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who ever knew she was so hot?

We’d been neighbors for about three years.   Tonia and her husband Glenn were not really close friends, but we kept an eye on each others place while the other was on vacation, shared an occasional barbeque, and played cards now and then.   I’d always felt a little bit of tension between Tonia and I, nothing I could put my finger on, just a look now and then, or when standing in a group, sometimes we’d bump into each other. I was always careful to keep my distance and not to come on to her but inside, my mind was racing.  

 One time we were talking after playing cards with some other couples we knew. I was standing in the circle beside my wife, and Tonia was on my other side.   We laughed about something and I gave Tonia a hug with one arm.   After that, she stood close enough for the skin on our arms to touch, neither one of us moving apart.   I could feel the electricity but thought to myself….. “Surely not!”   We talked for a while and everyone finally left.   My wife and I went to bed but I lay awake for quite a while thinking about how Tonia’s skin felt against me.

 I was in between jobs for a while so I inherited the shopping and household duties and developed my own routine. I’d get up, check my email, Take my wife a cup of coffee, read the news, and then, after a run and a shower, I’d go get coffee at Starbuck’s. Afterwards, I’d come back and work in the yard or around the house, whatever was needed, fix lunch, and go to the store just to get away from the house for a while.   I’d push the cart around the supermarket and yeah, I admit to my share of girl watching while strolling down past the frozen foods.

 One day I was at Starbucks when Tonia walked in.   I was reading the local want ads hoping to find a job when I noticed her standing in line. She was wearing a blue and white sundress, the kind that buttons up all the way from the hem to the top.   Her dress was below her knees and she was wearing white sandals and an ankle bracelet.   Tonia’s hair was light brown and frosted blonde, falling just to her shoulders. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.   She glanced around and saw me.    I smiled and waved and she got her coffee and came over to my table and sat down.   There were just enough buttons undone on her dress to give a hint of her cleavage. Tonia wasn’t busty, but she had exquisite breasts in my mind. “Hi stranger” I said.   She laughed and said “Hi Steve!   How’s the job hunt going?”   I replied “Not bad.   Waiting to hear back on some applications but the yard looks great.” And I laughed.   She leaned forward and said “I noticed.”   We talked for a little while and I bought her mocha refill. We got up to leave and I made a comment about a lady standing in line.   She bumped my hip with hers and I bumped her back.    I told her that I was going to be working in the back yard for a while and she said she’d bring me some lemonade.   “Deal!”   I said.

 I went home and started working on a landscape project I had going. In a few minutes, Tonia showed up with a large glass of lemonade and offered it through the fence. She said I’d have to reach over because the fence was too tall.   I told her to come on back through the house. The doors weren’t locked so she walked out back and sat down in the shade, putting the glass on the table.   Her eyes followed me as I worked. We talked about our spouses and kids, small talk and my job search. I reached a stopping spot, washed my hands in the hose, came over and sat down at the table next to her.   My sweaty arm touched her elbow but she didn’t move it. I drank the lemonade and smiled, thanking her. Then, on an impulse, I reached over and caressed her arm with my finger. She smiled and touched my hand with hers. I felt as though a bolt of lightning had gone through me.   Her eyes were captivating… blue sapphires that sucked me in. I reached up and ran a finger along her chin, my eyes asking if she was sure.   She took my hand and kissed my finger.

 I looked around and with the trees and fence the way they were we had the backyard to ourselves.   I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips.   I whispered “Sorry I’m so sweaty.” She said “Noooo    Right now that’s just fine.”   We kissed again and her hand ran up my arm, sweat and all. I felt like a teenager on his first date. “Wow!” I managed to croak. “You’re a fantastic kisser!”   She said “Shut up!”   Grabbing my head in both her hands and brought my face down to hers. Our kiss became passionate… nothing else existed. Tonia ran her fingers through my hair and gripped me tightly.   I put my hand on her waist rubbing her hip and her tummy through the cotton sundress. Her body felt hard, eager and so alive. I broke our kiss long enough to take her hand and we walked over to the bench in the shade under the tree. We sat down and kissed again… this time it was a hungry wet kiss.   I sucked her tongue into my mouth then she sucked mine in and lightly bit it, holding it between her teeth.

 Her fingers ran through the hair on the back of my head. I reached up and gently squeezed her breast through her dress.   It felt just like I’d imagined, firm, round and full. Her moans became louder. I kissed her neck and fumbled with a button.   “Ohhhhh YESSSSS!” she said in a ragged whisper. I could feel her nails in my back and shoulders and unbuttoned more of the buttons on her dress.   Tonia reached down and touched my leg and ran her hand along my thigh. I kissed her neck and ear once again and slipped my hand under her dress, feeling her bra. Her nipple was hard under the white lace and gently pinching it only increased the passion. I reached down and unclasped it, freeing her breasts. “Oh WOW!” I said “Babe you’re even more beautiful than I’d ever imagined.”   Tonia smiled and said “Why thank you!”   I leaned down and kissed her neck and then her shoulder.   She gasped as I took her nipple in my mouth and swirled my tongue around it.   I squeezed her other breast and then got back up and kissed her hungrily on the mouth.  

I smiled as I stood up in front of her and took my shirt off.   Then I winked and I knelt in front of her.   I lifted the hem of her sundress and kissed first one knee and then another. She smiled and caressed the back of my neck. I started to unbutton the dress from the bottom.   As I went farther up her thighs, I kissed her each and every inch.   Tickling her smooth skin with my moustache made her giggle. Soon I was far enough up to see that her bra and panties matched.   Lovely white lace. I was hard as I kissed licked and tickled as high as I could.   Finally, her dress was unbuttoned all the way, and I pushed it to either side. She sat there blushing but smiling as I marveled at how beautiful she was.   Her nipples were dark and hard as I touched each one. I slipped between her knees and got closer. I kissed her tummy and her hip and ran both hands up the sides of her thighs.

Grinning, I slipped my fingers into the waistband of her panties. Tonia lifted her hips as I slid them down over her bottom, to her knees and then off.    Cradling her bottom in my hands I lifted her closer and kissed her tummy again just above the small strip she’d trimmed. She lifted her knees and invited me to kiss her more with a gentle push on my head. I kissed her gently and ran the tip of my tongue along her wet puffy lips. She tasted wonderful…. Sweet, tangy and it felt so hot.   I sucked one of her lips in my mouth, twirled my tongue around it then pressed in and slipped my tongue inside her. Her hips began to move with me, her hands gripped my head tightly.   I flicked the tip of my tongue quickly on her growing button then slowly sucked on it and caressed it. “Oh my goddddddddd!” she moaned.   I could feel her body shaking.   My face was wet and I lost track of time. All that mattered was getting Tonia to that point where wave after wave would wash over her. Soon she squeaked and went rigid. She held my head and arched her back. Her whole body quaked and she came again and again. Pressing against my face I could both feel and taste her orgasm.   After a few moments the shaking subsided.   I looked up at her and her eyes seemed slightly unfocused.   I smiled and she smiled back panting   “Wow!”   We sat together for a few moments, caressing, kissing and teasing.   She reached down and rubbed me through my jeans.   “My turn” she whispered as she stood up, her open dress hanging from her shoulders.   I sat there and she knelt in between my legs, unbuckling my belt and then unbuttoning my jeans, pulling each side of the zipper apart.

 Tonia smiled even more when she realized that I went commando when I wore jeans.   I lifted my hips as she tugged my jeans down and off. She looked up at me smiling as she took me into her hand and began to gently stroke me.   “Mmmmmm….   Nice and hard” she said.   She kissed the tip of me then slowly licked all around it. She took me into her mouth and it felt like pure fire, it was all I could do to keep from exploding right then and there.   Her eyes looked up at me and smiled as she licked and sucked. I caressed her hair, her cheek and leaned over to rub her back. Her tongue did magic that I’d never known before, teasing taking bringing me to the edge several times and then slowly bringing me down .   She brushed her hair back out of her face and over her ear with a finger, one of the most feminine movements I’ve ever seen. She kissed my legs and belly. Then played with me and even jokingly talked to it. She took the tip into her mouth once more and I looked down at her and said “I want you….. Now.”  

 She smiled and gave me a gentle nibble with her teeth.   Tonia stood up looked around even though she know no one could see and slowly slipped her dress off her shoulders then the straps of her bra.   She stood there naked for a moment letting my eyes pore over her. I stood up and slowly leaned her over the bench.   We were both aware of our reflection in the sliding glass door leading into the house. I caressed Tonia’s hips and bottom and slowly ran my head up and down her wet and waiting lips then slowly slipped inside her.   With gentle thrusts, I slipped deeper each time.   I held her hips firmly in my hands,   admiring her gorgeous bottom as I slowly disappeared inside her.   She squeezed me tightly and moaned loudly.   “Ohhhhhh fuck yeah!” I rasped out.   Our reflection in the glass made it even hotter.

 Tonia’s breasts bounced back and forth in rhythm with my thrusts. She met me each time. I reached up and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back showing her neck and face in the glass.   “YESSSSSSS” she almost screamed.   Then I came deep inside her.   I kept thrusting pushing into her as hard as I could. I was throbbing and hard and she was squeezing me her muscles fluttering around me. Her back arched as she came again and again. I held her tightly against me as our bodies slowly stopped shaking. Petty soon I slipped out of her and sat down with her once more on the bench.   We kissed. This time it was a slow deep satisfied yet passionate kiss. We were both totally exhausted. Our chests were both heaving as we caught our breath.   I looked at her gorgeous body, smiled and said “You can help me with yard work anytime.”. Tonia grinned and said   “Does that mean you’ll help me with housework?”      “Of course!” I replied… Anytime!”