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Nancy and I Skype Sex

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Another LUSHIE and I get each other off on Skype cam
Author’s note: This story was inspired by a lady LUSH author. She knows who she is. The facts contained herein are true. However, the names have been changed to protect the guilty.

I met Nancy through Lush Stories. We started the relationship as most such involvements begin. I made a private comment on one of her stories and we began corresponding on Lush and eventually moved over to e-mail. We exchanged pictures that neither of us wanted to be public on Lush and our messages became more and more graphic.

I finally got to see Nancy’s pretty face and blond hair. Her shaved pussy looked delicious and her rather petite tits (34A) had very suckable perky little nipples. She has the body of an athlete …..round firm ass cheeks, feminine hip curves and powerful thighs. She gave me pictures of her toys with which she brings herself to orgasm. I desperately wanted to experience watching her do that.

Nancy and I are both married to wonderful people but our respective spouses are only interested in vanilla sex, nothing creative. Nancy made it clear that virtually nothing is off the table as far as she is concerned. Oral, anal, oral anal, pinching nipples, spanking, exhibitionism, public sex, she is up for anything and everything. We agreed that we wanted to meet each other in person but there was one major problem. Nancy lives on the west coast and I am on the other side of the country in Maryland.

However, when it comes to sexual attraction, there is nothing that can keep a stiff cock from chasing that wet pussy, soft lips or tight little butt hole. Nancy made it clear that she was impressed with my equipment pictures posted on Lush and our ongoing e-mail exchanges made it very apparent that we had to push this relationship to the next level. We arranged for a phone conversation. The three-hour time difference made us select our time very carefully but we finally made it happen.

Nancy’s perky voice literally exuded sexuality. We quickly dropped into a mutual comfort zone as if we had been talking for years. That chemistry and connection that we both hoped would be felt by both of us was there. We talked about all of the things we would love to do together but agreed that the next level was a Skype cam chat. I was getting so excited that I was vibrating. We exchanged Skype addresses and selected the day and time. Then came that unmistakable Skype ring.

“Ronnie… that you?”

“Oh, Nancy, you’re just as cute live as you are in your pictures. But we don’t have a lot of time. You are wearing far too much clothing.”

Nancy shot a coy smile into the camera and began to slowly unbutton her blouse.

“Are you going to join me as I undress for you, Ronnie?”

“Not quite yet, Nancy. I want to see every square inch of that beautiful body before I jack off for you. I so want to see those hard little nipples.”

Nancy peeled off the blouse and slowly dropped a strap from her still hooked bra. Then she turned around so that I could see her taut back and dropped the other strap. She turned back facing the camera. One cup of the bra was lowered.

“Is this what you want to see, Ronnie?”

Nancy squeezed one hard nipple. My cock was hardening. I peeled off my shorts. I was not wearing underwear in anticipation of exactly what was happening. I began to stroke. My camera was on my face.

“I want to see you stroke that man-meat, Ronnie. Position the camera so I can see your cock.”

By this time, I was at full attention. Nancy lowered the other cup and began to squeeze both nipples while pulling them teasingly.

“Stand up Ronnie. I want to see those big balls of yours.”

“Think you could get both of my balls in your mouth at the same time, sweetheart?”

“I love the way your balls jiggle, Ronnie. Squeeze them for me. I want to see you play with your balls.”

Of course, I was happy to oblige. By this time, a drop of pre-cum formed on my pee slit. I touched a finger to it and pulled a string of goo from the head of my cock.

“Ooooo, Ronnie, I want to taste your cum.”

“I only wish your were here to do that, Nancy. I’d feed you a warm load wherever you want it planted.”

Nancy reached behind her back and unhooked and removed the bra. Her two little tits sat firm and proud on her chest while she licked her fingers and circled her hard nipples and areolas with her own spit.

“My gawd, Nancy, I so want to suck those lovely nipples.”

Nancy stood up and unbuttoned her slacks. She peeled the slacks from around her shapely hips. Then, standing there wearing nothing but her panties, she seductively wiggled her hips as she dropped the panties to the floor. There was that delicious bare shaved pussy that until now I had only seen in pictures.

“Finger fuck yourself, Nancy. Get yourself wet.”

Standing in front of the camera, the focus of my passion slid one and then two fingers into her pussy.

“Hmmmmm, Ronnie. I’m sooo wet. I need your big cock inside me.”

At this point, Nancy paused to put on her nipple clamps.

“My nipples are on fire for you lips, Ronnie. Please suck my nipples.”

Nancy sat down so that her face was again in front of the camera lens. Then she put her dripping fingers in her mouth. By this time I was steadily stroking my hard-on with one hand and fondling my balls with the other.

“Ronnie,.my pussy tastes so sweet today. Want to taste?”

She put her wet fingers in front of the camera. When she separated the fingers she formed her own web of sweet goo. More pre-cum formed on my cock. Nancy picked up her big pink dildo and began to lick and suck on it. When the tool was suitably lubricated, she stood up again and began to slide it into her vagina.

“How much can you take in your pussy, love?”

“How much do you want me to take?”

Nancy buried about 9” of the slick dildo into her soaking wet hole and began to fuck herself. Then she picked up the final toy, a French tickler. Nancy laid down on the bed and, while fucking herself with the dildo, she began to stimulate her clit with the tickler.

“Oh god, Ronnie,can you come with me? I’m almost there.”
I was furiously stroking my cock while Nancy was writhing in ecstasy and moaning loudly. Suddenly she let out a loud grunt and her whole body tensed. Her cute little tits began to shake and she moaned loudly. I could not hold it any more. One last stroke and my cum began to shoot out of my cock. I was doing everything I could to catch my jiz in my palm. Both of us were moaning and grunting as orgasm overtook us. I continued to squeeze cum out of my pulsing dick while Nancy arched her back and continued pleasuring her now happy pussy.

After we both began to recover, we laughed and talked. Nancy pulled the big pink dildo out of her pussy and began to lick and suck it.

“I taste so good, Ronnie. How do you taste?”

I raised my hand to the camera so Nancy could see the puddle of cum in my palm. I stuck a finger into the sticky mess and then began to suck my finger.

“Ya know, Nancy, I’ve never wanted to eat my own cum before meeting you. Is this what you want me to do?”

“Oh, Ronnie, that is so hot. My husband would never even think of tasting his own junk. Let me see you do it again.”

The sight was obviously pleasing Nancy so I began to lap up my own salty seed. She cooed in delight.

“OK, Nancy, I need for you to do one more thing for me. Stand up and turn around so I can see your shapely ass.”

As Nancy complied, I told her to reach back, spread her ass cheeks and get closer to the camera so that I could get a good look at her little asshole.

“I’ve never had a man ask to see my asshole before, Ronnie,” she said with a giggle.

“I just want to see the little butt hole that I intend to fuck with my tongue and then my cock, Nancy.”

“You’re pretty big, Ronnie. If you fuck me in the ass, I probably won’t be able to walk straight for week,” she said with a cute wink.

“Don’t worry, Sweetie. I’ll be gentle. But you’ll get every inch of this thing deep in your tight little butt. I’ll make sure you enjoy it.”

“Ronnie, I think you need to make a business trip to the west coast, don’t you?”

At that point, with both of our needs satisfied for the time being, we began to chat about the possibility of a face to face meeting. We were two people who had never met but who were totally comfortable with each other,clothed or naked. I wanted to reach into the screen and wrap my arms and legs around my naked little prize. Time to research some flights. This story is just beginning to unfold.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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