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New Horizons Part 1

Tags: blow job, wife, sex

Couple explores their sexuality

Mandy and Joe were married young. Mandy was nineteen and Joe was twenty. They met at an abstinence club through their church. Mandy was in her senior year of high school and Joe was going to the community college. They were paired up at a few of the events, and finally, Joe asked Mandy out on an actual date. Their date consisted of going to a movie with Mandy’s parents.

Not surprising, Mandy’s parents were very conservative and protective. It wasn’t until their third date they were allowed to go out without a chaperone. It was on that date they had their first kiss, no tongue of course. They fell in love and were married the summer between Joe graduating from community college and going to the University.

Mandy and Joe had a simple wedding with friends and family. Neither family drank, so there was no alcohol at the reception. Unlike most young women, Mandy was dreading her wedding. Not because she wasn’t deeply in love with Joe, which she was, but because of the “sex talk” he mother had with her.

Her mom had told her on wedding night she would lose her virginity. Mom had told her that it would be painful and messy, but she had to do it. She was told that she would take her clothes off, lay on the bed with her legs spread. Husband would climb on top of her to put the thing he pees with in her potty place. Mom suggested that she close her eyes and it would be over before she knew it. Mom did make sure she had gotten on birth control before the wedding date.

After the reception, Mandy and Joe headed to the hotel where they would stay the night. Joe was excited to finally have his bride in a sexual way. Joe’s dad had given him “the talk” also. He wasn’t much help. His dad simply told him to get on top of his bride and put his penis in her vagina slow.

Joe and Mandy embraced when got to the honeymoon suite. They kissed for a while till Joe held her at arm’s length. “You are so beautiful. Can we go to bed now?”

Mandy gulped and nodded in agreement. She wanted to please her husband but was scared to death about what was going to happen. Joe tried to be gentle but got excited when his dick started to penetrate his new bride’s virgin hole. He went too fast, causing her pain and bleeding. Mandy was in tears when Joe shot his sperm into her pussy.

To Mandy, the sex was everything her mother had told her. It was painful and dirty. Something to be endured for the sake of her husband. She thought she was being the good wife allowing Joe to have sex with her on the weekends. Sometimes she would allow him a mid-week treat but not often as they both were working a lot and Joe was going to school. When they did have sex, their routine was very strict. Joe would start off kissing Mandy in bed, he would rub her small boobs then whisper in her ear that he wanted to have sex. If Mandy was agreeable, she would pull her panties off, spreading her legs for him. Most of the time she would keep her night shirt on but allowed him to pull it up to rub her tits.

Sex for Mandy, while not painful like her first time, became routine. There were times when she enjoyed having Joe’s penis in her, but she had never experienced an orgasm.

Two years after their marriage, Joe graduated from college. He got a job on the other side of the state. Mandy found a job at a government office as a receptionist. At twenty-one, she was the youngest working in that office. The other secretaries took Mandy under their wings treating her like a little sister. Mandy was grateful for their help and guidance.

Lisa had taken a particular interest in Mandy. Lisa is twenty-nine, a shorter blonde. She has long hair that hung down past her shoulders. She wore heavy makeup and clothing that showed off her amble but obviously enhanced breasts. Lisa talked a lot about sex, often trying to engage Mandy in giving up details about her sex life.

At first, Mandy was horrified that Lisa would talk openly about sex, though she curiously listened. As she became more used to Lisa’s sex talk, Mandy began to ask questions.

They were alone in the breakroom when Mandy told Lisa about her and Joe’s sex life. “You mean you guys fuck the same way every time?” Lisa asked.

“Yeah, we do it the way we are supposed to. He gets on top me, puts his thing in me. He moves it around in me for a while, then I have a mess to clean up.”

“Oh Mandy, are you missing out. Sex is fun, you’re supposed to enjoy it. Does he like it when you suck his dick? How about when he eats you?”

“What are you talking about Lisa? You mean put the thing he pees with in my mouth?”

“Are you telling me you have never given your husband a blowjob?” Mandy put her head down. “You do know what I’m talking about right?” Mandy’s puzzled look made it clear that she didn’t know what she was talking about. Lisa pulled a carrot out of the refrigerator. “Imagine this is your husband’s cock, I hope it is bigger than this.” Mandy blushed. “Take the carrot, or cock, kiss it then let it slide into your mouth. You don’t blow, you suck on it like a lollypop. You suck till he shoots his cum.”

“Oh that’s gross, he pees out of that thing. It’s bad enough he puts it inside me, but I have to put it in my mouth? Joe won’t like that.”

“Oh honey, you suck Joe’s dick he will do anything you want after that. Everyman want’s their dick sucked. I can’t believe he hasn’t begged you to suck him. Here you try with the carrot.”

Mandy took the carrot and mimicked what Lisa had done. “How will I know if I’m doing it right?’

“The only way to do it wrong is to bite down. Try it tonight, Joe will love it. If you really want to drive him wild you show him the cum in your mouth, then swallow it. Guys love that.”

Mandy thought about what Lisa said to her the rest of the afternoon. She noticed her privates getting moist. She liked the feeling. After a lot of back and forth with herself, she decided she would do it.

That night Mandy waited anxiously for Joe to come to bed. He slid into bed kissing her good night. When he acted like he was just going to sleep, Mandy pulled him back to her side of the bed kissing him more. She had never initiated sex and wasn’t sure how. She put her lips to Joe's ear, “Honey, Lisa at work says that every guy wants their thing in their girl’s mouth. You know, a blow job. Do you wish I would do that?”

“We both know we weren’t raised like that and I wouldn’t want you to do anything you didn’t want to do.”

“That really doesn’t answer my question.” Mandy let her hand slide down to his boxers. “Your thing is excited. Please let me try.”

Joe slipped his boxers off, “If you don’t like it, I want you to stop.”

Mandy kissed her deeply. “That’s why I love you. I want to please you so much.”

She pulled the sheet back inching her way to her husband’s waist. She had really never been this close to his dick, especially when it was hard. She had felt it a few times before they had sex and seen it when he was coming out of the shower. Mandy remembered what Lisa had told her. She almost laughed out loud when she thought of his dick as a lollypop.

She kissed it and lick his dick like Lisa showed her. Mandy felt Joe tense up when she opened her mouth to accept his dick. He moaned loudly as the head of his cock went past her lips. She felt pride as her husband moaned and encouraged her. “Oh honey, that feels great. Are you okay?”

Mandy kept sucking looking up at him with a smile. Lisa had told her to try and get as much of the dick in her mouth when she sucked and to stoke the shaft of his penis while she sucked. She choked when she tried to take it deeper. That scared her, so she just sucked on the head and what she could get in her mouth.

Joe's breathing became heavy and without warning, he grunted, shooting his cream into her mouth. A surprised Mandy jumped back. She got some of his cum in her mouth and the rest on her night shirt. “I’m so sorry, I didn’t think I was ready to do that,” Joe apologized.

Mandy went to the bathroom ready to spit out her husband’s cum when she remembered what Lisa had told her about swallowing it. The taste was a little bitter and salty but not horrible. She licked her lips swallowing what she had in her mouth. Mandy felt naughty but sexy. She pulled off her night shirt that had globs of cum on it. She rinsed it out before tossing it in the hamper. She considered a clean night shirt, but having given her first blow job she felt sexy. She was hoping her husband would want to have sex with her.

She cuddled up with Joe kissing him on the cheek. “Did I do okay?”

“Okay? That was incredible, I hope you weren’t grossed out having my thing in your mouth and me shooting my stuff in there.”

Mandy was happy to find that Joe had not put his boxers back on. She stroked his soft dick with her hand while kissing him. “I was scared about what it would be like to have your thing in my mouth, but I have to say I really liked it. Your stuff tasted different than I thought it would, not bad though. It will probably be better the next time when I know what to expect. You don’t think I’m dirty now that I put it in my mouth.”

Joe kissed her hard on the lips, “I know we were taught that it is dirty to do things like that, but Mandy, what you did with your mouth was incredible. That you are talking about doing it again is very exciting.”

His dick was growing hard with Mandy rubbing it. Their routine had always been they had sex till Joe shot his load then they went to sleep. “I know you’ve already done your thing in my mouth, but do you think we could have sex?”

“You are full of surprises.” Joe pulled Mandy’s panties off then crawled between her legs inserting his penis. He surprised with the ease his dick slid into her pussy. He had never felt her this wet. Joe was fucking the same way he had before, but Mandy was much more responsive. She was moaning and squirming underneath him. Her moaning got louder and louder till she grabbed his ass pulling him into her as hard as she could. Mandy’s pussy contracted around Joe’s cock. He shot his load into her and she held him tight.

Joe and Mandy collapsed on the bed in each other’s arms. “Oh my God, I think I just had an orgasm. That felt incredible.”

“Incredible is right, first a blow-job, then this. I was going to tell you I was concerned about you talking to your friend Lisa about sex, but never mind.” Mandy and Joe cuddled up falling asleep in each other’s arms. It was their first time sleeping together naked.

Mandy awoke to the alarm going off on Joe’s side of the bed. “Honey, it’s time to get up.”

Joe stirred then leaned over kissing his wife. “Thank you for last night. That was very special. I loved feeling your naked body next to me as we slept.”

“Mmm, yes it was great. I can’t believe I slept with this mess you made inside me. We made a wonderful mess.”

Later that morning at work Mandy ran into Lisa. She couldn’t hide her smile. “You did it, didn’t you? Okay, we are taking our break right now. You have to tell me all about it.” Lisa drug Mandy into the break room. “Okay, spill it.”

Mandy protested at first, she didn’t want to talk about their sex life, but Lisa shamed her into giving all the details.

“Are you telling me last night was the first time you had an orgasm?”

“I guess, I don’t think I had one before that.”

“Oh honey, you would know.” Lisa and Mandy continued to discuss their sex life with Lisa dragging it out of Mandy that they have only fucked in one position. “I can’t believe you have only fucked missionary. There are many ways to fuck and you need to start trying them. Sucking your first cock was a good start but we are going to get you to open more horizons.”

“I guess I have to trust you. I know wouldn’t have put his thing in my mouth without you. It was so naughty, but I loved it. Is it weird that I’m excited to do it again?”

“That is so cute that you’ve become a cock-sucker. Also important, it is not a thing. It is a cock, a dick, his Johnson or his member. Not a thing. Here is your assignment for tonight: I want you to talk Joe into fucking you in a different position.”

“Like what?” Mandy asked.

“You try on top, this will work perfectly. Get him on his back, suck his cock but don’t let him cum. Once he is hard, get on top of him and guide your pussy onto his cock. Then you bounce up and down as it feels good.”

Lisa continued to explain to Mandy how to fuck her husband from on top. Mandy was flushed when their break was over. She did agree that she was going to give it a try.

That night as they were finishing dinner, Mandy and Joe were talking about their days. “You remember what you said about not minding me talking to Lisa?” Joe nodded. “She has something new for me to try and I would like to go to bed after dinner.”

“Sounds like you don’t want to tell me. I’m sure if it involves being in bed with you I will love it. I will do whatever you want.”

Joe helped with the dished and two hurried to the bedroom. “What did I do first?”

“Take your clothes off and lay on the bed.” Joe complied surprised that Mandy also stripped with the lights on. She joined him on the bed kissing him on the lips then kissing her way down his body. She looked up at him and smiled when she got to his dick. Mandy opened her mouth to take his dick past her lips. She started slowly then sucked hard on his dick.

“Oh Mandy, you are making me feel so good.”

She suddenly stopped sucking. She quickly shifted her hips, guiding her pussy down onto Joe’s dick. Mandy pumped her hips up and down while leaning down to kiss Joe. Joe tied to make it last, but he was too far gone. He grunted and filled Mandy’s pussy. Mandy kept pumping even though Joe was getting soft. She was close to cumming and wasn’t going to stop.

“Yes, Yes, Yes” Mandy called out as she had an orgasm. She collapsed on top of Joe breathing hard.

“I had no idea sex could be this good. We have been missing out. I hope you don’t mind but I want you to keep talking to Lisa,” Joe said.

“You don’t mind us experimenting some?”

Joe kissed his wife. “I know we were brought up to believe that sex was dirty but that is wrong. The last two nights we’ve had great sex. I don’t feel dirty about it and I want more.”

“I’m so glad you feel that way. I was afraid you were going to think I had turned into a slut. I can’t believe how much I like having your thing, sorry, your dick in my mouth. I do feel a little dirty, but I like it.”

Joe smiled. “I can’t wait till you talk to Lisa again.”

The next night was Friday, and Joe had to work late. Joe walked into a dark house, he believed that Mandy was home. Her car was in the driveway. “Mandy are you here?” he called out.

“I’m in the bedroom, I have a surprise for you. Take your clothes off and join me.”

Joe found a dim light emitting from the bedroom. “I take it you talked to your friend again.”

Mandy was in bed with a sheet over her. “Yes, she gave me a task and a task for you. Would you like to see how I’ve done with my task?” Mandy pulled back the sheet exposing her freshly shaved pussy. She ran her fingers over where her pubic hair used to be. “Very smooth, come feel it.”

Joe sat next to her running his fingers over her smooth pubic area and her pussy lips. “Wow, that’s nice. I think this is the first time I’ve really looked at you down here in the light. Saving your pubic hair was your task, what is mine?”

Mandy spread her legs wider, “Your task is to lick my pussy. Lisa said if I was brave enough to put the thing you pee with in my mouth you can put your tongue into my pee thing. Is that okay?”

“When you put it that way, it doesn’t sound that great. But I have wanted to taste you forever. I was afraid it would gross you out.” Joe slowly kissed his way down from her belly button to her pussy. Mandy moaned loudly when his lips touched her pussy.

Joe pushed his tongue through her pussy lips, exploring. “Oh my God, your tongue is incredible. Why didn’t someone tell me this was so good.” Joe continued to lick and suck on her pussy. He wasn’t sure what he was doing but Mandy’s reactions told him he was doing just fine. “That’s it, lick my pussy. Make me cum!” Mandy called out loudly.

Joe couldn’t believe his shy, reserved wife was talking dirty to him. It turned him on even more. Her hips were shaking with a tremendous orgasm. Mandy pulled Joe up to her kissing him hard. “Thank you, that was great. Will you please fuck me?”

Joe had never heard his bride say fuck. While kissing her, Joe shoved his dick into her slick pussy. He was so turned on he knew he wasn’t going to last long. He didn’t care, he humped her hard and fast. He was fucking his wife, not making love. With a loud grunt, he filled her pussy.

Mandy was the first to speak up, “You think I’m a slut now, don’t you?”

“Are you kidding me? I loved every moment of it. I loved tasting your pussy. I loved you telling me to fuck you. I love that we are breaking out of our routine. I think we’ve figured out that there is nothing dirty about sex. Before we always made love, today we were fucking, and it was great.”

Mandy hugged Joe hard. “I’m so happy you feel that way. I loved it too. Your tongue was incredible, and I did like that you were fucking me. Can we stay in bed this weekend and fuck?” she asked with a smile.

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