My Wife Cuckolds me for first time

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After a lot of bedroom talk, my wife takes it to the next level... With much enthusiasm!
My wife has always had a dominant side, in and out of the bedroom, so it was no surprise to me that one day she came home from work and told me that she was going out that Friday night with a few of her girlfriends from work. It wasn’t even camouflaged as a question... it was an outright statement.

 Since I work for myself and had taken a few days off from the grind I had the pleasure of watching my wife get dressed for work on that Friday morning. After she showered, shaved her underarms, legs and pussy, she came into the bedroom naked where I was waiting for her also naked. My cock grew as I watched her walk towards me in her birthday suit.

 “Don’t get any ideas with that little thing. I’m already running late.” She said nodding towards my stiffening eight inch prick.

 In her job as secretary at a local retirement home she had to dress rather conservatively but underneath the drab exterior she was a total and complete slut and I was her ever willing doting husband. I watched as Kim slid a skimpy, almost see-through white g-string up her long well tanned legs and then wiggled her 36D tits into a half cup bra that left her nipples almost fully exposed. But in keeping with her required exterior she slipped on a black mid calf length skirt and a button down white blouse that she did right up to the neck.

 I noticed a partially packed bag beside the bed that contained one of her loose fitting tank tops and one of my favorite mini skirts. Kim saw that I had seen what was in the bag and simply said that it was because she felt more comfortable in that stuff than what she was currently wearing. “And besides, I am going out after work and don’t want to get my work clothes dirty.”

 I watched as she brushed her short blond hair a few times, grabbed her bag and purse and after a slight peck on the lips she was out the door and in her van driving away. I made my way back into the kitchen and poured myself a cup of steaming coffee.

 One of the many advantages of living out in the country is the ability to walk around naked without the fear of being seen by anyone, and I used this to my great advantage almost always walking around with my dick swinging back and forth. And today was no different. I grabbed my coffee, my smokes and headed out to the back deck to bask in the sunshine.

 I had just wiggled my ass into my favorite deck chair when I heard my cell phone go off indicating that I had a text message. I tried to ignore it thinking that it was one of my customers or suppliers but then it went off again and again and yet again. That was four messages inside of a minute so I figured that it must be important.

 ‘New message from Kim Cell' rec’d at 08:27

 “Do you want to play tonight?”

 ‘New message from Kim Cell’ rec’d at 08:27

“I don’t care if you do or not…I do and am horny”

‘New message from Kim Cell’ rec’d at 08:27

“Stay naked all day but don’t cum!”

‘New message from Kim Cell’ rec’d at 08:28

 “Shave ur cock balls and ass. I’ll text later with further instruction. DO NOT reply to me all day”

 My cock instantly grew to its full potential. I had no idea what Kim had in mind but I knew it would be hot because for the last few months we had experienced a resurgence of sex after a few years of stagnant love making. We both initiated sex and had recently begun to incorporate fantasies and roll playing into the bedroom. One of the fantasies that we both shared was of her being the dominant and cuckolding me with another lover. In this fantasy she would tease me mercilessly about how tiny my cock was (it's not), how I never brought her to orgasm (she is very orgasmic) and how I came too fast (again, not true... I always held out until she had at least two orgasms).

She would tell me during our passionate embrace that she should get another guy with a huge cock to fuck her properly and then I could suck and lick her clean afterwards. This kind of talk never failed to get both her and I so heated up that we would come hard on each other. A few times she even convinced me to go down on her afterwards and lick her well used pussy, which I did to hers and my delight.

 Kim reveled in being the dominant and humiliating me and I must say that it never failed to get my cock hard just thinking about it. Sure there were other fantasies that we toyed with but this was the dominating one that got both of us spurred on.

 I must have been quite involved with my daydreaming because I didn’t even hear the car pull into the driveway, but I did hear the ringing of the doorbell. In a bit of a panic, I grabbed a nearby towel that was drying on the banister and wrapped it tightly around my waist. Through the stained glass of the front door, I could barely make out the silhouette of a person standing on my porch. When I opened the door, I was kind of annoyed that he was on a cell phone but had a package in the other hand.

 “No. Towel.” was all he said into the mouthpiece as he slammed the phone closed. “Package for Kim,” he said to me as he handed me the box and a form that I was to sign. When I asked him for a pen, he just gave me a blank stare.

 “OK, wait here while I go find a pen.” I said. I had just found a pen on Kim’s desk when my own cell phone buzzed again. Flipping it open I read the following; “A towel is not being naked. Take off the fucking towel and do as you’re told.”

 I was completely stunned and caught totally of guard by this. I stood there like a fool for a few seconds while trying to process everything and to think about what to do. My cock had shriveled up beneath the towel and gone soft as I unwrapped myself and headed back to the front door. The handsome young man didn’t even flinch as I came towards him utterly naked. I signed the paper, handed it back to him and he turned and walked to his car without saying a word. I stood there dumbly for a few more seconds as he drove away. That’s when my cell buzzed again.

 “Did you like showing off that pathetic little cock? I’ll bet your tiny cock was even soft making it look even smaller than it usually is, not that it matters…even hard it’s pitiful”

 My cock grew a bit as I realized what the game that we were going to play tonight was. She was taking sheer delight in teasing me and the guy who delivered the package was a set-up. Boy…she was really getting into the role.

 After I had another cup of coffee, I went and had a shower where I did as I was told and shaved my cock, balls and ass. Not that there was much to shave off as I almost always keep my southern regions well groomed. I was tempted to rub out a quick cum but reminded myself that Kim told me not to so I rinsed off and got out.

 I read the paper, did a few light chores out in the backyard and had a few beers before I got another text from Kim.

 “You better still be naked with that tiny cock of yours hanging out! I’ll be home at 8pm. Have dinner for two prepared and on the table.”

 I searched the house for something to make for dinner when I came across a few chicken breasts in the basement freezer. I pulled them out to thaw and then found some pasta in the kitchen pantry for a side dish. Then my cell rang again.

 “How’s your little cock doing? I’ll bet it’s hard and wants to cum all over my cunt so that you can lick up all the sticky juice!”


 “My sloppy wet cunt has other plans for tonight so your tiny little cock is going to have to wait.”


 “Maybe if you’re good I’ll let you lick cum from my sloppy pussy tonight!”

 I didn’t receive another text from Kim for about three hours. By this time it was just past four thirty and she was just getting off work.

 “Just getting changed but my g-string is too wet to wear so I’m going without it. I’m going to show off my naked wet cunt under my mini.”

 My cock was throbbing for the next couple of hours only imagining what Kim was getting up to but I didn’t dare jerk off. At about twenty to eight I got the grill heated up and the pasta on a slow boil and was about to get the marinated chicken onto the hot grate when my cell buzzed yet again.

 “Be home in fifteen. Open box delivered this morning and get dressed. Dinner better be ready.”

 I had completely forgotten about the package delivered this morning and couldn’t even remember where I had put it. A brief panic set in before I saw it on the counter beside the coffee machine. I carefully tore open the brown paper and saw nothing but a tiny black mesh g-string. I pulled out the scant piece of fabric and saw that it had the words ‘CUM EATER’ in bold red letters embroidered on the front panel. I quickly slid the g-string up my legs and fit it over my aching hard cock.

 I looked at the clock on the stove and saw that it was almost time for Kim to be home so I quickly ran and threw the chicken on the BBQ and stirred the pasta. With just a minute to spare I added the marinara sauce to the drained pasta and flipped the chicken. I was just plating the feast when I heard a car pull into the driveway… and then another car followed. Looking out, I saw Kim step out of her van in just her miniskirt and the loose fitting tank top that was obviously worn without a bra.

 The car that pulled in behind her stopped and a young man of about thirty five or so stepped out. He was about six feet tall and very good looking in his tan chinos and a white button down shirt. I watched as Kim stepped over to him, looked at me and then fell into his arms for a deep kiss that no doubt involved lots of tongue action. As the kiss went on and got more passionate, his hands went down to cup and squeeze her delectable ass. As he did her short skirt rose up and soon enough he had a handful of her naked ass and I could see was indeed without underwear.

 Kim finally broke the kiss and pulled her friend up the stairs to the front door where I was standing in my new g-string. She gave me a quick peck on the cheek and led the man to the dining table where the meal I had prepared was waiting.

 “Rick, this is my excuse for a husband, Chris, but you don’t have to call him that, you can call him cum eater because that’s what he is and that’s what he enjoys. I can’t wait to show him how much bigger your cock is compared to his tiny one but for now lets eat. Chris, you may pour the wine.”

 “Nice to meet you, cum eater” Rick said to me as I poured two glasses of red wine. “I’d shake your hand but all my fingers smell like your wife’s wet pussy.”

 Kim chuckled but never said anything as she put a forkful of my culinary creation in her mouth. They slowly worked their way through my meal and kept me at their every beck and call making sure that the wineglasses were always full and every need was met with speedy and attentive service. At one point during the meal Kim had me remove her tank top so that she wouldn’t spill anything on the pristine white material and then had me remove Rick’s white shirt as well.

 I couldn’t help but gawk at Kim’s tits that were now on full display as well as Rick’s chiseled chest as they finished the rest of the meal topless. When the last of the chicken and pasta was consumed, Kim told me to bring the wineglasses into the living room where they could be more comfortable and then to clean up the dishes. I did as told and then came into the room to see what was going on.

 They were both still topless but were in a heavy make out session and Kim was massaging the obvious bulge in Rick’s pants while Rick was pulling on Kim’s erect nipples quite hard.

 “Oh Chris…you’re just in time. Help me free his massive cock from his pants so that I can show you how I can suck a huge cock instead of your tiny little penis.”

 I just nodded and went over to kneel in front of Rick and proceeded to unbutton and pull down his pants and boxers. When the material cleared his crotch, his semi erect cock popped out and literally hit me in the forehead. I pulled his pants all the way off until he was standing in the middle of my living room completely naked with his big cock jutting out in front of him obscenely.

 Kim wasted no time in falling to her knees and taking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. He was not much longer than my own eight inches but he was a bit thicker so she couldn’t quite get it down her throat like she does with me.

 “You wanna try?” Kim said as she pulled his cock from between her lips and aimed it towards me. “Come on you fucking cum eater, suck his massive cock.”

 I had never sucked on a real cock before but had practiced with several of Kim’s dildos and vibrators at her urging. So I grabbed his cock by the base, opened my mouth and took in a few inches of his hot meat. Kim pushed my head further down so I now had his cock almost down my throat. It was different than anything that I had ever experienced before. His cock tasted a bit salty but the head was so spongy on the outside with a noticeable hardness on the inside that I tried to take even more.

 “That’s enough you hungry cum slut. This huge cock is all mine tonight.” She said as she pulled my head away by my hair and took most of his cock back into her mouth.

 My own cock was brick stiff in my skimpy g-string as I watched my wife of ten years slurp down another cock that wasn’t mine. When Rick was fully hard, Kim told me to remove her skirt and get her cunt ready to get pounded by his huge cock. I gently slid the mini down over her ass and off her feet and then licked her cunt from top to bottom making sure that it was wet. I didn’t really have to do that as her pussy was literally dripping in anticipation.

 “Fuck me Rick. Fuck me fucking hard so my little-cocked hubby can see what a real cock can do with his wife’s wet and willing cunt.” Kim said as she got on her hands and knee’s in the doggy position giving both him and me a wanton display of her open pussy lips.

 Rick came forward and plunged his cock fully into Kim in one solid thrust until she wailed like a virgin on her first date.

 “Oh fuck yeah. Are you watching Chris? This is how a huge fucking cock pleases me…not like your meager little fucker…Oh fuck… He’s so fucking big, it’s stretching my cunt wide open and hitting me so deep…places that you will never hit with your puny little cock…Oh, Oh, Oh…..” She let that last little bit trail off into a high pitch scream as she came for the first time of the night.

 “That’s right cum eater. I’m filling up your wife’s sweet wet cunt will all the cock that she will ever need and by the time that I’m done she will not even be able to feel that useless little cock that you have.” Rick sneered as he continued to assault my wife from behind.

 “Cum eater…get under me and lick my clit while Rick fucks me.” Kim told me. “I want you to see up close the kind of cock that is fucking the shit out of your loving slut wife’s nasty wet cunt.”

 I carefully slid my body under Kim until my tongue was in line with her dripping pussy. From this vantage point I could see Ricks cock sliding effortlessly in and out of her cunt at a blinding pace. I craned my neck so that I could lick her clit and not interfere too much with the rhythm that they had worked out. The second that my tongue touched her clit, she broke out in orgasm that dripped all over my face and open mouth.

 Kim’s hands were not idle through all of this either. As I slid under her and took her clit between my lips, she pulled my cock out of my g-string and was sucking on it in between gasps. I had never before enjoyed a blowjob as much as this one.

 “Oh fuck…Yeah, keep fucking me Rick…Fuck that wet cunt so Chris knows who is the boss…mmmmm…this little cock fits good in my mouth but your huge cock fills my cunt to overflowing…Oh, Oh, Oh. Fuck me hard and make sure to cum in me so my little cum eater has something to enjoy later.”

 I could see that Rick was pumping Kim’s cunt harder and harder and I knew that it wouldn’t be too long before he blew his load deep inside her.

 “Oh fuck…that’s it…fuck this slut's cunt hard…fuck…fuck…fuck…come on…fuck my wet cunt for all your worth and cum…Oh, oh, oh…fuck me…fuck me…fuck me…get that fucking huge cock all the way in me and fuck me…”

 I tried to keep on licking Kim’s clit but it was getting more and more difficult the harder she got pounded. I could feel Rick’s large balls sliding across my forehead with each of his powerful strokes and every once in a while my tongue and lips would make contacts with his pussy juice slicked dick.

 “Why don’t you suck on my huge balls while you’re down there…you seem to like licking my cock as I fuck your slutty wife’s cunt.” Rick said to me while reaching down and grabbing me by the hair, forcing my head back so that his nuts dropped into my open mouth.

 Kim continued to rock back and forth on Rick’s cock as I slathered his salty balls with my tongue and occasionally pulling one into my mouth to suck on it gently. I could taste her pussy juice as it dripped down his cock, over his balls and into my open mouth. By this time Kim had forgotten all about the steel rod between my legs and had tucked it back into my g-string as she concentrated on the fucking she was getting from this strange piece of meat.

 “Suck on my clit you useless fuck while Rick pumps my cunt with his huge cock.” Kim said to me grabbing a hold of my inner thigh. “MMMmmm, that’s it Rick, fuck my pussy hard so Chris can see your huge prick filling me up.”

 I tried to keep my lips on Kim’s clit but every time Rick pounded into her it would slip away from me.

 I had just licked up another round of cunt juice from Kim’s latest orgasm when I heard Rick grunt and groan and tell Kim that he was about to cum. Pure instinct kicked in and I gently took both of his heavy balls in my mouth and sucked on them as I felt them tighten. I swear that I could feel him cum several times deep inside my wife as I continued to slather his nuts with my tongue. I could also feel Kim tense up again as she came at the same time as Rick was filling her pussy with his hot semen.

 I let his balls slip from between my lips and redirected my tongue back to Kim’s clit and pussy lips. I could taste a few errant drops of cum beginning to leak out around Rick’s slowly deflating cock still stuffed in Kim’s quivering cunt. Finally, his dick softened enough to slip out from her pussy and dropped right onto my lips where I was told by Rick to lick it clean.

 I opened my mouth and took in the sticky mess and licked his cock from his meaty head all the way down to his furry nut sack. Now that Rick was soft, I had no problem taking his entire cock into my mouth and cleaning all the mixed sex juices off of it. Kim climbed off me and knelt beside Rick and watched me suck on his deflated dick.

 I was still lying on my back as Rick slid his cock in and out of my mouth, but I couldn’t see anything because his balls were hanging over my eyes. The only thing I saw was a few bright flashes of light and heard Kim giggling. The longer I sucked the harder Rick’s cock got until he was once again sporting a full fledged hard on and he was still driving the whole thing into my mouth and down my throat.

“That’s it you fucking cock sucker; take his huge cock in your little mouth. Get it good and hard for me.” Kim said almost panting. “I always knew that you would look good with a big hard cock stuffed in your mouth.

 Kim had me suck his cock for a few more minutes and I saw another couple of flashes of light before she pulled him off me and then she straddled my face, putting her cum soaked pussy right on my mouth.

“Lick my cunt you little fucker. Lick out all of the gooey mess that Rick left in there for you to eat.” Kim said as I snaked my tongue out and began to suck on her stretched out pussy.

As I continued to orally assault my wife’s messy pussy and lick up all their combined juices, she had Rick stand in front of her so that she could suck on him while I ate her out. I looked up and saw Kim sliding her lips up and down Rick’s cock as though it was going to be her last meal.

 I felt Kim tense up and start to shake as an orgasm washed over her body and forced out the last of the stored cum from the depths of her cunt and into my waiting mouth. It was almost perfect timing as Rick started to grunt and groan that signaled his own orgasm. I watched in awe as Kim’s cheeks puffed out with the copious amount of warm semen that Rick was unloading into her mouth.

 Kim let Rick’s deflating cock slip from between her lips and climbed off of my face in order to bend down and give me a wet soul kiss, forcing his entire load of cum into my mouth which I greedily swallowed down without giving it any thought. Kim swirled her tongue around mine for a few seconds to make sure that I had gotten all of it before she stood up again in front of Rick.

 “Thank you so much for coming over, I hope you had a good time.” Kim said to Rick as he leaned in for a kiss.

 “Any time... You have my number.” Rick said as her cupped Kim’s left tit and gently tweaked her hard little nipple.

 “Cum Eater… Come and kiss my friend’s cock goodbye..."

 I crawled over and knelt in front of Rick and kissed the soft crown of his softened cock. At Kim’s urging I took the entire head of his cock into my mouth and saw another flash of light. Without pulling back, I turned my head and saw Kim standing two feet away taking pictures with her digital camera.

 My naked wife watched Rick get dressed and then walked him to the front door and out to his car. Anyone at anytime could have driven by and seen Kim in all of her naked glory but thankfully that didn’t happen. I watched from the front porch as Kim gave him a full open mouth kiss as a goodbye and then he drove away. Kim stood there for a few seconds until Rick’s car was out of sight over the hill and then slowly walked back to me. The cool night air made her nipples stone hard and my cock responded by throbbing and releasing a few drops of pre cum, staining the front of my g-string.

“Aw, looks like someone’s little penis is all hot and bothered.” Kim said as she reached out and grabbed my dick through the thin material forcing out another huge dollop of pre cum. “Did your little cock like watching your slutty wife getting fucked by that massive rod of Rick’s?”

 “Yeah baby, that was incredible,” was all I could choke out as Kim began to caress my throbbing member.

 “And did you like licking my nasty wet cunt that was full of his huge load of hot cum?”

 Again, I responded in the affirmative.

 “But I’ll bet you loved sucking on his huge cock the most, didn’t you?” Kim asked as she freed my aching prick from my g-string. She didn’t wait for the answer but added, “do you want me to suck your cock or do you want to fuck me with your tiny little boner?”

 Kim dropped to her knee’s right there on the front porch and took the entire length of my rock hard cock deep into her mouth the moment that she heard me say that I wanted a blowjob. Having been so worked up and hard for most of the day and all night, it didn’t long for me to start cumming in Kim’s delightful mouth. She was a trooper and managed to contain my entire pent up load and swallowed it all before rising to her feet and giving me a deep kiss.

 I could taste my own cock on her lips and my own cum on her tongue as we traded spit back and forth before breaking the kiss.

 We went straight to bed where we made tender passionate love twice before falling asleep in each others arms.

WOW!! What a night!