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New Horizons Part 2

Mandy and Joe continue experimenting

Over the next two months, Mandy and Joe had seen their sex life go from a boring routine to almost every night experimentation. Even when Mandy was on her period, she was giving her husband blow jobs. Mandy had gone from tolerating sex to initiating sex and craving her husband’s cock in her mouth.

Lisa had continued to counsel her friend on sexual matters. She had been pestering Mandy to go with her to an adult store. Lisa had been talking to Mandy about masturbation and how to use toys. “I can’t go in a place like that,” Mandy protested.

“Oh please, two months ago the word cock had never passed your lips. Now his little dick is in your mouth as much as your chewing gum.”

“Lisa, why do you keep calling his dick little. You’ve never seen it. I know I don’t have anything to compare it to but how do you know?”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t say that his dick is small without seeing. I know, I will come to your house and examine it for you. Then I will tell you how it stacks up,” Lisa said.

“Ha ha, very funny.” Lisa raised her eyebrows in a serious manner. “Oh my God, your serious.”

“Yes, I’m very serious. If you would rather, you can come check out my hubby’s dick. My Jack would love for you to check out his cock. He would let you examine it all you wanted.” Mandy blushed. “Okay, you’re not ready for that, yet. But, after work, we are going to the toy store.”

Mandy reluctantly agreed and together they went to the adult store. Mandy had driven by it before but had no interest in going in, till now. Lisa had obviously been there before, taking Mandy straight to the dildo section. Lisa picked up several sizes, “Which one is he?” She laid out four on a table, including a big black one. “Go ahead pick them up and see what feels right in your hand.”

She looked around to see if anyone was watching them. An embarrassed Mandy picked up the five-inch dildo to Lisa’s grin. Mandy looked at it in her hand, “Nope, this is too small.” She pushed the big black one away not wanting to touch it. This is ridiculous, that would just be scary.” Mandy picked up the remaining two. She held one in each hand gaging their size. “I would say he is between these two.”

“Are you telling me Joe is between seven and eight inches?”

“I think so, this one is too big, and the other is too small. Is that small?”

Lisa smiled, “No honey, that is a nice size for a cock. I’m not sure I believe you. I want to see if for myself to prove it. Let’s keep shopping.” Lisa picked up a strap on, “I could show you how to use this thing.”

“Oh my, how would you use that?” Mandy asked.

Lisa put the strap on to her crotch and bucked like she was fucking. She leaned into Mandy’s ear whispering, “I have one at home and would love to show it to you.”

They walked to another section where Lisa picked up a rabbit. “What is that thing?” Mandy asked.

“This is what you need. It vibrates and will make you cum.”

“What is this thing?” indicating to the clit stimulator.

“While this vibrates in your pussy, this is working your clit. I love mine.”

Lisa convinced her to buy it as the two moved to the checkout counter.

That night session in bed. Mandy took special interest in checking the size of Joe’s dick before she sucked it. Measuring with her hand, she was satisfied that she was accurate to tell Lisa his size. Afterwards, they laid there cuddling. Mandy told Joe about the events at the adult store.

Joe laughed, “You showed her how big I am with a dildo? What did she say?”

“I don’t think she believes me, but she said if that was true, you have a nice cock. She said I had to prove it to her.”

“Prove it to her how?”

Mandy grabbed Joe’s soft dick. “She wants to see it, examine it. I got a little mad, I almost said ‘fine I show you Joe’s dick.’”

“If you have to prove it, we could show her.” Joe’s cock started to swell in Mandy’s hand.

“Look at you, you’re getting excited thinking about showing your cock to my friend.”

Joe tied to deny it, but his hardening cock gave him away. Mandy did discuss it more, but was considering having her friend over to see her husband’s cock. The funny thing was that she was proud of his cock and wanted to prove to Lisa she wasn’t lying.

The following week, Lisa and Mandy we involved in their usual sex talk, but Lisa stayed away from challenging Mandy on Joe size. On Thursday Lisa was at it again. She called him little dick Joe. Mandy gave her a stern look. “I told you I don’t believe he is that big. I want proof.” Lisa was clearly baiting Mandy.

“You want me to show you his cock, I will.” Mandy gulped when the words left her mouth. She thought about saying she was kidding but Lisa was too quick to agree.

“Okay, when?” Lisa asked smugly.

Mandy was sure if she was mad are herself for taking the bait or at Lisa for setting her up. It didn’t matter, she had agreed to let another woman see her husband’s dick.

That night at dinner, Mandy broke the news to Joe. “Looks like you’re going to get your wish. Lisa baited me into agreeing to show her your cock.”

“Honey, I love that you are defending my cock and that you say cock now. If you are not comfortable with this, just tell her I said no.”

“That’s another reason I love you. No, unless you do say no, I want to go through with it. I’m proud of your cock and want to defend it. Plus, I feel I owe her. Without Lisa, we wouldn’t have the sex life we have now.”

Lisa showed up at 2:00 on Saturday just as they agreed. Introductions were made, Joe was visibly nervous. Joe spoke up, “Your husband doesn’t mind you looking at another man’s penis?”

Lisa winked at Joe, “He doesn’t mind. The offer is still open for Mandy to examine his cock. He would love to show it to her.”

Joe was surprised with her come back. “Oh okay, uh how are we going to do this?”

“However you guys want, I would be happy to help you off with those pants if Mandy wants me to.”

Mandy looks at Lisa then at Joe. She looks back at Lisa with a ‘I’ll show you’ look. “Go ahead Lisa, I know you want to take his pants off.”

Lisa knelt in front of Joe, grabbing his belt. She slowly undid his belt and slipped off the top button. “Mandy, I think I’m going to owe you an apology, I can feel him growing in there.”

She seductively took his zipper down, then pulled his pants to his ankles. “Kick those off sweetie, you don’t want to trip on them.” Joe kicked his jeans off to the side. “Nice tidy whities Joe. Something big is in there.”

Mandy was watching from the couch, she could feel the moisture building between her legs.

Lisa pealed Joe’s brief’s down, releasing his hard cock. Lisa traced Joe’s cock with her fingers causing him to moan. “Mandy I apologize, Joe has a beautiful cock. May I touch it?”

“Looks like you already are. Joe appears to be enjoying it.” Lisa’s tracing turned into stroking.

Lisa looked over at Mandy, sitting only a few feet away, and smiled. In a quick motion, Lisa engulfed Joe’s cock into her mouth. Mandy sat there with her mouth open paralyzed. Her head told her to stop her friend, but she did nothing.

“Oh God,” Joe called out. He looked to his wife to find her watching intently with her hands in her lap.

Lisa continued to suck and stroke. She took a deep breath, then took every inch of his cock into her throat. Joe let out another “Oh God” as she continued to deep throat him.

Joe could feel the load of semen building inside of him. He looked over to his wife. Mandy was speechless, intently watching Lisa with her hand rubbing her crotch. Lisa sped up her sucking when she heard his breathing get heavy.

With another “Oh God” Joe filled Lisa’s mouth with a load of semen. Lisa looked up at Joe and swallowed his load without spilling a drop. Lisa calmly got off her knees walking over to Mandy.

“I apologize, your husband has a very nice sized cock, I will not call it small anymore. His cum is tasty too. See you Monday at work.” Lisa nonchalantly walked out of the house.

Joe looked over at Mandy, with a panicked look on his face, as she was getting up on the couch. He was about to say something when Mandy shot him a look, “Upstairs, right now.” Joe started to bend down to pick up his underwear and pants. “No, leave them off.”

Joe followed his wife to their bedroom. He couldn’t read her if she was mad. Mandy had already made it to the top of the stairs when he started up. “Hurry up Joe, get in here.”

Joe cautiously opened the bedroom door to find that his wife had stripped naked sitting on the bed. “Get over here and eat me right now.”

Joe moved between her legs, “I was afraid you were mad at me.” His tongue found her pussy soaked.

“Oh yes that feels good, I need that. I thought I was going to be jealous when she pulled your pants down and touched your cock. When she took your cock into her mouth and you started moaning, I got so turned on.”

Joe and Mandy spent the rest of the afternoon sucking and fucking.

Exhausted, they laid in bed cuddling. “Did you know she was going to blow me when she came over?” Joe asked.

“Not really, in the back of my mind, I thought she might do something like this. You didn’t seem to mind.”

“I can’t lie, I enjoyed it. I was afraid you would get mad. I can’t believe you let another woman touch my dick.”

“I told you that Lisa has asked me several times to look at her husband, Jack’s dick. What would you think if I took her up on it?” Mandy asked.

“Look at his cock like Lisa ‘looked’ at mine?”

Mandy smiled, “What if I did ‘look’ at it like Lisa ‘looked’ at you, would you be mad?”

“I didn’t stop Lisa from ‘looking’ at me so I guess I couldn’t complain as long as you came home and ‘looked’ at me too.”


Monday morning, Lisa cautiously approached Mandy at her desk. “Are we okay?”

Mandy looked up at Lisa with a serious look on her face. “Yes, I’ll do it.”

“You’ll do what?” Lisa asked confused.

Mandy pulled Lisa close so she could whisper, “I want to take you up on your offer to see your husband’s thing.”

Lisa stepped back shocked, “Really? Jack’s at working from home today. We could take off a little early and head over there.”

“What today? I’m not sure about that.”

“No no, you are not changing your mind. We are going today.”

At 3:00 the girls met in the parking lot to drive to Lisa’s house. Mandy was nervous but excited. She thought about letting Joe know it was going to be today but was afraid he might talk her out of it.

Lisa called out for Jack when they went in the house. “I’m upstairs. I just got out of the shower,” He called back.

Lisa and Mandy walked into the bedroom to find Jack in a bath robe. “Jack, this is Mandy, my friend I’ve been telling you about.”

“Wow, she is as beautiful as you said.” Jack stood a few feet from the girls checking Mandy out for head to toe. Jack, Mandy estimated was a few years older than Lisa. Maybe thirty-five, about at tall as her husband but heavier. “How can I help you lovely ladies?”

“Mandy has never seen another man’s cock. I told her she could see and examine yours. Is that okay?”

“I am at your service.” Jack said dropping his robe.”

Mandy gasped, staring at his soft cock. Lisa walked her closer to Jack. “Honey, can you sit on the edge of the bed, so Mandy can get a good look at you?” Lisa asked, guiding Mandy to her husband. “Come on Mandy, you’ve come this far, let’s get a close up look.”

The two kneeled before Jack on the bed, his cock was starting to grow. “He’s shaved, it looks so different without hair,” Mandy said.

“Touch it, you know you want to. You going to have to touch it to see it hard. Though it is starting to grow on its own.”

Mandy was fascinated by Jack’s shaved cock but couldn’t raise her hand to touch it. Lisa, sensing her hesitation, took Mandy’s hand raising it to her husband’s cock. Mandy let Lisa manipulate her finger’s on and around the dick in front of her. A sigh escaped Mandy’s lips as her fingers wrapped around his cock.

Jack’s cock grew hard quickly in her grasp. Lisa again guided Mandy’s hand stroking her husband’s dick. She released her wrist once Mandy got a stroking rhythm. Lisa hugged Mandy and kissed her the cheek. “Mmm, I think Jack likes your examination.” Mandy’s eyes were fixed on Jack’s cock. Lisa whispered in Mandy’s ear, “Go ahead, taste it, you know you want to.”

Mandy slowly leaned her head forward. The anticipation was driving Jack crazy. He moaned loudly when Mandy’s lips touched his cock. He and Lisa looked on intently to Mandy opening her mouth letting his cock head pass her lips. Lisa and Jack looked at each other with approval when Mandy started sucking Jack’s shaft.

Lisa got behind Mandy, rubbing her shoulders and kissing her neck. Lisa’s hands slipped in front starting to unbutton her blouse. Mandy kept her focus on Jack’s dick but was not oblivious to Lisa taking her blouse off. Mandy assisted taking her arms out of the sleeves while not losing contact with the cock.

Mandy’s bra hit the floor next, followed by Lisa’s hands cupping her small tits. Mandy’s head was spinning from excitement. Mandy jumped when she felt Lisa tugging at her skirt. Her head was telling her to hit the brakes but she shifted her hips and legs to allow her skirt to slide down her thighs.

“Jack, slide up on the bed so Mandy can get more comfortable.” Jack complied with Mandy moving on the bed between Jack’s legs. Mandy was on her knees with her lips still on Jack’s cock in only her panties. Lisa moved behind her rubbing her ass. There was no jump out of Mandy when Lisa pealed her panties off.

Lisa traced Mandy’s pussy lips with her fingers finder her lips swollen and juicy. Lisa looked up at Jack and mouthed, “She's ready.”

Jack pulled Mandy off of his cock and guided her up to his face. Lisa place aimed Jack’s cock at Mandy’s pussy. “I shouldn’t be doing this,” Mandy said staring into Jack’s eye. Slowly Mandy pushed herself down onto Jack’s dick. “I’m sorry Joe, I couldn’t stop.” Mandy mumbled as Jack’s cock was fully inserted into her pussy.

Mandy started rocking up and down on Jack’s dick. She was grinding her pussy into his dick when she stopped, “Please get on top of me and fuck me hard.”

Jack helped her onto her back then drove his cock into Mandy’s pussy. He fucked her hard and fast. He pumped her hard while was kissing her cheek and whispering encouragement in her ear. “Oh God, I’m cumming,” Mandy called out. Her body shook hard with an orgasm.

Jack kept pounding till he finally grunted filling Mandy with his seed. Mandy calmed down then suddenly started crying. Lisa motioned Jack out of the room then hugged Mandy. “What’s wrong honey?”

With tears streaming down her face, “I just cheated on my husband. I just made your husband cheat on you.”

Lisa held her friend, letting her cry then once she calmed down some spoke up, “We forced you into this. You can tell Joe that we did this to you if you have to tell him.”

“I have to tell him, and you didn’t force me. I let you take my clothes off. I wanted to feel his cock inside me. I’m such a slut. Worse yet, I liked it. It was dirty and nasty, and I liked it. I had an orgasm for God sake.” Mandy wasn’t crying anymore just very matter of fact.

“Cheating is a state of mind. Jack didn’t cheat on me, I was right there. Joe knew you were coming over here right? He knew you were curious after I gave him a blow job.”

“We didn’t say it, but I think we both knew I do what you did, but not fuck! I can’t believe I did this.”

“If it will make you feel better I will fuck Joe for you.” Lisa laughed but Mandy didn’t. “Sorry, I was just trying to lighten the mood. Just don’t tell him. Why does he have to know?”

“I can’t lie to him, that would be worse, God I’m such a slut. I need to go now, know any good lawyers? I’m sure I will be getting a divorce soon.”

Mandy put her clothes on and drove home, crying.



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