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My Wife's Friend - Ally

Joe gets to fuck another friend
It was weeks after the amazing night with Kate. What can be better, I thought. I'm married to a sexy bi wife who I get to fuck and I get to fuck any of her friends. Just so long as she gets to watch or join in.
It was Friday and I had to work overtime. Staci had plans with her friend Ally. My wife had missed her bachelorette party and wanted to make it up to her. Ally told my wife that she wanted to get crazy before she got married.

Now Ally is a petite woman with long brown hair. She has these blue-gray eyes that trap you every time she looks at you. She weighs around 105 pounds and has perky A cup sized tits. Not usually my ideal woman because I like more women to have more curves. However, I have always wondered how tight her pussy was since she was so petite. 

She was the type of girl that always had on designer clothes and was up to date with the latest fashion. I always thought of her as a snob and never as someone that just goes out and gets 'crazy'.

Around 6pm my wife called me to tell me that she dropped the kids off at her moms and that Ally was picking her up around 8pm. I figured I would just get some food and beer and catch up on some video games and have some time to myself. I got home around 8:30 pm, ate, showered and was getting ready to sit and play video games when I got a text.

It was My wife. "Hey babe, bar dead. Coming home to drink, get wine ready. Love you."

Well there goes my night, I thought to myself.

I got glasses out and I was just opening the bottle when they walked through the door. I nearly dropped the bottle of wine when I saw both of them. Staci was wearing a short, tight, white skirt and a black tank. Ally was wearing a short jean skirt that showed off her legs along with a tight white tank.The tanks showed their tits off great. I have never seen Ally wear something so revealing before, she looked great. She had more curves to her than I'd originally thought.

I poured two glasses for the sexy women that were standing in front of me. They were talking about how bad the club was. As they talked I stared at both of their perfect tits.

My wife wanted some chocolate out of the fridge. Now my cock was semi hard from looking at their tits. I knew I couldn't move to adjust it with out them knowing. So I went to the fridge to grab out some chocolate without adjusting. I figured what they hey they wouldn't notice. When I turned around I caught Ally looking down at the bulge in my pants. Her face quickly turned red as she looked away from me. I smiled a little at her embarrassment.

We ate some chocolate and drank more wine before my wife said, "Well no sense to staying in these clothes. We'll be right back baby, we're going to go get changed."

As they walked away to go upstairs, I noticed Ally swaying her ass alittle more than usual. Before she walked upstairs our eyes met again.

After a few minutes I heard my wife calling for me. She said that she needed me to get something for her. As I walked into the room I noticed that I didn't see either women until the bedroom door shut behind me.

As I turned around I saw my wife standing in front of the door wearing a light blue bra and panty set. My cock jumped as I walked towards her wondering where Ally was changing. Just then I heard the bathroom door open and Ally walked out. Her body was tanned and was she wearing a black bra with white lace trim and a thong. My cock got rock hard and started to ache.

"What is going on?" I said to my wife not turning my head. My eyes were glued on Ally.

"Well you see Joe, Ally wanted to go out to the club tonight and try to fuck a random guy." Staci said, "She wanted to go crazy before she got married, it's her deepest fantasy. Seeing as the club was dead, I told her about Kate and the other night. I told her that she can fuck you if she wanted. She said that you wouldn't be interested, as she's not your type of women. That was until she saw that big bulge that you have in your pants."

Ally stood there looking sort of embarrassed but looking very sexy. "Go on." My wife said nudging me.

I walked over to Ally, she shifted back and forward on her feet. She let out a small gasp as I took her in my arms and pulled her close. I could smell her sweet perfume and feel her small perky tits push against my body. I kissed her gently on the lips and then her neck. Her body relaxed as she let out a soft moan.

I moved my hands down, cupped her ass and lifted her off the floor. Instinctively she wrapped her long legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I looked at my wife as I carried Ally to our bed. She already had her panties off and fingering her wet pussy.

I kissed Ally's neck as I laid her down on our bed. I continued to kiss her chest making my way down to her flat tanned stomach. Her breathing becoming heavier. I slid my hands up her back unclasping her bra. I kissed every inch of her chest again while taking off her bra. Her tits were small mounds with big nipples sticking out from them.

I took each one in my mouth twirling my tongue around them before I gave each a suck.

" Mmmm... Ohhh...." Ally moaned.

I continued to kiss down her small frame kissing each leg, they automatically opened exposing her drenched thong. I could smell the sweet scent of her pussy as I kissed both of her inner thighs. I gave her pussy a quick kiss.

" Ohhhh... Joeeee" she moaned louder.

I reached for both sides of her thong and pull it down. She lifted her ass alittle to help me get it off. Her pussy was freshly shaved and glistening in the light. I heard my wife give out a loud moan. She was sitting up on the dresser with two fingers buried deep inside her pussy and pinching her nipples with her other hand.

I smiled and dove right into Ally's pussy. I ran my tongue up and down her wet slit, flicking her clit a few times before running my tongue back down.

"Ohhhh...Mmmm....Yess... Joe lick my pussy." She moaned as her breathing became heavier and heavier.

I parted her lips with my tongue to expose her erect clit. It stuck out further than any other girls I've ever been down on. I sucked it into my mouth and twirled my tongue around it. This caused her body to tense up.

" Ohhhhh... Fuuuuucckkkkk... Joooeeee. I'm cummmming!!!!" she screamed as she had her first orgasm. I continued to lick her pussy, sending little tremors throughout her body until she relaxed and her orgasm subsided.

The look on her face just screamed Fuck me! I took off my clothes and I heard her gasp as my eight inch hard cock fell out of my pants. I climbed back on the bed. I glanced over at my wife who was still finger fucking herself. 

I ran my cock up and down the opening of Ally's pussy lips. Her pussy was soaking wet from the orgasm I'd just given her. Her face winced as I pushed my cock head inside her tight hole. I stopped to let her adjust to the biggest meat she'd ever had strecthing her pussy walls.

She reached down and grabbed my cock and started to guide me inside of her. Her pussy clenched around my cock. It was like fucking a virgin. She let out a soft moan that sounded like a whimper as she guided me all the way in. Her face went back to normal and she opened her eyes. I started to slowly slid my cock out and slammed it back into her. 

"Ohhhh... Yessss...Hmmmm... Ohh my god, fuck me...Fuuuuck me." She moaned louder and louder with every thrust.

I slid my hands behind her back and lifted her. As I sat on my knees she quickly wrapped her legs and arms around me. Her tongue darted into my mouth as she started to move her hips. 

"Ohhhhh... God yessssss. Joe, your cock... feels soooo good, you're so big." She moaned as she bounced on my cock.

After a while she released me and started to lean backwards. Staying on my knees I grabbed her hips, as her head touched the bed I started to fuck her on an angle. Her moans quickly became screams as my cock hit her g-spot.


I continue to pound her pussy until I feel her body tense up again."Oh fuck, I'm cumming!" Her pussy walls tighten even more around my cock and drives me over the edge. Her pussy juices explode over my cock as I shoot my hot cum inside her. When both of our bodies stopped trembling I fell onto the bed next to her.

"That was fucking hot you guys!!" My wife said as she joined us on the bed. 

"You should of let us share him earlier. I can't believe you were holding out on me this whole time. His cock's so big and he knows how to work it." Ally said. They laid there talking as I drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken up by a hand stroking my cock and a head resting on my lap moaning loudly. As I opened my eyes I saw my wife in between Ally's legs. Her tongue buried deep in her pussy.

"Ohhhh... fuck yeah, Staci lick your husbands hot cum out of my pussy." Ally moaned. 

My cock was at full attention quickly. Ally twirled her tongue around the tip of my cock, which sent shivers throughout my body. She then spat on the tip and rubbed her salvia all over my cock. I couldnt believe this prim and proper girl was acting like a complete slut. She wrapped her hot lips around my cock and started to suck it. Her head was positioned right so I could see my cock sliding in and out of her mouth.

"Ohhhhh fuck yes, make me cum while your husband cums in my mouth." Ally moaned. 

I saw my wife smile and shoves two fingers inside her pussy. 


Her moaning gave me added pleasure while she sucked my cock. I knew I was going to explode soon. I slammed Ally's head down on my cock as her orgasm hit. She deep throated my cock as I shot strand after strand down her throat. The girls continued to talk as I drifted off to sleep again.

This time I woke up to a mouth around my cock. I looked down and saw Ally working my cock with her mouth. Once she saw I was awake she gave me the biggest 'I'm going to fuck the shit out of you' look.

She climbed on top of me slowly and sexily, like a cat stalking its prey. She gave me a deep kiss as she straddled me.

" Sorry, I couldn't sleep. I keep thinking of this nice cock of yours." She whispered to me. She pushed her ass down and I could feel my cock right at the entrance to her pussy. 

"Shhh, we don't want to wake your wife." She added as she smiled.

She sat straight up and lifted herself on top of my cock. She slowly guided it into her pussy. I moved my hands to hold onto her hips. But she grabbed them and forced them behind my head. She sat back up and she shook a finger 'no' as she started grinding her hips on me. 

"Mmm....Ohhhhh...mmm." she moaned softly as she rode my cock.

With her pussy tight around my cock it took all of my might not to grab her hips again. But the site of watching this beautiful women pleasing herself on me was great. Her hands went to her nipples as she started to bounce on my cock.

"Mmmmmmm." she moaned as she started to move her hips faster. Soon her hips began to buck as she bit her bottom lip to stop from screaming. Grinding faster and faster her orgasm took over her body. She fell forward and buried her face into my shoulder.

"Arrrrrghhhhhh...Mmmmm...Fuuuu" she let out as I felt her pussy explode her juices all over me. 

With her leaning forward it was time for me to take over. I grabbed her hips and started to slam my cock into her pussy. She bit down on my shoulder as another orgasms shot throughout her body. She slammed her hips back as my cock went further inside of her. Her pussy walls clamped down tighter on my cock and sent me over the edge as I came deep inside her pussy. 

Once she came down from her orgasmic high she rolled off of me, gave me a deep kiss and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up with two mouth's on my cock. I watched as Ally and my wife took turns sucking on my cock. One would suck the tip while the other would lick the shaft and my balls. We all fucked each other before we got dressed and went out for some breakfast.

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