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My Wife's Cousin Part 2

Wife comes home after big weekend.

The light broke through the window illuminating the bedroom. Sara was asleep next to me on her back. Her breasts looked wonderful in the light of the dawn. As my eyes focused, I remembered we had spent the night in Sara’s bedroom. I also remember Sara talking about us “making love” and how she “loved” the feel of my dick inside her.

My head was telling me I should stop her and make clear that we were just having sex and love was not a part of this. Another part of me was telling me not to blow a good thing. Tammy was coming home tonight, and I might not get to enjoy these spectacular breasts again.

My head won, but it was the head that was growing between my legs. My lips found their way Sara nipples, kissing and sucking on them. She stirred them moaned. “Oh, I’m sorry did I wake you?” looking up at her smiling.

“Mmm, a wonderful wake-up. Please don’t stop, your lips are welcome anywhere on my body and I want them everywhere. I don’t want to be demanding but if you wanted to give my lips a kiss, I would love it. Then anywhere else your lips wanted to go I would love that too.”

I kissed her deeply then moved down her body kissing my way to her hips. I bypassed her crotch, kissing my way down her thighs ending with her feet. I had never really been into feet, but Sara’s feet intrigued me. They were small and manicured. She moaned when I kissed and sucked on her toes. I mimicked a blowjob on her big toes. “Wow, that’s kinky. I love it. If my toes could cum they would. Not to rush you but when you’re done there I think you forgot a spot.”

I looked up at her, “Oh no, I didn’t forget. I’m just saving the best for last.”

My tongue traced up Sara’s thigh till I found her honey pot. “Oh God that feels good,” she moaned.

“Nothing like breakfast pussy,” I said laughing.

Sara threw her head back enjoying my tonguing. Her taste was wonderful as I lapped her up. I settled in for a long slow feast between her legs. Sara’s moans urged me on. Finally, she bucked and shook with an orgasm.

Once she calmed down she pulled me up to her kissing me and licking her juice off my face. “I think I need to take care of you now,” She said looking down at my limp cock.

“Let’s wait till after breakfast. My little man needs some more rest before we put it back to work. You’ve worn it out but in a great way.”

We made our way to the kitchen to have another naked meal, this time pancakes. Sara kept looking at me with a faraway look. She was continually telling me how great the weekend had been and how much she enjoyed me making love to her.

Sara picked up the bottle of syrup, “Don’t you just love syrup? It makes everything taste better.” Sara said swirling her fork around her plate. She looked up at me with a devious look.

“What’s that look for?”

“This is something Tammy and I talked about when we were horny teenagers.”

“Talked about what?” I asked.

“Sucking a syrup-coated cock. It was one of those things you talk about at a sleepover. We even put syrup on carrots and sucked it off. Never did it for real but I would love to try it and we have both ingredients here.”

“That’s surprising to me, I could never get Tammy to do anything remotely kinky. If you want a syrup covered cock, I will be happy to provide the cock.”

Sara grabbed the syrup and we headed up to the bedroom. I knew the syrup was going to be messy and Tammy would kill us both if we ruined her sheets. I pulled the bedding off and replaced it with a plastic mattress cover. “That should work,” I said jumping up on the bed spreading my legs.

Sara smiled then squeezed the syrup bottle at my hardening cock. “Ooo, that’s cold.”

“Don’t worry I will warm you up.” She said licking my dick. “Mmm, you taste good. I just have to remember not to bite down.”

“Oh shit, please don't.” She licked the excess off then took my cock in her mouth sucking the syrup off. “God, that feels so good.”

Sara sucked the syrup off my dick, but my pubic hair was sticky and matted together. It was fun but messy. I didn’t want to cum in Sara’s mouth, I didn’t think I had another one in me. I convinced Sara to shower with me before we had one last fuck before Tammy got home.

Sara paid close attention to washing out my pubic hair. “Before we do this again we should shave this.” She said drying me off.

Back in bed we lay holding each other just kissing. Our tongues danced, while I massaged her tits. It felt like we kissed for twenty minutes when Sara slid underneath me. My cock teased her pussy lips refusing to go in. Her hips started to press upward, trying to coax my dick inside me. I was determined not to penetrate her, just yet.

I could feel the moisture building around her pussy lips. Sara was getting incredibly turned on. Her breathing was getting heavy. “Please fuck me,” she whispered.

I pushed down, just enough for my cock head to pass between her pussy lips. With short quick strokes, only the crown of my cock was in her pussy. Her moaning became louder and Sara’s hips continued to push upward to get my cock inside her.

Sensing she was close to cumming, I shoved my cock into the hilt. She groaned loudly shaking with an orgasm. Her pussy muscles grabbed my dick hard. I drove my cock hard in an out of her with long forceful strokes.

“That was a great orgasm, fuck me hard and cum in me,” Sara moaned.

I was humping her giving her everything I had. Sara moaned encouragement telling me to fuck her harder. Finally, I slammed it home to shooting whatever I had left in me inside her pussy.

I collapsed next to Sara exhausted.

“Fuck, that was incredible. Talk about finishing with a bang,” Sara said spreading her legs playing with the cum in her pussy.

We cuddled for a while longer till Sara suggested we take another shower, before Tammy got home. After the shower Sara got dressed telling me she was going to a movie to give Tammy and I some time alone. I agreed it might be awkward for the three of us at first.

I cleaned up the house and made the bed with fresh sheets. Nervously I waited for my wife to come home. I think my heart skipped a beat when I heard the garage door open.

I greeted her with a kiss at the garage door and grabbed her bags. She was unusually quiet as we walked to the bedroom carrying her bags.

“Did you do as my letter instructed?”

“Yes, we did. I really didn’t think you were serious. That is why I texted you. Are you okay with it?”

“To be honest I want to be mad about it all day Saturday. I decided I couldn’t be mad because I told you to do it. I’m jealous that you two were having sex.”

“I’m not sure what to say right now.” I was truly dumbfounded. I thought Tammy was going to cry.

“You can start by telling me you still love me.”

I grabbed Tammy holding her tight, “I love you.”

After I kissed her she asked me where Sara was. I told her she was at the movies, she wanted to give us some time alone.

We didn’t talk anymore about the weekend till that night in bed. Tammy had been basically silent except for some small talk about her mom. I wasn’t sure she was coming to bed, but she finally joined me about an hour after I went to bed. Tammy snuggled up against me, “How was it?”

I rolled over facing her, “Do you really want to know?”

“I didn’t think I did, but yes I do want to know.”

“I’m not going to lie, it was good. I never blamed you for your condition, but I missed having sex. Sara said you were afraid I would find other women to have sex with. I will tell you that was not going to happen and will not happen.”

“Do you want to do it again?”

“Like I said, I won’t lie you. I want to have sex, if it can’t be you I would like to have sex with Sara again. If you don’t want me to then it will have ended this weekend.”

Tammy leaned in kissing me, “I’m so sorry we can’t have sex. I hope you will understand that I’m conflicted about you having sex my best friend and cousin. I know I asked you to do it, but I need to talk with Sara before I tell you what I want to do going forward. Thank you for being so honest and I do hope you had a good time this weekend.” She rolled over and we both went to sleep.

The following night we all had dinner without much talking. After dinner I retired to my office, I wanted to be able to hear the discussion that I knew was coming between my wife and Sara.

Just as I predicted they were in the living room, quiet at first. Slowly, they began to talk about the weekend. Tammy finally coaxed Sara into giving her all the details of our fuck weekend. A sense of pride washed over me when Sara described what a good lover I was. I didn’t like her using the term lover and I could tell neither did Tammy.

They had a good laugh when Sara told her about sucking the syrup off my cock. Tammy surprised me telling her that she was definitely going to try that now. Tammy biggest shock came when Sara told her I fucked her ass. “Oh God, did it hurt?” Tammy asked.

“At first it was uncomfortable, but after we got going I liked it. You should try it.”

There was a long silence that Tammy broke. “I want you and Randy to keep having sex. I’m not sure I want to know about it, but I want you two to enjoy yourselves. I’ve come to another conclusion too.”

I leaned in to hear my wife when Sara asked her what that second conclusion was.

“When my condition first started I told Randy I went to a specialist and told him the doctor said nothing could be done about it. I lied, I never went. I figured it was a waste of time and didn’t think sex was that important. Earlier today I call the doctor’s office and made an appointment. I want to have sex with my husband again.”

I almost cheered when I heard her say she made the appointment. As much as I was mad at her for lying to me, I was thrilled she was trying to fix the problem.

Two nights later Tammy snuggled up with me in bed. She gave me a wonderful blowjob swallowing my cum. Afterwards, she hugged me tightly. “I love you and want you to know that,” I said holding her till we fell asleep.

The tension in the house when the three of us were in the same room was high. When the three was us were together there was little conversation. I was afraid to look at Sara, fearing that my wife might think something was going on.

Saturday night the three of us were watching a moving in the living room. I was sitting next to Tammy on the couch while Sara was in the recliner. When the movie ended Tammy stood up walking over to Sara. Tammy helped Sara up then hugged her tight. “Sara, will you please take my husband upstairs to your bedroom. Fuck him hard and send him back to my bed.” Tammy kissed her on the cheek then walked upstairs.

Sara smiled at me holding out her hand. I took her hand, feeling my cock grow in my pants.

As soon as we hit Sara’s bedroom she closed the door grabbing me tight. She shoved her tongue into my mouth. “Damn, I’ve wanted to do this all week.”

We quickly stripped our clothes off meeting naked on the bed. “What I really wanted to do was this.” Sara climbed on top of me engulfing my cock into her wet pussy. Sara was riding me hard while I squeezed her tits.

“God, I love the way your cock feels inside me. Make love to me, Randy.”

There it was again, her using the word love but it was more her tone. I was going to make sure she knew we were just fucking. I rolled her over and put her on her hands and knees. Tammy always said she felt like an animal when we did doggie. I entered Sara hard from behind. I pounded her hard grabbing her tits.

Tammy was right in some ways. I always felt primal doing doggie and loved it. Sara was grunting in heavy moans with each hard stroke. It was no longer a lovemaking session we were not just fucking, and Sara was getting into it. “Harder baby, fuck my cunt and deposit your seed in me.”

Damn, her pussy felt good. It was then it hit me, what I really liked about Sara. She was gentle and loving at times but could also be the nasty girl that my wife never would. She liked me to make sweet love to her and also to bang her hard from behind in her “cunt” and her ass.

I wanted to hold out longer, but I could hold back any longer. I grunted loudly emptying my balls into her “cunt.” I pulled out and lay next to Sara hugging and squeezing her tits. I started to get up when Sara held me tight, “You don’t have to go just yet, do you? You wouldn’t deprive me of tasting your wonderful cock?”

Who can turn down a woman wanting to suck your cock? I laid my head back on the pillow and spread my legs. My cock had softened, hanging limply between my legs. Sara turned around in the bed laying her head on my thigh. She took my dick kissing and licking it hard again. Once hard, Sara began to suck.

I was ashamed of myself. As Sara sucked, I was comparing her to my wife’s blowjobs. I had to admit to myself that Sara was a better cock sucker than my wife. The thing about Sara’s blowjobs was that she was on a mission. She was determined that I was going to finish and finish in her mouth.

Having just cum in her pussy, it was going to take a while to cum again. After a while, it appeared Sara was getting tired. I offered to have her either just finish me with her hand or I could finish inside her again. She would have none of that, she wanted to taste my cum.

With another loud grunt, Sara got her wish. I shot another load which she swallowed with a production. “Now, you can go back to your wife.”

I thought about putting my clothes back on, but I rationalized that would be dumb since I was just going to take them off again.

I brushed my teeth and put on my PJ’s. I crawled into bed, Tammy was pretending to be asleep, but I knew she was awake. I curled up around my wife taking her in my arms. After a few moments she stirred. She knew I knew she was awake.

“You smell like sex.” Tammy said kissing me on the cheek. “I like the way you smell.” She paused then took a deep breath, “Honey, I lied to you. I never went to that specialist. I didn’t want to do it and didn’t think our sex was worth it. I’m so sorry. I was wrong, I want you to know I’ve made an appointment to see the doctor.” She grabbed me and kissed me hard. “I want to have sex again, I want us to make love again. I want you to fuck me like you did Sara.”

I kissed her back telling her that I loved her and wanted to make love to her too. I was telling the truth but in the back of my head, I was also wondering what would happen with Sara. I didn’t want to stop fucking her.


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