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Office Shenanigans Continue

The wife continues her office fun with the other attorney

Well, I finally got to meet the other attorney today and suffice it to say, it was great to meet him and I think it was even better for him. His name is Mark and he drove up from Miami after John told him about his lunch date with me. When I got in this morning, I was taking care of my normal responsibilities when he came in around ten. He immediately caught my eye and found him even more attractive than John. He's a tall, thin man in his early forties. He had a nice smile and he introduced himself. We talked briefly and then he said he had to get set up in his office. Before he left, he asked if I was available to meet with him in private in twenty or thirty minutes. I agreed and told him I looked forward to it.

About a half hour later, he pinged me on the phone and asked if now was a good time. I said it was and grabbed a pen and notepad. When I got to the door of his office, I knocked and he welcomed me in. He asked me to close the door which I did. I noticed John was also in the office and he was seated next to Mark's desk. He sat me down next to John and went around to his desk. With a sly smile, he said he had heard from John about his meeting with me and asked if what he said was true. I began to blush but agreed that yes, it was probably true but not exactly sure what all he had said. He then quickly re-capped the meeting and didn't leave out many details. I laughed and said that sounded about right to me.

He then asked if I was prepared to greet him the same way I did John. Without answering, I got up and walked around the desk to meet him. I dropped to my knees and undid his belt and zipper. I pulled out his huge dick (it was already hard) and began slapping it on my tongue. Maintaining eye contact, I slowly starting licking his dick from the base all the way to the top. Once there, I swirled my tongue around the head. He was uncircumcised so I had to peel back the layer of skin that protected the big head. He leaned his head back and moaned in ecstasy. I kept licking the head of his cock and dug his balls out of his boxers and began fondling them too.

He said, "I'm guessing the answer is yes then."

I laughed and continued my cock sucking. I could hear John wrestling around and looked over to see him getting his dick out so he could play with himself. He looked at me with a large degree of yearning. He wanted me again obviously but I was fixated on Mark. After a few more minutes of licking and sucking his cock and balls, I asked him if he had any special requests. He said he saw something once in a porno and always wanted to try it. I asked him what it was and he said that he saw a girl lap up a load of cum from a table and thought it was the hottest thing he had ever seen. He asked if I would fulfill that fantasy and I eagerly agreed to do so.

"Good, let's get started then slut."

My pussy throbbed and I began sucking him some more. He stopped me almost immediately and said he wanted to be inside me. I got up, removed my clothes and turned around so he could get a good look at what he was about to receive. John was jacking off and loving the sight of my big tits which were now facing him.

I bent over slightly and spread my ass apart and said, "Pussy or ass, which will it be?"

Without hesitation, he said, "Ass."

He leaned up from his chair and began licking my asshole and entered my pussy with his middle finger. My pussy was dripping wet and my ass loosened up with his gentle licks. I began rubbing my clit as his ass licking continued. Within thirty seconds, I was cumming on his face. As I was still cumming, he stopped and leaned back and lowered me down onto his cock. He inserted his awesome dick into my ass by lowering me down gently. I winced in pain as he went inside me but the pain quickly turned to pleasure and I smiled. I looked at John and he was still stroking his dick but more slowly now. I think he wanted to wait and save his cum for me which I appreciated.


Mark fucked my ass and grabbed my hips on both sides and guided his cock in and out of my ass. I continued rubbing my clit and came repeatedly. Two, three, four times until I almost passed out.

After my fourth orgasm, he said, "I'm ready to cum for you bitch."

I said, "Finally! I hope you saved up a big load for me, boss."

He said he did and began thrusting even faster. After he could no longer contain his excitement, he flung me to the side and stood up quickly. He began spewing his cum right on the glass protector on top of his cherry wood desk. It made a large puddle and it was evident he had saved up his load for at least three of four days.

Then he said, "Now lick it up like a dirty slut."

I made him sit next to John so he could have a perfect view. Once he was seated, I bent over and stared at him and began lapping up the cum like a cat drinking her milk. I licked it up in five of six laps. I extended my tongue out as far as I could to exaggerate the fantasy for him. He stared at me in fascination. John began ramping up his jacking off again. Out of nowhere, he shot up and came around the desk to where I was finishing up my cum licking.

He said, "Get down on your knees and hold your tits up in your hands. Hurry!"

I did so.

He then said, "Open your slutty mouth bitch."

I opened it and stuck out my tongue which still had some of Mark's cum on it. John then held the head of his dick right on the tip of my tongue and resumed jacking off. Within seconds, I felt his load hit the back of my throat and he was moaning even louder than Mark had been doing earlier. He continued stroking his cum into my mouth and tongue. Once he was done cumming, I gathered it all up and showed both Mark and John the big load. "Swallow it bitch." I then gulped it down. Mark then came around and stood next to John. It was cleanup time. I then switched between the two of them and licked and sucked each of them clean. Mark was especially drippy so I paid more attention to him. After I cleaned both cocks and ball sacks, then pulled up their pants and sat me down. 

Mark asked me what type of compensation I should receive for my service. I told him that I think I'm worth at least 60k annually. He looked at John and asked what he thought. John thought it sounded great and they said they'd talk to HR about upping my salary immediately.

Mark then asked if this was a one-time thing or something that would be ongoing. I said, "I'll do whatever you want whenever you want."

Their reply? "Good answer. Now get back to work slut." 

I got up and returned to my desk. I think the new arrangement is working out quite well. Sucking and fucking two handsome men and getting paid well to do so. I couldn't be happier!



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