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My wife's anniversary present

My wife's anniversary present

This guy goes all out for an anniversary gift
My name is Mark, and I've been married to my wife, Anna, for five years now. I'm thirty, and she is twenty-eight. We are a happy couple, because we rarely fight, and have a solid relationship. Neither one of us have ever cheated, and our sixth wedding anniversary was coming up.

I was unsure what I could get her, mostly because it was going to be really difficult, to beat the gift I got her last year. I got her a heart pendant, and it cost five-hundred bucks. She loved it, and still wears it every single day. To be honest, three days before our anniversary, I had nothing. I tried not to let on that I hadn't gotten her anything yet.

"So, what did you get me?" Anna wanted to know.

I put on my best poker face, and answered.

"I can't tell you that, it's a surprise, but you'll find out soon enough," I replied.

"I'm sure whatever you got, I'll love it," she said.

I knew I had to think fast, but I was sure I'd think of something. Anyway, that night, I was in the shower, just thinking. I was done washing myself, and I was just standing there driving myself crazy, really crazy.

"Damn, what the fuck can I get her?" I whispered loudly.

She had faith in me, and I just didn't know what to do. I swear, I was about five seconds away from hitting the wall, when Anna surprised me in there.

"Got room for one more?" Anna asked, as she got in there with me.

"Always for you," I replied.

She gave me a kiss, and turned around, towards the shower head. She began washing her hair, and got my motor going. My dick got hard, and touched her butt.

"Is that the shampoo, or are you just happy to shower with me?" she pondered.

I laughed for a minute, and then she turned around. She came towards me, and grabbed onto my cock.

"What, are you thinking about me with another woman again?" she wondered.

That was something I really wanted to see, but every single guys wants to actually see two women together. I had casually brought it up a few times before, but I never got any bites.

"Well, maybe you will see it someday, you never know. Never say never," she said, as she let go of my cock.

Then she turned around again, and washed her hair. A slight thought popped into my head, was she planning on doing it with a woman for our anniversary? I couldn't just ask her, but maybe I could push her in that direction.

"Well, maybe you'll see me with another guy, I know women like that," I said.

Then she looked back at me with this huge smile. Evidently, I hit the nail right on the head.

"Are you serious?" she wondered, in a hopeful voice.

I had no idea what to say to that, but I couldn't take that smile away from her.

"Would you really like that?" I asked.

"Yes, that is so hot, and I would love you so much if you'd do that for me," she replied.

I dug myself a hole, without even knowing I had a shovel in my hand. I agreed to that, but the bad thing for me was, I agreed to that. At least she found a guy for me to do it with.

She set it up for that next weekend, and it was only two days away. I was going nuts, but I knew I loved her more than anything, or anyone in the world. So, I was going to do it for her.

We did it in our room, and my wife was there watching. I just knew after this, I was going to be bullet proof, so I concentrated on that.

The guy was a gay friend of hers, named Jack, and I was as ready, as I was ever gonna be. We were both in our boxers, and we were at our house. Anna did tell me that we could go at it, as soon as I was done with Jack.

"So, this is your first time?" Jack wanted to know.

"Yes, so can we it take it slow?" I wondered.

"Sure," Jack replied.

Then he just leaned towards me, and laid a single kiss on me. That kiss didn't kill me, but I didn't like it. I just kept in mind that, Anna was gonna love me more than anyone on the planet.

"You are a saint for doing this for your wife," Jack said.

Then he put his hand in my boxers, and began stroking my dick. I was hoping the awkward feeling wouldn't be there, but it still was. Then he got up off the bed, and slowly took my boxers. He grabbed onto my cock again, and stroked it slowly again.

"How is that?" Jack inquired.

"It's alright, I guess," I replied.

I looked over at Anna, and she wasn't enjoying it very much. I guess because I wasn't so into it, so I did something for my wife. I put my right hand into his boxers, and pulled out his cock.

It wasn't as big as mine, but that was probably a good thing in my case. I stroked it for a minute, and actually kissed Jack. I guessed I'd know how far I'd take it, when it happened. I couldn't predict how much we'd do, but Anna had some magic power over me: the power to make me do anything.

"There he is," Jack said.

Then I leaned my head down toward his cock, and licked the tip of it. I couldn't let her know I hated it, so I took it right in my mouth. I did it without thinking, and that was what I continued to do. I sucked on his cock for about thirty seconds, and he let out a couple moans. I guess, I took a little pleasure in that, getting a gay guy to moan.

"Oh, this guy is a keeper, Anna," Jack let out.

I knew he wanted to put his hands onto my head, but he resisted. I looked over at Anna again, and she was smiling. Well, at least I got her to smile. Then I had to take his cock out, and he gave me another kiss.

"Not bad for a first timer, even if you are doing it for your wife," Jack told me.

Then he just got right behind me, and slowly stuck his cock in my asshole. It hurt a lot, and was really uncomfortable too, but then I found Anna masturbating. That's what I was waiting for.

She just had her hand in her panties, but I considered that a win. I still tried to keep that in mind, when Jack began thrusting his cock. He put his hands onto my shoulders, and brought me up a little bit.

I wanted Anna to come to us, and take my cock into her mouth, but I knew she just wanted to see us together. I'd have to wait for that, but minutes still felt like hours.

"Let's get a little rough now, Mark. Prove to your wife just how much you love her," Jack said.

"I fucking love you, sweetie," I told her.

"I love you too," Anna replied, as she was breathing heavily.

He began thrusting his cock quite hard, and I did my best not to hate it. It was definitely an uphill battle, it was just unclear how far the hill went.

Once, I let her use a strap on me, and that was a hell of a lot better than this. I really hated that, but Anna was one hell of a woman, that could convince me of anything. I smiled at her, and she smiled right back. She mouthed 'I love you' to me, and I did the same. I already had many things I wanted to do with her in mind, once we were done.

"Fuck," I yelled.

"I know, it's an acquired taste," Jack let out.

He kept thrusting his cock for a couple more minutes, and I took it for the woman I loved. I guess because, I would do anything to please my wife. I just did my best to smile, and then he began moaning.

He pulled his cock out, and came right onto the bed. That was a hell of a lot better than doing it on me. Then without delay, he got onto his stomach, and took my dick into his mouth. I just looked towards Anna, and imagined it was her.

About a minute into that, Anna let out a huge moan, and I saw her cum right onto the floor. I don't think I was ever more happy to see her cum, than in that moment. I couldn't look down at Jack sucking my cock after seeing her cum, it would just be a huge letdown, I guess.

I saw her get completely naked, and that was just what I needed. Then she began masturbating yet again, and that really just got my motor going, and I began moaning a bit.

"Shit, I'm gonna cum now, Jack," I said.

Unlike me, he gladly took cum right onto his body. I came onto his chest, since he moved his chest right in front of my cock.

Anna was happy, even though she knew I hated the sex session. As she said we would, we had sex right after that, and Jack stayed to watch. I made sure to have her blow me, and to stick my cock inside her. I made sure to kiss her a bunch of times too. It was a relief, but Jack didn't take it personally.

"Best anniversary gift ever," Anna told me.

"It was all for you," I replied.

Let's just say after that, Anna worshiped me forever, and now she might even do it with another woman for me.
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