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Obsessed with Sex

A frustrated wife makes a decision to explore casual sex with others guys.

  Many people would describe her as just an average housewife. Her name was April Miller and she was 33 and had been married for 12 years. Her husband was 39. Her husband had a good job, so even though she had worked in the past she didn't need to at the present time. They lived in the suburbs in an average middle class neighborhood close to schools and shopping. Her life was monotonous and boring and she thought she was going to go crazy.

She was the type that you might not notice the first time you saw her, but if you looked closer you could see how really pretty she was. She didn't spend time on her body, but nature had been kind to her. She was 5' 4" and weighed about 125lbs. Her hair was light brown and even though she had colored it at one time she wasn't now. She didn't wear sexy clothes because she didn't think of herself in that way. Her body was the type though that many guys loved. Soft curves, not Playboy material but desirable none the less. Her 34 C breasts had started to sag some, but they were smooth creamy and unblemished. She had a little soft belly, nothing big just one from getting older. Her ass was smooth and shapely but had widened some. She had nice legs and though she didn't shave her pussy she did keep it trimmed and not out of control.

For the last 4-5 years her husband had become less and less interested in sex. At this point she was lucky to get any every couple of months and even at that it was very unsatisfying. It's not that they didn't want kids it's just that there was not much opportunity. She hadn't used birth control for a long time. She had only been with one other guy before her marriage. Studies say women reach their sexual peak in their mid-thirties. Well she was peaking and it was driving her nuts.

She was alone much of the day and she looked for things to do to take her mind off it. Unfortunately she was on the internet one day and discovered some porn sites. She became obsessed with seeking out pictures and movies of couples having sex. She especially liked sites that featured older women and young men. She had never been a big masturbator but she had bought a basic vibrator and would use it when she couldn't stand it anymore. On those days where she had been on the internet and she went out it was almost like she was in a sexual fog. She would find herself evaluating men and whether or not they would be good in bed and could satisfy her. She had been doing this for some time never acting on it until one day she made a decision. Even though she still felt some love for her husband she couldn't go on the rest of her life like this. She made the choice to do something about it. It would be strictly casual sex. No lovey dovey stuff or commitments. She rationalized it as not really being an affair, more like just masturbating except with a cock instead of a vibrator. She started on a plan to find the most likely partner. One that would be nice to her and would be horny enough to desire her.

There were older guys at the grocery store, but she figured a married guy would make it complicated at least to start with. She settled on looking for a young guy. As young as 18 maybe, they were always horny and should be interested and not looking for anything else but sex. There was a young man, a high school senior who had just turned 18, that lived on her street. His name was Chad and some would say he was on the nerdy side. He wore glasses and she thought he might play in the band. He had an average build, but it was obvious he might be inexperienced with girls. He had done some yard work for her before and had looked pretty good with his shirt off and in shorts. She decided to ask him to come over to help her with a project and test his interest in her.

She asked him to come over on a Saturday when her husband would be away for the afternoon. She said she needed some help moving some things up to the attic. She decided to wear an old t-shirt that was a little too small. She had cut a V notch in it down to where her cleavage started, and there would be no bra worn that day. She wore a pair of loose fitting shorts that tended to fall down some if they weren't tied tight enough, which they wouldn't be, and this would expose her thong. She didn't want to go to outrageous for fear if he didn't take the bait she could get in trouble.

Saturday came and he arrived on time. He was wearing a t-shirt and gym shorts and stood at the front door smiling at her. She could tell he was shy and she looked for that telltale eye movement. He was looking her in the eye but the she saw his eyes drift down to her chest and hold for a moment then back up again. She smiled at the first unmistakable sign of interest. He followed her out to the garage and there were some boxes and bags of stuff that she said needed to go in the attic. She pulled the cord and lowered the ladder that led up to it. She climbed the ladder ahead of him to turn the light on. She felt her shorts slip down a little and knew that the top of her thong was exposed. He climbed up behind her with a box and she knew he couldn't miss the show. As they moved back and forth she looked for any sign of an erection from him. Young guys get hard just thinking about sex. His shorts were baggy so she accidentally bumped into him and felt the beginnings of a nice hard-on. That made her nipples get hard and they were obvious poking out. She caught repeated glances from him and it seemed he was sweating more and trying to swallow.

The last trip up the ladder she went ahead of him and had loosened her shorts some more. The motion of climbing made then slip down, almost falling off. That left her ass completely exposed for a brief moment right in front of his face. She feigned embarrassment pulling them back up.

"Oh my, I am so sorry Chad. These damn shorts always do that. I hope I didn't embarrass you." she said.

He stammered, "Oh no Ms. Miller, that's OK. I didn't mind, I mean I'm not embarrassed."

She smiled as her plan was moving along. He helped her raise the ladder back up. he was taller then her and she caught him looking down her shirt. She invited him into the kitchen for a cold drink. He accepted a coke and she got some water. They were sitting down at the kitchen making idle chit chat.

She asked him, "Chad tell me, do you have many girlfriends?"

He blushed some and said, "Not really, I don't really date much."

She laid her hand on top of his and said, "Your kidding me, the girls should be falling all over you."

She saw him gulp after the skin to skin contact and he said, "Well I get a little nervous around girls and some of the ones I am interested in aren't really interested in me."

She smiled and said, "Here stand up for me."

He stood up from the table and she stood in front of him. She reached out and took his hands and placed them around her in the small of her back.

She said, "Now pull me close."

He hesitated then did what he was told. He pulled her in and she felt some strength is his arms. They hips met and she felt a definite bulge in his shorts now. Her tits were pressing into his chest.

"Do any of them let you do this?" she asked looking up at him.

"No" he managed to croak.

"How about this?" she asked.

She reached up behind his head and pulled his face down to her's. She kissed him full on the lips and even though his lips were closed at first he felt hers open and he followed her lead. Their tongues intertwined and she felt him pull her tighter. After a couple of intense minutes of kissing she broke the kiss and looked at him.

She said, "Chad, I think we can help each other out here today. Would you like to do that?"

He said, "I'll do anything you want me to do Ms. Miller."

She took his hand and led him down the hall to her bedroom. She sat him on the bed and stood before him. She kicked off her shoes and then pulled her t-shirt over her head revealing her breasts to him. Probably the first real pair of breasts he had ever seen. She let her loose shorts fall off and then peeled her thong off to stand naked before him. She pulled his face in between her breasts. He reached up with his hands to fondle them.

He said, "Oh man they are so soft and warm."

She said, 'Suck my nipples Chad."

He place his lips on the right one and sucked it into his mouth. He was careful not to bite it to hard and he sucked on it until it was swollen and hard. She pulled him off that one and moved him to the left one. Her pussy was getting very wet. She reached down and pulled his t-shirt off, then laid him back on the bed and yanked his shoes, shorts and briefs off. His cock was released and she saw it. It was a nice size, maybe 6 1/2 inches and a nice thickness. She knew he wouldn't last long the first time so she wanted to get right to it. She climbed up on the bed with him and he continued to explore her body with his mouth and hands. She thought he might be overwhelmed with her nakedness. So many things to explore. His hand finally found her pussy. He rubbed it back and forth and her lips opened as they continued to swell. He slipped his middle finger inside her, she guessed his buddies and him had talked about fingering a girl.

"You're so hot and wet in there. Tight too." he said.

"I want your cock in me." She said a little impatiently.

He climbed up on top of her in the missionary position. He was trying to line up his cock to her entrance. She took his hand to help him and scooted her hips to get a better angle. When his cock touched her entrance she let go and he pushed about halfway in. She opened her legs wider and he shoved it all in. he tried to get a rhythm going of in and out but after about 12 strokes she felt him shudder and she knew he was coming. He tried to keep stroking lost in the feeling but he rapidly deflated. He collapsed on top of her as his cock fell out.

"I have never felt anything like that before. That was so cool." he said.

She rolled him off of her then said, "OK hon lets get up and get into the shower and get ready for round two."

She went into the bathroom and started the water and he followed. They climbed in and washed each other. She let him explore her body some more. It did feel good to have someone interested in her again. They washed the sweat and juices off and out of each other. When they were rinsed off she knelt down and took his cock into her mouth to start the rejuvenation process. He was young so it didn't take long for him to come back to attention. She got up and turned the water off and they got out to dry off. She led him back to the bed and had him lie down on his back. She continued to suck him to make sure he was hard enough. When she thought he was ready she climbed over him to straddle his hips. She raised herself up and lined up his cock to her pussy. She rubbed it back and forth a few times then sat down on it impaling herself. She hadn't fucked in this position in a long time. It felt good to be in control. She ground her swollen clit on
the base of his cock feeling her fullness. She alternated doing this and going up and down. He was showing surprising stamina.

He reached up and cupped her breasts and pinched her sensitive nipples. Rocking back and forth she felt her orgasm building. Her eyes were closed as she bounced up and down on his cock. Her juices were soaking his balls.

She said, "Oh God I'm going to cum."

He responded, "Me too me too."

He grabbed her hips as he pulled her up and down on his cock. Her pussy spasmed and more fluid gushed out. Her mouth formed an "O" as she grunted out her orgasm. Right after she started, he exploded inside her. His second orgasm within an hour. It was almost painful. He drained himself dry in her as she collapsed on top of him. He held her as they both let things subside. She loved the feeling of a cock in her but she knew they had to get moving. She picked herself up off of him and took his face in her hands to look him in the eye.

"Chad, did you like doing that?" she asked.

"Hell yes I did." he said.

"Good so did I," she said. "Here's the deal We can keep doing this but we need to play by my rules. First, you can't tell anyone, at least not yet. Second, this is only about the sex, nothing else. No getting hung up on me. You can't get jealous if I see other guys especially if you know them. Third, I always pick the time and place. If you can't get away that's fine I will move on, but if you skip out on too many times it will be over. Do you think you can handle those conditions?”

“Ms. Miller I will fuck you anytime and anyplace you want. Your hotter then any girl at school.” he seriously said.

She said, “Great, you need to get dressed now and get on home. My husband will be back soon.”

He got up and got dressed then headed home. She cleaned up and put on some different clothes. Her husband got home and things fell back into the normal routine. She felt great, but like any addict after some time passed she felt the itch again. It had been about a week. She had been back on the internet looking at porn again. She walked around for a day in that sexual fog. All she could think about was finding a cock.

She didn't want to call Chad again just yet, she wanted to expand her opportunities. She knew some college guys worked at the grocery store during the afternoons. She had to be home at 5pm so she went to the store at about 1pm. She wore the tightest pair of jeans she had and a blouse that she left half the buttons unbuttoned on showing her cleavage. She put a few things in her basket but what she was really doing was watching the checkout lanes to see what the baggers looked like. She zeroed in on one. He looked to be in his early 20's. He had blond hair and a nice build. He obviously worked out because his biceps stretched his shirt sleeves. He had a nice smile and she got in the line he was working.

The girl checker was scanning her items and he was bagging them. He looked up and saw her staring at him and he smiled. She smiled back and when she paid she asked him if he would mind helping her out to her car with her bags. He said he would be glad to and together they walked out to the parking lot. As they walked she asked him if he went to the local college. He said he did and that he was a junior there. She reached out and squeezed his bicep and said all the sorority girls must be falling all over themselves trying to get a date with him. He laughed and said he really didn't like sorority girls and he had a few girlfriends he hung out with. They reached her car and he started to place the bags in the trunk. She asked him if he lived on campus and he said no that he and a couple of buddies rented a house off campus nearby. His name was Ryan and she decided to get bolder.

“Well Ryan,” she said. “Do any of you little girlfriends come over to your house for some afternoon sex?”

He smiled and said, “Sometimes, if I'm lucky.”

She got closer to him and laid a hand on his chest and said, “Well today's your lucky day. Why don't you give me your address and meet me there in about an hour?”

He looked her up and down and said, “Sure I can do that. Here's my address.”

She wrote it down and smiled at him as she got in her car. She drove home and put the groceries away and changed into some clothes that would be easier to get out of and left her bra off. She drove to the address he gave her. They were older homes but a nice neighborhood near campus. Most were rentals now to college students. She found the house and parked. There were three vehicles parked in front. She walked up to the door and knocked. Ryan answered the door and he had changed too. As she entered the main room she saw two other young guys sitting there watching TV. Ryan introduced them as his roommates. She smiled at them and said her name was April.

She said to them, “Listen guys, Ryan and I are going back to his room for a little afternoon sex. If either of you are interested in that I will let you know when we're done.”

She smiled at them and they looked at each other and said, “Sure thing.”

Ryan and her walked down the hall to his room and entered it. It was a typical college guy's room with an unmade bed and a pile of dirty clothes on the floor. As soon as he closed the door she pulled off her shirt and dropped her shorts and climbed naked on the bed. As he was pulling his clothes off she was rubbing her pussy in anticipation. When his shorts and briefs came off she got a look at his hard cock. It was bigger than Chad's. A little thicker, but a lot longer. She laid back on the bed and opened her arms to him.

He climbed up there and proceeded to eat her pussy. Her husband never did this and she loved it. Ryan was good at it too. He sucked on her inner lips and flicked her clit with his tongue. He swirled around it and then sucked on it as it got bigger. She was breathing hard and was pushing on the back of his head to keep him in place. In no time she shuddered with an orgasm soaking his face. He let her finish then he moved up to enter her.

“Do I need to use a rubber?” He asked.

“No just fuck me. When you start to cum pull out and shoot it on my stomach.” She said.

She didn't really care about pregnancy at the moment. She was lost in her sexual fog. If she was going to fuck those other guys she didn't want to get too messy down there. He lined up his big cock and pressed against her entrance. He was bigger then her husband or Chad and it really stretched her before the head popped in. He sawed it back and forth until he hit bottom. He was in all the way and completely filled her. She wrapped her legs around him and urged him on. He was working up a good rhythm using stokes about half his length. He was much more experienced the Chad and kept a pace up to last awhile. He held onto her hips as he pumped and she leaned her head back and pulled on her nipples.

She was moaning and sighing as he fucked her. This is what she needed to satisfy her cravings. It felt so good to have a cock in her. He was pounding her now and she was having multiple orgasms, one right after the other. Her cunt walls were rippling and squeezing him. His pace reached it's peak and then he stopped. He yanked his cock out of her and stoked it as it spewed forth on her belly. Blast after blast he shot a big load on her. Next time she thought to herself she would take that load up inside her. He finally slowed down and he stroked out the last few drops. He finished by wiping his cockhead on her pubic hair. She felt really well fucked but she still had an itch.

“Where's the bathroom, or do you have a towel in here?” she asked.

He produced what looked to be a clean towel and she cleaned herself up. When she was done she walked out into the hallway.

“OK, whose next?” she called out to the front room. Ryan went back into his room and his roommate Robert walked down the hall towards her. She asked him which room was his and he pointed to one. This one was a little neater and she laid on the bed to watch him undress. Her pussy was a little sore but was still really wet. He stripped down and cock came into view. Every cock is different, but still the same. His was average length and width except for one feature. His glans was huge. It was all swollen and purple. It looked like a plum. She got up off the bed and turned around presenting her ass to him. She bent over placing her hands on the bed exposing her pussy opening to him.

“Do me from behind and when you get ready to cum pull out and shoot it on my ass.” she instructed him.

He stepped up behind her and lined himself up. He pressed the huge head into her opening. Ryan had stretched her but this still took some work to get this in. He changed the angle some and it slowly went it. The rest of his cock followed easily. He grabbed her hips and started to pump. She thought it felt like a baseball was being shoved in and out of her. It was really rubbing on her G-spot which was driving her wild. The pressure built up and she came with a gush. He wasn't going to last as long as Ryan, but he was doing well. He made her come a second time then pulled out with a pop and hosed her ass down with his load.

When he was done she straighten up and used the towel she brought with her to wipe her ass, cleaning the cum off it. As she walked to the hall she gave him a kiss on the cheek. She was a little tired but figured she could do one more.

“OK last one, who's it going to be?” she called out.

She heard someone get up and start down the hall. His shape filled the hallway. This guy hadn't been in the front room when she arrived. He was at least 6'4” and weighed 240 lbs plus. He stopped in front of her still naked body.

“You don't live here do you?” she asked.

“No, I don't. I'm a friend of theirs.” he said with a deep voice.

“Well sorry dude, I'm only doing guys that live here today.” she said looking up at him.

“Even if I have one of these?” he asked.

He reached down and unzipped and pulled out his cock. It was 7 inches long but as big around as a beer can. She just stared at it and of course knew she had to try it.

“OK she said, which bedroom do we use?” she said.

He pointed to the one she hadn't been in. She guessed he had cut a deal with it's owner. They entered and she helped him out of his clothes to get a better look at his cock. Though not extra long, it's diameter astounded her. How was this thing going to fit? She went over to the nightstand near the bed and was hoping the rooms owner was a well prepared guy. She opened the drawer and smiled. The was a tube of lube in there. This big cock's owner was named Steve and she led him to the bed. She had him lie down on his back and she took his super fat cock and squirted some lube on it and stroked it to full erection. Before she climbed on she took some more lube and using two fingers she rubbed some up inside her.

She figured the best way to make this work was to use her weight to press herself down on it. He helped her line it up and he held it as she lowered herself down on it. She had been well fucked by two other cocks today but this was still a challenge and it scared her a little. She closed her eyes and bore down. Slowly her opening stretched and it started to go in. She let her full weight fall on it and helped by the lube it went in. When she was all the way down on it she just sat there not moving, trying to get used to the size.

She opened her eyes and looked at him. “How did you know to come over here today?” she asked him.

“Not many girls can take my cock. The guys called me and said that maybe you would be willing to give it a try so I came over hoping you would.” he answered.

“Well I got it in, lets see if you know how to use it.” she said.

He used his strong hands and arms and picked her up a couple of inches then set her back down. He continued to do this working his big cock in and out stretching her more each time. She was helping lost in the feeling. She was taking his full strokes now. They were both sweating with the effort and he could tell she was getting tired. On an in stroke when he was fully planted he held onto her and flipped her over on her back. His large body above her now he resumed the stroking of his wide monster. She tried to help but was basically along for the ride, completely possessed by his cock. She had not told him where to cum so he assumed it was OK to do it inside her. The tightness of her cunt was getting to him and he knew he was close. He didn't want to hurt her but he picked up the pace of his pumping. She wrapped her legs around him urging him on. He was a big guy and usually shot a big load and this time was no exception. He was filling her up and because of the tight fit it wasn't going anywhere but inside her.

He was careful not to crush her under his weight. As his cock softened it was easier to pull out. He sat up and slowly extracted himself from her. He sat on the edge of the bed as she collected herself. He got dressed and left the room. His big load was oozing out of her still and she used that towel to clean up as best she could. She went back down to Ryan's room to find her clothes. Her legs were wobbly and she sat on the bed to get dressed. She found her keys and walked out to the front room. All the guys were there and she smiled and thanked them and hoped they had a good time. They all praised her and thanked her profusely for the chance to be with her. She said they were all nice boys and that she hoped to do this again soon.

Ryan walked her to the door and she got in her car to drive home.

They say as addicts use more, the more they need to satisfy them. They can rationalize the increasing need as it takes over their lives. Was she addicted to sex? Would she need more and more?

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