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Neighbor is a stripper

                               Discrete affair.  Thai Neighbor is a Stripper, "Friendly" , AND Cooks Too!
      Ever dream of a "discrete affair" fantasy? I had one drop into my lap so easily, It's better than winning the Lottery!        My wife's job takes her  away two weekends a month. Normally that means getting off with "Internet help"  till my "fuck machine" returns.       Last July, I noticed a moving van bringing furniture into the home next door. Curious of course, I watched for who the new neighbors might be. Never did see anyone for awhile till...        One hot afternoon a few days later, I saw this svelte little Asian  body go out in the next door yard in a really skimpy THONG bikini. Trust me... They don't come any skimpier. And in yellow, my favorite skimpy bikini fantasizing color. Problem was... She looked like a kid, and I may not be a saint but I do have limits. I was washing dishes near my kitchen window, and my first reaction was:  "Who lets their kid  wear something like that?"          I'm 54.  Like most men, I appreciate a fine tight body, but;   I'm also a dad, and grandpa, and a Godparent  to two nieces I'd die for. Ogling a kid is NOT in my reportoire. No way!  No how!         Still,  even without my glasses on I had to notice....   "It's got to be the vitamins kids get these days?"  as it was crystal clear the slight built thing was VERY well endowed.         *********    Before you deem to set the law on me,...... I'll let the cat out of the bag early and reveal that this young lady turned out to actually be 29 years old!  ( I had been wondering where the heck her "parents" were until I discovered this.)        This happened on a Saturday when the wifey was away. On Sunday, I'm in the kitchen again, and glance out the window to see "her" losing her top while sun-basking!        "Ohh Geez!"  I gasped,  and felt "dirty" that I layed eyes on some pretty superior tits for more than a millisecond. Every little move she made had those big tits rolling around yummily. I have no problem with my wife's "B's" but... "Big-Un's" certainly get your attention?        I closed the window curtains thinking... "Where were chicks like that when I was 16?  Two weeks later, ( Wife away again,)  This wicked little thing is out there on a Saturday, barbecuing away in "Daisy-Duke's" and a crop top VERY see-through.        I was making scrambled eggs, and burnt toast, and a South wind brought to my nose the essence of ribs in hot sauce.         Arghh!   Ever feel your being cruelly tempted? My wife's the cook. I suck at that.  I'm sitting there eating my curdly eggs, and my brain's going.... "Meat! Meat!"  I searched for some bacon in the freezer.      I had to peek at those ribs smoking on the grill. Saw  the grilling smoke rising, lusted for that pork almost as much as when my wife wears lingerie. Noticed the neighbor bending over in that thong and thought about buying my wife a thong bikini.     Busted!  "She"  caught me looking.           Waved at me friendily  though.  "Cute smile"  I grumbled  as I walked to go do a crossword puzzle or something.          As I'm feeling icky,  I hear a knock on my front door.       "Hi, I'm Lisa, your next door neighbor"  she announces,  and is holding a platter of ribs dripping goo,  veggies swimming in what smelled like Thai sauce,  both with a smell that had my ulcers kicking up a storm warning.         Other than a blow job,  my fantasies usually revolve around things I'm not supposed to eat without Rolaids.         Lisa had these huge big brown eyes that literally smile, and suffice to say.....  I stared at the ribs, and HER ribs.  (  For just a moment, thinking at the time Lisa was a minor,)      I kind of unfocused my eyes as they went from ribs to face but ...Nice tits with nipples showing through a near-bare top are hard to not take note of.   My wife Angie,  with "mere"  34 B's, is otherwise built a lot like Lisa,  lean and taut. Lisa had to be at least a "C" if not near "D" though,  and both have little body-fat.  I'm not talking scrawney anorexic looking but, I kinda like seeing ribs on a slim bod. I noticed no tan lines on those gorgeous boobs.         "I grilled too much food. Want some?" Lisa offered.  If she had looked a decade or two older than she appeared,  I might have tested her with......  "Ohhh yeah!  I want..some!"  Heh, heh, heh.          As it was,I gratefully accepted the food,  and tried valiently to not look at her half exposed ass as she left.   Yeah, of course I failed. Duh?          "She's just a kid!"  I scolded myself, as I watched the cutest wiggled, half ass showing, ripped-cut denim shorts  putting on one great show. I wondered  to myself if women practiced that.          Fortunately, the odor of hot ribs brought me back to more Earthly desires quickly.       Can ya orgasm about food?  Well, close call?  I was on those ribs like a starved wolf.  Probably took me all of three minutes to gnash them down going..... "Ooohh, Ohhh, OHHH!"    As I was wiping the rib sauce off my drooling lips, I still had this image in my brain about Lisa's bared tummy.  I favor "Innie" belly-buttons but... Truthfully, an "Outie" on a bod like that ain't too shabby.       "I gotta buy an outfit like that for Angie"  I mused, and Angie CAN wear something like that, even at 48, quite teasily.     ( At Mardi Gras, Angie has, except for the sheer top..)         Discovery......      Sunday, I needed an outlet for my hormones.  I opted to visit a local strip joint.          Serindepity?   After I had maybe one too many beers to drive legally, the next "act" was....          "Holy shit!?"   Lisa?  "Little Lisa?"       I talked to a bartender who did the revalation thing. Yep... That sweet little thing was 29!  Damn?  They must have good Genes in Thailand?           Took me awhile to go from.."Kid"  to...."Mature woman" mode  about Lisa, but..... As she lost more and more of her outfit,  (And even was one of the few "Dancers" who bared all,)  seeing her shaved pussy had my balls looking on her in a whole new way?        Oddly, I decided  for some reason it best to not let her see me there. ( I was in the bar area where the light was dim.)          Oddly, Lisa never seemed to show up outside when Angie was home.  I started to figure that Lisa knew our "schedule", and was prone to taunt only when I was alone.    Cool!  I sensed Lisa wasn't stupid. She knew enough to not "irritate" the wifey?         Cool and.... Interestingly a curious situation?   Was Lisa enjoying teasing this "Old fart?" And why? I'm no Brad Pitt, or Rockerfeller.
       "Nah. Wishful thinking"  I thought.  I've heard "Nympho's" exist, but never actually met one, so I put them in the same place in my mind as UFO's.       And yet..... Next "Angie weekend away,"  there was Lisa out there in her yard again.  On her belly in a lounger, she untied her bikini top.  I put on my glasses. Hell! I brought out my 8X binoculars.         "I see nipple" I laughed to myself.     Then Lisa rolled over, and I was breathing heavily as she seemed to be ever so slowly lowering her bikini bottom to full shaved pussy show!         I'm no Einstein, but.... That sure seemed like a serious sensuous invitation?         I had never cheated on Angie before but.......  Twenty minutes of indecision brought me to our bordering fence.           Lisa didn't nearly attempt to cover up as she saw me leering over the fence.      I had lots and lots of "Leading" conversation in mind but........  Lisa started up with.........  "Wife's away, needing some loving hon?" that made it easy on me.            I guess I was lost for words but Lisa hit the bone with........ "If you just need blow job, no fuck necessary. that's OK with me.  I like blowing men."         Wow? Ohh wow!    It was like a "Candid Camera" moment.  I knew I was either a fool or about to go brain dead.          Truth?........   "Loving"  turned out to be the bestest part...... I hopped over a six foot fence like an Olympic athelete,  and had these Asian hands lightly going over my shirtless chest like a sex machine personified. Lisa's "light touches" weren't awesome. They were BEYOND awesome. I had never felt anything like that in my life. I felt young again.
         Lisa handed me a bottle of SPF 30 to start things off,  and even as my hands relished her body, I was maybe more drawn to her open mouth. Lisa looked SO sexeeee!        Kissing her while fondling her big tits was beyond hallucination?  I've never ever kissed a woman's mouth that reacted like that.   I love my wife but....  This Lisa had passionate kissing down to an Art.          Lisa's hand went into my jeans and she cooed... "Nice boner dude."     OK,  go to my ego bitch?      Well,that always works?            As a married man.I felt remorse thinking of fucking that shaved pussy of course, but......   Her warm mouth was on my cock in a blink and.......  A blow-job didn't seem so infidelity? Seems to me a certain ex-president went that route?  Well, once my cock was IN her mouth, all "Wedded-promises" were far, far away?       The girl was THE supreme cocksucker I've ever imagined! Better!   Yep,  swallowed too!            The thing that sucks is...  After cummin, you go into reality mode?   It had been  BEYOND awesome, but..........  Tomorrow?          I knew that Lisa was a stripper.  Coke-head too?  Prostitute?        Ewww?           Then she mellowed out a..........  "Me not get any sex a long time. Please do fuck too my handsome neighbor?"            She went off in this long story about how her club had strict rules about customer/dancer relationships,  and how she hadn't met any "Real men" she felt good about sexing anyway,   And how she thought I was so nice, etc etc etc.            I laughed...   "You haven't noticed that grey hair?"         "Pretty"  she giggled.            "I like your belly button"  I threw in.            "I like how your cock looks"  Lisa sighed,putting her index finger in her mouth.  Okayyyy?           How can you NOT fuck something like this?        I gave her the hint by removing my wedding band.  She forwarded the notion by grabbing my sagged from blow job cock  and playing with it.           It had only been maybe four or five minutes from cummin off,  and yet....  There it was.......  My cock swelling again.  I laughed..... "That's impossible!"            I think Lisa uttered something like.."You so cute"  and....... As my cock was guided into her warm wet innards by fingers that alone were sensuous.   I got what was easily the best fuck of my life!    Love the wifey,  but........... Until Angie learns how to swirl her hips around and around and down like Lisa did, I'm never gonna forget how fucking CAN be.        We had sweated bodies that slid around as  I finally sunk down on her in exhaustion.     I groaned out....... "You are so fucking awesome!"            "Me happy too" Lisa giggled. "See" she giggled,  as she pointed at her cum running down her inner thighs.         Then Lisa did a strange thing... She put my wedding ring back on.                 She explained...  "You make my heart go thumpy but...........  I no want a husband right now."        Then again,  getting divorced, even for a Lisa wasn't in my mind either?      So........ We went to a Dunkin Donuts and talked about all this.       Lisa said it best...........  "We like fuckey?  WE want more?  You kissey me good?  Sometimes?  Like every two weeks?   We talk like this more? I like how you talk to me."           Uhhh ok?         Lisa replied..... "We have a deal?" As I fingered her under the table to settle that.    As Summer waned, I asked her how she felt about going to a nude beach.            Her reply...........  "Now?  Let's go?"            Got my RV ready in under three hours! I'm laying back in the bedroom of my RV naked with yet another hardon as Lisa is working up the propane oven to make chicken a la something the next weekend,  after she'd been doing nude volleyball with a gang of guys, and I'm thinking...  "If my wife ever finds out about Lisa, I'm a dead man."          I'll take the chance! Lisa says...  " Food more good in twenty minutes. We fuck now?"         I'm not totally stupid. I've been using condoms. Thing is... It is SO cool to even watch Lisa put them on  me I almost cum looking at her gleeful face when she does. Lisa's still "working"  at the club. And yes...It sometimes bothers me when some guys get "nasty" with comments as she strips down to pussy showing level,  but.... You take the good with the bad?       Angie's "My woman."  Lisa is lots of guys woman.     But...In some level, I love her too.           I'm 30 again when she's on top of me, big boobies hangling, and those swiveling hips go down on my cock, and I feel her hot breath again, And every two weeks or so, I anxiously sit at my kitchen window wondering what tauntingly delicious thing Lisa will be "Almost" wearing.  It never gets stale.        Sometimes Lisa's a bit late. But.. I see that "wink" later from those gorgeous eyes and melt every time.          It's "Our Game"  and I'm supposed to play reluctant, but..... The more I wait, the more Lisa plays me.         She plays music on a boom-box in her yard and strips for me until I go meet her, and it's "HARD" to make her wait, but..... If she's gonna be a "bitch" I can be a "bastard?"             I really like this.  First woman I've ever met who can suckle her own boobs. Watching that is a joy. Lisa really loves my waterbed now, and... If you've never been blowed on a waterbed, you don't know what your missing.         If you think I've been less likely to "Fulfill"  Angie,  no no NO!              I assume my wife assumes I'm at her frantically when she comes back home, because I miss her,  and there's some truth in that, but...... When you fuck your wife and "Re-live" fantasies,  married sex only gets better!      If only Angie could cook as well as she blows?
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