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My Wife Gets Shared At A Night Club For Lovers

I took my wife to a night club for lovers and watched her get taken by a young stud.
I had been trying for the past few years to get my wife to agree on being shared. It has gone nowhere as she would reject the notion every time I had brought it up. She recently had just celebrated her 48 th birthday and I knew she wasn’t getting any younger. She still was a very attractive woman and certainly didn’t look her age at all, but now time was becoming a factor. My hopes and dreams of seeing her with another man were dropping by the day. I had for the most part given up on the idea of sharing her until I was told about a secretive night club that was in my area.

This club was a hot spot where couples, singles, swingers, and so on could go to get hooked up. I was amazed something like this was out there, but in this day and age it I shouldn’t had been too surprise. This now gave me a possible option as just the thought of another man possibly hitting on her had me turned on. My wife may have been more on the conservative side, but she wasn’t totally against trying something new. I knew she might just go for this idea.

I sat down one night with her and explained what I knew about this club. Our sex life had been basically ordinary and I told her we needed to try to bring more excitement into the bedroom. She agreed that things had been pretty boring in the bedroom of late and said, “I will go this one time and see what happens.”

I was truly excited as all kinds of thoughts began to consume my mind. I really had no idea how this was all going to play out, but it certainly left me in a state of high arousal. We decided that coming weekend we would check this place out.

That night my wife and I had an agreement between us as we left. I gave her freedom to do whatever she liked. This included going all the way with another man if she felt like it. My basic hope was to at least see another man hit on her and if that ended up being the only thing that happen that night I would be content.

This was a private club and the cover charge on it was quite high. I certainly didn’t care about the money involved as we quickly enter. My wife looked extremely hot as we headed up to the bar to get a drink. She had on a pair of tight black slacks that hugged nicely against her ass. She wore a tight white button up blouse that showed off her tits extremely nicely. She purposely left a few of the buttons unbuttoned to show off her beautiful cleavage.

There was around 50 or so people milling around the place as we looked for a place to settle down at. They were individuals of all ages, though most seemed to be in the 20 to 50 range.

This place was laid out very differently than most clubs I had ever been to. It had several small seating sections where couples or individuals could sit quietly and get acquainted with one another. Even though the place was lightly dim you could still see actual couples getting it on in some of these small booths. This was way different than I ever imagined as my wife and I found a small booth off to the side.

I sat with her for a few minutes and then moved to a table that was across from the booth where she sat at. I was in a perfect position as I waited to see if any man would hit on her. She looked very sexy as she sat alone in the booth waiting for a complete stranger to come up to her. I knew it wouldn’t take very long for a man to notice her.

It was only five minutes later when a gentleman around 35 had come over to her table. He asked if it was alright for him to sit down and chat. My wife quickly gave him the ok as he sat down in the booth. The two of them chatted for a good ten minutes when I got a huge surprise. The gentleman now had reached down and removed his cock from his pants as I watched my wife’s hand move underneath the table. He had talked her into stroking off his cock right there in the booth as I watched from across the way.

My cock throbbed inside my pants now as my wife had her hand wrapped around another man’s cock. She stroke on his cock for several minutes as his body began to squirm about the booth. My wife looked him right in the eye as the man began to cum right there in the booth. His body jerked hard for a good thirty seconds as my wife milked every ounce of cum from his cock. He then quickly cleaned himself off and got up and left the booth.

My wife smiled over at me as she just had gotten off a complete stranger. Her confidence jump tremendously as I waited another few minutes to see if any other guy would hit on her. It had been several minutes later when I noticed a young tall handsome gentleman coming her way. He was at least 6’2 and was somewhere in his early twenties. I watched closely as he slid in next to my wife. He was way bolder than the previous guy as he immediately began to make moves on her.

They sat and chatted for several minutes as I watched him put his arm around her. It was going to be very interesting to see how my wife was going to handle this. I could see this young gentleman wanted something from her as he began to open up his pants. My wife then looked down and began to stroke on his cock. I immediately could tell by her reaction that this young gentleman had a very large cock. She gave him a shocking look as she began to stroke hard on his big cock.

His cock had to be several inches in length as I watched my wife’s arm go up and down as she stroked the shaft of his cock. It was a few minutes later when the young gent talked my wife into lowering her head down into his lap. He pushed his large cock into her mouth as I saw my wife’s head begin to bob up and down over top of the table.

I couldn’t believe what I had saw as my wife sucked on his big cock for several minutes. He then lifted her head back off his cock. He now had become the aggressor as he undid my wife’s slacks. He quickly slid his hand down into my wife’s panties and began to finger her as she continued to stroke hard on his cock with her hand. My wife was extremely turned on now as her body began to squirm hard. The young stranger now took his other hand and undid the rest of the buttons on her blouse. He unhooked the back of her bra and pulled her tits out into the open. He fondled each of them as he continued to finger her as she sat glued to the booth. She no longer was stroking on his large cock as she had fallen into a sexual trance.

Several patrons began to glance over at my wife as this young stranger had his finger buried deep into her pussy. Her beautiful tits were still out there for everyone to see as he continued to grope at them with his hand. He had my wife on the verge of cumming as her body began to squirm even harder about the booth. A few seconds later as a small crowd now gathered around as my wife began to squeal out into a powerful orgasm right in front of all of them. This young stranger had made my wife cum very hard as he continue to finger her pussy for a few minutes longer.

I was shocked but extremely horny by what I just had just saw. I was about to be even more surprised as the young stranger led my partly clad wife away from the booth. The two of them then disappeared to the back of the club and down a narrow hallway.

I gave it a few minutes and then got up to see where the two of them had gone. As I enter down this narrow hallway there were about six cubicle type rooms with curtains in front each of them. Each cubicle style room had a big round red autumn in it and nothing else. The autumn was about 5 feet in diameter and stood about two feet off the floor. It was an area where couples could hook up for sex and not be bother.

A few of the rooms were in use as the sounds of women crying out into powerful orgasms had filled the hallway. I still hadn’t found my wife as I checked out the first few rooms. I quickly went down to the end of the narrow hallway where I heard the sound of moaning coming from. As I got closer I could tell my wife was the one moaning out. I walked up to the curtain and glance in. The first thing I saw was my wife’s black slacks and panties in one big pile right in front of the curtain.

I then glanced up to see my wife on top of this young strangers cock. His cock had to be over 9 inches in length and by far the biggest cock my wife had ever seen before. Her blouse still covered her lovely body as I watched her ass move hard up and down on his long shaft.

She now slid several inches of his big cock deep into her pussy when she suddenly burst out into a loud cry. She began to cum very hard all over this young man’s big cock as her screams could be heard all the way down the hallway.

He quickly then moved her onto her back as he knelt down in front of the big red autumn. He then grabbed her body and pulled it over to the edge of the autumn. He draped each of her legs over the side of it as her legs were spread wide apart. He then rammed his massive cock back into my wife as her screams filled the air again. It was about a minute or so later when I heard my wife began to mumble out, “Oh’ god! Oh’ god! It is so big!”

She continued to moan out, “Your cock is so big!” for several minutes as he pounded his massive cock deep into her. Her head began to thrash back and forth as her body squirmed hard about the autumn. A few minutes later my wife screamed out again into another very powerful orgasm as her body quivered hard for several minutes after that.

My cock was throbbing hard inside my pants as this young man now moved my wife into the doggie position. He stood up on the side of the autumn and grabbed each of her hips tightly with his strong hands. He immediately rammed his big cock into my wife from behind as she let out another loud scream. She now felt his massive cock touch the back wall of her pussy.

He pounded his cock into her for a good ten minutes from behind as my wife cried out into another unreal orgasm. I had never heard her scream out as loudly as she did as a very strong wave of energy shot through her body.

It had been more than thirty minutes and this young stud were still going strong as he fucked my wife extremely hard from behind. The sound of pounding flesh could be heard throughout the small room when all of a sudden he yanked his massive cock out of my wife’s pussy. He pointed it right at her gorgeous round ass and began to splash his cum all over it. He had cum a massive amount as cum covered most of her beautiful ass. He then got dressed and headed off. I quickly got behind one of the curtains that weren’t in use. He walked right past me as I then went back to checked out how my wife was doing.

She had just gotten to her feet as the young man’s cum still dripped off her beautiful ass. She slowly got dressed as I help her out to the car. She was so worn out that she slept for a good ten hours that night.

The next day we talked about what had happen. She apologized profusely, but I was just excited that I was able to see my ultimate fantasy come true. It wasn’t the way I had ever plan it, but it ended up working out just as good.

A few days later she admitted he made her cum harder than she ever cum before in her life. She was so surprise how easily he had made her cum and that he could make her cum at will. I then asked her, “Would you do it again if you had the chance?”

She hesitated several seconds and said, “I don’t know.”

A month now had passed and I wanted nothing better than to go back to the club with my wife. I had no idea how she would react if I asked her to go again. One night I brought up the subject with her. I was somewhat surprised as she said, “Maybe.”

The excitement this club had brought her was very powerful. You could see it in her eyes that she wanted to go back one more time. She wouldn’t admit it, but she loved how that young man fucked her with his 9 inch cock.

A week later her inner feelings started to come out. She didn’t just agreed to go back to the club, but she wanted to. I was extremely excited as I wonder how many more men would hit on her.

That Saturday night we headed back to the private club. We walked in and grab a drink at the bar before finding somewhere to sit. There were just as many patrons this night as there were the first time we had come. We were in luck as the exact same booth was available.

I sat next to my wife this time wanting to see if it would detract other men from hitting on her right in front of me. There were a few men that walked past our booth and glanced over at her. I could see in their eyes that they found my wife very attractive. She wore the same outfit as last time, but this time she had an extra button undone on her blouse. The men walking by could not help but notice that a good part of her bra was showing.

It had been almost twenty minutes later and still so far no guy had hit on her. I was about to leave her alone in the booth when all of a sudden a young gentlemen slid in next to her. We were both shocked as he said to my wife, “Came back for more!”

It was the same young gentlemen that fucked her the last time we were here. He knew why we were here again as he said, “I bet you want me to fuck you again in front of your husband. I saw him last time watching us as I fucked you.”

My wife and I were both speechless as the young man began to instantly make a move on her. He unzipped her slacks and pushed his hand down into her panties. I sat right next to my wife as she pressed her body hard against mine. I saw everything happening right before me as my wife began to squirm about the booth. Her pussy was extremely wet as he pulled his wet finger out of her panties to show me the moisture on it.

He quickly undid her blouse and unhooked her bra strap. He then pulled her beautiful tits out into the open as his hand slid back down into her panties. Several passer byes now stopped to watch as my wife began to moan out loudly. Her body now gyrated next to mine as a powerful orgasm was about to engulf her. A few seconds later I felt my wife’s hand grabbed tightly against my arm. She began to cum hard all over the young man’s finger as I felt her body vibrations against mine. Her body had shook extremely hard as a crowd of 10 or 15 people watched on.

He now wanted nothing better than to fuck my wife as he again led her to the back of the club. I closely followed behind as he led my wife behind the curtain of one of the small cubicles. The sounds of other women moaning out had filled the hallway as he immediately stripped my wife of all of her clothes.

He now had her get down on her knees in front of him as he demanded out, “Take my cock out of my pants!”

My wife opened up his pants and pulled out his massive semi erect cock. She then heard, “Suck it!”

She took as much of his cock into her mouth as she could. She had sucked hard on his massive cock for a few minutes as it quickly had grown hard inside her mouth. A short time later he laid my wife’s naked body across the 5 foot diameter autumn. Her head hung over the side of it as he dropped his big balls down to her open mouth. She sucked on each of his balls for a few minutes as he fingered her pussy at the same time.

He then moved her body over to the edge of the autumn and tossed each of her legs high over his shoulders. She felt a huge rush of excitement shoot through her body as the young man rammed his massive cock into her. He fucked her very hard for several minutes as her body started to go nuts. Her tits now jerked hard back n forth across her lovely body as the young man continued to fuck her hard. She cried out several times, “Oh god it is so big!”

A minute later my wife was on the verge of another powerful orgasm. The young stud now pounded his massive cock into my wife as she shouted out, “Oh’ fuck! Oh’ fuck!”

I had never heard my wife every say that word before, but her orgasm was so powerful she now said it several times. He fucked her very hard for a few more minutes and then yanked his big cock out of her pussy. Her body trembled hard on the autumn as he quickly turned my wife over onto her stomach. He then grabbed each of her hips and pulled her ass up toward his massive hard on. He again rammed his cock back into her from behind as my wife cried out, Omg! Omg!”

Her body was located in the center of the autumn as I watched him fuck my wife very hard right before my eyes. My wife’s tits now bounce forcefully as they hung straight down from her beautiful body. It had been a short time later when my wife’s body began to go nuts again. She screamed out loudly as another very powerful orgasm engulfed her beautiful body. Her orgasm was so powerful she could no longer stay in the doggie position as she collapsed flat down onto the autumn.

The young stranger now sat on the back of her legs and again shoved his big cock back into her. He began to grind his cock hard into her pussy again as my wife began to moan out. He ended up grinded his cock into her for several minutes until my wife again screamed out into another orgasm.

He now rolled her over onto her back and slid his body next to hers. He began to fuck her hard from the side as I could easily see his massive cock as it slid deep into my wife’s pussy. She now let out one continuous cry as he held tightly onto each of her tits with his hands. He pounded his cock into her as her body squirmed even harder on the autumn. It had been a few minutes later when my wife cried out again into another powerful orgasm. It was the start of three of four more orgasms in a row as her 48 year old body could only take so much.

She cried out to him, “Please cum! Please cum I can’t take much more!”

He now got on top of her and began to pound his cock hard into her again. He was like a fucking machine as he fucked her very hard for several more minutes. My wife again had another very powerful orgasm as she almost passed out from it.

My wife could take no more as the young stud finally pulled his massive cock out of her worn out pussy. He quickly moved his body over top of her face as he started to stroke hard on his big cock. It took only about thirty seconds when his big cock began to explode. He shot several streams of cum all over her beautiful face and hair as I watched on from only a few feet away. When he was finally done cumming, my wife’s face was buried in cum.

He quickly got dressed and looked my way. He said, “Bring her back here again and I will fuck her even harder next time!”

My wife lay there on the autumn half out of it as her pussy was stretched wide open. Her body still trembled as I help her clean up. On the way home that night she talked about how he made her cum again and again. She felt powerless to stop cumming as his big cock brought her to several earth shattering orgasms.

We had some of the best sex of our lives over the next few months. I know she wants to go back to the club. It just was a question when.

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