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Newlywed Cheat

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While at work one day a sexually frustrated wife succumbs to the advances of a co-worker.
My name is Jill and I would like to relay a story from early in my marriage. I had just graduated college and gotten married about a year before this happened. I was working in a new home sales office. You know; the ones in the model home garages. My sex life with my husband had come to a virtual stop after the first six months of marriage. I had to beg him to have sex with me and still only got it about once a month. I was only 23 years old at the time and had a very nice body with B cup breasts and a flat stomach with nice hips. I usually dressed in short skirts and sheer blouses for work, since it was in fashion and usually improved my chances of making a sale. I was known around the office as "Snow White", because I was so innocent. I was a virgin until I met my husband and he was the only one I had ever been with.

Nearly every day the construction foreman, Joe, would come in and hit on the women in the sales office. Most days there were three of us. Julie, my boss, was around 30 and looked like an aerobics instructor. She was happily married and had no intentions of cheating on her husband, but usually played along with Joe, just to tease him a little. It was also a good idea to keep the construction foreman on your good side, in case you needed his help for one of your customers. Our assistant Tina was a teenager, just out of high school. She was a bubbly blond with large breasts, for her size. She was like putty in Joe's hands and she had told us about some pretty wild sex the two of them had had. Joe was a very handsome man of about 30, with chiseled good looks and deep blue eyes that nearly made me melt every time he looked at me.

One day I was feeling pretty down on my life and especially my husband. We had just celebrated our one year anniversary and he came home from work late, didn't have a gift for me and went to bed early without even trying to have sex with me. It had been over two months since the last time we had sex. I was convinced he was having an affair with someone at work, although I had no proof. I had started to feel like I wasn't attractive anymore and I was nearing depression.

That day when Joe came into the office, it was Julie's day off and Tina had already left for the day. It had been a slow day and I was getting ready to lock up the office myself. I was wearing heels, a short red skirt and a sheer white blouse with a camisole underneath. Since my boobs were so small I didn't need to wear a bra with this arrangement. Joe came in and we had some idle chit chat about office politics. While he was talking he worked his way around my desk and behind my chair and started to rub my shoulders and I have to admit, it felt good to have a man touch me.

"I can't believe your husband lets you dress like that to come work around all of us construction guys. Doesn't he know what could happen?" Joe said

"What could happen?" I played along

"Well. It would probably start with someone kissing your neck" he said

"That doesn't seem too bad" I replied, still playing his game

"That would be just the start. While kissing your neck, he would probably start unbuttoning that blouse and start caressing those pert little tits of yours" He continued, while still rubbing my shoulders and neck.

"Well that wouldn't be very innocent" I replied

"He would just be getting started. After a while of kissing your neck and rubbing those tits, He would pick you up out of this chair and take that skirt off of you, sit you on the edge of that desk. That's when the fun would start. I would trace your panties with my tongue, until you begged me to let you cum." I noticed he started saying "I" and not "he" anymore. Like he could have been talking about anyone else.

"You're right, my husband probably shouldn't let me dress like this around you construction guys" I said. I could really feel my juices flowing after his narrative, with him still rubbing my neck and shoulders.

"I'm sure we can get him more upset than that. Once you were begging me to let you cum I would pull your panties off and start fucking your dripping slit with my finger while I flicked your clit with my tongue, until you had a huge orgasm." He breathed into my ear.

His warm breath on my neck was driving me wild. I knew I had to stop this now.

"Well that was, uhh, interesting, but I really have to lock up for the night and get home" I said to him as I turned around in my chair and stood breaking the trance I was in.

"OK. Well, I'll be in the construction trailer, if you want to finish our, uhh, interesting conversation." He replied as he head out my door, giving me a wink and a smile on his way out.

Thank god he left. If he had pushed at all, I might have thrown him on my desk and fucked his brains out. My panties were completely soaked. So I took them off and put them in my purse before I walked around the models to lock them up and set the alarms. I had never worn a skirt without panties before and I couldn't believe how much the breeze wisping my sensitive and engorged pussy.

I heard my phone ringing as I approached the office and hurried in to answer it. It was my husband calling to tell me he was held up and work and wouldn't be home until late, if at all. I was livid. It seemed he only came home to sleep during that stage of our marriage. I hadn't seen him awake in over a week. I locked my office door, and walked straight to the construction trailer.

The construction trailer was a mobile home set up as an office. There was a couch and a table on the opposite wall from the door, which was directly in the center of the trailer. To the left of the door was Greg's desk, who wasn't there. On the right was Joe's desk, where I found him sitting back in his chair with his legs up on the desk reading the paper. As he put the paper down and looked at me I panicked. I didn't have any valid business reason to be here. What if he was just flirting and didn't really have any interest in me. I would be so embarrassed.

"I was hoping you would want to see how the story turned out. Come on in and have a seat" He calmly said. He must have seen my panic and wanted to put me at ease, which he had.

I walked straight to the couch and had a seat. It was then I realized how short my skirt was. Sitting in the couch it rode almost all the way up my thighs. I dared not cross my legs or my bush would be visible. He grabbed a bottle out of a drawer, walked around the desk and took a seat next to me. He handed me the bottle after removing the cap. I was so nervous that I could see the bottle shaking in my hand and figured it couldn't hurt to take a drink. I put it to my lips and took a big gulp of it and I remember that it burned all the way down, but felt nice and warm in my stomach. I handed the bottle back to him and he took a big swig himself, before placing it on the table in front of us.

"Let's see. Where were we?" He said as his eyes scanned up and down my body. "Oh yeah. You were begging me to fuck you" He said with an evil grin. His right arm was around my shoulder and his left hand was on my knee.

"Your pussy would be dripping wet at this point and I would pull my cock out and start sliding it up and down your slit driving you crazy, until finally you would just grab my cock and slide it into your pussy like a dildo. You would have an orgasm immediately and I would fuck you in long strokes, bringing the head almost all the way out of you and sliding it all the way back into you slapping my balls on your ass. You'll be so turned on now that you'll start rubbing your clit with your thumb while I continue to pound your pussy and you will have a huge orgasm when I shoot my load deep into your pussy."

My eyes were closed as he relayed this narrative. His left hand was rubbing up and down my leg the whole time he talked. With each stroke his hand would venture further up my thigh and further between my legs. By the time he finished his story his hand was under my skirt rubbing my wet slit and sliding his fingers around my wet hole. I had unconsciously been spreading my legs the entire time and they were now spread about as far as I could spread them. I had slid my ass forward about 6 inches, pushing my pussy towards his hands sliding my skirt up to my waist. His right hand had been deftly working on the buttons of my blouse and he had it entirely unbuttoned, with my camisole pushed up over my tits. His mouth was very close to my neck and he had been sucking on it throughout his story. His warm breath was what was really driving me mad. When he stopped talking he kissed me deeply sliding his tongue into my mouth and encircling my tongue. I kissed him back and ran my fingers through his thick hair.

After a few minutes of heavy kissing he broke our kiss and slid himself off the couch and kneeled between my legs. He just stared at my pussy for a few seconds. He seemed to be studying it and I started to get nervous again.

"Your pussy looks amazing." He eased my fears and leaned in and started licking up and down my pussy. I was on fire and screamed out in orgasm as soon as I felt his fingers entering my dripping pussy. He was flicking my pussy with his tongue and I felt like I had completely lost control of my body as I writhed on the couch in ecstasy. His tongue kept teasing my clit and I had another huge orgasm right after the first one. I had never had two orgasms with my husband before. So it totally surprised me and I pulled his head hard into my pussy. I really needed a cock deep inside of me and I was trying to pull him deeper into me.

"I need your cock inside of me" I panted

He stood up, his face glistening with my juices, and began removing his shirt. I reached forward and tugged at his pants while he did that. I needed his cock and I needed it then. As I pulled down his underwear his cock sprang out. I couldn't believe how big it was and I gasped. Since my husband was the only man I had ever been with I had never seen any cocks besides his, which is about 4 inches long. Joe's cock was twice the size of my husband's and so much bigger around I didn't think it would fit inside of me.

"Never seen a big cock before? You are in for a treat tonight. Why don't you suck it for a while" he seemed to order as he pulled my head towards the monster. I could barely open my mouth enough to get around it. I couldn't believe how heavy it felt as I started bobbing my head on it and sucking for all I was worth. He was fucking my mouth with it and I couldn't even get half of it in. So I started stroking the rest of it with my hands while I sucked on the head. He was kneading my nipples while I continued sucking his cock.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and got on his knees between my legs and lined that monster up with my dripping pussy. Just like he has said in his story, he started running his cock up and down my slit and rubbing my clit with it. I was so horny and I just needed his cock inside of me.

"Please fuck me" I begged

"I knew you would be begging me to fuck you. Are you going to do everything I ask you to do?" He asked

"Yes, Yes, Yes, just fuck me." I pleaded

He lined his cock up with my hole and started sliding it into me. It was so big. It was stretching my hole further than it had ever been stretched before. He finally got the head inside of me and I started cumming. "Oh god, Oh god, it feels so good" I breathed. Every inch he pushed into me stretched my pussy in places no cock had ever been before. I had my legs wrapped around his waist and was pulling his ass into me, trying to get his cock deeper inside of me. Once he was all the way inside of me he started to pull his cock slowly out and it felt as good in that direction as it had on the way in. My pussy was stretched so much that my clit was being rubbed by his cock with each stroke. It was a non-stop orgasm the whole time he fucked me. He picked up his pace now that my pussy was adjusted to his huge cock and I started meeting his downward strokes with upward strokes. I could feel his balls slapping my ass with each stroke.

Abruptly he stopped and pulled his cock out of me. I knew he hadn't cum yet. I looked at him with a questioning look and told me he wanted to fuck me doggie style. My husband and I had never tried any position other than missionary style and I didn't even know what he meant. I got up and he guided over and bent me over the arm of the couch with my ass in the air. I was afraid he was going to try to stick that huge cock in my ass and I started to panic. Then I felt him start fingering my pussy and sliding his thumb up and down my slit. I started to get into the fingering and almost had an orgasm while he was fingering me.

His fingers pulled away and I felt his cock start to slide into my pussy from behind. This was an awesome sensation. I felt like such a whore. His cock was sliding deeper than it had gone before, it actually felt bigger in this position, and the rough fabric of the couch was treating my clit and sensitive nipples to a steady rubbing. I could feel another orgasm coming as he started sliding that huge cock in and out of me. I started yelling for him to fuck me harder and he pounded his cock harder and deeper into me with each stroke. I shook in orgasm and looked back to see if he was getting close to cumming and "No No No!!!" I screamed. It wasn't Joe who was fucking me, it was the other foreman, Greg!!! He must have been hiding behind his desk when I came into the trailer.

"Relax and enjoy it. I've already given you one orgasm and you know you want more." he said. As he put his strong hand on the middle of my back and kept his cock sliding in and out of me.

The liquor Joe had given me must have hit me harder than I realized, because there is no way that I would have let two guys fuck me if I had been sober. I remember thinking; He's right, I have enjoyed his cock. I should just keep fucking him and have more fun. So I started pushing my pussy back into his cock. and moaning.

Let me tell you why I can't believe I let Greg continue fucking me. Let me start with what Greg looked like. He was about 40 with a receding hairline and a lot of gray. He was also about thirty pounds over weight with a good sized beer belly. The other reason I couldn't believe I did it was that he was married with kids. Not only was I cheating on my husband, but I was now doing it with a man who was cheating on his wife. But I do have to admit that his cock was big and I was very horny and obviously drunk.

Joe walked around to my head and sat down at my head and guided my mouth onto his hard on. I sucked it in greedily and could taste my own juices on his cock, but I kept sucking anyway. I was completely lost in my own lust. Greg's cock was hammering me from behind and I was sucking on Joe's cock. Joe started playing with my tits and I started writhing with another huge orgasm. Greg's pace got fast and he shot his load deep into my womb with a grunt.

Joe wanted to fuck me again. He sat on the couch and had me lower my pussy onto his cock. I was facing away from him and Greg came over to my face and made me lick his cock clean from our previous encounter. His cock was soft now and still bigger than my husband's cock is when it's hard. I could taste the mixture of our juices as I licked his cock clean and even sucked on his balls for a little while. He was roughly handling my tits and calling me the best cock sucking slut he knew. I could feel another huge orgasm rising. I loved the feeling of both men using me and calling me a slut. I could feel Joe's pace start to quicken and knew he was getting close too. I let Greg's cock fall out of my mouth as Joe and I screamed in orgasm together. I felt a huge hot load of cum shoot deep into my pussy. As I regained my senses I realized that Greg was hard again and I started to suck his cock and cupped his balls. I could feel Joe's cock spasming inside of me still. Greg grabbed the back of my head and started fucking my mouth and shot his load down my throat with a grunt. I swallowed every last drop of his load.

The men helped me get dressed and saw me to my car and each gave me a deep kiss and thanked me for a wonderful time and they hoped it could happen again. I thought about the events of the night as I drove home and got myself horny thinking about how much of a slut I had been. I had had two cocks inside of me at once. I could still feel Joe's and Greg's cum dripping out of my bare pussy.

When I got home I just wanted to masturbate, but my husband was home and sitting on the couch. So I walked over to him unzipped his pants and started sucking his cock. He was shocked. I worked my way into a 69 position with him and he seemed surprised to find my pussy bare and soaking wet. I had him lick me clean. The thought that he was eating two guy's cum out of my pussy was making me hot and I came with a thundering orgasm on his face and darting tongue. The fuck that followed was uneventful, but I will always remember that orgasm I had while he was sucking the cum out of me without even knowing it.
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