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My Wife Was Tricked Into Being Shared By A Woman

My wife is tricked into being fucked by a woman instead of a man in a night of wild sex.
I had received an interesting email from an individual who said, “Do you want your wife to cum harder than ever before in her life!”

It had my attention so I responded to it. I received back a response that is very similar to a lot of other emails that I had received in the past. It talked about how hard they would make my wife cum and that she would never forget this night. It went on and on about making my wife cum so hard. The response was about a paragraph in length.

My eyes exploded as I read the last sentence. It said, “I am a woman by the way, and I can fuck your wife as good as any man could!” She then signed it Angela.

My original thought was wow! I had never been approached by a woman before about sharing my wife. My wife and I had explored with a few other men in the past, but never the thought of a woman ever came up. My cock got very hard thinking about the thought of another woman in the bedroom with my wife. There was one problem though, how was I going to make my wife accept this kind of situation. She had been staunchly against it in the past and I am sure she still hadn’t changed her mind about it.

I wrote back and told her how I would love to see this happen, but my 48 year old wife would never agree to such a thing. I had figured that was the end of it and I was ready to move on.

A few days later I received another email from Angela. She was a beautiful looking 25 year old who had fantasized about dominating an older woman. She loved both men and women and has played both sides. She really wanted to try to pull this whole thing off. Angela had laid out a very detailed plan on how she was going to make this happen. I thought at first she was totally crazy, but after I read her plan it wasn’t all that bad. I started to believe she could possibly make this happen.

Her plan was to come dressed like a man so my wife wouldn’t catch on that she was really a woman. She had sent a pic of herself dressed like a man and I had to admit I couldn’t see the difference.

Angela thought if she could convince my wife that she was a man that she could dominate her in bed. My cock jumped up immediately as I continued to read the email. It only took me about two minutes to decide that I should go for her plan.

I had shown my wife the pic she had sent and told her that it was 25 year guy. I told my wife, “This younger gentleman thinks you're very hot and wants to fuck you!"

My wife had liked the idea of a smaller guy instead of the 6'2 guys. The picture was taken from a distance so my wife couldn’t really see a clear shot of her face. She quickly agreed to meet this person and the plan was on.

I was totally shocked as I sent an email back to Angela letting her know her plan had worked so far. We then went ahead and set up the rest of it. I knew I would be in huge trouble if this plan didn’t work out, but she told me to relax that she had everything under control.

I rented out a nice motel room about 20 minutes from where we lived. I got very nervous as I waited for Angela to arrive. If my wife sees she is a woman right off the bat my ass would be fried. I decided to leave it up to Angela on how she was going to pull this off. I stayed totally out of it and didn’t know what Angela had planned.

When she arrived I was impress by what a good body she really had. She was probably around 5’6 or so and she couldn’t have weighed more than 125 pounds. She wore a pair of loose men's jeans that made her look bigger than she really was. She had on a long sleeved shirt that hung down over the jeans. She had tucked all of her hair underneath a hat that she wore. Angela had no problem passing herself off as a guy.

She quickly moved in behind my wife so my wife couldn’t see a close up of her face. She began to kiss my wife on the neck as she removed my wife’s shirt and bra from her body. She gently caressed and squeezed my wife’s nice tits with her tender hands. My wife loved it as she gently blew into her ear as her hand slid down to her pants. She ripped open my wife’s pants and had them pulled slightly down over her hips. She continued to caress my wife’s neck and ears with her warm mouth as her hand slipped down into my wife’s panties.

She knew exactly what to do with her finger as she began to massage my wife’s pussy. My wife softly moaned out as she gently stuck her tongue into my wife’s ear. She then reached down with her hands and pulled my wife’s pants and panties down to the floor. She still stood back behind my wife as she gently fingered my wife’s wet pussy. My wife started to cry out as she gently teased her pussy with her finger. Her plan was definitely working at this point.

She moved my wife over to the bed and laid her down on it. My wife still didn’t realize that it was woman making her feel so good. Angela pushed her warm mouth in between my wife’s legs as her tongue ran gently across my wife’s swollen pussy. My wife felt Angela’s warm mouth in between her legs as she began to sucked on my wife’s pussy. My wife went crazy as her body gyrated all over the bed. Angela knew exactly what to do with my wife’s pussy. A few minutes later my wife began to scream out as she had a very powerful orgasm all over Angela‘s mouth.

Angela brought a bag of toys with her. She opened up her a bag and pulled out a vibrator and immediately hit my wife’s pussy with it. She was really strong for her size as she held my wife tightly to the bed as she ran the vibrator back and forth across my wife’s throbbing pussy. My wife cried out very loudly as she came again as Angela held the vibrator tightly up against my wife’s swollen pussy.

My wife cried out, “I can’t take anymore! Please stop!”

Angela held the vibrator on my wife’s pussy for a few more minutes before she released it. My wife laid on the bed still trembling as her body was extremely worn out from cumming so hard.

Angela got up off the bed and quickly discarded her clothes. My wife was still in a sexual trance and didn’t noticed that the person that was making her cum so hard was a woman. She went into her bag of toys and pulled out a big penis strap on. She quickly hooked up the penis strap on and climb back on top of my wife.

My wife looked up at her as she removed her hat showing my wife that she was really a woman. My cried out, “Please no! Please don‘t do this!”

Angela grabbed my wife’s weak legs and yanked them far apart. She positioned the strap on cock right against my wife’s wet pussy. As my wife begged her to stop Angela pushed the strap on cock right into my wife’s waiting pussy. My wife moaned out, “OMG!”

She began to fuck my wife hard with this strap on cock. My wife laid on the bed helplessly as she had to except this big cock inside her.

It was a few minutes later and my wife’s began to moan out more loudly. My wife was close to cumming again as she heard the words, “Cum bitch!”

My wife screamed out as she came all over the strap on cock. She screamed out for several minutes as Angela kept pounding this cock into her exhausted pussy. My wife came again a little later as this time she had one of the most powerful orgasms of her life. I had never seen my wife cum so hard before.

My wife begged for her to stop as she couldn’t take it anymore. It was a few minutes later and my wife screamed out again in orgasm. Angela had fucked the hell out of my wife with the stap on cock and now had another idea for her.

She pulled the strap on cock out of my wife and discarded it off to the side. Angela moved her naked body on top of my wife’s face. My wife had never sucked on another women’s pussy before, but she was about to.

She told me to get undressed and fucked my wife while she pushed her pussy up against my wife’s mouth. It only took me about a minute before I had my cock buried deep inside my wife’s very wet pussy.

She told my wife, “Come on suck my pussy bitch!”

Angela was extremely horny now as she pushed her wet pussy right against my wife’s mouth. She began to rock back and forth across my wife’s mouth. I gave it all I had as I fucked my wife very hard. My wife’s body began to tremble as she started to cum again. Angela was also ready to cum as her body began to tense up.

A few seconds later Angela moaned out as she began to cum all over my wife’s face. I was so excited at that point as I was ready to explode in my wife's pussy. Angela turned around to me and said, “I want to suck your cock off!”

I quickly pulled my hard cock out of my wife’s pussy and inserted right into Angela’s mouth. Angela sucked on my cock feverishly as I began to moan out loudly. I couldn’t take it any longer as I shot my cum right down Angela’s throat as my wife laid on the bed watching. We all then collapsed onto the bed.

As soon as Angela left my wife screamed and yelled at me. I heard about it for several days, but you know what? It was all worth it!

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