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My Wife Begins to Cuckold Me

The weekend of our daughter's wedding, my wife and I start on a new road of sexual happiness.

After Shreveport, we went through counseling and tried to work things out, eventually moving back to Texas. We settled down and led the typical suburban lifestyle raising two children, a boy and a girl, along the way. They had both graduated from college and the oldest, our son, was married and doing well, and our daughter was getting married over Memorial Day weekend. My wife Terri had spent well over a year planning the wedding and it proved to be an outstanding event; although, I still don’t know what it cost! They were getting married on our anniversary which made it even more special.

Terri had spent months getting everything ready, including herself. She had gone for a breast reduction but the doctor talked her into doing just reconstructive surgery and her tits were gorgeous. In addition he gave her a tummy tuck because of the weight she had lost, and a facelift. She had also spent a lot of time at the gym and tanning salon and looked amazing.

While I was excited about my daughter getting married, I was really looking forward to seeing my best friend since high school, Jerry, who was coming to the wedding. Jerry and I roomed together in college, as a matter of fact when I first met my wife, Terri, she was dating Jerry. They dated for almost two years and she spent as much time at our apartment as she did her own.

Jerry always used to tell me she was the “best piece of ass he had ever had” and Jerry had his share. He was the good looking athletic type guy who went on to law school and had made a butt load of money working as a personal injury attorney.

I never knew why Terri and Jerry had broken up, neither one of them would say much. Terri and I ran into each other a few months after they broke up and started dating. A year after we both graduated from college, we were married.

Jerry had met another girl soon after they broke up and she and Jerry had married a few months after Terri and I got married. We all remained friends; he was my best man and I was his. However, his marriage broke up soon after. He had since been married twice more and had been divorced from the third wife for several years now. We had not seen each other in probably ten to twelve years.

Terri and I had a decent sex life. I was pretty sure she had fooled around with some of the guys where she worked, but nothing like what we had gone through at Shreveport. I also knew I didn’t satisfy her; my small cock wasn’t enough for her, which was why we kept several dildos handy by the bed to take care of her after I had cum.

The wedding was in the afternoon and the reception went until almost midnight. Jerry had made a reservation at the hotel where the wedding was, but I had insisted he cancel it and come stay with Terri and me. All three of us had drunk too much so we left our cars at the hotel and took a cab home.

When we got to the house we were all three kind of wired and not ready to go to sleep. We were in the den visiting and Jerry reached in his pocket and pulled out a couple of joints and said, “You guys want to do this?”

I said, "Sounds good to me, I haven’t smoked any weed since college.”

"I could use something to help me relax," Terri commented.

He fired one up and we all three passed it around and got very relaxed.

Terri said she was going to change and I got up to go get us something to drink.

When I got back in the den Jerry had moved over to the sofa where Terri and I had been sitting. I sat on the sofa and handed him a beer.

Terri came back in the room with her robe on and sat down between us on the sofa.

After a few minutes of reminiscing, Jerry pulled out the other joint and fired it up, and we started passing it around. After we had finished the second one I noticed Jerry had his hand on Terri’s leg massaging it.

I broke the ice and said, “Hey, we are adults and old friends, let's finish this evening in the bedroom.”

Jerry didn’t say anything.

Terri stood up and said, “Sounds like a great idea to me,” and she started down the hall to the bedroom.

Jerry and I followed. We all three got naked and got in the bed. After all of the liquor and weed there was no inhibition in the room. I was sucking on one tit and Jerry on the other, but it wasn’t long until he turned his attention to something else.

He worked his way down between her legs and started lapping at her pussy – something she loves.

When we had stripped down I realized I had forgotten how well Jerry was hung, about seven and half or eight inches and thick.

It wasn’t long before Jerry climbed on top of Terri and began to enter her pussy; she was squirming and moaning. She screamed out, “Jesus Christ, Jerry, I had forgotten how big you are, you have to take your time getting it all in.”

It wasn’t long until Jerry was fucking her with a steady pace. She came in no time and kept yelling for more.

I got on my knees and pushed my cock toward her mouth.

She said, “Not now.”

 “My God, Jerry, are you going to ever cum?" Terri asked.

Jerry said, “I think we are going to have to do it the way we used to for me to cum.”

With that he pulled his cock out. Terri reached for the drawer where she kept her dildos and grabbed a tube of lube. She handed it to him and said, “Here get it ready.” She then rolled over on her stomach and stuck her ass up – I had a feeling I knew what was coming next.

Jerry lubed his cock up, stuck it in Terri’s ass and said, “Baby, I had forgotten how good this feels, it won’t take me long now.”

I slid under Terri and started eating her pussy and could feel Jerry’s cock every time it went in her ass. He fucked her in the ass for about five minutes and then grunted and filled her with his cum. He pulled out and all three of us then rolled over. The combination of weed, alcohol and sex had us exhausted and we all three feel asleep.

I woke up in a couple of hours and had to pee. Not wanting to wake anyone else, instead of going to the bathroom in our bedroom, I got up and went down the hall to the bathroom. I had just finished peeing and I heard someone say, “You didn’t get the opportunity to cum did you?"

I turned and saw Jerry standing in the door with that big cock hanging down his leg. “No big deal,” I said.

“Lets see if we can take care of that,” Jerry said.

He walked over to where I was, dropped to his knees, and took my cock in his mouth. Hell, I didn’t know what to do. The guy I always thought of as the most masculine man I knew was between my legs sucking on my cock and I was enjoying it. I was pretty worked up from all of the excitement in the bedroom so I didn’t take long until I shot a load in Jerry’s mouth.

I stumbled backwards, looked down at him and said, “Damn, that was good, thanks.”

“I am glad you enjoyed it. We better get back in the bed before Terri notices we are gone.”

After we got in bed I couldn’t get back to sleep trying to wrap my head around everything that had happened, especially the part where Jerry gave me a blowjob. At some point I finally drifted off to sleep and didn’t wake up until the bed started moving.

I woke up, looked around and saw Terri on top of my best friend riding his cock like it was an amusement park ride. Jerry was massaging her tits while she fucked him and after he came.

Terri rolled off of him and Jerry said, “I think I will go shower I have to get on the road this morning.”

As Jerry walked to the guest room to shower, Terri pulled me over and kissed me and then without saying anything pushed my head downward and said, “I want you to eat my pussy.”

I went down on her and started licking and sucking on her cum filled pussy and she was noticeably enjoying it – as was I. She had a huge orgasm and then went down on me and started sucking my cock. After I came she kissed me and still had her mouth full of my cum. She then asked, “Did you enjoy that as much as you did Jerry doing it?"

I thought what the fuck? and said, “What do you mean?"

Terri said, “I woke up and noticed the two of you gone and thought you had gone back to the living room to smoke some more so I was going to join you.” She continued, “When I got to the hall bathroom I noticed the door was ajar and heard something, I peeked in and saw Jerry sucking your cock.”

I just lay there speechless and she went on to say, “That wasn’t the first time I saw Jerry with a cock in his mouth, you might as well know that is why we broke up in college.”

Terri went on to tell me the story about one Christmas break at college when Jerry didn’t go home, he stayed because he was working part time at a law firm in town. She came back from the break a few days early and went to mine and his apartment to surprise him (she had a key).

When she went in she heard something in Jerry’s bedroom and found him with an older lawyer from the firm where he was working, in a sixty-nine sucking each other's cocks. She stormed out and he begged her to not say anything about it and she hadn’t until now.

She also told me she was pretty sure that was why his three marriages all ended in divorce; he had told her that he had been bisexual for many years.

I was in shock, the guy who I had lived with for four years of college I now found out was bisexual, and I had never suspected that because he got more pussy than anybody I knew.

We all showered and Terri fixed breakfast. I took a cab along with Jerry back to the hotel where the reception was to get our cars.

When we got to the hotel, he said, “Let’s talk for a minute before I leave for home.”

He went on to tell me essentially what Terri had told me but I didn’t let on that she had said anything. He did say that was why his marriages had broken up and apologized if he had put me in an awkward situation in the bathroom.

I said, “Jerry, it was awkward, but I enjoyed it and I have to tell you I have often wondered what it was like to suck another cock myself. Maybe one day we can get back together and let me find out.”

He said, “Bob, I wanted to tell you so many times about my sexuality because I want us to have that experience someday and I think Terri would be understanding at this stage in our lives.”

“I have no doubt she would,” I said. I didn’t share the fact that I had eaten his cum out of her pussy or that she had given me my own cum after she sucked me off.

I got back to the house and Terri and I didn’t discuss what had happened over the last 24 hours, we just spent the day resting both of us were off Monday for Memorial Day. In addition she had taken off the entire week to recuperate from the wedding.

Monday morning at breakfast Terri said, “You know, I wish now we wouldn’t have turned down the invitation from that bitch Alisha to come to their house for the party this afternoon."

Alisha and her husband Greg were a young couple in the neighborhood and Terri couldn’t stand her because she did act like she was a little better than everyone else.

Terri said, “You know the party wasn’t going to start until three this afternoon. Would you be interested in still going?"

I said, “Sure sounds fine to me. Just call Alisha and tell her we weren’t as tired as we thought we would be from the wedding and if the invitation is still open we would like come and ask if we can bring something.”

Terri called her and I couldn’t hear all of the conversation but after she hung up Terri shouted, “That bitch!”

“What happened?” I asked.

“She said she was so excited we were coming because she had told some friends from out of town who were going to be there that her and Greg were friends with a really nice older couple in the neighborhood and she wanted them to meet us. Older couple, my ass. Someone needs to put that little bitch in her place.”

I said, “Terri, we have enough drama to deal with from the last 24 hours. Let’s not add to it at the party this afternoon, okay?”

She agreed that she wouldn’t do anything to cause a problem and we got ready and drove over to Greg and Alisha’s later that afternoon.

Like most of the houses in our subdivision they had a nice in ground pool and several of the guests had brought along swim trunks. I had not done so, but Terri said she was going to take her new bathing suit she had purchased recently, one I had not seen yet.

I was out by the pool drinking a beer and one of the guys said, “Damn, Bob, Terri looks good.”

I looked around and Tara’s new bathing suit was a yellow bikini that really showed off her new boobs and tan. I walked over to where she was and told her she looked fantastic.

The party was not very exciting, just Terri and I watching a bunch of young couples try to impress each other. Terri was definitely getting some looks and I noticed her and Greg talking on a couple of occasions.

Around eight that evening I told Terri I was ready to go if she was.

She said, “Sure, let me go tell Alisha and Greg we had a great time and I will meet you at the car after I change out of my bathing suit.”

I was taking my time finishing my beer because I know Terri too well she would have to go by and tell everyone good bye in addition to Alisha and Greg.

I finally noticed her by the door to the house talking to the two of them so I finished my beer and went to the car to wait for her.

I had been in the car for probably fifteen to twenty minutes and couldn’t figure out what was taking her so long to change out of her swimsuit. I was about to get out of the car and go check on her when I saw her coming down the sidewalk.

When she got in the car before I could say anything she said, “Kiss me, Bob,” and leaned over toward me.

I kissed her and immediately pulled back and said, “Terri, what the hell have you been up to?" 

There was no mistaking the taste in her mouth was fresh cum.

She did this little throaty laugh and said, “Well when I was telling the bitch and Greg we were leaving I told them I had forgotten which room I used to change into my swimsuit, that when you get older you forget things.”

I smiled and said, “Okay, and then what happened?”

"Greg said he needed to use the bathroom so he would show me where the changing room was," Terri said. "When we got to the room, he opened the door for me and I looked at him and said 'why don’t you come in and lock the door, Greg, you’ve been trying to see my tits all night'. He smiled, locked the door and came over to where I was without saying a word," Terri said.

Terri continued, “I took my top off and he still said nothing, he just reached down and put one of my tits in his mouth and started sucking on it. I felt myself getting wet and said, 'Greg we don’t have much time, let’s do this quickly'," she said. “Then I reached down and pulled his swim trunks to the floor and took his cock in my mouth and went to work on it. He was hard as a rock and came in about five minutes." 

“I stood up and said, 'Greg, I said we didn’t have much time today, here is my cell number text me if you are interested in getting together again'," Terri added. "As I left the room Greg said, 'that was amazing, you will hear from me, thanks'," Terri said with a smile.

Most men would have probably been pissed, but somehow I was excited that Terri was going back to the way she had been when we first got married except this time she was including me in the activities.

On the way home she got a text. She just looked at it and laughed and didn’t say anything. Neither did I.

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The story continues in Las Vegas.

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