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My wife's exam revisited

Thank you doctor for showing the joys of DP sex.
Seeing my wife cum in front of other people was a huge turn on for me. Seeing my window splashed by her cum and then she licks it off. I had a hard time not taking my wife right there.

We finally made it to the doctors office. I was very anxious about this exam. The nurse led us to the examination room. She sat my wife down on the exam table. Asking her routine questions. She took her blood pressure and used her stethoscope. 

I loved watching her use the stethoscope on my wife. The way she reached under her shirt and slid the device onto her boob. It looked like she rubbed it on her nipple. She seem to do some extra massaging with it which caused my wife's nipple to swell.

By now the doctor had arrived. He seemed a little shocked to see me there. Considering what happened last time he examined my wife he seemed a little nervous.

He introduced himself to me. Then directed his attention to my wife. 

"So what brings back so early?"

"Well, my husband would like to have anal sex with me but we just wanted to make sure that there weren't going to be any problems with trying it." my wife said with a hint of flirtation.

"Oh. Well I suppose we could examine you and see if this could be something that would work for you two. Let's go ahead and have you disrobe and put on that medical gown hanging up in the corner."

I stood with my wife as she changed her clothes. The doctor didn't seem to peek this time. But I quickly licked my fingers and slid my fingers into my wife's pussy as she bent over. She let out a yelp and the doctor turned just as my wife stood up letting her tits bounce before his eyes. She smiled at the doctor and continued putting on her gown. She walked over and sat on the table and put her feet up onto the stirrups.

The doctor walked over while putting on his latex gloves. "I'm going to go ahead and examine your anus for anything that would pose a problem for anal sex."

While the doctor was touching and feeling my wife's butt hole. I was pinching her nipple. I know the doctor could see that my wife was wet. I walked over next to the doctor getting his view of my wife's Anna's pussy.

"Doctor?" I asked. "Could you show me the best way to enter her asshole?"

"Well that isn't something I can show you but I'll be happy to tell you. The best way is to use plenty of lubrication and to enter slowly."

"Actually it would really help if you could you show me." I said as I looked over to Anna. She smiled.

He stood up and walked over to the door and locked it. He sat back down in front of Anna's pussy. Generously lubed up his finger and her asshole. He slowly inserted his finger into her butt. While explaining the importance of doing it slow.

"Doctor?" My wife whimpered. "My husband wants to have anal sex with me so could you show him with a penis instead of a finger?" Anna said as she slid her gown down exposing one of her boob just past her nipple.

The doctor looked at me. I nodded yes. He took a deep breath and said ok. He started to take out his cock but before he did I told him to stop. He looked at me worried.

"Anna can you reach over and take his cock out for him?"

The doctor moved forward and I watched my wife firmly grab the doctor's cock and pull it out of his pants. 

She leaned back, I smiled, and the doctor stood there with his pants down and his hard cock being lubricated. I could not wait to watch my wife being fucked in the ass by the doctor.

He stepped close to my wife and he pressed the head of his penis into her hole. Very slowly he pushed his cock into the hole. A quarter, then half way...until eventually he has all of his cock in her ass. He stayed there, didn't move. Her ass kept twitching while he was in her.

While he enjoys being in my wife, I straddled myself above my wife. I rubbed my cock on her face across her lips. Then she engulfed my cock fast. She was horny. Whenever she sucks my cock fast she is extremely horny. I peeked over my shoulder to see that she had spread her pussy with her fingers. Giving the doctor a good look into her pussy. Wetness dripped out and ran down onto his cock. By now the doctor had slowly been thrusting his cock in and out of her ass.

My wife told the doctor, "Start putting your cock into my pussy too. Fuck both holes please."

With no hesitation he would pull his cock out of her ass and into her pussy then out of her pussy and into her ass. While I was getting my cocked sucked. I would pull out and slap my cock on her nipples then shove my cock back in her mouth. My wife wanted to be fucked good.

"I need two cocks in me. Both of you fuck me now. Doctor, I want you to come up here and fuck my pussy and let my husband fuck my asshole."

So we switched positions. Now the doctor had his cock in her pussy and massaging her boobs and pinching her nipples. I then lubricated my cock and slowly entered her asshole.

We both were fucking my wife.

She was really getting into having to cocks in her. She kept trying to moan load but the doctor kept having to put his hand over her mouth. Putting his hand over her mouth only made my wife even more horny. We took our time fucking Anna.

We kept her cumming. I pulled out and walked over to my wife and she leaned over and was able to get my cock in her mouth. She stroked and sucked my cock while the doctor kept fucking her. 

I came in her mouth. She sat up looked into the doctors eyes and she let the cum run down her chin and drip onto her chest. The doctor then pulled out and stroked his cock and unloaded all over my wife's tits.

She rubbed our combined cum, all over herself. 

The doctor told us not to move and he washed up and called the nurse in. The nurse came in with three other people. I wasn't sure what was going on. I was still nude, dripping with cum and my wife still spread open and covered with cum...

to be continued.
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