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naughty wife 2

friday nite bliss

     I made sure the house was spotless before my wife got home from work, and yes another weeks worth of her panties to hand wash. I always save this chore for last because it's such a turn on for me and I like to take my time, sniffing them and licking them before I get down to the washing part. I took one pair that was sexy as hell and decided to put them on as I washed the others. My cock was starting to respond to all this as I stripped and put on the panties, only to find my cock was sticking out the top by about 4 inches. I stood before the full length mirror we have on the bedroom wall and admired how sexy the panties looked on me, my ass is kind of woman like and the panties looked good covering my asscheeks. All this was turning me on when I heard a noise from the front door.

     I went into the living room to peek out the window only to see the ups man driving away, and noticed a small package on the front porch. I got the package and began to open it only to find two sets of hand cuffs, and another box that contained what it said was a anal training kit. I opened that box and inside was  three anal plugs from small to large, and a tube of anal lube. All three were pink, and made from some sort of rubber that was soft but firm. I was kind of puzzled, but knew somehow they would be used tonight , I just didn't know what her plan was but knew it would be sexy.

     When my wife finally got home she looked around to see if the house was clean and to my surprise she didn't find anything that I forgot to do. She smiled and said, I see you did all your chores but why did you open my package?  Sorry honey I thought it was for me. She took the anal training kit and opened it then took it into the bedroom. Go take your shower now, I have to get one too and I don want to be late.

     I took my shower then entered the bedroom. MY wife then said to me, get on the bed in the punishment position ( I knew what this was )  When she punishes me I have to get on the bed with my ass high in the air and my face buried in the pillow to allow her to spank my ass with her paddle. She gets behind me and opens the anal lube and I felt her finger start to rub my hole with the lube, my cock was hard and hanging down just scraping the sheets. She then starts to tell me that she's going to get my ass ready for tonight and its about time I learn to take it like a man. She took the small plug and slowly inserted it into my pucker hole sending sensations into my balls that I never had before. She wiggled it around some then started to ass fuck me with it. Does that hurt she said?  No baby it feels kinda good. She took it out and got the medium size one and started to insert it. This felt much different than the small one and I could tell it wasn't going to go in so easy. I felt some pain as she continued but after awhile I felt my spincter snap around the base, it was in!! She gave each ass cheek a good hard slap and said there now, get up and sit in this chair.  I did as I was told and sat in the chair with this good size ass plug still in me.  She then took the hand cuffs and cuffed each hand behind the chair. She then took out a cd and turned on the tv. The cd was a cum shot compilation and I finally figured out what the hell she was doing. I was going to be made to sit in this chair with a plug in my ass and watch cum shots until she returned from her date.

     So there I sat watching this porn cd, unable to touch my raging hard cock, with this plug in my ass that was actually starting to feel good. I stared at the tv watching cum shot after cum shot unable to release my own sperm from my boiling balls, this woman knew how to drive a man wild, and it wasn't but an hour later I heard her enter the house, and I heard two voices talking in the living room. I knew from that she brought home her date.

     The bedroom door opened and in walks her and her date. He was the stripper she talked about and as I glanced at his crotch I could tell he was fully packed. They both got naked and walked over to me as my wife got on her knees. She took his cock in her hand and looked at me with a smile and said, do you want to watch me suck his cock honey?  Yes was all I could say as  she got closer so his cock was only a foot from my face then opened her mouth and took his cock in her hand and opened her mouth to start tounging his cockhead as I sat there and watched. He moaned as she started to really work on his big cock, licking it from top to bottom then sliding it deep in her mouth while playing with his balls. She slurped on him like a hungry slut for five minutes before she pulled it out and looked at me and said, want some? She knew dam well I did, and she got up to take off the cuffs from my hands, then ordered me to my knees with his huge cock only inches from my face. She joined me at my side and took his cock in her hand and guided it to my lips. I could see his precum dripping as she told me to suck her lovers cock. I slid my lips over his big cockhead and started to suck as I could taste his precum. You like this don't you baby, can you taste my pussy juices? I couldn't talk with a mouth full of cock so I just moaned in approval as I slurped on my first taste of cock. I was sucking him hard now as she jiggled his balls, and telling me what a good cocksucker I was. His cock was so fucking good I knew that this wasn't going to be the last cock I sucked, I really did like it and I loved her feeding it to me. She pulled the cock from my mouth and took it into hers as we went back and forth sharing his cock, and licking its head together sharing his precum. The plug in my ass was playing hell on my prostate and my own precum was dripping like hell all over the carpet. She then ordered me to get in the position and I knew what that was.

      I got on the bed I knew what was comming next. His cock was alot bigger than the plug in my ass so I was kind of scared, but at the same time I was craving to feel him fuck me. I do have a submissive fem side and right now all I could think of was getting my first ass fucking. I felt them both get on the bed behind me. I could tell by the sounds she was sucking him hard, getting him ready for my ass.  She slowly removed my ass plug and tossed it to the floor. I felt his strong hands on my hips now and his cockhead at my ass, ready to fuck me. I glanced over at the wall mirror and what a sight it was to see this hunk of a guy with his big cock ready to feed it into my ass. She was playing with his balls behind him as I felt his grasp on my hips tighten and then the pain of his huge cockhead enter my ass. The ass plug helped to loosen my virgin ass but god this guy was huge. He took his cockhead out of my ass then put it back in, doing this over and over till the pain finally went away and the pleasure took over. I was actually starting to thrust my ass back to him driving him in me a little at a time until I felt his balls slapping mine and I knew I had every inch of him in me. He started to fuck me hard now as my wife reached under to tease my cock as only she knows how. She was playing hell with my control as she started to talk in my ear. You like this don't you honey, I knew you would. Do you like my lovers big cock in your ass? GOD YESSSS !!!  Don't you love the way it feels? Don't you feel like a slut just like me? Do you want him to cum in your ass baby?  Oh yes honey I want to feel his cum shoot in me. I really meant it as I was loving this big cock in my ass fucking me like a slut should be fucked. I never thought how sexy it was to get ass fucked and I knew I wanted it to happen again.  I heard him moaning now as he deep fucked me and I thrust back to pleasure him with my hot ass. I then felt my wife's nails dig into my asscheeks as I heard her say, cum in his ass baby, he wants it bad, give him your cum. I could feel his cum shoot into me and it felt so good, I loved it.

      He pulled his cock out of my ass as I felt his jizz dripping down my balls and onto the bed sheet. I wanted to cum so fucking bad but didn't dare ask, this was her show and I didn't want to deviate from her plans. She then told him to get into the position I was just in and for me to lay behind him. My face was close to his balls, ass, and cock. She reached under him pulling his big cock back to me and ordered me to clean it as I began to lick his come from the shaft. I was so fucking horny I licked his cock from behind and worked my way up the shaft to his balls, licking his balls like a slut. She got on her knees and pulled his asscheeks apart and said, eat his ass baby he loves that. I was hesitant, but wanted to please her so I went for it. I started to suck on his ass like it was a pussy and from his moans I knew he loved it. That's a good boy she said suck his ass it will make him get hard again. Wasn't long before his cock was hard again and now I was told to suck him off while she sat in a chair and watched. I took his big cock and started to suck him like I would like to be sucked, and it wasn't long before he exploded into my mouth. I tried to swallow it all but some leaked out of the corners of my mouth and run down my chin. My wife was fucking her pussy with a big dildo as she watched me and soon joined me at my side. We both cleaned his cock and shared the leftover cum that was on my chin with a deep kiss.

    Her lover finally left and we sat and talked about our event. She asked me what I thought and I told her the truth that I loved everything we did and wanted to do it again. She said oh don't worry baby, your gonna get it again I can assure you. I'm going to make you my slut boy don't you like that?  God yes baby, I love that thought, I want to be your slut boy and I'll do anything you want me to do. My lover is going to ass fuck you every Friday night, and it wont be long before you will crave it. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked me off until I shot my weeks worth of cum deep into her mouth, we then shared it of course and started to make plans for our next adventure, I cant wait !!!

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