.”

“Oh my gosh, I am so nervous.”

“Don’t be, he loves you; you will be fine and you’ll enjoy it.”


The following evening, I arrived home from work and we ate dinner before she ran across to bathe Jason. I had run a hot bath for her when she returned. 

“Come and bathe me,” Christy smiled to me.

I didn’t need a second invitation and I bathed her and dressed her for her night with Kevin.

“Do you think that I am a slut baby?” Christy asked.

“No, why would you think that baby?”

“I am about to sleep with a sixty eight year old man, he is thirty six years older than me.”

“I don’t think that you are a slut baby; are you looking forward to it though?”

“I guess so, I don’t know.”

We shared a few glasses of wine before she kissed me good-night and walked to Kevin’s house. She wore her bright red, figure hugging short dress with a flame red bra and thong and black shoes and she looked gorgeous.

I went to bed around ten o’clock and worked myself off before falling asleep. I had decided to take the following day off from work to hear all about her night with Kevin.

She arrived home around nine the following day and sat me down to explain in detail, her night before. She told how he took her to his bedroom and slowly removed her dress. She told me that, although he is old, his home is remarkably modern, with, up to date décor and furnishings.

She told me how he kissed the naked flesh that was on display before easing her red bra from her shoulders; he kissed, licked and sucked her breasts and nipples before, gently laying her down in his bed. 

He stripped naked and his erection was huge; he then eased her thong down and off.

He kissed her tummy and asked her if he could kiss her pussy, she agreed; she said that he had never performed oral sex before but he was very good at it.

She went on to explain that, he licked her clit and pussy for over thirty minutes and she climaxed six times, three of those times were when his tongue was buried deep inside her.

She told how they continued with foreplay for a further thirty minutes before she moved down and took his tool in her mouth and sucked it hard.

“Did he cum in your mouth?” I asked.

“Not at that time,” Christy replied, “I sucked his cock for about ten minutes before I kissed up to his mouth.”

She continued with her detailed account.

“He asked me if he could put it in me.”

“Did you let him?”

“I told him that he could.”

“So, he fucked you?”

“Yes, I have been fucked by a sixty eight year old man.”

She told how he eased his tool into her wet pussy and he started to pump, very slowly and precise before he picked up speed.

“It only took him about five minutes to cum,” Christy smiled, “He shouted that he loves me as he was cumming.”

“Did you enjoy it?” I asked.

“It was very different than I am used to, but actually I did enjoy it.”

“Was that the only time that he fucked you baby?”

“He fucked me again this morning; I sucked him off before we fell asleep last night though; and I sucked him off while we were showering together this morning.”

I kissed her and thanked her for telling me all the details.

“Please don’t question Jason again baby,” I said softly, “I don’t want to lose Thursday night with you.

“Baby, I promise,” Christy smiled, “I will do whatever he tells me, with no questions, I need Thursday night with you!”


We spent the day together and Jason came over that evening; she told Jason of her night with Kevin and he enjoyed hearing all about how she spent the night with our elderly neighbor.

“I told you that you would enjoy it, didn’t I?” Jason smiled.

“It was okay, better than I expected it to be.”

“Maybe, we will make it a weekly thing then,” Jason smiled again.

“What?” Christy asked, “A regular weekly thing?”

“Yes, I think so,” Jason replied.

“Please tell me that it won’t be on my husband’s night with me.”

“It might be,” Jason smiled.

“Please, no, not on his night.”

“I think it will be on a Monday night, how’s that?”

Christy breathed a sigh of relief; it appeared that she was so relieved that it wouldn’t be on my night with her that she didn’t realize that she would be sleeping with Kevin on a regular basis. We chatted for a further hour before they went to bed together.

An hour later, Jason came out of the bedroom and called me. I walked to him and he asked me to join him in our bedroom, and I saw Christy, laying on the bed, naked and her legs were spread apart. Her clit ring was glistening as I looked at her; cum was oozing from her pussy and Jason smiled.

“Wanna clean her?” Jason asked me.

“Yes please.”

I knelt in front of her and moved my tongue to her shaved, wet pussy. I cleaned all of their cum from her and I loved it. Finally, after licking for over twenty minutes, I had finished.

“Good boy,” Jason smiled, “Okay, now leave us.”

I left them alone and went to my room to jerk myself off.

At last, it was my turn to spend the whole night alone with my wife and we wasted no time in getting to bed; it was around eight fifteen when we could wait no longer.

We stripped each other naked and I kissed and licked every inch of her naked body. We spent hours, licking and sucking each other; it was incredible!


Finally, after I had been licking her clit for over twenty minutes, she shouted, “Baby, fuck me!”

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yes, I’m sure; I need you to fuck me!”

I did as I was asked and I cum within three minutes; her pussy felt amazing after all this time and

I eased my limp dick from her soaking pussy and kissed her.

“I’m sorry that wasn’t long baby,” I whispered, “It has been a long time since I fucked you.”

“It was great baby,” Christy whispered back, “I have waited so long to feel your cock inside me.”

“Be honest baby,” I asked, “Could you actually feel me inside you?”

“It was great baby,” Christy replied.

“I asked if you could feel my dick inside you.”

“I didn’t need to feel it, I wanted you!”

That was her way of telling me that she couldn’t feel my small inferior dick inside her. I was in heaven all the following day, I hade finally made love to my wife after almost a nine month break.

Jason came over around seven fifteen that evening and kissed Christy deeply. He asked me how my night was with my wife.

“It was incredible,” I said, I had forgotten how her body felt.”

“So, you had a good time then?” Jason asked.

“Yes we did,” I replied, “although it only took me about two minutes to cum, we had a great time.”

Suddenly, I realized what I had just disclosed to Jason, I was under orders not to fuck her and I had just admitted that I did just that. Christy looked at me and I wondered if Jason had realized what I had said.

“So, you fucked her?”

“Only for a minute,” I said softly, knowing that Jason had realized what I had disclosed.

“You had your dick in her pussy?”

“Only briefly.”

“You know that you were not allowed to do that.”

“I know, I’m sorry, the heat of the moment got to me.”

Jason thought for a moment, “You know that means a severe punishment for her.”

“I guess so,“ I replied, “What is it to be?”

Jason thought for a moment and then smiled, “Lucky Kevin gets to spend two nights with your wife next week.”

“He does?” Christy asked.

“Yes, next Tuesday night and next Thursday night.”

“Oh my gosh, “Christy shouted, “Because Steve fucked me last night?”

“Yes,” Jason smiled, “wanna make it more?”

“I have to lose two nights with my husband for that?”

“You’re right;” Jason smiled, “That punishment is not severe enough, now you lose both nights for two weeks!” Jason went on, “You should not have questioned me, you lose him for two weeks now.”

“Oh my,” Christy said, “and I guess that I have to spend those nights with Kevin?”

“You guess correctly,” Jason smiled, “every time you fuck up, you lose Steve for a night.”

“I’m so sorry baby,” Christy said to me, “Please forgive me, but it was worth it; I needed you to fuck me.”

“It’s okay baby,” I smiled, “It won’t be the last time that we fuck up; I will get used to losing my night with you,” I went on, “I’m sure there will be many more punishments in the future.”

”I can assure you that there will be,” Jason smiled, “I am counting on it.”

They went to bed shortly after and Jason called me in after he had cum in her pussy.

“Wanna clean her?”

“Oh yes please.”

I licked and licked until I had got every drop of their mixed cum from her pussy; I liked my new job very much and so did they. I left them and worked myself off before falling asleep.

The following day, Christy called me at work and told me that Kevin had invited us all to dinner. It seems that he is a great cook and wanted to cook us a meal; I told Christy that it was fine with me.


I got home from work and went in the shower; my wife was ready to go to Kevin’s but, as I was showering, she came in and told me that she had to run over and bathe Jason. She returned about thirty minutes later and Jason was with her; we went to Kevin’s and he had prepared a delicious meal.

Kevin gave us a tour of his house and when we looked in his bedroom, I was surprised to see a photograph of my wife on his night stand; it was a picture of her face and I smiled.

“I hope you don’t mind me having that picture,” Kevin asked.

“I think it is so sweet,” Christy replied, “Don’t you baby?”

I agreed and told Kevin that I was okay with him having a photo of my wife in his bedroom.

“Tell Kevin the good news,” Jason smiled.

“What good news?” Christy replied.

“About the next two weeks,” Jason quickly answered.

“Oh that.”

Kevin asked, “What news?”

“Well,” Christy said, “How would you like it if I spent next Tuesday and Thursday night with you?”

“Are you serious, I would love that?”

“So, I assume that you would love it if I did that for the next two weeks?”

“Oh Lord, yes I would, the whole night, like the other time?”

“Yes, the whole night, just like the other day,” Jason smiled.

“Darling, that is a dream come true,” Kevin shouted, “Is that okay Steve?”

I looked at Kevin and I could see his excitement, “Yes, it’s fine.”

“Thank you for sharing her with me,” Kevin said, “I love being around her.”

We stayed at Kevin’s until nine thirty, chatting and drinking wine until I said that I needed to get home and get to bed. Jason called Christy into the kitchen and when they emerged a minute later, Christy came over to me and said that she has to wait behind for a while and kiss Kevin good-night.

“Oh, okay baby,” I whispered.


Jason and I got up, ready to leave and he raised his eyebrows to Christy; she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor.

She unclasped her bra and quickly removed her thong; she collected her clothes and gave them to me.

“Take these home with you baby,” Christy smiled, “I have to kiss Kevin and walk home naked.”

I took her clothes and gave her a quick kiss before Jason and I left her and Kevin. 

“I told Kevin to spank her ass,” Jason smiled as we walked to my house.

“You did?”

“Yes, I told him that she likes that.”

I waited at the front door for thirty minutes until my wife emerged from Kevin’s house, naked!

She walked to our home and kissed me as she came in.

“Show us your spanked ass,” Jason smiled.

Christy turned around and we could see two red hand prints on each cheek.

“He spanked me hard!”

“I told him to,” Jason replied, “I told him that you like it.”

“He wants a naked picture of me,” Christy said with a grin, “He wants a naked picture of me by his bed!”

“Then we will give him one,” Jason smiled as he grabbed his cell phone.

Christy posed for a dozen photographs and Jason told her that he will upload the pictures onto a thumb drive and she must take it to the store tomorrow and have prints made.

“Oh my gosh,” Christy shouted, “I have to take it to get printed at a store?”


“But the assistant will see the pictures of me.”

“I know,” Jason smiled, “I told you, lots of people are going to see your naked body.”

The following day, she did as ordered and took the thumb drive to our local Walgreen to get the prints done; it was such a tease as she knew the male assistant who works there, they had become friends over the past few months and she knew that he would see the naked pictures of her; the pictures were all nudes, nothing pornographic but everything was on display.

She told me that, when she returned to collect the prints, she had ordered them all as eight by six inch prints; she was very nervous but also very wet. She knew that the male assistant had already seen them by now and as she walked into the store, he came up and told her that her prints were ready. He opened a drawer and pulled out a large envelope and handed it to her to check.

“He asked me to check them baby,” Christy told me.

“Check them for quality Christy,” The assistant smiled.

“I’m sure they are okay; did you print them yourself?”

“Yes, I did,” Shane, the assistant smiled.

She told me that she climaxed as he revealed that he had printed them personally.

“I need you to check them for quality though,” Shane said again.

“Did you open the envelope and get the prints out?” I asked.

“Yes, I had to.”

I smiled.

“He told me that there were two prints that were a little dark and that he had adjusted the hue as much as he could; but he wouldn’t charge me for those two.”

“He looked at the prints with you then?”

“Yes, he showed me the two that were not charged for; I was blushing as he showed me, naked photos of myself.”

“Wow,” I smiled.

“He was shaking we checked the prints; it’s a good job that there were no one else waiting in line.”

“How hot!” I said.

“I told him that they were a gift for my husband and he told me that I could be a professional model!”

“Was it exciting?”

“Incredibly!” Christy smiled, “and embarrassing at the same time; more so as I got to know him over the past few months.”

“After I had put the prints back in the envelope, I asked him what the term hue means and he explained it to me,” Christy smiled, “You would not believe what he said after that!”

“What did he say baby?”

“He told me that he was an expert at photography and if I wanted some semi professional shots, he would be happy to do them for me!”

“Oh wow, what did you say?”

“I thanked him and told him that I would keep that in mind, I know Jason would want me to do that if he knew!”


Christy was smiling as she told me that Shane had given her his phone number and she should call him is she wanted to pose.

“Are you going to tell Jason? I think that you must.”

“You know that if I tell him, he will want me to pose for Shane, don’t you.”

“Yes, I think that is hot! You must tell Jason.”

She was eager to tell Jason and as soon as he came over she kissed him and handed him the prints.

He looked and approved and chose five to give to Kevin.

“Run them into him now,” Jason told her.

When she returned, she told Jason of Shane’s offer and he smiled.

“Now that is an offer we cannot pass up,” Jason said.

“I knew that you would like it,” Christy smiled.

“You told him that the prints were a gift for your husband?”

“Yes, I did, I had to think fast.”

Jason thought for a minute.

“Text him and ask him to call you.”

“What now?”

“Yes, now.”

“What do I say when he calls?”

“Tell him that you would like to take him up on his offer,” Jason smiled, “But, would he mind taking more explicit photos?”

“More explicit?”

“Yes, of you with a black man!”

“Oh my gosh, really?”

“Yes, we will have some of us, making love.”

“Oh my, he will know that I have a black lover.”

“He already knows that, he saw your naked pictures, with the tattoos.”


Christy text Shane and he called her straight away. She had the phone on the speaker phone setting so that we could hear their conversation.

“Hi Shane, its Christy.”

“Oh hi.”

“I was wondering, you offered to take some semi professional photographs earlier.”

“Yes, I did, I have all the lights and stuff to take good quality pictures.”

“How far are you prepared to go? I mean, more erotic shots?”

“Sure, I will take any that you want, what did you have in mind?”

“I’m not sure how to put this but, even intimate shots?”

“Of course, any that you want.”

Christy was shaking as she continued.

“Even me with someone else?”

“I will gladly take any that you want, as explicit as you wish; what did you have in mind?”

“Me, with a black man!”

“Doing the full thing? Sucking and penetration, you mean?”

“Well, yes!” Christy could hardly speak, “Is that something that you would do? Take those types of pictures I mean.”

“Of course I would and I would make them all very stylish for you; I would be glad to do that for you,” Shane replied, “I told you that you could easily be a model, didn’t I.”

“Okay, we will set something up, thank you.”

Jason whispered that she should set up a day and time right now, so Christy asked Shane, when would be a good time and he suggested that the following day, Sunday afternoon would be good as he was off work on that day.

He said that he would text her his address and they set up the time of two o’clock; she thanked him and he told her that he was looking forward to it. They ended their call and within fifteen seconds he text her his address.

“Are you going to have pictures of you fucking her taken?” I asked Jason.

“Of course, and of her sucking my dick, and cum in her mouth and after I cum in her pussy,” Jason smiled, “There are going to be pictures of everything.”

“Wow, that’s so hot,” I shouted.

“There will be close up pictures of your wife sucking my dick and close up pictures of her clit and pussy, filled with my cum,’ Jason smiled, “Very close up, intimate pictures of your wife enjoying a big black dick.”


We spent the next two hours talking about the photo shoot and Christy asked me if I would go with them, although I wouldn’t be part of the photo shoot, she wanted me there, I agreed and my erection was difficult to hide.

The following morning was filled with sexual electricity with excitement of what was planned for later that day. Christy chose her sexy red dress and red lingerie to wear and I bathed her and helped her get ready. Shane lived only fifteen minutes away and at one thirty we left for his house; Jason and my wife sat in the back seat of the car and I drove.


We arrived at Shane’s house and he was waiting at the door; after the introductions, Shane offered us a glass of wine/

“I may need a few glasses of wine,” Christy smiled.

“You will be fine,” Shane replied, “You have natural beauty.”

Shane’s bedroom was off of the living room, and he showed them that that where the photo shoot was going to take place. It had white walls and a large king bed with a white comforter on it. It was very modern and he had a lot of lights, strategically positioned around the room to give the best lighting for the photographs.

We chatted for thirty minutes before Shane asked if they were ready and Christy kissed me before following Jason and Shane into his bedroom. I waited a minute before walking to the closed door and listening; I could hear a lot of muffled kissing and directions from Shane.

“Perfect, great, hold that pose, fantastic.”

I looked down and realized that I had my small dick in my hand and I was jerking it while I listened. This was even hotter than I had imagined and I shot my load into my hand.


It was just over an hour later that I heard talking coming from the bedroom and I quickly sat back down on the couch; the door opened and Christy came out, followed by Jason and Shane. She was wearing Shane’s white bath robe and Jason had a beach towel wrapped around his waist.

Christy came and kissed me and I could taste cum on her lips and I smiled and squeezed her ass through the bath robe.

“Are you finished?” I asked.

“No, we are taking a short break,” Jason replied.

“Are you naked under that robe?” I softly asked my wife.


Shane poured another glass of wine and I asked if I could use the bathroom. He told me that the closest bathroom was in his bedroom and as I walked through the bedroom, I could see Christy’s red dress, bra and thong on the floor.

Upon my return, I asked how it was going and Shane replied that it was going great.

“You really are a natural,” Shane told Christy.

“Thank you,” Christy smiled, “I was terribly nervous to begin with, but now I feel relaxed.”

“You are doing great, you have a beautiful body.”

Christy blushed, “Thank you.”

They finished their wine and Shane asked them if they were ready for the second shoot; they followed him into the bedroom and closed the door. Again, I listened to the muffled sounds as I again, jerked my small penis. It was another ninety minutes before I heard Jason shout that he was cumming. A further twenty minutes later, I ran to sit back down and Shane came out of the bedroom.

“They are taking a shower,” Shane told me as he poured another four glasses of wine; he handed me a glass and went back into the bedroom. 

Thirty minutes later, they all emerged, dressed and smiling; my wife came and kissed me and I asked if she was okay.

“That was great,” Shane said, I got some amazing pictures.”

“It was fun,” Christy smiled.

Shane explained that he would go through the pictures and edit what he needed to that night and arranged for Christy to go to the store the following day and collect the flash drive with the entire photo shoot on it.

“Are you going to print the pictures?” I asked.

“I took over two hundred pictures, “Shane replied, “I will print them all, if you want me to; I can use the printer at work.”

“Won’t anyone at work see the pictures?” Christy asked.

“I will be discreet,” Shane smiled, “I am the head guy in the photo department.”

“I would be so embarrassed if other people at your work saw them,” Christy replied.

Shane asked us to choose our fifty favorite pictures and he would print them for us, but we would have the whole shoot on the flash drive.

We left around six thirty and went to our favorite restaurant to eat before going home.

“Maybe, we could get Shane to do a video shoot for us,” Jason smiled.

“I’m sure that he would,” Christy replied, “I soon got used to being naked in front of him.”


I asked how the photo shoot went, and Christy told me that it went great, she told me that the first half of the shoot was mainly, kissing, undressing and oral sex but the second half was full intercourse. She told me that Shane took some very explicit pictures of them performing oral sex and full penetration, finished with cum shots in her mouth and pussy.

“You were amazing,” Jason said as he kissed my wife.

“I still can’t believe that you made me do that,” Christy smiled.

“Do what?” I asked.

Christy told me that, when they went back in the bedroom to shoot the second half, Jason was still not fully hard and he told Christy to do the thing that he loves.

“What is that?” I asked.

“The quickest way to get Jason hard again is for me to masturbate in front of him,” Christy said, “He loves seeing me masturbate.”

“Oh,” I smiled.

“After Jason had eased my thong off, I had to masturbate in front of him and Shane to get him hard.”

“You masturbated in front of Shane as well?”

“Yes, I had to, we needed Jason hard.”

“I don’t think that you have ever done that in front of me,” I said.

“No, I haven’t.”

“Shane saw you masturbate yourself?” I asked again.

“Yes he did, for over fifteen minutes.”

I worked myself off that night to images of my wife masturbating in front of Shane and Jason.


I couldn’t wait to get home from work the following day and see the pictures.

“I was a little embarrassed when I went in the store to get the flash drive,” Christy said.

“Why baby?” I asked.

“Shane teased me that he didn’t recognize me with my clothes on.”

I laughed.

“Who would have thought that a guy who works at our local Walgreens would see me naked and intimate,” Christy smiled, “Let alone, take pictures of me making love with a black man!”

“It’s hot,” I smiled.

“Whenever I went in the store, he has always smiled to me and asked me how I was doing,” Christy smiled, “He has always been friendly to me, every time he saw me.”

“Well now, he has seen you naked and intimately,” I joked.

We opened the computer and loaded the flash drive; the first sets of pictures were of her kissing Jason, then of him slowly removing her dress and kissing her as he removed it.

The pictures continued of him removing her bra and kissing her breasts; she removed his shirt and kissed his chest; she removed his jeans and shorts and held his limp tool.

The next dozen pictures were of her kissing and licking his tool, and as it grew in size, she was licking and sucking it.

The pictures continued of her sucking his dick until finally, he shot his cum in her mouth. The next set were of my wife on the bed and Jason, kissing and sucking her breasts and pierced nipples; he removed her thong and Shane took some close up shots of Jason, licking and biting her clit.

The pictures showed Jason with his tongue deep in her pussy and intimate shots of her open and very wet pussy.

Then came the penetration shots; firstly, there were pictures of his thick black dick resting on her open pussy, then slowly penetrating her, then full penetration; followed by ejaculation.

The final shots were of her, legs apart and cum oozing from her pussy. They were very erotic and intimate and Christy could see the bulge in my shorts; she got to her knees and sucked me off. In less than three minutes I was shooting my love juice deep into her mouth.

“I asked Shane if he would make a video of Jason making love to me,” Christy smiled as she cleaned her lips.

“Will he?” I asked.

“He said that he would love to.”

Part eight coming soon.



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