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My Wife Does It Again

Wifelover story

I had been wanting to see my wife give a blow job to another guy. I finally talked her into doing it for me one time. We had found a 27 year old hunk who also had a very cocky attitude. My wife ended up fucking him instead. My wife is in her late forties and has a pretty good body for her age. Please check profile. She didn't at first want him to fuck her but things got out of control and it happened. Please check out my previous story for what had happened. He started sending emails to us wanting to fuck her again a few weeks later. I thought there was no chance of it ever happening again. My wife  then told me  that she was having a lot of thoughts about getting fucked again with his large cock. She said her panties would get very wet every time she thought about it. I ask her if 'She wanted him to fuck her again" She didn't really say anything so I took that as a yes. I then told her to go ahead and fuck him again. I was somewhat jealous but I was also very turned on thinking what he will do with her with his big cock. We then set up another encounter with him a few weeks later. He wanted us to come to his apartment and we agree to meet him there. Here is what happened that night at his apartment.

When we arrived at his door he opened it wearing only a pair of shorts. My wife couldn't take her eyes off his shorts as his cock was already semi erect as he stood there in front of her. He then quickly wasted no time and began to massage her body with his hands. He told me to sit in a chair as he began removing her shirt from her in front of me. I could only see her from behind as he then unbuttoned her bra. He then began massaging her nice looking breast. He then grab her jeans and quickly yanked them  to the floor as I sat about a foot from her ass. He then began feeling her ass with his hands. She still had her panties on as he grab her ass with both hands. I was very jealous watching this but I was also very turned on. He then pushed his hands down into her panties and began massaging her bare ass. My wife's legs began to shake as he slowly pulled down her panties in front of me. She was now totally naked and I could see moisture from her pussy begin to seep down her legs. He then push her down of front of his shorts and told her to remove them. She did as told and he then grab the back of her head and push his cock deep inside her mouth. He then told her to suck on his large cock. I was only a foot away watching her suck hard on his cock. He had her suck on it for several minutes.

He now grab her and moved her over to the couch. He told her to sit on the couch and he knelt in front of the couch. He then slid her hips to the end of the couch to meet his big cock. Her pussy was now on fire as I could see her juices running down her legs. He then push his cock deep into her pussy. She moan out loud as he began to fuck her. He then grab her hips and began to fuck her harder as she moan out loud. It only took about 5 minutes and she was ready to cum. He then fuck her even harder as she cried out with a powerful orgasm on his cock. He then made her get on her knees and put her chest on the couch. He wanted to fuck her from behind. He then position himself behind her and began to fuck her hard from behind. My wife was now screaming into a pillow on the couch as he fuck her very hard for a good 10 minutes. She ended up cumming very hard again on his cock. He now was ready to cum and pulled out of her pussy and shot several streams of cum all over her ass. He told me to clean her up and for her to come into his bedroom. It took several minutes for her to get her composure back as she headed into his bedroom.

As soon as she went into his bedroom he pulled her onto the bed and climb on top of her. He then pushed his cock back into her wet pussy. She started moaning out loud again as he fuck her. He then pulled her legs over his shoulders and began to fuck her even harder. She started to scream out "Fuck me" Fuck me"as another orgasm was building inside her. He could tell she was ready to cum again and he then pulled her legs back towards her head. He now was able to drive his large cock deep into her pussy. She scream out very loudly as she began to cum on his cock. He then continued to fuck her this way for several more minutes until she told him she couldn't take it anymore. she ended up cumming again on his cock. He then pulled out of her pussy and moved up to her tits. He then told her to push her big tits together as he push his cock in between them. He ended up fucking her tits for several minutes until he was ready to cum. He then told her how good her tits are began to pump his cock harder and harder between them. He then pulled his cock away from her tits and began to cum all over her face. He ended up cumming very hard on her face. She ended up laying there several minutes until she got up and clean off in the bathroom.

She was thinking he was done for the night but he had other ideals. He told her that he wanted to take a small break but that he wanted to fuck her again. They waited about 30 minutes and then he was ready to go again. She tried telling him her pussy was sore from the fucking he already gave her but he didn't listen to any of that. He told her to suck him hard again. My wife then began to suck on his large cock. It only took 5 minutes and he was hard again. He then told her to climb on top of him and he pushed his cock into her pussy. He had her ride his cock for several minutes as he pump his cock deep into her pussy. He then grab her ass and began pumping his cock real hard into her pussy. She could' t take it and ended up cumming again on his large cock. She now seem like she was getting a second wind as she began to fuck him harder. He then quickly turned her over with himself on top now. He then started fucking her very hard as she scream out the whole time. They fucked each other  very hard for a good 20 minutes until he told he was going to cum inside her pussy. He then pushed his cock deep into her as he came very hard inside her. She also came very hard at the same time as he shot his cum deep into her. This night was now over and we left about 20 minutes later.

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