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My Wife Fucked her Ex

Wife has night with her ex, then I get an email.
Let me start by describing my wife. She is a beautiful woman, 28 years old with blonde hair and green eyes. She is about 5’5” only weighing about 120 pounds. She has a nice build, not overly cut, but firm in all the right places. She thinks her best asset sit on her chest. 32D and perfectly shaped. My favorite feature is her ass. Small, tight, and perfectly soft to the touch.

Needless to say, I’m incredibly attracted to her. We have a moderate to low sex life. We have sex about 3 times a month. Unfortunately, I think this is my fault. You see, I have a terrible time lasting in bed. I can only stay inside her for a minute before I simply can’t last any longer. I either have to stop and pull out or simply finish inside of her. We started using toys to help her reach orgasm, but I’ve always felt bad about her not climaxing with me. Of course, she tells me over and over that it’s okay, or “not a big deal” but I can’t help but want her to have great. hot sex.

Neither of us have long sexual pasts, she had a couple partners and I had a couple. We would occasionally talk about past experiences while fucking as a form of foreplay. I’ve ALWAYS had a fantasy about watching her with another man. She plays along, but always says she wouldn’t do that in reality.

Until one day…

She had told me quite a few times about her ex boyfriend before me, Michael. She told me that they fucked all the time and she he was a little bit larger than me. she always tried to make me feel better about it by saying she didn’t like the larger dick, but I’m not stupid.

Finally after a few months of quietly hinting to her that I wanted her to have sex with him again, she agreed. She was honest with me and told me how much she wanted to have that hot sex we talked about but was terrified to hurt me. I gave her my full support.

She contacted him and we decided it was better to make him think I had no idea and act as those she was cheating on me. She told me that would help keep it private and the idea also made her very horny. They set a date and hotel about 2 weeks from the time the talked. The anticipation was killer!

The night before she was going to meet him and finally live out my number one fantasy, we talked while laying bed. She looked and me and asked if she could say something completely honestly. I of course told her yes, and wondered what was about to come. She told me she was so thankful to have such an understanding man and allowing her to do this. She admitted that she was very excited and couldn’t wait to feel him cock again.

She asked me if I had any rules that she needed to follow, and I told her the only thing I required was that she got as much please as she could, and thank him but pleasuring him as well. As a guy I knew there was nothing worse than not finishing, and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. She just smiled and said thank you so much, then proceeded to give me an incredible blow job and swallow every last drop, something she had only done two or three times, ever.

The next day, she woke up and started getting ready. After she was dressed and ready to go she showed me her outfit. She was dressed more sexy than I had ever seen her. Very exposed and sensual. She I asked her why so sexy when she knew they were going to fuck, she said (and this still turns me on) “If I’m going to fuck him, I at least want him as hard as possible!”

After they had their night together, I got the following email from him. He sent it to make me incredibly jealous, but in reality, it was the most erotic thing I had ever read:

Hello whimp,

Last night your wife was mine. For almost 24 hours she was mine and I used her every way I wanted. Every part of her incredible body belonged to me. Her mouth, her tits, her ass, and her pussy all belonged to me. She told me how much of a pathetic lover you are. She told me that you hadn’t please her in over a year and that her pussy was throbbing for a real man to fuck it. Well, that’s exactly what I did. Last night my 7” cock spent more time inside your wife’s tight pussy than yours has the whole time you’ve known her. I was able to bring her to orgasm in mere minutes after I sank my dick inside her, something she said you haven’t ever been able to do, ever. 

I know what your wife's pussy feel likes while she cums. I know what it feel like as it squeezes my dick. I now know how wet your wifes pussy gets when she’s actually turned on. She was so wet, it was as if her sweet pussy was begging me to enter.  I know what ever ridge in her tight hole feels like. 

And you know why? Because I fucked your little wife bare. So now she knows exactly what my hard cock feel like too. Neither of us will ever forget those feelings. You horny slut wife begged me to cum in her tight hole….. And I did. I filled her up with cum and forced her to keep it inside her all night. When we woke up, I filled her again and sent her home with my cum in her pussy. 

You might still be married to her, but she’s mine now. Her body is all mine. 

One more thing, I took pictures- lots of pictures, showing her face as well. Now comes the fun part. Unless you let me fuck her once a month until I’m tired of her, I’ll leak these pictures to everyone you know. You have 30 days to decide.

Thanks for the fun night, you cuck. 


That was 6 months ago and she has spent one night with him each month since that time. Do I regret it? No. He’s a prick in every way, but he pleases her physically. I love the look on her face when she gets home after a night with him. Hair a mess, closes miss matched, smelling of sex, cum leaking out of her panties...

He thinks he’s winning, but I think we all are!

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