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My wife took his virginity

exhibitionism in a pub led to the taking of a young boy's virginity
My wife took his virginity.

I have written here and elsewhere, about the fact that my wife likes exposing herself to me, and occasionally to others. This took place one night, which started off as a normal Saturday night in a pub, in the town where we lived at the time, which was within easy walking distance of our home.

The pub we were in was one of a well known chain of Irish pubs. We always liked the atmosphere there, and used it quite frequently.

This evening was the same as usual, until a youngster who was playing a fruit machine close by, engaged my wife and myself in conversation whilst placing his pint glass on our table to enable him to play the machine with both hands.

The youngster introduced himself as Keith; we told him our names, and chatted away together whilst he played.

He seemed really wound-up; this it turned out being because he’d won the lottery that day. The win was only a few hundred pounds, but I suppose, like most people, he was thrilled to have won something!

The conversation spread to loads of other topics, during which my wife asked him if he was courting? He was a bit embarrassed by this and said that he wasn’t. It later came out that he was embarrassed because he actually had never had a girlfriend, and therefore was still a virgin. As he was 17, this surprised my wife and myself slightly, and as the topic went on a bit he seemed more and more embarrassed.

My wife assured him that a good looking young man like himself wouldn’t have a problem for very long finding a girlfriend. He seemed placated somewhat by her reassurance, and blushed a lot as the topic continued.

When he went to the bar for another drink, I suggested to my wife that she show him a little more than the amount of leg that she was showing up to then. She told me to shut up, that as Keith was so shy, he might not like looking up her skirt. I told her, “ Don’t be so fucking soft, when he sees up your skirt he’ll probably come in his pants.” 

She then said “ Do you think so? I don’t want to corrupt anyone.” I told her I disagreed , and that it would be the most exciting thing that had ever happened to him; and to try it out to see how he reacted.

She wasn’t sure at first, but I kept on at her by saying “ When is the last time you saw a 17 yr old cock? Be honest you’d be at least as excited as him if you saw you’d made him go hard.” I kept on in the same vein, describing what his cock would probably be like, how hard it would be, how excited she would be making him, and even more, what if she would be the one to enable him to “lose his cherry”.

She said “ Oh I couldn’t do that! He’s too young!” 

I replied “ He’s 17 for God’s sake! We’d both lost ours before then. Think of it; a 17 yr old rampant cock entering your pussy. He’d try and shag your arse off !”

Even though she was resisting the idea, I think I know her better than she’s willing to admit. She thought a while, smiled, and said “Really? You think we should?”

“ Fucking right! ” Was my only comment.

We were sitting in a booth, which was blocked from anyone seeing into it by the fruit machine Keith had been playing; so before he returned, my wife undid the lower buttons on her button-through dress, allowing a nice view up her legs and just showing the lower edge of her panties. She also undid a few of the upper buttons, leaving a lovely cleavage exposed.

Keith came back from the bar, and visibly gulped when he saw my wife. His eyes were popping out of his head as he took in the view presented to him. He took a big swig of his drink and had to force his eyes away when my wife asked him “Everything all right Keith?”

He spluttered a bit and replied “Fine; excellent actually.” The truth of his reply was immediately borne out by the fact that he had an obvious erection pressing against the front of his trousers.

He now couldn’t take his eyes away from my wife’s bulging cleavage and view of her semi see through panties. My wife now was in her own kind of heaven; a youngster obviously excited, looking at her enjoying herself in turn, exposing herself to him in a public place( an obvious turn on), but unseen by anyone else.

She now began to relish the situation and kept up the dialogue she’d been having with Keith previously, praising his looks and telling him how easy it would be for him to lose his virginity, with the right person( hint, hint). 

While she was talking like this she was gently moving her fingers over her right breast, her fingers stroking up and down her cleavage, gently coaxing her dress wider and wider open at the top, until her nipple was nearly exposed. At the same time she had opened her legs wider so that her pants were in plain view of Keith. All this time she was also openly studying the erection directly in front of her, licking her lips as she was talking.

I found this situation really horny. Two people so turned on, in public, with no one around them aware. I was sitting by the side of my wife, rubbing the length of my penis through my jeans, enjoying every moment. 

Keith had now placed one hand in his pocket to hide his erection. My wife told him “Don’t hide that, I was enjoying looking at your cock, it looks nice and hard, and long.” He was a bit confused now, I think. He was embarrassed by the fact that my wife could see his erection, but then presumably pleased by her telling him that she was enjoying the sight. 

He slowly removed his hand from his pocket, enabling the view of his bulging trousers once more. My wife then asked him to move a little closer to her, and when he did so, reached out and gently squeezed his throbbing cock through his trousers, and ran her nails down its length, visibly impressed by its hardness. 

She said “Your cock feels lovely, but it must be awfully constricted in there. Why don’t you go to the loo and remove your underpants to give it more room. You can hide it on the way back with your hand in your pocket.”

He looked shocked at the suggestion, and reluctant , but she pushed him gently away, saying “Go on, do it, I want to feel it better.” He turned and went off to do her bidding, hands tightly in his pockets in case anyone should see.

My wife and I talked about what had taken place so far, and she asked me “Well, what do you think? Go for it?”

“ Absolutely, look at him, he’s wound up like a spring.”

A few moments later Keith returned, hands firmly in his pockets, only removing one when he took a large swallow of his drink as he stood in front of my wife. When he once again was greeted by my wife’s overflowing tits, and full view of the front of her panties, he took his other hand out of his pocket to reveal a lovely long erection pressing firmly against his thin summer trousers.

My wife licked her lips in anticipation, I think, and reached out to Keith to bring him nearer, where she could then rub slowly up and down his cock through his trousers, whilst complimenting him on the size and hardness of his erection.

Keith must have thought he’d died and gone to heaven. Standing in a pub; people all around; someone who he’d never met before in his life, wanking him through his trousers. Bliss.

My wife then gave him what must have been the biggest shock in his life. She looked him in the eye and slowly pulled down his zip, allowing his cock to immediately spring free. I think he almost died. He gave a frantic look around, but we were in an almost unbelievable position, where nothing could be seen by anyone else.

My wife wrapped her hand firmly around his shaft and wanked him slowly, telling him what a lovely cock he had, and that she’d love him to fuck her.

“Would you like that Keith? Would you like to fuck me?”

There was no time for an answer. His eyes went back in his head and he started to come. My wife had sensed it coming, and kept pulling his cock, but leaned it towards the side panel of our booth, where he came in a really huge torrent. Spurt after spurt; a fountain of spunk splashing against the side wall in a great stream. He almost collapsed, his knees were obviously weak with excitement.

Another shock was to follow for him when my wife put her mouth over his knob end and sucked him dry; licking any remnants of spunk from him, then complimenting him on his lovely eruption.

She gave his cock a last slow pull, then gently folded it back into his trousers, zipping him up, and saying “ Time for a drink I think.”

I took the hint this time and went to the bar to get drinks for us all. When I got back, Keith was sitting in my place next to my wife, a huge grin on his face. My wife asked me if I would mind remaining standing in the same spot Keith had previously stood. I had a good idea of what was to follow, so agreed readily, trying to make sure that I totally blocked the view of the sitting couple from anyone behind me.

When she then felt reassured of privacy, she asked Keith if he would like to feel her tits, and not waiting for an answer, placed his hand up to her cleavage and encouraged him to open the rest of the buttons at the top of her dress, enabling him complete access to both her tits. 

At first Keith was slightly panic stricken. With what had already taken place just about blowing his mind, he kept looking around, I think not believing what was happening, also not believing his luck. It must have seemed like all his Christmases happening at once. From never having had a girlfriend, to being wanked off in public by a stranger, to having his hands on a gorgeous pair of tits, again in public, being coaxed all the time by my wife in the way he should move his hand, slowly caressing her breasts to their mutual satisfaction.

She talked to him all the time he was squeezing her breast; complimenting him on his actions; suggesting when he should gently roll her nipple between his fingers; all of this having an obvious effect on my wife, her breathing becoming heavier, an occasional gasp of pleasure escaping her lips.

After a while of this, my wife said to him “Put your hand down between my legs and feel my pussy.” He was beside himself now. This was all new ground to him. He lowered his hand and gently placed it on the front of her pants, where she immediately started up a running commentary on what he was doing, what she wanted him to do, and what effect it was having on her. “ Rub your hand gently up and down the front of my pants. Feel how wet you’ve made me? You’ve done that to me; you’ve made my cunt soaking wet. Rub harder. You’ve made me soaking wet. It feels lovely. Does it feel nice to you?”

Keith could only nod his head. He seemed to be struck dumb. All the while he was rubbing my wife’s pussy, she had managed to slip her hand under his and was squeezing his erection through his trousers. He hadn’t lost his erection from earlier, a sign of his youth and also his enjoyment.

In a way I was jealous of him. I was wishing that I’d had someone introduce me to the world of sex in such a fabulous manner as he was now experiencing. An older, totally experienced woman with no inhibitions, leading him forward, showing and telling him exactly what to do to give both of them maximum enjoyment. Lucky Keith! 

My wife now had soaking wet panties, which she decided had served their purpose long enough. She lifted her bottom up and slid them off, enabling Keith his first touch of a woman’s soaking wet pussy. She slumped down on the seat, and described every motion for Keith to follow.

She whispered for him to run one, then two fingers up and down the centre of her pussy, spreading the wetness all around her outer lips, then slowly put his finger inside her, describing to him what it felt like for her, encouraging him on and on until he was fingering her with abandonment, with two fingers plunging in and out of her soaking wet cunt. At the same time she was squeezing both her nipples, and then proceeded to have an orgasm, whilst imploring Keith not to stop fingering her.

The action of her coming was amazing Keith. He’d never seen or experienced such a thing and was entranced by the effect it had on my wife. Her head was lolling back on her seat, her tits fully out in the open, as was her cunt, soaking wet and quivering to Keith’s touch. What a sight!

I think if Keith had his own way he would have tried to fuck my wife right there on the spot. She in turn just looked at him and said “ You’ve got to fuck me now. Do you want to come home with us?”

Keith eagerly replied “ Yes please.”

In one way I was feeling slightly neglected; after all, I was the only one so far who hadn’t had an orgasm. I wasn’t too bothered by this as I knew there was plenty of time for that, plus the fact that I had really enjoyed my wife showing Keith how to please her with his fingers, and showing him the guilty pleasure to be had from being wanked off in a public place. I was observing someone receiving an education in sex so to speak. We decided to continue the action at home, and after my wife tidying up her clothing, left the pub.

After buying a bottle of vodka and some tonic water at a late night express supermarket at the end of the street, we commenced the walk homewards. This in itself was highly enjoyable. We regularly used this route home; it consisted of a section of underpass, connected to two narrow lanes, overgrown with trees and large bushes, lit from above by street lights, but with some sections of lights not working. It was more or less the norm for my wife and myself to partially undress her, and sometimes me also, whilst walking home, and indulge in mutual exhibitionism and masturbation.

Tonight was no exception to this, except that it was my wife and a stranger doing the same thing; opening each others clothing whilst walking, and caressing and wanking each other, occasionally stopping to enable one or the other of them to have a better feel of the other. This was lovely to watch, and didn’t prevent me from joining Keith in squeezing my wife’s tits or behind whist walking beside her, and allowing my fingers to reach between my wife’s legs from behind to stroke her drenched pussy.

I had also released my now rigid cock from my trousers, and at one time, my wife had a cock in both hands, slowly pulling them as we walked. She was really enjoying the walk home; her dress was totally open and pulled back from her shoulders, just prevented from falling to the floor by her arms. Keith and myself were feeling her body all over, more often than not with four hands squeezing, caressing, or fingering her at the same time. Her cunt juices were running freely down her legs, her nipples were outstanding in the slight draught caused by walking, and she must have had three or four orgasms in transit.

All this time she was talking to Keith, asking how different things felt, making suggestions as to what he should do next, and telling him how much she was enjoying what was happening to her. All part of his tuition I guess.

No one passed us in either direction whilst walking, and my wife didn’t need to cover up until we reached our street, which only took about twenty minutes or so. She pulled her dress together, Keith and I put our cocks away and we walked along the street up to our house. We entered, and went into the living room , put on the gas fire and made ourselves comfortable whilst I made us all a drink.

Keith was much more comfortable with things now, and didn’t seem nervous at all. The three of us sat on the settee, with my wife in the middle, and it didn’t take long before we all three were again touching each other , with me leaving most of the action as it were to the other two. This was after all primarily Keith’s night, intended to culminate in him losing his virginity, and gaining as much experience as possible at the same time.

Within about ten to fifteen minutes my wife had removed all of her and Keith’s clothes, and they were both all over each other, she asking him to play with her tits at first, then finger her pussy again, before moving down the settee enough to enable her to put Keith’s cock into her mouth, then licking it along it’s length, and sucking it until he came again, during which she made sure that none of his sperm escaped her mouth as she wanted to show him how it could be done by someone who enjoyed doing so.

This was a wonderful sight to behold. A young man, totally inexperienced, now having the time of his life with an experienced older woman. He had a really long, slender but totally rigid cock, and I think this was the most he’d ever used it in one evening; the other occasions being masturbation sessions.

My wife now told him that she thought it was time to go upstairs and get really comfortable, before leading him by the hand up the stairs while I made us some more drinks.

The three of us reclined on the bed, sampling the drinks I’d made, and each other at the same time. My wife lay between Keith and myself and was stroked, caressed, licked, sucked and fingered by us both to her obvious delight. Her pussy was drenched in her juices, her nipples engorged, her whole body almost throbbing in delight.

Keith, having already come twice, was showing no signs of flagging. His cock was still rock hard, being stroked gently by my wife in between his movements around the bed, whilst he was squeezing, fingering or licking various parts of my wife’s body. He particularly liked it when my wife coaxed him into licking her pussy. He had never experienced this delight, and took to it like a duck to water. I swear I thought he was never going to come up for air. He licked and fingered her at the same time, just as she was describing to him how to please her best. When she came explosively over his face, he looked as if he’d just been awarded a prize for pussy licking, a smile of pride lighting up his face.

After my wife had caught her breath for a moment, she told him “I want you to fuck me now,” and coaxed him to lie over her , and guided his cock with one hand until I could see him pressing forward and pushing his cock into her wet cunt. His face was a picture, he was experiencing something that I would struggle to remember. The feeling of your cock slipping into a soaking wet pussy for the very first time.

My wife told him “ You can fuck me as fast as you like now. It’s your first time. Go for it. Don’t worry, you won’t hurt me. You have all night to take your time. For now, just fuck me; hard and fast.”

This he did, to say the least. He plunged into her vigorously, ramming his cock in as hard and fast as he could. My wife tried to keep him from withdrawing too far in case he hurt himself, but otherwise lay back and let this inexperienced seventeen year old fuck her for all his worth. As he had already come twice, he wasn’t going to come immediately, so he went on at breakneck speed for some minutes, my wife clinging on to him, in obvious bliss, until he threw back his head and had an obvious orgasm, making quite a noise, I must say. 

After he and my wife had calmed down a bit , she stroking his shoulder and kissing his neck and mouth, whilst reassuring him that everything was fine, asking him did he enjoy, and being assured by him that yes, everything was fantastic.

The rest of the night passed as a tutorial of lovemaking, with my wife and Keith fucking again at a much slower pace, she telling him how to give her maximum enjoyment, when and where to touch and caress her.

At other times I took my rightful place inside my wife’s pussy, fucking her in our usual manner, albeit with more excitement because of our visitor, who at times had his still hard cock in my wife’s mouth, she sucking and licking him whist being fucked by me.

The night passed, and dawn found the three of us sleeping, entwined with each other, tired out. Even Keith, who had come at least six or seven times in all throughout the evening.

When we had all woken up, much later in the day, I left my wife and Keith to have a last sex session, while I went to make something for us all to eat. They came downstairs a while later, both beaming, especially Keith who wanted to thank us both for the previous evening. We told him that there was no need for thanks, as we had all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, with no harm done to anyone.

When the time came for Keith to leave, we said that we’d no doubt see him down town at some point, and that maybe we’d repeat the evening again sometime; although we told him that we didn’t think that he would be needing us for very long as we were confident he would now rightly be more confident in his dealing with girls.

From then on, we would occasionally see Keith in one or other pubs in town, and once did repeat the evenings entertainment to our collective pleasure. We then saw Keith at different times with various young girls, arm in arm, or smooching in corners, or similar, which assured us that he had gotten over his personal obstacles. Keith in turn would occasionally buy us the odd drink, introduce us to his latest flame as his old friends, or sometimes just give us a wink as he left with someone. We enjoyed the fact that we seemed to have helped him in some way become more confident, and were sure that he would go on to enjoy a fabulous sex life of his own. 

This occasion was one that my wife and I will never forget, and will always look back on with a smile.

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