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New Desires

Released sexual desires takes a wife on a new, darker course.

I have adapted this story from another and enlarged it by over 75%  The beginning was a good example of a scenario I had wished to start a story from and I was encouraged to adapt, enhance and take the story on from there. I hope you enjoy my most recent offering.




The neon sign proclaimed that good food, drink and fun could be found inside. Just fun? Or something more? Inside, fun gave way to passion, which then gave way to… sex, or at least the yearning for it. The lighting in the bar was dim which made things difficult to see, but not impossible. I sat on a stool at the end of the bar, observing. The place was a local “meat market” where men and women went to meet and then leave for whatever brand of passion they could muster. It was about three-quarters full with an equal number of men and women. My eyes kept coming back to a woman at the other end of the bar who was perched on a stool showing just the right amount of leg. About my age, shoulder length blonde hair and a pair of the most fantastic tits I have ever seen. She had on a short leather mini-skirt and a halter-top that concealed just enough to make you want to see more. Black lace push-up bra underneath with plenty of cleavage showing. Her black stockings and red (bright red) “come fuck me” shoes with five-inch heels complemented the look! She looked and acted like a high-class hooker out for the night. A £300 an hour hooker. I knew her well. And not from paying for her pleasures. This magnificent sex pot of a woman was my wife Susan.

Susan had not always been like this. We had been married for many years. During that time we had raised two reasonably well-adjusted kids, struggled and succeeded with our respective jobs and, somehow, managed to stay in love with each other. But… yeah, I know, there is always a “but”. In our case the “but” was sex. Sure, we had an active sex life, making love two, sometimes, three times a week. Something had been lacking, though, and we both knew it even if we didn’t want to admit it.

It was… excitement that was missing. Our sex life, though active, had become well, lacking surprises. But we made a deal for a solution that fit both our needs. As I look back on things I’m still not sure how we did it and not sure I care-it’s the results that count-but I’ll try and explain. So let’s go back to last night’s escapade at the bar. Susan coyly winked at me just as the bartender, a lanky young man named Joel, delivered her a drink. Flashing him her best smile and coyly brushing her hand across his forearm, she accepted the drink with her now-characteristic flourish. She was surrounded by a group of men, all vying for her attention. She had them eating out of her hand as they competed to be the one she left with. I paid for my drink, satisfied Susan was in complete control, and left. I drove around for about 2 hours or so and then made my way home. As I drove my mind wandered, wondering which guy from the group at the bar she would pick. The older executive type, the young stud, or the bar lothario with the flashy car and flashier wallet? I knew she would surprise me. She usually did these days.

After allowing enough time for Susan to get home and get started, I parked in the driveway, careful not to make any noise. Entering the house there was only one feature - darkness. The hallway was pitch-black with no light on in the house. The kids were away for the weekend; we had planned to be alone. Well, not quite alone. My cock got hard in anticipation of what I might find. I fumbled with my keys, almost stumbling over something that lay scattered on the floor. Reaching down, I picked up first a woman’s bra, then shoes and handbag. There was half of a wardrobe thrown about. Mini-skirt, stiletto high heels, then a man’s trousers and shirt. Which guy was it, I wondered? And…what would my reaction be this time? She’s at it again, I thought. But, as we said to each other when we started this, a deal is a deal.

I only had to continue on with my search to confirm my suspicions. Following the trail of clothes strewn in the hallway, I came to the end of the foyer. Sounds, intermittent noises came from the back of the house. My eyes had adjusted to the darkness and I spied a small sliver of light peeking out from under the door to our master bedroom. Shivering with anticipation, I crept silently to the doorway.

Pressing my ear to the door I could hear, even feel, motion inside. Reaching for the doorknob, I turned it ever so slowly, easing the door open as I did. A lone candle burned in the corner of the room, casting light randomly about, the shadows moving with the flame. It would take several seconds for my eyes to adjust again but my hearing picked up the sounds immediately, the unmistakable sounds of sex. As my vision became clearer I saw our familiar four-poster bed, draped with sheer white linen to obscure, but not hide, what (and who) was behind. I could discern the outline of a woman kneeling on the bed, her hand grasping at the waist area of a man standing at the other side. As I lifted the linen cover the woman’s outline took shape, became clearer, and I recognised Susan’s familiar shape and curves. Five foot five, blonde hair, tits round and firm and her lovely, peachy ass, still encased in her black panties and framed by her suspender belt and stockings.   Even though she had her backside towards me I would know her anywhere. You get to know every aspect of your wife, being married as long as we had been.

Her male friend was vaguely familiar. Tall, muscular, but not overly so. Early 20’s, about half our age. Hidden by the darkness I could barely see him. As recognition came I thought, yes, Susan had surprised me again. Her choice for tonight was the bartender, Joel. And a good choice at that. His skin was the colour of charcoal, which contrasted sharply with my wife’s pale complexion. And well endowed. I could tell his cock was big even though Susan had at least 4 inches of it firmly planted in her mouth with her hand around the rest. Oblivious to my presence, she continued her sucking. As I watched I marvelled at her sensuality. My cock got hard as she tilted her head back and took his cock in, not just part way, but all the way down to the base of the shaft. Arriving there she pumped with her lips and tongue, giving him an incredible pleasure that, just watching, took my breath away. Before we made our deal Susan occasionally gave head but without really “liking” to do it. Now she was a tigress as she gobbled his engorged chocolate cock like there was no tomorrow. You can tell when a woman likes giving a man head and Susan liked it…hell, she loved cock now. All kinds, white, black, brown, circumcised or not. Lately I noticed a penchant for black guys with a minimum of   9-inch, 10-inch cocks, and bigger if she could find them. Well, a deal is a deal.

Joel glanced at me in surprise, not expecting to see me. He began to pull back but I raised a finger to my mouth and made a shushing motion, indicating that he should remain silent. He must have recognised me as a friendly face from the bar because, visibly relieved, he looked back down at my wife and continued receiving from her that magnificent blowjob.   


Susan lathered his magnificent cock which was now glistening with her saliva and his pre-cum.   She stroked him up and down his full length and she appeared mesmerised by his foreskin stretching over his plum sized cock-head.   I am circumcised so this was a new sensation to her.   “You feel like silk Joel” Susan cooed as she cupped his massive balls in her other hand.   Joel was in ecstasy as my loving white wife worked his straining cock, now revelling in the idea that her husband was watching her, apparently with his total blessing as she administered such intimate pleasure to a complete stranger.


Joel announced that he was about to cum and asked her if she wanted that to happen.   “If it means you going soft and leaving me with nothing to play with, then no” she replied.   “I can get hard almost immediately” said Joel.   At that Susan began to stroke him smoothly as he threw his head back and opened his mouth in pleasure.   “Come for me Joel” hissed Susan.   “Look at my little white hand on your massive cock Joel” declared Susan.   “You are huge you gorgeous black stud and I cannot wait to have you.”    Joel erupted at that point, spraying his cum in a high arc and over Susan’s delicate hand and forearm.   “My God it’s like a fountain” squealed Susan as she continued milking his cock as more of his seed oozed from him.   “If that had been inside me I would have flooded” she continued.   Susan grabbed some of the bedclothes and began to wipe her and Joel.   “Now young man lets see you get hard again for me as promised”


Joel pulled Susan towards him and began licking her nipples whilst he eased one hand between her legs.   As his hand crept inside her panties he felt her smooth, shaven lips he felt his massive cock twitch in anticipation of being inside this highly erotic white, married woman.   Joel stroked Susan’s pussy as he moved his mouth from her nipple to her ear and breathed “I need to taste this wonderful smooth cunt Susan, would you like me to eat you?”   Susan responded by being barely able to talk but hoarsely breathed “Oh God yes, please go down on me Joel” as she felt her pussy moisten further and the ache in her loins grow stronger.   Joel effortlessly shifted my wife around until she was on all fours and lifted her rear end into the air.   He lowered his mouth and tongue to her now exposed pussy and anus and began a series of long, slow licks the length of her pussy.


Susan responded involuntarily by pushing her now dripping pussy hard onto Joel’s tongue and mouth.   “Oh fuck, fuck, please” she purred as Joel continued to marvel at the writhing white wife beneath him.   He had never known quite why but it seemed that white women went crazy for his long tongue and thick lips clamped over their pussy as they opened themselves up entirely to his ministrations. His cock was by now rock hard again and threatening to burst, as Susan reached beneath herself and took his length in her tiny white hand again. “Good boy” she breathed as she again marvelled at his girth and length and slowly milked him in time to his tongue fucking her now sopping pussy.

I moved silently to the bed, lifted up the linen, climbed on the bed and knelt at my wife’s head. Until then she still had not observed my presence. Stroking my cock, I brought myself to erection, and offered my cock to her gaping mouth.

Susan was startled by the addition of a third person to the bed but did not pause or miss a beat. From behind, each pulsing, driving move of Joel’s tongue into her pussy was met with an equal, but opposite movement from her. Joel lifted himself from his kneeling position and told Susan he was going to enter her.   He eased the head of his enormous organ to the upturned lips of her pussy and dipped his cock in just an inch or so.   Susan gasped and moaned involuntarily as she felt her lips expand at this new sensation. I watched in amazement as he was able to control himself from just plunging his enormous slab of black meat into her but moved his hips and cock into her pussy with gentle consideration.   He knew he had something most women never experienced and realised Susan would need time to fully take him if she was to enjoy the experience to the maximum.


As Joel eased deeper into her, Susan seemed able to take each inch as it disappeared into her swollen and leaking cunt.   As Joel continued to feed Susan her first truly large cock she was working her magic on me with her mouth.   How she could concentrate I will never know but she still managed to have me on the verge of coming whilst being stretched out by Joel from the rear.     Without a sound she leaned forward, looked over her shoulder at Joel, nodded and smiled. Joel hesitated a moment, then realised what she wanted.   Joel smiled back at her, placed his hands on her hips, literally stood up and then began feeding all of his engorged cock into Susan.   He only stopped when his huge balls rested gently on her arse and she was squealing and gasping like a woman starved of air.   “Oh god, oh fuck yes, fuck I can feel you in my throat she moaned as Joel began a long, hard drilling into her distended pussy.   She looked every inch the porn star in her black stockings, arse lifted high in the air and a huge-cocked black stud dipping his long, thick cock into her.


I had never heard Susan so vocal.   Joel was clearly triggering sensations way beyond anything I had caused her to experience over the years of our marriage.   The strange sensation on my part was the deep love I felt for my wife, precisely at the moment she was receiving the best sex of her life and it was not being provided by me!  


I needed to see much closer up, what was occurring between my wife’s legs and so I slid my cock from her mouth, lay on my back and shuffled underneath her with my head towards her nether regions.    The sight which met my eyes almost caused me to roar with lust.   Joel had already eased her ass back down into a horizontal rather than vertical position and was now sawing into Susan from behind rather than from above. I could see Susan’s clitoris, fully exposed and engorged, moving back and forward as if of its own accord.   As I inched further under I saw the black length of his cock, glistening with my wife’s juices as it slid to and fro with his heavy and low-hanging balls dangling and swirling about a foot in front of my eyes.   I watched in amazement as her pussy lips were drawn in and out by the sheer girth of his manhood as he slid his length in an out of her.   Each entry into her pussy was matched by a groan from Susan as she felt the full length and thickness of her lover, reach deep inside her and collide with areas previously untouched.   She seemed to be experiencing mini orgasms every few minutes as she was pleasured to new heights.   Joel was clearly a master at giving rather than taking, as any normal man ought surely to have by now exploded under such erotic conditions.   I mean, being allowed to stroke, lick and fuck a willing white wife was the fantasy of many wives and black studs I am sure.   But to be actively encouraged to provide a wife with such a thrill and by a cock of Joel’s magnitude, by her husband who was not only giving his blessing, but was actively participating and encouraging him was beyond normal boundaries.   And all three of the participants were in sheer ecstasy at that moment.


“Oh god David, so big, so big” she spluttered to me as her fucking continued.


“Lie on your back David” suddenly Joel announced.


I quickly crawled out from underneath Susan and her lover and lay on the bed, on my back as instructed, eager to see just what he had in mind.


“Susan, lie on top of him, on your back” he then instructed.


Susan too crawled over, kissed me on the lips and turned around and lay on top of me.   I immediately reached around and held her magnificent breasts in my hands as she settled on top of me.   I slipped one hand down to her sopping pussy and began stroking her silky smooth, shaved pussy, my hurting erection pressing into her ass.   I couldn’t believe how loose she felt under my fingers.   “Are you enjoying yourself darling” I breathed into her ear.   “Oh God yes.   This is like nothing I have ever felt before.   I hope you are alright with me being so turned on and enjoying myself so much” she replied.


“Does the hard cock below you tell you anything sweetheart?” I asked her.


“Thank you so much David, I can never repay you this pleasure I fear but if you are truly comfortable with me then I may be able to surprise you at some point too” she whispered as she gazed at me with her by now, glazed and faraway eyes.


As Joel shuffled towards her, Susan instinctively spread her legs, exposing her desiring pussy to the man who was about to continue fucking her.


She turned her head slightly around to me, exposing her neck for me to begin kissing and licking whilst continuing to fondle her full boobs.   “Hold me open” she huskily instructed me.   I knew at that moment that she was experiencing the ultimate thrill for her.   Her loving husband, parting her shaved pussy lips, whilst her black lover knelt between her parted legs stroking his engorged 11 inch cock which, he was about to service her with.


“Okay?” enquired Joel.   I was unsure if he was talking to me or my wife.


Susan took the question to have been aimed at her as she quickly replied “Please”


Joel needed no more encouragement.   He reached forward to open her pussy for his cock and for a brief moment our fingers touched.   The electricity shot through me as I realised that at that very moment we were sharing a very special moment through my wanton wife.   Everything we did tonight from this moment on would be purely for her pleasure.  


Then he entered her.  


Susan went rigid in my arms as I shared the moment of her being impaled on this monstrous cock.   She groaned and moaned with lust as her new lover stretched out her pussy and gave her the most intense pleasure she had ever experienced.   For a full 15 minutes he continued to ride and bring her to multiple orgasms, all of which she shared in my arms.   It truly was the most erotic situation I could have imagined.   I was fit to burst as my wife and her lover merged into one body of sex and lust for each other.   I was forgotten as she spread her legs to their widest and she grasped at his buttocks as he filled her with his cock, fulfilling her deepest animalistic fantasies and urges.


I could feel their mixed juices flowing down between her ass and my pounding cock and I squirmed as she was fucked above me.   “I wish I was in you right now” I whispered into her ear, my need for release now painful.   Susan reached down between her legs and wet her fingers with their love fluids.   She then reached back between her legs and smeared the fluid onto her rear hole.   “Use my bum” she whispered.   I could not believe what I was hearing.   She had never allowed me to enter her with my cock and any previous fingering had not always ended in penetration although, on some occasions she had taken my full middle finger when fully greased, and had appeared to enjoy the sensation.   Now she was inviting me to fuck her arse! Incredible, just incredible the wanton mood she was obviously in through Joel’s involvement.   I eased myself into position and could feel her sticky wetness at the entrance to her bum-hole.   She stroked her fingers over my turgid cock and whispered “take it easy.”   I felt the resistance as I nudged forward and thought the best way would be to try to open her up a little first using my fingers and some grease.   I reached into the bedside cabinet and took out the jar and smeared some over my fingers and her hole.   As my cock again nudged her little star I felt some give and could hardly believe I was sliding inside my wife’s anus.   I nearly came there and then just by thinking about what was happening.


Joel was by this time aware of what was going on and as he continued to feed Susan his large cock he started to encourage her further by saying “go on you filthy little wife, let him loosen you up for me back there”   “No way, I am having enough trouble taking you as it is without you splitting me in two back there” Susan hissed back.   “Let him open you up then you won’t be able to refuse me too” he stated confidently.   On hearing this I nudged a little harder and almost screamed in ecstasy as I slid half my length into my wife’s back passage.   It felt like being in a hot, jelly vice and it was exquisite.   Susan yelped when I pushed in but she didn’t reject me or ask me to stop.   In fact I’m sure I felt her push back to me and so I pushed slowly on and soon my cock was fully engulfed in her womanly insides.  


Susan grunted at this point.   Full of cock in both holes. With her husband and lover in one each she lost the place.   She started coming vaginally as Joel stroked into her, nearing his own climax.   The feelings she was experiencing at that moment were out of this world and I continued to slew into her bum, striving to reach orgasm with her.   She was actually sobbing as she spluttered “I’m coming, oh fuck I’m coming, I’m coming” over and over.   As if an electric impulse had coordinated what happened next both myself and Joel started to orgasm.   As we both thrust into my wife in an effort to release, we lifted together and pumped in rhythm as we erupted into her.


I watched, rapt with fascination, my eyes glued to the spectacle. Light and dark, black and white.   In one mighty surge, both of us came. Susan squealed in delight as our jism spewed in and out of her. Soon we lay exhausted on the bed. Susan wiped a stray tear form her eye, turned to me and said, “Welcome home, David (that’s me). I hope you don’t mind. I may have started without you but I finished with you. Isn’t that what’s important?”

Mind? Well, perhaps most men would mind seeing their wife with another man. But not me, and not since we made our deal. Watching my wife fuck and suck other guys was an incredible turn-on! And it wasn’t as if our deal hadn’t let me get my share of exotic babes. As I lay there, my mind raced back to the events of the recent past. How did we get here? To this life of raw, unbridled passion? To answer that for you we have to go back further, to a month ago.


But for now, Susan had by no means finished her fun for the evening.   She rose from the bed and made her way to the en-suite to clean up from our eruptions over her face and body.   “You explain to Joel why he is still here and you are not beating him, honey” Joel turned to look at me, his face still slightly apprehensive and inquisitive at the same time.   It felt strange to be left together with a young guy, black at that and excessively more hung than I was, sitting discussing what had just happened between him and my wife.  


“I could see that she was the topic of conversation in the bar” said Joel “and the guys she was basically teasing were vying for her attention and to be the one to leave with her”

“She allowed quite a few of them to touch her legs and put their arms around her and they tried like hell to be the one she chose.”    It seems that after some time of this, a few more rounds of drinks bought by the lusting men and a few teases and rejections she challenged them to prove to be the lucky guy.   She said that she was going to judge the winner as the one who could show her the longest and thickest cock but especially to go along with it she wanted huge, heavy swinging balls as well.


She would take them outside, one at a time and do the judging she had said.   Joel was asked to keep time and to ring the bar bell after 2 minutes to signal time up and she and the man were to return to the bar.   This was to ensure that no one got longer than anyone else and also that she felt safe that at least after two minutes someone would come look for her if she hadn’t returned. Just to be safe – not that she felt unsafe at the time but as she put it you never know!   She was clearly thinking straight, extremely horny and intent on having some new man inside her that night.


After she had taken each of the four men out from the bar and returned safely, Susan announced that none of them were up to her expectations and that she would have to return home empty handed that night.   “Joel, don’t you think it’s terrible that a woman can’t find a man with the right equipment when she comes out to give herself to the right man?”


“Sure is lady – what exactly is it you require of this man?” replied Joel.


“He needs to be suave, kind and gentle but dominant enough to take charge of me sexually.   He must have a large, thick cock and heavy swinging balls to match.   He has to be able to satisfy my need for my pussy to feel really full and to drive me over the edge when his cock is filling me.   I need to be able to come on his big cock and to feel his heavy, full balls banging me when he is taking me from behind”


“Wow that is pretty exact Susan” said Joel.   “But I do believe I have the solution for you and would be willing to make arrangements for you to meet him a little later”


“You would do that for me, you are such a sweetie Joel, thank you”


“Wait in the car park at 11.30 and he will introduce himself to you then” said Joel.   “And I promise he will show”


Susan waited patiently in the car park – her desire heightened by the thought of an unknown lover about to make himself known to her, with the promise from Joel that he would be well hung and meeting the requirements she had laid down for the night.


As she checked her mobile phone she had a text message from her husband.   Susan opened the message, which read “How goes the hunt gorgeous?”


She excitedly sent back” Maybe about to begin my darling – I hope you are excited and not jealous knowing I am about to meet a new lover x x x“


As she placed the mobile in her handbag she heard someone approaching from the exit of the bar.   Not quite able to make out who it was she watched as the figure approached her.   “Hi Susan” said Joel, who had just locked up for the night.   “Glad to see you decided to wait for that special man you are seeking”  


“Well he hasn’t shown up yet” said Susan, smiling at Joel.


“Oh he certainly has ma’am and he is already beginning to get excited at the prospect of taking such a beautiful married woman to bed tonight”


Susan looked quizzically at Joel and as the realisation dawned on her a smile spread across her face and a tingle of lust shot through her loins.   “Are you suggesting what I think you are?” she quizzed Joel.


“The description you provided earlier could have been about me entirely except for one detail” he replied.   “What’s that” asked Susan.


“You didn’t specify what colour your big cock had to be and I wondered if you have ever had black before?”


“No” said Susan hesitantly.


“Would you like to have the best sex of your life tonight?” enquired Joel.


“Now that’s a bold statement to make Joel, I hope you could live up to that sort of boast”


“Believe me Mrs M, once I have you how I want you, and you feel the intensity and excitement of having me inside you, you will wonder how you ever did without black sex”


“You are making me a little more than intrigued Joel, perhaps I ought to allow you the opportunity to please me and let me be the judge of that” replied Susan, already excited by the tingling and ache in her pussy.   She had never been with a black guy and to be honest had never really given it much thought before.   She had heard small talk of blacks being insatiable, especially when with white women but she put it down to myth and some women’s over elaboration.


Now she knew she was about to find out for herself.


Joel took her hand and as they began walking to the car he said “where should I take you now Susan?”


“Bed” replied Susan.   “Yours or mine?” asked Joel as his free hand slid down Susan’s back and very gently cupped her left buttock through her dress.   Susan could hardly be heard as, through rasping breath and with her heart pounding she whispered,  




“And so here we are, in your bed with your wife and I still don’t understand how this can be real” said Joel.


“It’s a long story but basically stems from urges that were awakened in Susan through my fantasies and description of how different sex could be, with different partners”   “I also explained a basic urge that some men had to be mildly controlled, subjugated and made to feel unneeded, particularly married men, when it came to women taking sexual pleasure, on their terms, under their conditions and with the husband complicit in their actions and needs.   Feelings I had begun to experience some years back, for no known reason, but increasingly strong all the same”.


“I also realised that the feelings I had were made even stronger by the realisation that the vision of black men and white women together turned me on incredibly much and that I found visually, white on white sexual images did very little for me.   I then felt confident enough in our relationship to explain these feelings to Susan.”


“After many years of coaxing, begging and possibly her just being worn down by my requests she appears to have finally gone ahead, and I am just so incredibly turned on by what has just taken place.   Could you stay the night and allow me to watch you pleasure her over again?”


It turned into the most erotic and gut-wrenching night of my life as I later watched my beautiful wife give herself totally to her new found black lover.   True to Joel’s prediction it included Susan eventually asking him to use her bum for his own gratification.   Mind-blowing.






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