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My Wife Gets Surprised

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My story starts off how I wanted to see my wife give a blow job to another man. I had been after her for over a year and she finally agreed to do it once for my 50th birthday. My wife is in her upper forties and is 5'4 and about 140 pounds. She is a mom of three and works in management for a large company. She is somewhat conservative and I have been her only partner. This last June I finally convince her to give another guy a blow job while I watched. She would only agree to do a blow job and not have sexual intercourse with him. I said I didn't want her to fuck him just give him a blow job.

I finally found a younger guy to help us out off the internet. He was 27 years old and was basically a hunk. He also was very cocky and knew women thought he was sexy. I then set something up at a local motel and told my wife he will meet us there. I told her it shouldn't take very long and we would just stay the night after he left. I had my wife wear her tight sleep wear. I figured he would be very turned on by it. (You can see her in it on my profile)

My wife was getting pretty nervous as he arrived. He walked in and seen my wife for the first time. He noticed right away how nice her breast look in her outfit. It didn't take very long and he went up to her and began kissing and rubbing his hands all over her back. He then took charge as I watch and told my wife to get on her knees in front of him. My wife slowly got down in front of him and he ordered her to pull his pants down. My wife then unbuttoned his pants and slowly pulled them off him. He then removed his shirt and was standing there with just his underwear briefs on. My wife and I both could see he had a very large cock as it was pushing against his briefs. My wife's eyes got very large as she pulled his briefs down showing her his large cock. His cock is every bit of 8.5 to 9 inches long and was thick. He was a good 2 inches bigger than myself.

He then took his semi erect cock and pushed it up against my wife's lips. She was starting to get a little bit of cold feet at this point. He could see that and began to push his large cock into her mouth anyway. She then began to suck on his cock as it started to grow larger and larger in her mouth. She suck on his cock for several minutes as he told her to suck his cock good. His cock was fully erect now as he grab the back of my wife's head and began to push it deeper into her mouth. This went on for a good 10 minutes when he told my wife he wanted her to lay on the bed. He then climb on top of her pushing his cock back into her mouth. She suck on his cock several more minutes until he decided he was going to try something else. He then slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth as he slowly moved down on her until his head got down in between her legs. My wife wasn't sure what he was going to do at this point. He then slowly decided to try to remove her shorts. He slowly began pulling them down as she began to object. He then was able to get his tongue on her clit and he began slowly teasing her clit. She tried to say something but her pussy was so wet now she let him continue.

He then teased her wet pussy for several minutes with his tongue but he wouldn't let her cum. Her whole body now was shaking as he teased her. He then started sliding his body back up on top of her. I thought he was going to have her suck his cock again but he wanted to fuck her. He then stop sliding up on her when his cock got to her pussy. My wife was now very horny as she lay there but she pleaded with him not to fuck her. I wasn't sure I was ready to see her get fucked either with his very large cock. She continued to beg him not to stick his cock into her pussy. He told her that he knew she wanted his cock and he wanted her to know what it feels like to have a large cock in her. I just froze up as he push my wife legs apart and now had his cock near her pussy. She tried to plead with him one more time but he was having none of that. I knew at this point she was going to get fucked. He then told my wife to just be quiet and enjoy this. He then pushed his large cock into her pussy. She then scream out as his cock penetrated her. It only took a few minutes and he now was fucking her hard. My wife now was moaning very loudly as his cock pounded her pussy. It only took 5 minutes of him fucking her when she was ready to cum. He then began asking her if she wanted to cum all over his cock. He then ask her if she wanted him to stop. He knew he was going to have his way with her as she said "please don't stop"

My wife then scream out with a very powerful orgasm as she came all over his cock. He now told her to "turn over on all fours bitch" My wife did exactly what he said and she turn her ass back up against his large cock. He then grab her hips and pushed his large cock into her pussy from behind. He then began fucking her very hard from behind as she scream out several times. She ended up cumming very hard again on his cock. He now was also ready to cum and he pushed her off his cock as she fell face first into the sheets. He then got right over her nice ass and told her he was going to cum hard all over it. He then shots several streams of cum all over her ass as she layed worn out on the bed. He then look at me and said "is this what you wanted to see" and told me to clean his cum off her ass. He then told me he was going into the bathroom to make a phone call and that he was going to fuck her again in a few minutes.

He then came out of the bathroom. His large cock was semi hard again as he got on top of my wife and told her to suck on his cock again. I could see she didn't know how to handle things at this point and began doing what he ask of her. She sucked several minutes on his cock and he decided he was ready to fuck her again. He then stood on the side of the bed and pulled her to his cock. He then standing at the side of the bed pushed his large cock back into her swollen and wet pussy. She again moan out as his cock penetrated her pussy. Her legs were dangling over the side of the bed as he began fucking her harder. It didn't take very long and my wife was screaming out with another powerful orgasm. He now grab her legs and pulled them over his shoulders and began pounding my wife. His 9 inch cock was going very deep inside her pussy as he kept fucking her harder and harder. I could hear his balls bang up against her body. She ended up cumming again on his cock as he was getting close himself. He then pulled his cock out of her pussy and he told her to slide herself down in front of his cock on the floor. He then instructed her to open her mouth. He told her that he wanted to fill her mouth up with his cum. He then stroked his cock as the head of it lay in my wife's mouth. It didn't take very long and he began to cum in her mouth filling her mouth up with his cum. He then pulled his cock out of her mouth and she spit what she could out on a towel.

He now told her that he wanted to fuck her again sometime and he got dressed and left. It took my wife a good hour to get her composure all back. He did email my wife a few weeks later telling her what he wanted to fuck her again. He told her all the things he wanted to do with her the next time. My wife didn't really want to do it anymore but she ended up seeing him again. She felt very guilty but the power of his large cock definitely dominated her.

I will post the next time in a few days.

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