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My Young Wife With Much Older Guys

After a chance meeting with a couple of older guys, I introduced my wife to her 1st experience with

My wife Lynn and I got married when we were both barely eighteen years old. Soon afterward we had started exploring the swinger lifestyle, starting with nude photography, exhibitionism, and threesomes with a few of my friends. We had also started getting into watching porn movies, and in the late seventies, VCR's were just starting to come out. Finding adult movies in our small conservative city was impossible, so I'd been going to a larger city about fifty miles away to buy movies at an adult bookstore there. I was going there about once a week, and had noticed a car there several times with a city decal from where I lived.

One week it just happened that I pulled in just as the guy in the car I'd noticed was pulling in, so I commented to him about us being from the same city and we began talking about how much of a pain in the ass it was coming so far just to buy a movie. It was kind of funny when he asked if I was old enough to buy movies like that, and he laughed when I said yes and told him I was almost nineteen; he replied he had underwear older than that.

We continued to talk while we looked around at the movies and eventually decided to get together sometime and maybe swap some movies. So I gave him my number and continued to look around. He had also mentioned having a friend who had a nice collection of tapes and suggested getting him to come over too.

We'd already decided we would have to do it at my house because both of their wives hated that they had movies like that and would never like the idea of them bringing someone else over to trade or watch them. A couple of weeks later we finally got together for the first time, although it was just Bill and me. We watched a movie while we checked out each other's collection, and I learned that we had several things in common. We both liked seeing girls in sheer lingerie, garter, and stockings, as well as a girl taking two or more cocks at the same time, something I didn't tell him Lynn had done with several guys.

We traded a few movies and had already set up a day for him to come back the next week. I could tell he was ready to go when Lynn got home. It was obvious he liked what he saw. She was still wearing her very conservative clothes she'd worn to work that day. But at eighteen years old, five-foot-eight, a hundred and ten pounds and a firm 34C-24-35 body with long auburn hair and green eyes, you could still tell she had a really hot body. And he was taking it all in, his eyes moving over her sexy curves and checking out her long, sexy legs. He didn't have much to say until she left the room and then he couldn't say enough, going on and on about what a sexy wife I had.

Once he was gone Lynn came back in the room and wanted to know everything he said, knowing he'd been really checking her out. Lynn loves exposing herself and seems to get especially turned on exposing herself to much older or much younger guys and to younger girls.

I wasn't at all surprised later that night when Lynn brought up Bill and how he'd been looking at her firm, young body, and asking if I'd like to show him some of her pictures, or possibly work something out where maybe she could expose herself to him, making it look like an accident. It was kind of funny that she'd brought that up because I'd already been thinking about that. Showing him some of her nude photo's would be hot but not near as hot as letting him see the real thing.

We talked about it after we got in bed that night and ended up fucking like crazy as we talked about this old man seeing her totally nude. And while I was fucking the crap out of my hot wife, she was talking about different scenarios where this guy three times older than us was seeing her nude. It was obvious it was exciting the hell out of Lynn and she even said something about maybe getting him to take some pictures of us fucking.

The next week when Bill came over he was still talking about how lucky I was to have such a sexy wife who was also open-minded about me watching porn. Then he started asking if she ever looked at it with me, and if we ever saw something hot in a movie and tried it out. He was starting to get really turned on talking about this kind of thing, and as he got more excited his questions got more personal, asking if she sucked my cock for me and if I'd ever fucked her in the ass. 

We had been watching a movie as he was asking these questions and it happened the movie we were watching was one he really wanted to trade for but that I wanted to keep. This got us to talking about how great it would be if we could copy some of the movies we both wanted and we started to really think seriously if that was possible. So a couple of days later he came back with his VCR and we tried playing a movie on one VCR and recording with another, and we were thrilled by the fact that it worked, and that the copy was as good as the original. So we decided the next time he came over we would copy a couple of movies.

The whole time Bill had been coming over he had been talking about his friend Jerry. He'd told Jerry about what we'd been doing and had assured both of us that the other could be trusted to be discreet. Jerry had said he'd like to come over sometime and copy and swap movies with us because all three of us had a good collection of movies, and by making copies our collections could grow without spending a fortune.

Lynn had come home a couple of times before Bill had left, and each time he would be more relaxed and get more open about telling me how sexy he thought she was. Lynn was getting anxious to try and let him see her naked. We were sure we could trust him not to say anything to anyone about anything we did, because like me he had a job that wouldn't think much of an employee who was into some of the things we were doing, so we finally decided to try and act on the fantasies we'd been having.

Lynn got off work early the next time Bill was supposed to come over and had fixed her hair really nice, painted her nails and fixed her makeup really nice. She put on a sexy wrap-around dress and underneath had on a sexy white garter belt and stockings outfit with matching bra and panties. They were made of a sheer material so that you could see her hairy pussy and huge areolas that covered the end of her big tits. She also was wearing a pair of white spiked heels. I'd picked out a movie where a girl was wearing an identical outfit, and our plan was for her to come into the room, where I'd comment on the fact she had an outfit like that one and suggest she show it to us. Then I'd act surprised when she took her dress off.

Lynn left a little before the time Bill was supposed to get there, wanting the movie to be on when she got there. When Bill arrived I got a surprise when I went to the door, because Bill was standing there with his friend Jerry. This was before cell phones so there was no way to warn Lynn, so here I am with these two guys in their sixties, watching porn, with my sexy eighteen-year old wife about to walk in not expecting two guys.

I'd put in the movie and we were watching it as we copied it. Bill had started telling Jerry what a sexy wife I had, telling him what sexy legs she had, and that she had a fantastic ass and nice big tits.I was getting turned on hearing him describe my hot wife and could tell he was getting turned on as well.

About then Lynn comes in the room and acts surprised to see Bill there, as well as his friend. Bill introduced Lynn to Jerry, and as she leaned down to shake his hand the top of her dress opened up, exposing a lot of cleavage, and both guys were just staring at her big tits hanging right in their face.

With Jerry there and us never meeting him before I didn't think Lynn would want to go through with our plan, ut when I didn't say anything about her having an outfit like the hot girl in the movie she surprised me by looking at the girl in the movie and saying she had an outfit like that. When Bill commented that he bets she's really something dressed like that, Lynn just smiled and with a really sexy look on her face said if they promised not to tell anyone she'd let them see for themselves.

Of course, they promised not to tell anyone, so Lynn started to slowly untie her dress and let it slide off her arms onto the floor.She turned, letting them see her from every angle. Then she fondled her big tits through the sheer bra, rubbing her nipples until they looked like a pair of 45-caliber bullets poking out. She moved her hands from her tits to her pussy to her firm ass.

Then she asked me if I'd like her to show my friends her tits and pussy. They're both looking at me like they might kill me if I say no, so I said, "Sure, baby let 'em see that sexy body of yours."

She reached up and unhooked her front-hook bra, letting these two old guys who could have been her grandfather see those luscious young breasts, lifting one and running her tongue over one of her hard nipples as she slid the other hand inside her sheer panties. They could see her rubbing her hard clit with one of her long slender fingers, then turn, facing away from them and bending over as she slid her panties off.

I could tell by the look on her face that she was turned on as hell, but despite some of the experiences we'd had in the past I wasn't at all expecting what she did next. When we'd talked about her exposing herself to Bill she'd always said she might let him feel her up a little but nothing else, but she moved over in front of these two old guys in only her stockings and heels and leaned forward, putting her firm, young tits in their faces, cupping them seductively and asking if they'd please suck her tits for her

 Before they could say a word she said that if they'd both suck her tits at the same time, she'd suck their dicks for them, adding that she'd had a lot of guys tell her she gave the best blowjob they had ever had and that she loved sucking two cocks at once.

I was afraid these two old guys were going to have a stroke, but they did as she'd asked and started sucking her big tits and playing with her wet pussy and firm young ass. Then, as promised, she had them stand up and pull their cocks out and went to her knees, taking turns sucking them off.

After taking turns sucking each them off she did something she'd done lots of times before with me and my friends and pressed their hard cocks together, licking the shafts and sucking their balls, then taking both in her mouth at the same time. And they were loving it!

As I'm older now I can fully realize how hot that must have been to have had this sexy teenage girl there in front of them naked, allowing them to suck her big tits and fondle her firm ass and wet pussy and then sucking their cocks and balls - and here they were in their sixties!

Seeing what was going on with my wife and these two older guys I couldn't wait, so I went over and started rubbing her pussy and her ass. She raised her rear end up some and started begging me to fuck her in the ass. She'd had three guys at once before but they had always been our age, but now it was really turning her on to be servicing these two much older guys while I was fucking her tight little ass.

Finally, Bill and Jerry shot off all over her big tits and I moved around and jerked off on her face. She laid back and rubbed that hot cum all over her body, which I'd come to learn was something she loved to do. One of the hottest thing I had ever seen came at a swinger party where about a dozen guys who she'd sucked and fucked had all shot off on her tits and face and another girl licked her clean. We had a few more experiences with Bill and Jerry as well as quite a few other guys.


I hope you enjoy hearing our experiences and we love hearing comments. @ilike2watch1576    




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